To Know Your Enemy,You Must Become Your Enemy,Appear Weak When You Are Strong – Episode 1647

In this episode of the X22 Report: Durable good order drop most in six months. The yield curve is flattening and has dropped below Japan’s for the very first time. The central bank in Russia is on fire 10 months after the Federal Reserve in NY. The entire system is breaking down very rapidly, the economy is ripping itself apart, the central bank system was not created to last this long. Messages are being sent to the central banks that their days are numbered.

We are watching a show with Trump, Session, Giuliani and the rest. The strategy is to mirror everything the deep state is doing, slowly wake the people up at the same time and use the strategy of Sun Tzu. The good guys are appearing weak like they are beaten, meanwhile, they are strong and they are learning from the enemy and mirroring everything they are doing. This is a setup because the storm is about to hit and it is going to hit hard. The deep state they are ready to run and hide if they can. The hammer is about to fall and it’s going to fall hard.

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