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Occupy Monsanto with Farmers: Jan. 31, Foley Square On January 31st, family farmers from across the county will take part in the first phase of the OSGATA et al. v. Monsanto court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s genetically modified (GMO) seed, which can contaminate organic and non-GMO farmers’ crops and open them up to abusive lawsuits.

Meet at Foley Square in Manhattan at 9 am on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012.

Call the DoD now: drop the charges against Bradley Manning

The railroading of Bradley Manning is getting out of control. Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, the investigating officer in Manning’s Article 32 hearing has recommended that Manning face a court-martial for all 23 charges of which he is accused. (Source: Firedoglake). Call the Department of Defense right now, leave a message for Maj. Gen. Linnington asking him to drop the “aiding the enemy” charges against Bradley Manning.

Click here for a phone number and a sample script:
(#93)November 28-30

  • VICTORY: Vaccine exemptions on the rise.  Parents around the country are standing up for their right to health freedom over their own children.  Armed with a mounting case against the safety and validity of most vaccinations, and feeling oppressed by federal rules and regulations, they are saying “enough.”  In a must-read article, Mike Barrett lays out details that show more than half of states have seen an increase in vaccine exemptions.  Compounded with blatant abuses from the pharmaceutical industry, we are slowly but surely turning the tide. 
  •  ACTION: Time is up.  This week we saw the open call for detaining American citizens indefinitely under pain of torture.  As our featured newsletter article asks: how much more can Americans take of this out-of-control tyranny?  It is hard to admit that we are living through a literal rebirth of Fascism in all of its horrific forms, but we must admit it now.  We are now the oppressed after turning a blind eye to the plight of other nations and their people, hoping that tactics such as those employed at CIA “black sites” and revealed at Gitmo wouldn’t come home to roost.  It always comes home.  Now is the time to be a true individual and a true leader.  Walk the walk, and resist with ever fiber of your being in whatever way you see fit.  Forget the calls, the faxes, the pleading with your selected representatives; their phones are off the hook, they are out to lunch, and they could care less.  They have proven themselves to be completely at the service of the tyranny now at hand.  Stand your ground now, or forever lose the ground upon which you stand. 

(#92)November 24-27

  • VICTORY and ACTION: Public hearing to ban chemtrails. It is a sign of just how far we have come on the backs of the tireless efforts of people like Rosalind Peterson, G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy and all of the activists who have endured ridicule for what is now becoming more obvious by the day.  Public outrage has led to New York’s Suffolk County to hold a public hearing about spraying operations over the county without the required Environmental Impact Statement.  The issue is far deeper than this, but it is terrific that some appropriate attention is being given. As Long Island Sky Watch stated: “If this proposal becomes law in Suffolk County, Long Island, it would be the first in the nation. It would be a starting point for others to follow.” They touched on the deeper issues by adding that, “Eventually, our governments would have to investigate why our trees are dying in record numbers; why our waters contain toxic levels of aluminum, barium and strontium; why 90% of us are vitamin D deficient; why our crops are failing; and where all of this crazy weather is coming from.”  Please pack this hearing on December 6th if you are located in the area and distribute this key article  which contains the full proposal. 

