The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Coming Together, The More You Know You – Episode 1637

In this episode of the X22 Report: UK housing home values have now declined for five consecutive months in a row. The real estate bubbles around the world are popping. The entire central bank economic recovery illusion is now coming to an end, the economy will continue to deteriorate and eventually collapse. The economy is falling apart and Kim Dot Com has a warning to everyone, get out of the dollar and put your money into cryptocurrency and gold.

The Emerging markets are breaking down and the Fed might not raise rates anytime soon. Peter Strzok has been fired. Omarosa says she has recordings of Trump saying the N word but this story is starting to fall apart. This entire show that we are watching might be a plan to trap the deep state and the MSM. A 2011 report from FB shows that they believe they can change public opinion during elections, so maybe it really wasn’t the Russians that alter elections. Most of the illegal children that come to America do not have parents that came with them so they were never separated from their parents. Senior Taliban leader says the peace talks are going very well. The explosive device in Yemen was American made. Q drops more breadcrumbs and the pieces to the puzzle are coming together. The deep state is panic mode and they are being set up right now. Enjoy the show, the more you know.

Ep. 88 – “Byzantine Generals & Bitcoin Governance” with Chris DeRose

This week we are honored to welcome Chris DeRose back to the show.

Chris DeRose is a Bitcoin evangelist, public speaker, podcaster, and journalist. He is the host of DeRose Uncensored, a wide-ranging and insightful look at the people, projects, and culture of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Show Has Just Begun, Welcome To The Swamp – Episode 1636

In this episode of the X22 Report: The retail collapse continues and it is projected that more stores will be going out of business. This is due to the fact that people just don’t have the fund to purchase goods. Russia says that it cannot depend on the US dollar for international trade it is becoming unreliable. Trump is pushing the agenda of taking over the Fed and is now projecting what he is about to do, the central bankers, deep state, and MSM are worried about this.

Trump begins the push for making the IG report to become declassified. FBI responds to what they were doing in Little Rock. DNC files suit against Wikileaks and does it via Twitter. Government’s own report shows that poppy fields grew during the US invasion of Afghanistan. China takes over French stake in Iran’s gas venture. NATO fires missile near Russia, a plane was stolen and the incident is very strange. Q drops more breadcrumbs lets us know that big booms are headed our way and the IG report is ready to be released. Q continues by exposing the swamp.

The Previews Are Over, It’s Showtime, The World Is Watching – Episode 1635

In this episode of the X22 Report: Core inflation soars at its fastest pace since 2008, inflation is on its way. The Swiss National Bank purchases more FANG stocks to push the stock market up. Trump is now destroying the old economy and getting it ready for the new economy. The only way to do this is to destroy the central bank if the central bank is destroyed this will only be a temporary fix and the same thing will happen years down the line. Sessions says the US will not partner with groups that are against the US.

People are tired of fake news and the people are telling BBC to switch off. The movement is growing more people want closed borders, not open borders. Nikki Haley goes to Venezuela and pushes neocon agenda. Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire, Israel denies. Russian and Syrian forces mount a major offensive in Idlib. Russian military creates 8 outposts in the Golan Heights. Q drops many new breadcrumbs and the boards are hacked, was this a setup by Q or was this a real hack. The document that was provided said that the encryption being used is easy to crack if true then they will be able to hack at any time.

The Investigations Come Into The Light, From Dark To Light – Episode 1634

In this episode of the X22 Report: Some major changes on how inflation is calculated on autos, plus GM does not report it’s deliveries anymore so all the numbers that come in are estimates. Home buyers are now waiting to see if they buy a home, we saw this happen prior to the 2008 recession. Wholesale slumps in June. Rothschild just announced the plan to take down the economy and they already decided where to place the blame.

Giuliani says that Mueller’s team is done for. Mattis says the plan in Afghanistan is going smoothly and the talks with the Taliban are working. NK comes out with a shocking revelation that the MSM and some inside officials are trying to derail the peace between the US and NK. Trump wants to talk to Iran but certain individuals within the administration are trying to stop the talks. Syrian army drops leaflets over Idlib, most likely they are preparing for a major offensive. The refugees are flowing back into Syria. The Deep state is trying to censor Q, they are talking down the sites and doing whatever they possibly can to stop the truth movement, not just with Q but with other sites.

