They Were Tricked, Played Their Hand, Watch The Pen, Pain, Next Event – Episode 1572

In this episode of the X22 Report: Countries are now preparing themselves, they have recalled their gold in preparation of dumping the dollar. The petro-yuan is now gaining ground, within a short few weeks it has 12% of the market, the people drive what comes next when countries add the petro-yuan and dump the dollar this will change everything and it will happen very quickly. Trump pushes the DOJ to get the docs on the FBI informant.

Iran says the EU political support is not enough for the deal, it needs to be economic, money. UN decides to investigate what is happening in Gaza. The US pulls more funding from Syria, the support of the deep state paid mercenary armies is coming to an end. Russia repeats their message, all foreign troops must get out of Syria. Q drops more intel, the deep state is backed into a corner, they have been tricked they had disinformation delivered to them, more events on the way, big news happening -23, UK, US targets, messages sent.

Q Warned Us, Bad News About To Break, Wag The Dog – Episode 1571

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Government, Fed and the corporate media will not let us know on the real status of the economy, but one thing is for sure, the people feel it, the people felt it in 2007 leading up to the 2008 great recession and they feel it now, there is not hiding it. The big news is coming out the report from the IG is going to hit the airwaves and it doesn’t look good for the deep state.

Mueller releases a memo which is un-redacted but nobody can read it. The Skripals have been released from the hospital the only problem is that nobody knows where they are. South Korea wants to mediate the peace talks. Russia releases a video of their bomber flying in international airspace. Syria ready for a political process, Germany agrees. There was another event and Q posted about it on May 17, we know the bad news will be hitting very soon and it looks like there is an attempt to clog the news cycle with other topics.

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Is It Happening? – Episode 1570

In this episode of the X22 Report: People of other countries are using cryptocurrency to get their funds out of the country. Iranian people are doing this right now, people of Argentina and Venezuela have done this. Steve Wozniak says that cryptocurrency (blockchain) will achieve its full potential in 10 years. The dollar is dying and a new currency is being ushered in. Jobless claims hit an all-time low, last time we saw this happen we entered a recession.

The Philly Fed just surged, the last time this happened we entered a recession in 8 months. The IG report is going to be released in May and it looks like it is going to bring May flowers. The Korea story that the corporate media is pushing out is fake and false. The statement made by NK was edited a certain way to make it look like the NK wanted to cancel. EU will no longer use the dollar for oil trade with Iran. Propaganda video debunked, the video was from 2014. Syrians find a huge number of weapons in a cave. OPCW has released its findings from the Feb gas attack, no conclusion because they never visited the site they used social media and reports from other to come to their conclusion.

Trust The Plan, The Plan Is Not Going To Be Straightforward – Episode 1569

In this episode of the X22 Report: More and more indicators are popping up and showing us that the economy has not improved at all but declined since 2008. Nothing has been fixed and the illusion is starting to disappear, it is getting harder to hide what is really going on. The subprime chaos is continuing and the damage is going to spread. Housing starts and permits decline in the time period they should be skyrocketing, this is the hot time for real estate, and we are seeing a huge reversal in real estate.

Rates are increasing which means more buyers will be pushed out of the market. A relative of the Skripals has been denied a visa by the UK, nobody knows where the Skripals are. Satellite images show NK is dismantling their nuke program, the White House says the talks are still on between NK and the US. Europe tries to keep the Iranian deal together, they are just not sure if they are going to pay Iran. Israel and Palestine make a deal, Palestine will take control of their electrical needs. The Syrian army has full control over Homs, Russia says the US is hiding and protecting terrorists. The plan is not always straightforward, the plan is complex and many pieces need to be moved into place to make sure everything goes as planned.

We Have Gone Full Circle, Deep State Pushes Agenda – Episode 1568

In this episode of the X22 Report: More and more counties and states are adopting the crypto world, Seminole County Florida will now accept bitcoin for tax payments. Subprime auto loan delinquencies surge. Retail sales growth slows, more stores are going to feel the pain. Argentina is collapsing, the central banks will help put the country into further debt as long as they push austerity on the people.

