Confusion Is Part Of Their Plan, Who Has The Ultimate Power? – Episode 1512

In this episode of the X22 Report: The corporate media is now starting to let everyone know why housing sales are not doing well. The economy is about to fall and it all depends on who control the narrative. The tariffs and the reciprocal taxes are to get us out of their system. If you have noticed the economic structure was not put into place to benefit the people. The Rothschild family is now handing down the dynasty to the 7th generation son. FBI doesn’t not want to hand over the document which implicates Obama and Comey.

The push is on to get something started with NK, while the deep state is pushing their narrative Trump is having talks with NK to push the agenda of peace. Haftar is now asking Russia to build a base in Libya. Everything we are seeing and hearing is the deep state pushing their agenda of confusion to make it seem like everything is very chaotic, this is part of their plan, but the power no longer belongs to them, they will keep trying but it is coming to an end.

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