(#91)November 21-23

  • VICTORY: FBI sanctioned for lying.  From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: An order from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has revealed the FBI lied to the court about the existence of records requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), taking the position that FOIA allows it to withhold information from the court whenever it thinks this is in the interest of national security. Using the strongest possible language, the court disagreed: “The Government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the Court.”  This case may prove relevant in EFF’s ongoing FOIA litigation against the FBI.
  •  ACTION: Time for gratitude.  The real importance of Thanksgiving lies in setting aside one day to spend time with loved ones and give an extra measure of thanks in whatever way you choose.  We at Activist Post are thankful every day for spending time in the company of our readers, but we are extremely grateful for a second holiday season which has seen that readership grow.  We are truly grateful for your support and enthusiasm.  We wish everyone a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday.  Enjoy!
  • VICTORY: Minnesota Supreme Court limits use of baby DNA. From EPIC: “The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that the state Genetic Privacy Act limits the use of blood samples collected from newborns. Minnesota initiated the Newborn Screening Program in 1965 in order to screen children for certain metabolic disorders. Over 73,000 samples are added to the database every year, but the samples were used for other purposes by the Department of Health and outside research organizations. In overruling a lower court’s decision, the state Supreme Court found that the samples are ‘Genetic Information’ under the State Genetic Privacy Act and held that ‘unless otherwise provided, the Department must have written informed consent to collect, use, store, or disseminate [the blood samples].’ For more information, see EPIC: Genetic Privacy. “
  •  ACTION: Save the Internet as we know it.  An all-out war has been waged on the Internet.  Proposed changes centered around everything from stopping online piracy, to an Internet fairness doctrine, to the right for the U.S. government to unilaterally shut down websites anywhere in the world, to cyber attacks, has put our freedom of expression under the greatest attack we have ever seen.  Alternative media is especially vulnerable, as censorship is already becoming more commonplace.  New changes will virtually erase the ability to effectively question anything that the government and its corporate partners deem offensive or criminal.  It will also destabilize the Internet economy.  It is time to go to the source and boycott the companies who have signed on to the SOPA bill.  Please learn all you can by starting with the links above and share with your friends and family about just how great this threat to our freedom of speech and communication really is.
  • VICTORY: Sheriffs Rising Up.  It seems that some local sheriffs are beginning to feel similar to the rest of us are living under oppression from a bloated and controlling Federal government.  We salute those who are upholding their oath to the people, and not to a selected few who believe they own the country through regulation and taxation.  We the people own the country.  From Political Vel Craft: “As more people became dissatisfied with federal government controls and land grabs, it was inevitable that local law enforcement would eventually see the bigger picture. At the northern California fairgrounds of Yreka last month, seven California sheriffs and another from Oregon gathered with a large group of citizens to say that they are finally going to do something about it. ‘A giant has been awakened,’ said Plumas County, CA Sheriff Greg Hagwood, ‘and they didn’t count on that,’ speaking of the federal bureaucracy. Dean Wilson, sheriff of Del Norte County (Sacramento), is a great example of this great awakening. He received the loudest and longest applause for his candor in confessing past faults after apologizing for not understanding the central government assault and land grab being committed against the people and what he should have been doing about it. Only in the past year has he done a turnaround and begun to behave as a county sheriff instead of an extension of federal law enforcement.”
  •  ACTION: Research Cancer Screening Tests.  An article this week by Natural News highlights compelling evidence that cancer screening tests are yet another deception of mainstream medicine.  Please investigate for yourself and distribute this information to family and friends so that they can make the most educated decision possible:  “Three of the most widely used screening tests in medicine have taken a hit lately and been cast into disfavor or abandoned.

    The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test has been condemned as useless in saving lives and accused of leading to unnecessary surgical interventions. This test, which had previously been popular as a screening tool for prostate cancer in men over 50 is now reviled. It not only does not reveal cancers that lead to loss of life, but it leads to unnecessary biopsies and surgeries that can result in impotence and incontinence. It is no longer recommended.

    Mammograms have also run aground amidst accusations that they cause the very problem they are intended to prevent – breast cancer. The radiation risk from repeated mammograms puts women at a higher risk of getting breast cancer, not a very good trade-off when alternatives are available. And mammograms too lead to aggressive treatment which may not be necessary in many cases. A better testing tool is breast thermography, which detects heat changes from abnormal tissue growth. Thermography does not involve any exposure to radiation.

    And now colonoscopies have been questioned as well.”  Please read the rest of this key article HERE.