The indicator of indicators has just flashed red, its all downhill from here. Mueller has been colluding with Russian oligarchs should he be pulled from the investigation. Trump shuts down NASA global warming program. The deep state pushes their agenda, NK cancels meeting with SK and says the US must stop military drills. Be on the lookout for a false flag or for any reason to stop the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un. Iraqi people vote away from the US. The US places sanctions on Iran’s banking system. Trouble in the Gaza strip, people killed, US looks the other way, Haley pushes deep state agenda. Q drops more intel, lays out what is happening confirms Q is real with fire engine pic.

The Move, Forcing It All Out Into To The Open, Here Comes The Pain – Episode 1567

In this episode of the X22 Report: Banks are now turning towards blockchain technology. HSBC completes its first trade-finance using blockchain. NYSE plans to settle bitcoin futures using physical bitcoins instead of fiat currency. St. Louis Fed says cryptocurrency is not currency, it is backed by nothing, and what’s the dollar backed by. The elite are now hoarding bitcoin in underground vaults, they are keeping their private keys in storage, plus keeping their bitcoins in offline wallets. Argentina continues to collapse.

The IMF is now preparing for the collapse of the global economy, they are now creating a database going back to 1950 of who owes what debt. North Korea will invite the press in to witness the dismantling of their nuclear program. China is about to step in to take the place of a French oil company in Iran. China is building a train that will connect Iran with China and run into Europe. UN Chief Nuclear inspector of the IAEA quits after Trump dumps the Iran deal. Iran’s Zarif is now visiting countries to gauge international seriousness in regards to the deal. Macron call Trump worried about the Middle East. Q drops more intel, points to the Iranian deal, makes connections with no name and tells all patriots to stay together and keep fighting for the truth.

Ep. 75 – Bitcoin Evangelist, Public Speaker & Journalist, Chris DeRose

We are back from Spring Break and our guest this week is Chris DeRose.

Chris DeRose is a Bitcoin evangelist, public speaker, podcaster, and journalist. He is the host of Bitcoin Uncensored, a wide-ranging and insightful look at the people, projects, and culture of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Deep State Reboot, Donations Restarted To Regain Control, Will Fail – Episode 1566

In this episode of the X22 Report: Facebook and many other banned cryptocurrency ads, now it seems that these same institutions that banned the ads are preparing to start their own cryptocurrency/blockchain system. Australia is looking to use the blockchain to transform supply chains, more and more countries are going to adopt the blockchain system. Macy’s will need to close more stores at a faster pace Morgan Stanley warns.

Stock market confidence is sliding. The Housing bubble will implode in a 3 stage housing collapse. It has been reported that the FBI had paid informants in the Trump administration. France plans to push back on sanctions. The Iranian/Syrian plan is eventually to get these countries in a position where they can join the OBOR. Trump is pushing the plan in Iran to trap Israel and push them out of Syria, once this happens Assad takes control of his country. The threat to Iran is also gone and a new real treaty can be negotiated with Iran. Q has dropped some more intel, the deep state is trying to reboot their operation by bringing in donations again from different countries. This will fail, the clock is ticking down and the deep state is running out of options.

Is The Trap Being Set In The Middle East? Breaking Down The Plan – Episode 1565

In this episode of the X22 Report: As interest rise, the emerging markets are being demolished. The bonds that Argentina issued are worthless and they are looking to get a bailout from the IMF. Hedge fund investors are now shorting the market, plus they are saying many corporations are going down with the ship. Putin pushes the agenda to move away from the dollar, time is closing in on the economy completely breaking down and it seems Russia and China are ready to break away and be independent.

McCain admits he passed along the dossier to get Trump.US/NK summit will take place on June 12 in Singapore. Macron and Merkel are scrambling now, Merkel says the US cannot protect us. Macron tries to keep the Iran deal together. Israel has now pushed a false flag to help the rebels in Syria. Syria intercepts Israel’s missiles. Q drops more intel, the middle east is plan it about to trap those who have been using slush funds and laundering money in Iran to push their agenda with the Uranium one deal. The plan is to get Syria hardened with missile tech, trap the traitors and expose the entire operation.

