Ep. 86 – The Emperor of Bitcoin, Daniel Krawisz

This week our guest is Daniel Krawisz.

Daniel Krawisz is a software engineer, author, and commentator. He is Director of Research for the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Yahoo Finance called him the leading cryptocurrency philosopher. Others call him The Emperor of Bitcoin.

It Has Now Been Confirmed, The Time Is Now – Episode 1624

In this episode of the X22 Report: Durable goods disappoints, the people were not purchasing the big-ticket items. Spending on homes dropped, existing, new home purchases declined at a time in the summer when they are supposed to be doing well. The bubble is popping, traffic is drying up. Trump wins a trade war with the EU, the reshaping of the central banks has begun. The new GDP numbers are out and they are not what they seem, there was a big revision to make it look like the economy is doing well.

The White House begins to put procedures in place to remove the security clearance of certain individuals. Illegals are being reunited with their families, but not all because they do not have parents in the US. Twitter was caught shadow banning, this is a practice of hiding search results and many companies use this to hide certain information from the public. North Korea is returning the remains of the soldiers. Syria finds weapons at the White Helmet base. Q has dropped more bread crumbs and Q has confirmed the central bank the way we know it today is going to change.

Something Big Just Happened & It’s Going Change Everything – Episode 1623

In this episode of the X22 Report: Housing has now hit the breaking point, this will lead to the collapse of the housing market. Colleges are becoming desperate as the value of the dollar decreases and the people can’t find jobs colleges are now making deals where they will take a portion of future income to pay for college. Pension funds are in trouble and they are now admitting to it. Trump and the Mexican President are speaking and they are looking to make a deal on NAFTA.

Trump is now providing aid to the farmers, the transition is not going to be easy for businesses and the people to break the bonds of the central bank is never easy and the central banks will not give up control easily they will make the people pay. Judicial Watch wants the FISA transcript of Carter Page. Obama admin shutdown the investigation into selling weapon technology to foreign powers. EU will now pay countries to take refugees even though the flow of refugees is way down. South Korea will remove troops from the DMZ. Trump ready to make a deal with Iran. Q drops more breadcrumbs and the biggest bombshell ever. It seems there is now a push to take control of the Fed if what Q is saying is true this will go to the heart of the deep state, it is their funding and by doing this will set America on a completely different course.

It’s Happening, Silence, Disinformation, It Was All Necessary, It’s Time – Episode 1622

In this episode of the X22 Report: IMF reports that Venezuela inflation will hit 1 million percent. Venezuela is following in the footsteps of Germany in the 20’s, Zimbabwe in the 2000s. The US Government is spending $52,000 per second and his having problems paying its bills, which means the government needs to borrow more from the Fed. Russia dumps more Treasuries and is ramping up its gold purchases. IMF warns that the dollar is overvalued but China is just right.

Trump is DE-globalizing the world and the elite are angry about this. They spent years creating their one world government and now it is being ripped apart. The deep state played their hand with Trump and it is not working, he has no objection to Mueller listening to the recordings that Cohen made. John Brennan is having a full meltdown. Allegedly Trump says that he will take away the security clearance to many individuals. Mexico’s new President wants to work with Trump. New satellite images show North Korea is DE-nuclearizing, the MSM media is now admitting to that fact. Putin receives an invitation to the White House. The White Helmets are now being allowed to assimilate in the UK, Germany, and Canada. Q has returned and the message is that it is time, Trump declassified the Carter Page FISA Warrant to drip the information out to the public. It’s happening.

Calls To Declassify Grows Louder, Deep State Panics – Episode 1621

In this episode of the X22 Report: The EU Parliament released a new study on Central Banks and digital currencies. From this report, it looks like the central banks are making a push into cryptocurrencies. Central banks are pushing very hard to move into the crypto realm which would not be that difficult since 90% of currency used today is digital. A new poll shows that the British people do not agree with May’s BREXIT proposal. Existing home sales have declined again, the housing market is starting to deteriorate very quickly.

