More Bear Market Indicators Were Just Triggered, Red Alert – Episode 1582

In this episode of the X22 Report: IMF is now urging central banks to compete with cryptocurrencies, central banks know their system is obsolete and they are worried. Russia released a report where they say the crypto market is too small to have any impact on the global economy. It is so bad in the UK the banks want parents to co-sign the housing loans with their children. Youth unemployment is very high in the European countries.

The US added jobs but the labor force participation rate is at its highest levels. Something just doesn’t make sense. Deutsche Bank has been downgraded and BoA bear market indicators have just been triggered. The entire Russian collusion investigation has cost taxpayers 17 million dollars. Comey is now throwing McCabe under the bus and it looks like criminal charges are headed his way. FBI releases a document that Hillary was shopping around the Benghazi story. Google cancels its AI contract with the US government, employees signed a petition against it. Trump accepts a letter from NK, the summit is back on. US vetoes the draft resolution in the UN to investigate what is going on in Palestine. Syria wants the US to hand over al-Tanf, Syria is getting ready to push a major offensive.

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