The Economy Just Hit The Wall, Everything Is About To Change – Episode 1612

In this episode of the X22 Report: The UK is going through some pain after Davis and Johnson resigned, now there are more that are resigning because the Brexit is fixed. The US government reports that there are many job openings, this entire idea that there are more jobs than people looking for jobs makes no sense because the help wanted does not support this idea. BMW is now moving out of South Carolina, the reason tariffs.

Looking at the real hard data the economy has it the wall, the Fed knows it and Trump knows it, Trump will start to pivot and will blame the Fed for the economy breaking down. The MSM is now reporting a recession is headed our way, everything is about change. Stzok and Page are supposed to testify in public but there is no confirmation that they will actually do this. Judicial Watch uncovers information that Obama was hiding what really happened with the illegals entering this country. Mexico’s new President will be setting up strong border guards in the southern part of Mexico to stop the flow of illegals. South Korea is suspending their summer drills. Syria is close to controlling the entire border with Jordan. Israel is now ready to recognize Assad but is still pushing the agenda that Iran is about to attack, remember Iran has not started a war in over 200 years if a war is pushed it will be by a false flag. Everything is about to change, people are going to be shocked, the MSM will not be able to report on it, it will be a time of confusion.

Has Q Given Us A Timeline Of Events, It Could Play Out This Way – Episode 1611

In this episode of the X22 Report: Top Brexit official resigned, Boris Johnson resigned right after the top Brexit official. The Brexit is in trouble and it might not happen. China orders its news agencies not to use aggressive language against Trump. The Fed has really turned up the collapse plan. They are now predicting inflation is going to hit.

The Fed has now removed its data, says the yield curve is not important and the MSM at the same time is pushing how the economy is getting worse and we will see a recession coming very soon. Trump freezes billions in Obamacare, this is after a court ruled he must do this. FBI and DOJ didn’t just redact documents they manipulated. Mueller’s 2nd in command colluded with reporters. It is now being reported that there individuals that know who murdered Seth Rich. Afghan forces and the US forces clean out the IS. Pompeo says all went well with NK. Iran says they will shut the Strait of Hormuz, which they can’t because it is an international waterway. Anons have put together a timeline when everything is going to hit.

The Deep State Mission, Confuse & Divide, Look Pass The Propaganda – Episode 1610

In this episode of the X22 Report: Record number of American’s age 85 and older are still working. Inflation has hit hard and the older generation needs the funds to make ends meet. There will be no economic bounce, the economy is breaking down and it is getting worse, it is built on an illusion and the illusion is breaking apart and people are starting to see the truth. The Fed reports that the banks passed the stress tests but we come to learn that the Fed manipulated the tests for the banks.

More emails have been found in regards to Strzok and Page. Nunes expands Spygate. The DOJ was supposed to hand over all documents by Friday and they did not comply, what will the President do now, he should declassify the IG report. The MSM is pushing the story that the talks between NK and the US are breaking down, what is happening is actually the opposite, NK reports that they trust the President. Syria has made deals with the rebels, confiscated their weapons and now controls almost the entire southern part of Syria. Refugees are returning home now.

The Fed Goes All Out & Removes More Data To Shape The Economic Collapse Narrative – Episode 1609

In this episode of the X22 Report: The BIS chief bashes cryptos, wants to know why people are trying to create their own currency. The BIS says cryptos do not meet the requirements for currency. Payroll numbers come in and the unemployment rate moves up to 4%. Labor participation rate is at 1970 levels. More part-time jobs were added as retail stores close down and layoff people. The real estate bubble has popped in Manhattan, prices are coming down and people are having a difficult time selling their place.

Russia places penalties on the US. The yield curve inverts and the Fed decides to get rid of this type of data because it is misleading. The Fed pushes the agenda to remove all information that will show the Fed was responsible for the economy collapsing. New about if the FBI was lying to the American people is allegedly suppose to come out, will this happen? The European nations say that they will most likely come up with the Iranian deal in Nov of this year. People of SK do not want the THAAD system in their country. NK is preparing for the next summit with the US. UN reports are very misleading in Syria, actually, they don’t make sense. Syria has taken 70% of the southern area of Syria. The US, Russia, and Israel are in talks about having the troops leave Syria. The OPCW has reported that no chemical weapons have been used in Duma.