Evil Has Lost Control, The Deal Silenced Everyone – Episode 1564

In this episode of the X22 Report: UK retailers suffer the sharpest decline in sales, this is the biggest drop in 22 years. America is in debt and it has now surpassed the 2008 crisis. Wholesale sales inventories disappoint. These indicators show that the economy is in really bad shape. The growth rate is now slowing, people are using credit and saving their cash just in case, the yield curve is flattening as the interest rates rise.

Trump calling out fake news once again. Pompeo is now returning from NK with the 3 prisoners. The peace deal is still a go. The new Armenian Prime Minister wants relations with Turkey and Russia. Obama and John Kerry are in panic mode after the Trump withdraws from Iran deal. Israel fires missiles into Syria saying they destroyed an Iranian base, Syria says the missile was destroyed. Q drops some more intel on Iran and how the deep state is panicking.

Connecting The Dots, The Plan Of Plans Is Now In Motion – Episode 1563

In this episode of the X22 Report: Venezuela and Palestine decide to use cryptocurrency to bypass the dollar. More and more nations are starting to move into the blockchain so they do not need to deal with sanctions or the dollar. The Fed has made it known that the Bitcoin futures market is what brought down the price of Bitcoin. Job openings soar and we are seeing the same indicators we saw back in 2008, it’s all starting to turn down. Something strange is happening with retail investors, something we never saw before.

Deutsche is now going to layoff 20% of its workforce, more banks will start to downsize to prepare for the economic collapse, North Korean Kim Jong Un met with Xi Jing Ping for the 2nd time to discuss the peace deal. Lebanon elections did not go the way the deep state wanted. Haftar continues to destroy the IS and he takes control of more of the country. Trump makes his move to go after the deep state, he is canceling the Iranian deal, Israel says its preparing for war because it believes Iran is ready to attack. Syrian army destroys the IS base in Yarmouk. Q drops more intel, Q connects the dots and discusses the plan to take down the deep state. The deep state is now on the run more government employees are resigning, CEO’s are resigning and Q says the investigation into the Iranian deal is moving forward to catch those who are using it for other purposes.

Prepare Yourself, Deep State Narrative Falling Apart – Episode 1562

In this episode of the X22 Report: Toronto’s housing bubble is popping, it’s only a matter of time before this spreads from country to country and it all starts to fall apart. The commercial price index is now back to 2008 levels. Credit card delinquencies are on the rise, charge-offs are increasing among small banks and the people have it the ceiling with credit card debt, we are now seeing signs that credit cycle has run its course.

Mueller’s entire case is falling apart, Judges are asking for proof and this is the kiss of death since the entire case is built on an illusion and propaganda. Documents show Comey removed classified docs and he is using the excuse that he didn’t know that this was wrong. Trump calls out Kerry, Congress says Kerry violated the Logan Act. The deep state is reacting the only way they know how, calling for war saying they will destroy Assad. Macron says if the Iran deal is canceled this will lead to war. Israel reports that they will destroy Assad. North Korea propaganda, which is really the deep state pushes the agenda that Trump might ruin the peace talks. The deep state might pull something before or during the peace talks.

Blackhat Disinfo, Yes The Swamp Is Being Drained – Episode 1561

In this episode of the X22 Report: Bitcoin is going physical, a new start-up is launching Bitcoin banknotes. Russia is going to use the blockchain for their payment system. We are now seeing another indicator that the entire system is about to implode on itself, credit has been cracking and continues to crack. We saw this during the great recession of 08 where credit started to break down then freeze up.

We can look at other countries to see what the collapse might bring, look at Venezuela they are now bartering. Comey is caught up in a lie, and the entire fake Russian collusion and everything else is starting to fall apart, it is looking better and better for Flynn. Samantha Powers tweets her support for the White Helmets, this is not going over very well with the public who know the White Helmets is just another branch of the terrorist groups. Q board has been comprised by blackhats and spreading disinfo, Q shows the swamp is being drained.