The FED’s Own Indicator Is Signalling A Recession – Episode 1173

In this episode of the X22 Report: Italy’s unemployment rises once again as youth unemployment surges.Obama created 9 million part time jobs as 14 million people aren’t counted. Consumer credit spending soared this holiday season because most don’t have the funds to spend. The debt surge has created this fake recovery, it looks great in the beginning but later on everything collapses. GM does assemble cars in Mexico and sell them here in the US, it turns out Trump was telling the truth and GM lied.

Fed labor market condition indicates we are now in a recession. Obama and dems are now wiling to negotiate Obamacare. The true hacker has been found, it was a Russian who worked for Obama. Obama the nobel peace prize winner dropped 26,171 bombs while he was in office. USS Mahan fired warning shots at Iranian boats near Iran. US special forces carried out missions in Syria cleaning up records and evidence of the IS. It is now being reported that there a massive number of IS sleeper cells in the US, be prepared for an event.

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