Get Ready For The Deep State Dead Cat Bounce, It’s Not What You Think – Episode 1513

In this episode of the X22 Report: The push is on more vendors and transaction system entire the crypto sphere. Another leading indicator reveals itself, the economy is cracking and it is accelerating. Since Trump proposed Tariffs the corporate media, financial pundints and government officials are taking sides and calling Trump out on this. This is not about having trade wars, this is about preparing the country for the next economic system. The country needs to be rebooted and trade deals need to be in place.

The market is looking like 1929, 1987 and 2008, the similarities are unbelievable. There are many contradictions in the Seth Rich case, Q tells us to look closer and soon it will all be revealed. South Korea and North Korea meet, Moon Jae-in is now pushing NK to invite the US to the peace talks. Q drops more hints on what to expect, the deep state is going to push their agenda, there will be a dead cat bounce which means another event is coming soon which will clog the air waves. This is event might occur in Dallas or Houston and it will happen very soon. Listen carefully, this is what Q says to do when watching the video.

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