We Have The Server, Tracking It All, Cornered – Episode 1607

In this episode of the X22 Report: The globalist system is now being torn apart, Trump is now warning the WTO that if they do not change their ways the US is out. This is a message to the globalist and the central banking system that things are about to change. The MSM via the central bank is now pushing the new narrative that the economy is not doing as well as Trump says. We know the economy is actually worse off, nothing has changed, the only thing that has changed is who is in office and it looks like the establishment is preparing to have the economy come down before the next presidential election.

Facebook is now being investigated by the SEC. Strzok said was going to testify to Congress in a public forum but has now backed out because his attorney says its a trap. The Judge in the Flynn case moved the date up, Mueller wanted it sometime in August. Merkel surrenders immigration to keep her party intact. Iran has met with the Swiss and they are on the same page in regards to the nuclear deal. Russian troops arrive in Syria near the border of Jordan. Syria liberated 27 more areas and has made an announcement letting the people know they can come back to the country. Syria says it is time for the US to leave Syria, there is no reason for the US or the coalition forces to be in their country. Q has dropped many bread crumbs, they have the server, the deep state is cornered and there are no coincidences.

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