  • VICTORY: A Democrat fighting Democrats in the banking swindle. The Federal government is attempting to buy off states in return for halting investigations into their corrupt behavior in collusion with mortgage mega-banks.  One Democrat, Kamala Harris of California, is not going along with the deal that Democrats in the White House have signed on to.  As TruthDig reports: “Traditionally the states provided the essential regulation of mortgage origination, ownership and sales as a transparent process duly recorded and subject to public examination at the county level. But in order to facilitate the gathering of those mortgages into the sort of collateralized debt obligations that the banks could then bet on and trade worldwide, homeownership became a murky matter. Many of the mortgages now in question, including the ones that Citigroup’s ‘synthetic’ derivative was based on, are no longer owned by the banks that originated them. They are instead part of the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) database, owned by a consortium of banks and residing in computers in Reston, Va. The MERS system is described by the Times as ‘a land registry system implicated in bubble-era violations of tax, trust and property law.’ The Obama-supported settlement would make it very difficult if not impossible to investigate at long last the workings of MERS and other systemic sources of what is now a full-blown international economic crisis. As the Times editorial put it, ‘In effect, the legal waivers being contemplated would let the banks pay up to sweep wrongdoing under the rug.’ Thankfully, we have a few state attorneys general, most prominently California’s Harris, standing up for the American people, but it is outrageous that a president who avowedly committed to defending the public interest would now be subverting that effort rather than leading it.”
  •  ACTION: Erase Your Digital Footprint.  One of the cornerstones of tyranny is tracking and tracing the movements of citizens.  In decades past this was done through citizen spies, checkpoints, and physical surveillance.  In the Internet age, it is done by government agencies like the NSA which tracks and logs all communications in real time.  Modern Internet surveillance is also conducted by mega-corporations like Google, which is suspected to be a government front, but at the very least is an opportunistic corporation — one among many — that would like nothing better to know your every movement so that it can better hit you with the perfect advertisement that gets you to part with even more money.  Maximum PC released some helpful tips and valuable tools that can help you maintain your anonymity on the Web and stop the snoops in their tracks.  Please view this article and share with your family and friends.  Let’s not make it easy for Big Brother.
  • VICTORY: A debtor’s revolution is at hand.  The debt-based economy is clearly crumbling around us on a global scale.  It is the one thread that binds everyone together beyond all ideologies.  In the U.S. the vast majority has been forced awake from their credit-inflated dreams. However, an increasing number of people are beginning to wonder how so many different countries with such disparate economies and political policies could be facing the same calamity.  It almost seems to have been orchestrated.  To paraphrase trend forecaster and economist, Gerald Celente: The banks are now robbing the people, instead of people robbing banks. Couple the outright robbery with increased bank fees of all types during the toughest times, predatory student loans and vastly increased interest rates, and the anger rises. Once people come to grips with how they were set up for failure, and their money transferred to mega-banks, all sense of pride and responsibility to fulfill phony debt obligations ceases to exist.  However, if the debtor’s revolution against criminal banks is to have true impact, it must be coordinated.  Please read this article from AlterNet about some of the ideas activists have to bring about much-needed change.  We are heading in the right direction, so please add your voice to the chorus of resistance. 
  •  ACTION: 11/11/11.  Veteran’s Day is this Friday, and one group of Vets have had enough.  A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic has been issued by thousands of Military Veterans and millions of patriotic taxpayers across the country.  Sadly, it took Canadian Press to alert the media to a protest planned at the Washington Monument this Friday.  We encourage all who can to please attend and show your support in defending the Republic. J.B. Williams writes: “They may be battle worn and virtually media-ignored; some of them may need canes and walkers from the crippling wounds they suffered in serving their country to get there. Others on the march to the Washington Monument on 11.11.11 carry wounds and worries of the heart.  They count on word of mouth in ‘openly calling for the American people to draw a final line in the sand and take a moral and righteous stand for the Constitutional Republic.’  Their faith that America won’t be fundamentally transformed into a Socialist State is unflagging and they count on YOU to be there.”
  • VICTORY: The Great Unraveling. The tipping point has been reached, and we are being flooded with amazing submissions and comments which reveal that people have had enough of the so-called powers-that-be, and are ready to face this false construction head-on.  It can’t be said better than Zen Gardner put it this week in an article framed by a rhetorical question: Are The Elites On The Run?  They most definitely are, as Zen states: “An awakened populace is the enemy of the would-be Controllers. The war on terror is a war on human freedom by a dystopian state structure disguising itself as a protecting surrogate parent from an enemy of their own making. It’s all by assumption and generations of conditioning. But the veil is coming off. Thanks to their own military invention called the Internet millions are discovering the full truth.”
  •  ACTION: Action.  Nothing specific — just participate in any way you can toward crossing the bridge ahead.  Perhaps it is through personal transformation of mind and body, or talking to your neighbor, or deciding to embark on a new adventure to another area or country.  The world is much larger, more diverse, and less scary than our parental government would like us to believe.  So, try being a revolutionary and explore.
