Tick, Tock, Time Is Almost Up, Preparing The Masses Is Almost Complete – Episode 1652

In this episode of the X22 Report: The Feds inflation indicator jumps and finally hits their target. The Fed has no excuse now but to raise the interest rate to keep the economy from overheating. Trump decides that non-military federal employees will not get raises starting in 2019. Strange that he would do this now since the economy is doing so well. This is part of the plan, shut down departments, stop raises, let go of Federal employees. All of this is in preparation for the new economic system.

Trump slams the MSM that they report fake news, this is in preparation for the declassification of reports and pushing the truth out there. North Korea is fake news. Trump is now playing with the MSM, drills, no drills. Russia delivers intel to the US about the false flag that is coming in Syria. Q drops more breadcrumbs, what we are seeing now is the process of preparing the public for the truth, but before the truth can come out it needs to be pointed out that the MSM reports fake news, when the truth comes out they will either report the facts or make them up and if they make them up they will be called out on it.

The Deep State In Total Panic Because It’s All About To Blow – Episode 1651

In this episode of the X22 Report: Best Buy is reporting slowing online sales. Pending home sales decline for the 7 months in a row. Buying sentiment is down and we are entering the fall and winter months when sales slow because of the time of year. The Fed is raising interest rates to make the situation even worse. GDP number was revised even higher. Argentina is now begging the IMF for the bailout. Canada might come to an agreement regarding the new trade deal that the US and Mexico came to.

The White House has a petition to allow the internet to be free from banning. It turns out that Steele was colluding with a sanctioned Russian individual. South Sudan signs a peace deal. Iran might scrap the entire nuclear deal. Russia reports that the White Helmets are staging the chemical attack. A secret meeting is taking place in Syria with the US to bring the troops home. Q drops many more breadcrumbs, explains that the deep state is in panic, everything is about to blow and when it does the entire country will learn the truth.

Big Puzzle Piece Revealed, Follow The Dark Money – Episode 1650

In this episode of the X22 Report: Starter homes are the most expensive just before the last housing crisis. Most people are not making enough to afford these homes. Case Shiller is now reporting that home prices are becoming weaker in the 20 cities that the bubbles were created in. The student loan official quits. We are seeing many individuals resigning because of corruption. The trade deal with Mexico is putting pressure on Canada.

The plan to take down the controllers was coordinated a long time ago, they knew the central banks were not helpful to the people, in the end, they will be exposed. Trump comes out and says that social media giants are censoring, it is time to regulate these companies to keep it open and free for everyone. Macron tweets out that everything is changing. Q drops many breadcrumbs that have to do with a big puzzle piece is revealed, dark money exchanged between foundations, the upcoming case against Ohr and is behind closed door testimony. Who are the firewalls, what did they control? UN wants to investigate Yemen. The US is removing support for Saudi Arabia.

To Know Your Enemy,You Must Become Your Enemy,Appear Weak When You Are Strong – Episode 1647

In this episode of the X22 Report: Durable good order drop most in six months. The yield curve is flattening and has dropped below Japan’s for the very first time. The central bank in Russia is on fire 10 months after the Federal Reserve in NY. The entire system is breaking down very rapidly, the economy is ripping itself apart, the central bank system was not created to last this long. Messages are being sent to the central banks that their days are numbered.

We are watching a show with Trump, Session, Giuliani and the rest. The strategy is to mirror everything the deep state is doing, slowly wake the people up at the same time and use the strategy of Sun Tzu. The good guys are appearing weak like they are beaten, meanwhile, they are strong and they are learning from the enemy and mirroring everything they are doing. This is a setup because the storm is about to hit and it is going to hit hard. The deep state they are ready to run and hide if they can. The hammer is about to fall and it’s going to fall hard.

