Deep, Deep Down The Rabbit Hole, It Goes A Lot Deeper Than You Think – Episode 1640

In this episode of the X22 Report: JCPenney is in trouble, they are at a risk of a default. Walmart says they are improving and sales are up, but operating expenses are down, store closures are up and people are looking for the cheapest options. Philly Fed has crashed. Housing starts disappoint, huge miss. Countries are dumping treasury bonds the only buyer is the Cayman Islands.

The founding fathers used tariffs to build the country and that is what is happening now. The deep state is backed into a corner and from Grassley’s letter, we might have discovered the other agencies involved. The UK is using propaganda to push the story that there was a close call with Russia in the black sea. Turkey and Russia will use their own currencies to transact business. The ceasefire deal in Gaza is about to go live. The Syrian forces are getting ready to push a major offensive. Q drops many bread crumbs and goes deep down into the rabbit hole. This hole goes much deeper than you think and connects many well-known people some are famous and wealthy.

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