  • VICTORY: The system “reaches out” to the Occupy Movement.  It is clear that the Occupy Movement is not going away until there is true change — whether on Wall Street, in Cairo, or in the next place that decides to become a staging ground for the oppressed and looted.  We have seen the whole range of tactics employed: crony insider takeovers, color revolutions, political co-opting, and downright brutality.  None of it matters when this much rage is present, in vast numbers . . . worldwide.  The system knows we are coming without relent; they must do exactly what it is designed to do: try to convince ordinary people that all is fine, just continue on about your business, go home, nothing to see here.  This week we have seen a major attempt to open a dialogue with protesters (HERE). This is VERY good news.  We can certainly dissect what they have said, and argue for or against their sincerity, but they have been forced to respond.  And from the most peaceful methods.  Given the history of brutality from the State, we deserve the highest award for our abilities of reason, persistence, and restraint.  We could crush the system (even physically) overnight, but that would only spawn the next cycle of violence.  So, let’s try to celebrate this new dialogue and use it to raise our voices even louder — we need indictments of proven banker criminals, and we need our freedom from the police state that the Constitution of the United States guarantees us, as well as freedom for anyone who remains a slave on this planet.  For a shining example of the representation we need across the U.S. please see this panel of Sheriffs committing to serve and defend citizens and the Constitution.
  •  ACTION: The  power of art to inspire and transform.  All true art aims to express the artist’s unique perspective of the world.  Activist art is particularly unique, as it aims to present a piece of art that will transform the viewer’s perspective of the world.  There is no better example of this mission than Anthony Freda.  We at Activist Post have been very fortunate to present Anthony’s work as an accompaniment to many of our articles.  We are happy to announce that an exhibition of his new paintings will be appearing at Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas from November 3rd-25th, 2011. Freda’s images of wry humor and ironic social commentary have been published in Time, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Op-Ed page and many other publications.  Freda is a self-described “Lowbrow Information Warrior” — a man on a mission to unlock minds and hearts the world over.  His works are now routinely seen on millions of computer screens globally on both mainstream and alternative media news sites. We encourage those in Vegas to drop by and see Freda’s amazing art in person.  For those who cannot, please visit him in the virtual realm at the following locations:
  • VICTORY: Copyright trolls Righthaven struggling financially. Steve Green from the Las Vegas Sun reports that:  “Newspaper copyright infringement lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas was hit Wednesday with an order to pay $119,488 in attorney’s fees and costs in its failed lawsuit against former federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiase. This was by far the largest fee award against Righthaven, but likely will be dwarfed by an upcoming award in Righthaven’s failed suit against the Democratic Underground. Before Wednesday the largest fee award against Righthaven was for $34,045 — an amount Righthaven says it’s having trouble paying or even posting a bond to cover. DiBiase’s attorneys received every dollar they asked for in their fee request. ‘Righthaven’s lawsuit against Mr. DiBiase was a shameless attempt to extract a nuisance value settlement from someone who spends his free time trying to assist prosecutors and investigators by maintaining a one-stop Internet resource for information about `no-body’ murder cases. Mr. DiBiase prevailed in this action because he demonstrated that Righthaven could not — as a matter of law — establish the first element of a valid copyright infringement claim: ownership of a copyright. Righthaven’s case was objectively unreasonable from the outset and motivated by improper purposes throughout,’ their fee request said.”  Righthaven has been the bane of small bloggers and huge players alike — such as Matt Drudge.  It is very nearly good riddance for this despicable group.
  •  ACTION: Fight the “Fairness Doctrine.”  There is simply nothing fair about restricting free speech to only pre-approved government messaging.  The Internet is the Wild West, admittedly, but it is a pleasant alternative to the bought-and-paid for corporate media/government conglomerate that force feeds masses of people with proven lies and distortions.  As we celebrate the victory above, we are heading toward something far larger: anti-piracy legislation leading to Internet ID and the end of due process.  We support punishing the real piracy culprits, but that is not what is happening here.  It is the equivalent of a “war on terror” of the Internet — a blanket erasure of all freedom to thwart the actions of a few . . . supposedly to protect freedom.  This is nothing more than a federal takeover and concentration of power within a medium that has remained relatively free of corporate influence and control.  We must do all we can to condemn companies that bow to the demands of federal agencies and comply with censorship and Internet control.  For daily information updates and strategies for how we can preserve our right to communicate as we see fit, please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • VICTORY: Supreme Court rules against banks. This is a long one, but it’s too good to miss — please click HERE for more detail from, as well as HERE from Natural News and HERE from The Daily Bail:  In essence, the ruling (from the Mass. SJC) upheld that those who had purchased foreclosure properties that had been illegally foreclosed upon (which is virtually all foreclosure sales in the last five years), did not in fact have title to those properties. Given the fact that more than two-thirds of all real estate transactions in the last five years have also been foreclosed properties, this creates a small problem. The Massachusetts SJC is one of the most respected high courts in the country, other supreme courts look to these decisions for guidance, and would find it difficult to rule any other way in their own states. It is a precedent. It’s an important precedent.