What You Are Witnessing Is A Mirror Image Of What Is To Come – Episode 1646

In this episode of the X22 Report: Pending homes sales decline, existing home sales decline and now new home sales decline 2 months in a row. The housing market is declining rapidly and if rates are pushed up once again the housing market decline will accelerate. Manufacturing is slowing in America. The economic indicators are signaling a recession, this is being done on purpose now while showing the economy is strong to blame the central bank. Loan demand has suddenly tumbled, this is an indicator that corporations are not borrowing which will affect business.

Lanny Davis’s entire propaganda story about Cohen is now falling apart. They drafted the plea deal back before April, this was all in the works to be released at the exact same time as Manafort ruling. FEC says that Trump did not violate election laws but if we flashback to 2016 the FEC reported that they did. Everything that we are seeing, everything that is going on is to set up the deep state. Human trafficking arrests are way up. Russia reports that the UN secretly did not allow Syria to rebuild their economy and country. Russia calls on the US to remove itself from Syria. The Patriots are draining the swamp but there is a lot more work ahead because the deep state is deep into government, the judicial system, other countries.

Never Interfere With An Enemy While Destroying Itself, This Is The Plan – Episode 1645

In this episode of the X22 Report: Existing home sales tumble, home buying sentiment as hit all-time lows. Russia, China, Turkey and many other countries are moving away from the dollar system, they are preparing for the economic transition. Russia dumps more gold and ramps up on gold purchases, Russia is becoming self-sufficient. Germany has reported that they should pursue their own payment system just like China and Russia an not be dependent on the US-based system. Facebook has removed many accounts and they are removing more.

They are using the excuse that it has to do with foreign entity but have shown no proof on what they are really removing. Afghanistan is looking to Russia to negotiates the peace deal, the US is pushing the Afghanistan government side and Russia is pushing the Taliban side. The IAEA inspectors have never visited NK so they cannot comment on what NK is doing. Bolton says Russia is stuck an now is the time for Iran to be removed from Syria, which means the US troops are coming home soon. The MSM is pushing their agenda with Cohen and Manafort, they are going all out. This is part of the plan, Q has shown us the plan and the plan is now being followed. We have it all.

Conspiracy, Treason, It’s Time To Connect The Dots, The Great Awakening – Episode 1644

In this episode of the X22 Report: Turkey is now piling into cryptocurrency, many people do not own cryptocurrencies and this is why it is the best time to invest in it. Turkey is looking to join China’s silk road. Foreclosures are on the rise. Many billionaires are signaling that this there is something major wrong with the economy. The global economy is well overdue for a disaster and when it hits many people are going to be shocked.

Creating currency out of thin air will not save the economy, the economy needs to be rebooted. Trump lashes out at the New Yorker for printing a fake news story. The Russian attorney who had the meeting with Trump Jr was operating out of Washington D.C. offices owned by Cozen O’Connor – a law firm run by a former Obama official. Facebook uses an algorithm to judge who is trustworthy or not. Gallup ran a survey and most of America wants diplomacy instead of war. Britain cuts aid to the moderate rebels. The coalition is now falling apart in Syria. Q drops more posts and points to anon who has connected the dots. The picture is becoming clearer, the great awakening will spread across the globe.

And Now, The Feature Presentation, Sheep No More, Enjoy The Show – Episode 1643

In this episode of the X22 Report: Trump is now ramping up the criticism against the Fed chair Powell. He is criticizing the interest rate hike. The corporate media and other financial pundits are pushing the narrative that the economy is not at full employment at 3.9%, so the Fed does not need to raise rates. More countries are making deals where they are bypassing the dollar. DC Judge backpedals on his DACA ruling.

Judicial Watch says they have more emails against Clinton and the case should be reopened. Mueller is stuck, the officials in the FBI and DOJ are being let go, fired or are quitting. The MSM and deep state are pushing the idea that everyone needs to get an RFID and they are showing how happy people are with them. Ghani offers Taliban ceasefire deal, Pompeo says its time for peace and the Taliban accepts the Russian invitation for talks. North Korea bashes critics and says the peace deal is working. China says the story about troops in Syria is fake news. Q drops more posts and is preparing everyone for the show. And now the feature presentation, sheep no more.

