The Plan Is In Motion As The Truth Begins To Emerge – Episode 1601

In this episode of the X22 Report: Brexit Bill becomes law, the UK is now preparing to leave the EU. Consumer confidence takes a dive. An end of an era, Toys R Us will be closing its last store. Housing prices are now starting to deflate, we saw the same thing happen in 2007, and it did not end well. Mnuchin reported that the US will be limiting Chinese investment, this turns out not to be true. Trump and Patriots are now going up against the central bank, tariffs will not bring down the global economy, monetary policy will.

Russia and China and many other nations are accumulating a huge amount of gold. The entire meeting between Trump Jr. was a bait and switch meeting. Trump slams media for using Obama’s pics when telling the story of separated families. The supreme court upheld the ban on certain countries. Spain and Austria are pushing back on accepting migrants. Macron says that EU countries should be sanctioned if they do not accept the immigrants. North Korea wants Japan to stop its military drills to have diplomatic talks. Protests in Iran have started and they look very similar to the Jan protests. Syrian forces push south in Syria liberating towns. US, UK funding 54 groups in Syria. OPCW is being pushed by US (deep state) to inspect military centers, this is completely out of their jurisdiction. Ben Rhodes admits that under Obama they were arming the paid mercenary armies in Syria and Iraq.

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