    Here are the key components of the Bevilacqua case: 

  • In holding that Bevilacqua could not make “something from nothing” (bring an action or even have standing to bring an action, when he had a title worth nothing) the lower land court applied and upheld long-standing principles of conveyance.
  • A foreclosure conducted by a non-mortgagee (which includes basically all of them over the last five years, including the landmark Ibanez case) is wholly void and passes no title to a subsequent transferee (purchasers of foreclosures will be especially pleased to learn of this)  
  • Where (as in Bevilacqua) a non-mortgagee records a post-foreclosure assignment, any subsequent transferee has record notice that the foreclosure is simply void.  
  • A wholly void foreclosure deed passes no title even to a supposed “bona fide purchaser” 
  • The Grantee of an invalid (wholly void) foreclosure deed does not have record title, nor does any person claiming under a wholly void deed, and the decision of the lower land court properly dismissed Bevilacqua’s petition.  
  • The land court correctly reasoned that the remedy available to Bevilacqua was not against the wrongly foreclosed homeowner but rather against the wrongly foreclosing bank and/or perhaps the servicer (depending on who actually conducted the foreclosure)
When thinking about the implications of Bevilacqua – the importance of point six cannot be overstated.

  •  ACTION: Fight Monsanto and win.  An excellent article by P.F. Louis gives a how-to breakdown of grassroots activism against the war on the human race known as Monsanto.  The solution does not involve writing your Congressman, hoping for Obama’s missing “change” to show up, or other similar fruitless endeavors.  It does not even include strict boycotting, since that has been made difficult by improper labeling.  There is a secret weapon, though . . . and it is hidden within the legal system.  Please CLICK HERE to learn how you can contribute to a “tsunami of legal action” that could cause lethal blowback to the biotech industry and get these criminals out of our food.
  • VICTORY: Bush torture. Yes, there have been defeats before on this issue, but we must remain positive anytime the system has to address the growing outrage of people worldwide.  George Bush is an admitted war criminal — it’s not even debatable.  A hearing date has now been set for January after Justice of the Peace accepts information submitted on behalf of four men allegedly tortured under Bush’s Order and Consent.  The Center For Constitutional Rights expands: “Today, as former U.S. president George W. Bush visits Surrey as a paid speaker at a regional economic summit, a Justice of the Peace in the British Columbia provincial court in Surrey accepted the sworn information submitted on behalf of four men who allege they were tortured under Bush’s command. The information, laid pursuant to section 504 of the Canadian criminal code, includes four counts of inflicting torture, contrary to section 269.1 of the code. The court set a hearing date for January 9, 2012.”
  •  ACTION: Stand your ground in the Global Revolution.  There is a very real chance that the Occupy movement spreading across the world will be overtaken by the well-funded central planners set up by the ruling elite.  HOWEVER, this needs to invigorate us all the more. We have received too many despondent comments to the effect that “this is not the real thing, why bother participating at all?”  It is the real thing if you want it to be.  Defeat is simply not an option this time.  Staged revolutions have been a well-worn tactic used by global controllers to manage discontent in regions where divide and conquer is relatively easy along clear religious or economic lines.   Let us prove once and for all that we have identified their tactics and are immune to their games.  As David Icke says: “We need to become street-wise real goddamn quick.”  That means that our neighbors are not the enemy, even if we disagree with them politically.  The political structure is nothing but a tool that is used against all of us.  So is religion and class warfare.  There will be plenty of time to have rational discussions about a way forward AFTER we eliminate the parasite that has been feeding on all of us equally.  This is a time to be enthusiastic, encouraging, and strong.  Don’t back down in the face of their games — expose, educate, and enjoy this special moment in history.  Please look at our three featured articles that began this newsletter and get them out to everyone you know.  We can do this…
  • VICTORY: Non-GMO survival food.  Directive 21 has announced the release of an essential survival product this week, which we would recommend with enthusiasm even if they were not one of our sponsors.  The Berkey Guy writes:  “It’s been a long-time coming, and I am very happy to present our newest product: Survive2Thrive Organic Food Storage. This product is the only one of its kind available in the marketplace and it makes no compromises on quality, price, or quantity.”  Here are the main points that we love about the product:
  • Certified USDA 100% Organic (Non-GMO) Food
  • 298 Total Servings Per Bucket
  • Real Food for Survival Situations
  • Highly Nutritious
  • 10-20 year shelf life (stored dry/dark @ <60°F)
  • Easy To Prepare & Transport
  • Contains 16 different ingredients
  • Only food storage like this on the market
  • Includes the Superfood: Enerfood™
  • We offer FREE Shipping within Lower 48 States
We encourage you to visit Directive 21 and investigate this new product, as well as their many other great survival and water purification items.
  •  ACTION: Fukushima rages on.  A combination of corporate media spin and downplaying from Japanese officials has made Fukushima the largest disaster in history that is being forgotten while it still gets worse.  It is not something that any of us wish to think about, but this ongoing nuclear holocaust of the entire northern hemisphere has the potential to contaminate air, water, and soil, and our food supply for generations to come. Japan resident and alternative news presenter James Corbett, of the Corbett Report, has introduced to keep this issue at the forefront of the news cycle. This much-needed news aggregate organizes and presents all of the breaking news regarding the ongoing nuclear meltdown.  Additionally, Corbett will have daily video updates about all of the important Fukushima news.  The first of these updates can be seen HERE.  Please spread the word about this important new addition to truth-telling, and use it to prepare your friends and family.
  • VICTORY: Banks on the Run?  Evidence is surfacing that megabanks such as CitiBank and Bank of America feel threatened by customers closing their accounts in protest to proven bank crimes.  This is certainly promising news.  As a mini-action item, we urge you to read a key article which contains several videos of how terrified the banks have become.  And it’s beginning to happen worldwide.  Even if you do not believe in this type of protest, it might be a good time to move your money out of megabanks as a wise hedge against possible closures and disruptions of service like we saw a few weeks ago with Bank of America.
  •  ACTION: Resist censorship. As Americans and citizens the world over move from their couches to the streets, those of us participating will come across people from all walks of life and ideologies.  Presumably, all involved are doing so as an expression of their innate freedom.  The same is occurring in virtual places, like the alternative media.  However, in cyberspace and real space, free expression is encountering censorship more than ever before: through legislation, protest suppression, protest infiltration . . . and even friendly fire.  Zen Gardner addressed the mentality of censorship, and some of its unlikely sources, this week in an article dedicated to free thinking and support of others who seek the same, titled Are We Self-Censoring The Truth Movement?  Let us do our best this week to encourage and defend the presence of all activists, even if we argue against their politics and philosophies.  Stay peaceful, stay loving, and stay open-minded.  No system of violence and coercion will be able to compete.
  • VICTORY: The Elites are in trouble.  A terrific article by Chris Hedges encapsulates the Occupy movement as something more than pure politics.  In fact, it is evidence that something real is happening when corporate media, politicians, and paid activists are doing their level-best to precisely define and co-opt what is happening into one political camp or another.  Here is one account from Hedges’ article that echoes many others we have read: “We get to the park…There’s madness for a little while. There were a lot of people. They were using megaphones at first. Nobody could hear. Then someone says we should get into circles and talk about what needed to happen, what we thought we could accomplish. And so that’s what we did. There was a note-taker in each circle. I don’t know what happened with those notes, probably nothing, but it was a good start. One person at a time, airing your ideas. There was one person saying that he wasn’t very hopeful about what we could accomplish here, that he wasn’t very optimistic. And then my response was that, well, we have to be optimistic, because if anybody’s going to get anything done, it’s going be us here. People said different things about what our priorities should be. People were talking about the one-demand idea. Someone called for AIG executives to be prosecuted. There was someone who had come from Spain to be there, saying that she was here to help us avoid the mistakes that were made in Spain. It was a wide spectrum. Some had come because of their own personal suffering or what they saw in the world.”  This account illustrates unity of purpose, despite a diversity of backgrounds and ideas.  It sounds like true democracy.