There Are Major Signs That The Deep State Is Planning Something Big – Episode 1642

In this episode of the X22 Report: Removing waste in government is something that has to be done, the accounting regulator―than financial report readers. Inflation is about to hit the world, the central banks are continually manipulating these stats but it seems that the manipulation cannot stop reality, inflation is going to come in like a tidal wave.

FBI was a dealt a blow by a Judge that says the FBI must verify the Steel Dossier. Media trying to figure out the names of the Jurors and the Judge has been threatened in the Manafort case. Judicial Watch is suing to get Brenna’s emails. Afghan President offers another cease-fire. North Korea agrees to allow UN aviation group into NK. Syria stabilization fund has been canceled by Trump. Q posts another post and it seems the deep state might be preparing something big.

Has The Parade Of Parades Been Canceled Or Is Trump Mocking The Deep State – Episode 1641

In this episode of the X22 Report: UMich sentiment slumps to all-time lows, people are putting their spending plans on hold. The entire system has been breaking down since 2008. The central bank created an illusion to make each and every one of us believe the economy recovered, we know it did not. Now the same central bank is getting ready to bring it down but they need someone to blame and they have started their campaign of propaganda as they bring down the economy.

YouTube is becoming the ministry of truth in regards to climate change. The WSJ is now asking the question about Ohr. Authorities have been ordered to destroy the New Mexico compound. Pompeo creates an Iranian cabinet. Q drops more breadcrumbs and sheds some light on some issues. Trump says he needs to cancel the parade because of budget problems but is this ploy to move the parade forward.

Ep. 89 – “What The Fork, Bitcoin?!” with guest Naomi Brockwell

Naomi Brockwell joins us on this week’s show.

Naomi Brockwell is a producer, director, Austrian economics evangelist, and an opera singer based in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of Rainsworth Productions and independent film production company. Naomi is a Policy Associate at the New York Bitcoin Center, Associate Producer at Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel, and a Contributor for Reason TV. She hosts her own crypto and blockchain show on YouTube.

Deep, Deep Down The Rabbit Hole, It Goes A Lot Deeper Than You Think – Episode 1640

In this episode of the X22 Report: JCPenney is in trouble, they are at a risk of a default. Walmart says they are improving and sales are up, but operating expenses are down, store closures are up and people are looking for the cheapest options. Philly Fed has crashed. Housing starts disappoint, huge miss. Countries are dumping treasury bonds the only buyer is the Cayman Islands.

The founding fathers used tariffs to build the country and that is what is happening now. The deep state is backed into a corner and from Grassley’s letter, we might have discovered the other agencies involved. The UK is using propaganda to push the story that there was a close call with Russia in the black sea. Turkey and Russia will use their own currencies to transact business. The ceasefire deal in Gaza is about to go live. The Syrian forces are getting ready to push a major offensive. Q drops many bread crumbs and goes deep down into the rabbit hole. This hole goes much deeper than you think and connects many well-known people some are famous and wealthy.

The Tables Have Turned, The Deep State Are Now Being [[[[HUNTED]]]] – Episode 1639

In this episode of the X22 Report: IMF says Spain needs 5 million migrants to pay pensions, what about all the youths that are not working. US household debt hit 13.3 trillion dollars, nothing to worry about. Retail sector rebound with a revision to last month data and the increase in gasoline price. US production slows. Why are the banks getting rid of the ATM machines and closing branches, is the plan to go to a cashless society or to prepare for a collapse?

The FBI warns that ATM will be hit by a cyber attack where billions will be stolen worldwide. The new NDAA (John McCain NDAA) was put into law there was a section which allowed the President to strip government employees of their security clearance, it just happened to John Brennan, who’s next. Iran supreme leader says the 2015 negotiations were a mistake. Q drops more bread crumbs and goes deep into many of the issues. Q explains that the tables have turned and now the deep state is being hunted.