G-20 Communique shows the currency wars are now being pushed. IMF director warns G-20 leaders against tariffs. Trump signs an executive order helping small businesses. Peter Strzok wife was put into the SEC position to block all FBI investigations. Carter Page’s FISA exposes the hoax and this is the heavily redacted FISA application. Clapper blames everything on Obama, they are pointing fingers at each other because they know time is ticking down. Judicial watch calls for declassifying the IG report. NY Daily News fires half of its staff. Bush’s former heart doctor was killed while riding a bike, coincidence? Super rich are preparing to leave at a moments notice, they are buying citizenship in other countries. Iran and US trade threats, this is very similar to the tactic that was used in North Korea. Next step, new deal, and peace. White Helmets evacuated out of Syria and into Jordan and Israel. This is what a mop-up operation looks like.

Ep. 85 – “Blockchain Securitization and Governance” with Bruce Fenton

This week we are honored to welcome Bruce Fenton to the show.

Bruce Fenton is an asset manager, blockchain enthusiast and investor based in New Hampshire. He is the founder and CEO of both Wealth Management firm Atlantic Financial and Chainstone Labs, a financial technology company focused on the tokenization of securities and digital assets. He is the host of the Satoshi Roundtable and sits on the Board of Directors of Medici Ventures, tZero, and The Bitcoin Foundation​. Most recently, he was instrumental in the creation of Ravencoin.

A Week To Remember, Dark To Light – Episode 1620

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Fed announced they are not considering digital currency, just like the Fed said back prior to the 2008 recession, they are not predicted or do not see a recession anytime soon. The US debt is not being paid down, the payments are going to the interest and soon the tax receipts will not be enough to cover the interest. Trump takes the next step, calls out the Fed and drops the first set of bread crumbs to create the narrative on why the economy crashed.

Browder says the US cannot hand him over to Russia interrogators. The Podesta brothers are receiving immunity for their testimony against Manafort. Trump tweets interview with Clinton talking peace with Russia. The UK says they have the person or person’s who poisoned the Skripals, most likely this is propaganda. Putin and Trump agree to referendums on Ukraine and Syria. Trump then shoots down the idea. Behind the scenes, the additional agreements are being made. South Korea says North committed to De-nuclearization. Syrian army now controls the southern part of Syria. Trump and Putin agree to work together in Syria. Breaking down the week to remember and the dark to light symbolism.

The Deep State Is Surrounded, They Are Preparing Their Next Move – Episode 1619

In this episode of the X22 Report: IBM is now developing a cryptocurrency that will be pegged to the dollar, the reasoning is to stabilize it, but what is really happening the central bankers will try to use this as their currency. IMF is already sounding the warning bells if the UK does not work on a BREXIT deal that is beneficial to the bankers the UK economy will implode. Initial jobless claims are at the lowest since the 60s but wages have not increased.

Venezuela is not allowing Turkey to mint their gold. The IMF says the global economy is starting to slow. Central banks have now maneuvered to take down the economy, Trump just called them out on it. New docs have been released that show Strzok might have been a CIA agent in the FBI. The 12 Russian indictment is a joke because there is no evidence. Putin drops a bomb on Mueller wants to do a swap interrogation but Trump decides not to do this. FBI director says Chinese a lot worse than the Russians. Trump says the sit down with Putin was great and Putin says the same thing. Russia and the US planning another summit in the future. Turkey lifts the two-year state of emergency. Iraqi forces and the Kurds fight against the IS. Syria moves into the Golan Heights.

Boom, The Entire Plan Has Been Taken To The Next Level – Episode 1618

In this episode of the X22 Report: The housing market is falling apart very quickly. Starts and permits tumbled YoY and we are now in stage 2 of the housing bubble. Once we hit stage 3 it is game over. The Fed is raising the interest rates, they know this will bring down the economy we are already seeing signs of the yield curve inverting, this is why the Fed has been removing data and changing data. The Fed’s mission is to bring the economy down blame it on another person or entity, but they need to save the bonds, so bringing down the stock market will accomplish this.