Do You Feel It, The Deep State’s Last Ditch Effort Will Be To Unleash… – Episode 1633

In this episode of the X22 Report: The economy is being brought to the edge. The entire plan is to make it seem as though the President allowed the economy to get back on track it is doing better than ever. The corporate media and the deep state will not know how to handle this information because they were hoping that the tariffs would destroy the economy. This entire plan is to push the Fed to do what they do best, bring down the economy, they will fight back and they will try to resist but in the end, they will have no choice but to raise interest rates.

McCain was involved in the Steele Dossier and the FBI is beginning to investigate. McCain has been missing since Dec 2017. Congress gets Bruce Ohr docs and shows how all these individuals colluded to push the FISA warrant and the Steele dossier. US Senate intelligence committee wants Julian Assange to testify. Rand Paul delivers a letter to Putin. North Korea is dismantling there missile and nuclear sites satellite images show. Q’s site has gone down but the last post explains what is happening, the MSM is pushing propaganda because they are being funded by a bill that was passed. The deep state has no choice they will unleash something big.

It’s All About To Intensify, Brace Yourself, Divided No More – Episode 1632

In this episode of the X22 Report: US DEA admits that criminal activity in cryptocurrencies is declining as the volume increases. There are now more job opening than there are people looking for work, so aren’t wages increasing? The American 1% owed more wealth than any time in history, we saw this during the great depression. The MSM doesn’t know what to do with the economy, they are now saying that this is Obama’s economy and Trump is riding his wave. The Fed is being brought up in the new again, there are now reports that Congress should stop the Fed from destroying documents.

The sale of the petro yuan has increased since the sanctions on Iran. Nunes says that Bob Ohr is going to become very important very soon. Judicial Watch wants the DOJ to make sure they keep Comey’s emails intact, according to court documents. The identity of Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese driver has been discovered, this individual is reported to be a spy. Facebook just lost a major advertiser. UK will not allow the OPCW to visit certain areas where the poisoning of the Skripal’s took place. MSM is warning that something might happen to reporters. Q drops more breadcrumbs and warns that everything is about to intensify and that most of the news coming out of the MSM is fake news. Be prepared because it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Don’t Just Trust The Plan, Watch The Plan Unfold, [Declas], Ring, Ring – Episode 1631

In this episode of the X22 Report: Brexit is in jeopardy, the central bankers are doing whatever they possibly can to make sure the UK does not leave or they do not break away completely. One of the US largest Mattress firms is going to declare bankruptcy. GDP, savings, and unemployment calculations are being changed for one important reason to take the narrative away from the central bank.

The system is about to come down and the Fed will be blamed for the entire system collapsing. The plan is in motion. Trump is looking to declassify the FISA memo. Q reported this in one of the posts that POTUS has the power to declassify the FISA memo and we are getting to that point. Facebook wants to partner with banks to see the users account information. Sanctions are almost in place and Iran just folded, the PM says that he is open to negotiations. Q drops more breadcrumbs, these new ones explain what needs to happen before the FISA memo is declassified, the time is ticking down, the truth is about to come out.

Ep. 87 – Creator of BitBox, Gabriel Cardona

This week we welcome Gabriel Cardona to The Vin Armani Show

Gabriel Cardona is the creator of BitBox, an open source, a full-featured development kit for Bitcoin Cash. The project has become an integral part of the new Bitcoin.com developer platform. He is also the founder of the Cash Consortium and was involved with HTML5 standards development with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

What You Are Witnessing Now Is Needed Before The Big Drop – Episode 1630

In this episode of the X22 Report: UK housing market is in trouble, Countrywide the largest real-estate group is having major problems because people cannot afford to purchase homes. The government is manipulating the statistical calculations, it doesn’t matter how much it is manipulated because it will change the fact the economy is falling apart and the people actually feel it.

What is happening now is to prepare for the economic transition, the more individuals off of government programs the less chance of riots etc. The government will not be able to assist people once the system breaks down. FBI docs reveal that Strzok look into the Weiner laptop case and actually start until after the elections. There was an attempt on Maduro’s life during a speech in Venezuela. US says no involvement, most likely this was the intelligence agencies. Iran is already announcing that they will remove their forces from Syria. It is happening, trust the plan. Q drops more bread crumbs and talks about how the people need to be ready for the big drop and before it happens it needs to go mainstream.