Disinformation Is Real, They Are Trying To Divide Us, It Will Fail – Episode 1608

In this episode of the X22 Report: Switzerland first trial of using the blockchain is a success. ADP misses expectations, the reasoning for this is that there are not enough workers, if this is true then salaries would be skyrocketing. Retail apocalypse is continuing into 2018, more stores are closing and the retail vacancy rate has skyrocketed. Mortgage apps have now hit an all-time low.

The Fed has now discontinued the information regarding its balance sheet. The MSM is now in overdrive to show the Fed is not responsible for the next crash but Trump most likely is. Peter Strzok has been subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress. Yulia’s cousin says that she wants to come back to Russia. Another poisoning in the UK and they say it is the same poison. Rebels reject peace talks with Russia, then ask for demands and continue talks. Q drops more bread crumbs, says the deep state is trying to divide the people and it will fail.

We Have The Server, Tracking It All, Cornered – Episode 1607

In this episode of the X22 Report: The globalist system is now being torn apart, Trump is now warning the WTO that if they do not change their ways the US is out. This is a message to the globalist and the central banking system that things are about to change. The MSM via the central bank is now pushing the new narrative that the economy is not doing as well as Trump says. We know the economy is actually worse off, nothing has changed, the only thing that has changed is who is in office and it looks like the establishment is preparing to have the economy come down before the next presidential election.

Facebook is now being investigated by the SEC. Strzok said was going to testify to Congress in a public forum but has now backed out because his attorney says its a trap. The Judge in the Flynn case moved the date up, Mueller wanted it sometime in August. Merkel surrenders immigration to keep her party intact. Iran has met with the Swiss and they are on the same page in regards to the nuclear deal. Russian troops arrive in Syria near the border of Jordan. Syria liberated 27 more areas and has made an announcement letting the people know they can come back to the country. Syria says it is time for the US to leave Syria, there is no reason for the US or the coalition forces to be in their country. Q has dropped many bread crumbs, they have the server, the deep state is cornered and there are no coincidences.

There Is Coordinated Effort To Create Hysteria Designed To Instill Fear & Change The Narrative – Episode 1606

In this episode of the X22 Report: The property bubbles in Australia and Canada are now popping, this will spread and cause problems in other countries. US manufacturing slumps as orders decline. The US has shipped the majority of manufacturing overseas, it will take time to bring it back. The corporate media have started the push to say there is going to be a recession within 2 years.

Most likely they will push the recession right before the Presidential elections, it looks like this is what they have planned, but on the other side the economy could come down many other reasons and the central banks will not be able to control it. Jeff Sessions is rewriting the Asylum laws. Soros held a meeting with the PM of Spain and the discussion revolved around immigration. USS Truman is headed towards maritime security operations in international waters and the deep state is using this to say that the ship is headed near Russia to fight their aggression. The President of Iran is headed off to Austria to talk about the nuclear deal. Damascus and the Kurds are talking peace. Bolton is now saying Iran must leave Syria instead of Assad must go. Trump sends Putin signal by stopping the funding and support of the rebels in the South. The FBI caught a man who was planning to stage an event during the 4th of July. Q drops some more bread crumbs and lays out the indictments.

It Must Happen, People Will Reject, Will Be Lost, Their World Will Implode – Episode 1604

In this episode of the X22 Report: Consumer confidence slides, people are nervous about the economy. America’s spending grows faster than income. This will not end well. Inflation is inching up and when it takes off people will not be able to make ends meet. There is a report that Trump is getting to remove the US from the WTO, but Mnuchin is saying no this is not true. It would make sense because Trump is making bilateral trades with many countries and there is no reason to go through a centralized trade organization.

The central banker and the globalists are very worried and they are panicking now. The NSA is deleting data from 2015 and they are using the excuse that the collected this information by error. Most likely they are trying to delete the evidence of corruption. Italy is pushing back, and Macron says that France will not open a migration center. Trump is meeting with Putin and the MSM is now preparing for a troop withdrawal from Syria. There is now a ceasefire deal between Damascus and the Free Syrian Army, this is the beginning of the troop withdrawal in Syria. Q drops more bread crumbs and warns that the American people are going to have a difficult time hearing the truth, they will be lost they will reject, they will need to be guided through this.