Russia is liquidating treasuries at a very fast pace. Powell says he sees no signs of the economy doing poorly, the only problem is what Trump is doing. Lisa Page is turning over evidence and she might be looking for a deal. Mueller knows that the Russian’s cannot be extradited to the United States. Putin just called his bluff. Mueller is preparing to protect those who committed crimes by giving them immunity. During a press conference with Trump, the lights went out when Trump was explaining that he backs the intelligence agencies. Putin has pushed the agenda, he allegedly handed Trump all communications of the deep state. The US has launched a Uranium one probe for tariffs. Is it for tariffs or is it to investigate Clinton and Uranium 1 deal. Afghanistan wants to control the talks, not the US. Syria has found more weapons belonging to the IS and they belong to the western coalition forces.

The Guilty Are Screaming Louder And Louder, There Is No Escape – Episode 1617

In this episode of the X22 Report: Ireland to move its oil reserves out of the UK. Major trouble ahead for the housing market. We are now in stage 2 and once stage 3 hits it is game over. IMF is pushing how trade wars are going to cost 400 billion or so. But when we take a closer look we can see the IMF is telling the whole story. The Fed is pushing the idea that the economy is doing fine under their rule, the tariffs and tax cuts they don’t know how this is going to affect the economy.

We are now at the end stage, this is the point of no return. Comey and others are now pushing the idea that it is time to rise up against the President. Obama is screaming on the sidelines. Putin calls out Soros for election meddling and drops a bombshell about Clinton. The war is coming to an end in Sudan and the administration is now getting involved with the peace talks in Afghanistan. Russia and the US are going to work together to destroy the rest of the paid mercenaries, the troops we are leaving Syria and Iraq. Assad will not be removed. The deep state is in trouble, there is no escape.

Tick Tock Here Comes The Truth, The Deep State Is Scrambling – Episode 1616

In this episode of the X22 Report: Umich slumps the consensus is that people are allegedly worried about the tariffs. This is the buildup of the narrative. A new report was released which shows wages are stagnant and the people are feeling the pain. China is now de-dollarizing with Iran, they will only purchase oil in yuan. IMF is warning of an economic downturn because of international trade. This is the building of the narrative to show who is responsible for the economy coming down.

Lisa Page might have flipped is now cooperating with the authorities. Rosenstein and Mueller indicted Russians again, but this time they did not include a corporation and they know these Russians will never come to the US, or will they. There is no proof, but there is proof that the DNC server was not hacked. The corporate media falls into the trap and asks for the declassification of only certain parts of the IG report. Q mentioned that they were waiting for someone or some entity to ask Trump to declassify the report. Trump and Putin met and Trump says that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election. India finalizes the S400 purchase with Russia. Trump lays the groundwork with Bolton, Iran must leave and then the US will leave. Assad says he wants a diplomatic resolution, he just got one and now the plan moves forward.

The Hammer Is Falling, The Plan Is On Track – Episode 1615

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Brexit that May is signing off on is not what the people want. The US will not be able to trade with the UK if this is done. The Deficit has exploded and the interest payment on the debt is continually rising. The tax receipts flowing into the government will not be able to sustain the high payments. Paulsen warns that the indicator has predicted a recession each time and what is happening right now happened prior to the last 6 of 7 recessions.

The narrative is being shaped by the MSM and the Fed, the latest the tariffs will create problems in the economy. The SEC is looking into why Facebook didn’t report the data breach with Cambridge. Strzok was testifying in front of the House and he couldn’t remember anything that had to do with Clinton. Q said they were going to have to force the issue in regards to declassifying the IG report, it looks like it has just begun. Saudi Arabia is now pardoning all troops in regards to the Yemen War. US says it will help stabilize the areas where the US pushed out the IS. Iranian aid has said that if Damascus and Iraq ask them to leave the country they will do so. The hammer is falling and the plan is on track, more to come this month.