Staged Events, Scare Tactics Deployed, They Will Not Succeed – Episode 1629

In this episode of the X22 Report: Vancouver home sales crash 30%, we are now seeing this occur around the globe and it is spreading. The payroll numbers are in and they miss expectations but unemployment has moved down to 3.9%. The numbers are not that great, high wage jobs are declining, those who have multiple jobs are on the rise and wages are falling.

The service sectors are slowing. The Fed is slowly bringing the economy to its knees, the fed did not change rates but this is part of the plan because they accelerated their balance sheet unwind, next time they will most likely raise rates. This is done on purpose so the people don’t notice what is happening. There was a twitter purge of followers and we come to find out that the biggest Twitter users were followed by bots. Congress wants the CEO of Twitter to explain why they are shadow banning. Russia has moved into the Golan Heights to control the area. Q drops more bread crumbs and reveals that the deep state will be using scare tactics and staged events to try to control the narrative of the movement, this will not work. The deep state will not stop and their tactics will become worse as time goes on. Be prepared.

The Announcement Was Just Made, Watch What Happens Next, It’s Happening – Episode 1628

In this episode of the X22 Report: The housing bubble is now popping all over the world and we are watching it in real time. In Australia, prices are dropping as sales begin to slow. The retail apocalypse is not finished, more stores are on the chopping block and might file bankruptcy. Car sales tumble, the entire economy is showing the beginning stages of a collapse that people are now noticing. The plan to take down the Fed is in full swing, this will be done in many stages but by the end, the Fed will not exist the way we know it or it will be gone altogether.

Judicial Watch uncovers emails by Strzok that shows he wanted to keep his powers. The peace plan in Afghanistan is moving forward and great progress is being made. North Korea handed over 50 dead remains from the Korean War. Iran and Trump are going at it but they leave room for negotiations. Syria takes control of the border with Jordan and begins trade again. Syria is now allowing millions of refugees to return to the country and putting plans together to build the country again. Russia says that Iranian troops are now out of the Golan Height area, this is the announcement, the next announcement will be that the troops are coming home. Q drops more breadcrumbs, the deep state is scared and nervous about what is coming, the people are going to see something big happen.

Exposing The Truth Comes With Pain, Confusion & Proof, Divided Becomes One – Episode 1627

In this episode of the X22 Report: Greece is in trouble again, the central bank fix was not a fix, it was a band-aid and it was only meant to last for a couple of years, then the country would need more debt. Housing appreciation is beginning to slow, prices are coming down which means those who purchased at the height of the market will be underwater and those who purchased during the last financial crisis will be worse off.

The pension system in America is in trouble and we are seeing signs of this, once the market, real estate and they rest crashes it will be game over. Mueller will show no evidence of collusion in regards to Manaforts case. The US has been holding talks with the Taliban and both sides are very close to making a deal. The NK missile propaganda is just that, propaganda, NK is dismantling their missile system. Trump says he is ready to talk with the Iranian leader without pre-conditions. Syria has taken control of the Golan Heights. Q has dropped many posts and some of them are bombshells.

The FISA Push Is Here, It Will Bring Down The House – Episode 1626

In this episode of the X22 Report: UK household debt is worse than any time on record. The American intention to purchase a car or a house is declining. Pending homes sales dropped, this falls in line with existing home sales and new home sales, the real estate bubble is popping. Erdogan wants to join BRICS but Turkey was rejected. The BRICS have just created the global development initiative and the US and other nations will need to join.

The push to collapse the economy is to move it away from the central banking system and move it into the next system that will bring peace through development. The American people will be shocked when they see the redacted FISA memo on Carter Page. Facebook is being sued. TSA is tracking regular everyday American travelers. There is a new leader in Pakistan, change is in the air. Peace talks are moving forward in Afghanistan, the US is negotiating with the Taliban to bring about peace. Trump urges patients with NK. The IS is finished in southern Syria. Q drops more breadcrumbs.