Justice Will Be Served, Behold The Full Power Of The Storm – Episode 1603

In this episode of the X22 Report: Malta is becoming a blockchain powerhouse, companies and exchanges are now setting up shop in Malta. Steve Wozniak compares blockchain to the dot com bubble. US mortgage applications implode. First quarter GDP revised down. CBO warns that debt level will be higher than GDP by 2030. The money supply is slowing, we have seen this before and each time it signaled a recession. There have been so many indicators showing we are in a recession or approaching a recession, be prepared.

The deep state is in trouble first Strzok testified by failed to answer questions then Rosenstein testified and failed to answer questions if Obama spied on Trump. They are cornered because the full report has it all. The Italian foreign minister says he would be surprised if the EU is together in another year. Sanctions did not work with India, so the US is now offering the THAAD missile system so they don’t purchase the S400 from Russia. UN reports that Saudi is to blame for the deaths of children in Yemen. Macron chooses a representative to Syria. Hundreds of refugees are returning home to Syria. The OPCW now has the power to place blame. Q drops more bread crumbs, the storm is here and the hammer is about to fall, Justice will be served.

Freedom, Control, The Lights Are On, The Darkness Will End – Episode 1602

In this episode of the X22 Report: Facebook decided that cryptocurrencies are not that dangerous and allow advertisers back in. Core durable goods decline. Pending homes sales decline during the hot time for real estate. Mnuchin backtracks and tries to explain the China investing scenario. The IMF warns of an economic shock and says the EU countries need to work together to protect themselves. A leaked report from China shows that economic panic might occur when everything starts to fall apart.

Be prepared because we are continually hearing these warnings. Judge rules Trump has 30 days to reunite all families. DOJ won’t release top secret documents to Congress, this looks like it is RR who is stuck and he will be screwed no matter what he does. Afghan President wants to meet the Taliban leaders to discuss peace. Deep state and the central banks want forces in Libya to return the oil fields. Trump will sanction any country that purchases oil from Iran. Syrian armed forces push south and more rebels surrender, it is all falling apart for the deep state. Q drops more bread crumbs and explains what is about to happen, dark will turn to light and the people of Iran will push for freedom from the corruption in their country.

The Plan Is In Motion As The Truth Begins To Emerge – Episode 1601

In this episode of the X22 Report: Brexit Bill becomes law, the UK is now preparing to leave the EU. Consumer confidence takes a dive. An end of an era, Toys R Us will be closing its last store. Housing prices are now starting to deflate, we saw the same thing happen in 2007, and it did not end well. Mnuchin reported that the US will be limiting Chinese investment, this turns out not to be true. Trump and Patriots are now going up against the central bank, tariffs will not bring down the global economy, monetary policy will.

Russia and China and many other nations are accumulating a huge amount of gold. The entire meeting between Trump Jr. was a bait and switch meeting. Trump slams media for using Obama’s pics when telling the story of separated families. The supreme court upheld the ban on certain countries. Spain and Austria are pushing back on accepting migrants. Macron says that EU countries should be sanctioned if they do not accept the immigrants. North Korea wants Japan to stop its military drills to have diplomatic talks. Protests in Iran have started and they look very similar to the Jan protests. Syrian forces push south in Syria liberating towns. US, UK funding 54 groups in Syria. OPCW is being pushed by US (deep state) to inspect military centers, this is completely out of their jurisdiction. Ben Rhodes admits that under Obama they were arming the paid mercenary armies in Syria and Iraq.

It’s All Happening Under The Radar, Big News Will Be Coming Soon – Episode 1600

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Supreme Court totally rejected everything the US was built upon, no taxation without representation. New Homes surge in only one area in the South, the rest of the country new homes plunged. Europe warns of an upcoming trade collapse. The Fed just let the world know what is about to do but no one clued in on what the Fed was saying. The Fed announced that is moving full steam ahead with popping the bubbles, add to this the statement by the BIS, where banks are insolvent, this collapse scenario is now unfolding right in front of our eyes.

NSA has hidden spy hubs all around the US. The Skripal’s house is going to be purchased by the UK government using taxpayer money. Italy is pushing back against Merkel and the rest of Europe is starting to break apart. North Korea receives coffins from the US. War drills have been permanently suspended in Korea. Sudan is has begun peace talks. The deep state airlifts two IS commanders out of Syria. Assad says he will push foreign troops out of his country and rebuild with money from his allies which means Russia and China. Big news will be coming out of the mid-east, US troops are distancing themselves from the paid mercenary forces, the people in Syria do not want foreign troops in their country. In the next couple of months, we will be hearing news about the soldiers coming out of Syria.