The Bad Guys Believe They Have The Upper Hand, Wait For It… – Episode 1347

In this episode of the X22 Report: European banking system is getting worse and the central bankers are preparing for a collapse of the banking system. Core Logic is reporting the housing is overvalued, it is exactly what we saw in the 2008 crisis. Manufacturing last another 4000 jobs. Greenspan is worrying that its not the stock market bubble everyone should be worried about it is the bond bubble. Trump is playing the game, the corporate media and Fed has been pushing the idea that the market is the indicator for the economy and if it goes higher it means everything is going well.

He will use this to his advantage when the system crashes. The corporate media is now blaming Trump for the rise of Obamacare premiums, this is completely false because the premiums have been rising the last couple of years. Ben Rhodes is now a person of interest in regard to unmasking. Trump signs the Russian sanctions pushing Russia and Europe closer together. US launches an ICBM. China officially opens their military base in Djibouti . Trump and Tillerson are now playing good cop bad cop. Tillerson is looking to have diplomatic relations with NK, Iran and Russia. Syrian forces are pushing the paid mercenaries out of Syria, more terrorists have switched to the government side.

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