  •  ACTION: Not another war.  Hillary Clinton said that you can’t make up the story line of Iran’s alleged involvement in a terror plot on American soil.  It does appear that it is a Hollywood script, but even if you believe the story as it makes its rounds in corporate media, we can’t afford another war.  Mike Rivero’s excellent analysis and call to action was used to create a video that encourages all of us to Do The Right Thing!  Please view and share this video with your friends and family so that we can avert WWIII.  
  • VICTORY: Peace and Liberty Becoming Popular.  Although we believe that the problems America faces are more systemic than one person can solve, it was nonetheless good news to see the 2011 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll, where Ron Paul garnered 37 percent of the vote. The runner up was former Federal Reserve Bank minion Herman Cain with 23% and Rick “Iran’s Next” Santorum with 16%. Ron Paul has been the only candidate who has been consistent FOR DECADES that the Constitution is to be respected — always. His vocal dissension against wars, torture, and the domestic police state has taken profound courage as the nation has been whipped into a frenzy in the post-9/11 world.  Perhaps people have finally had enough of false promises, false hopes, and the faulty upside-down thinking that the way to freedom is by restricting it, or that the way to peace is war.
  •  ACTION: Rise From the Ashes. Americans are beginning to feel just how bad things can get.  Every trend forecaster and respected economic heavyweight who is not bought and paid for by corporate media has warned that America very well could go the way of Greece.  As we have said previously, we have the benefit of seeing that collapse scenario already, so we would do well to see how the people of another democratic nation are handling their plight.  The collapse might be unavoidable, but how we respond is our choice.  Greece is responding by returning to the land and becoming self-sufficient again in order to feed themselves, but at a systemic level they are also making profound changes.  Silver Underground reports an inspiring story that one Greek city has started a rebel barter economy and an alternative currency.   The quote that opens the piece should inspire us all, “You have much more than your bank account says. You have your mind and your hands.”  The report continues, “You won’t likely see it headlining The Drudge Report, making its rounds in talk radio, or featured for discussion on cable news panels, but the October 1st New York Times story covering the emergence of a barter, trade, and alternative currency economy in Greece is one of the most important stories of our day. The Silver Circle Movie is a story about a band of rebels who vow to take back their freedom amid the economic and political ruins of a catastrophic monetary collapse, but our fictional movie’s predictions for America’s not-so-distant future are the real world economic realities in Greece right now, and the New York Times piece tells the story of real-life rebels taking their future, their prosperity, and their economic freedom back into their own hands, bucking the Eurozone’s fiat monetary system in favor of providing real value in exchange for real value.”  Please read this full story well, learn from it, and share with your friends and family, so that we can learn from what others are going through in this global economic collapse.  We can build a better future if we are well-prepared for how it can be done.
  • VICTORY of ACTION! OCCUPY gone viral.  What else could be better news than what is happening across the United States and much of the world?  For the many people who have spoken (many for decades) about the dangers of corporate-government collusion leading to the possibility of fascism in America, the day of reckoning has arrived for the criminal elite.  Overall, this is humanity’s main event.  Each of us should consider ourselves fortunate to be alive during such a pivotal time where we can make a direct difference.  The road ahead will be bumpy, no doubt, and many have already lost too much, but if we can manage to take the widest view possible we might be able to see the reasons for rejoicing over the change that is possible through hope, perseverance, and action. Let’s redouble our efforts now and close the show….
  • VICTORY: Winning the vaccine infowar.  It is worth repeating just how far vaccine awareness has spread.  The initiative to bring vaccine information to the public through Vaccine Information Week has already been a resounding success. Much as is the case with the dangers of fluoride, people are now taking action to make it known that establishment medicine is pushing a product that is documented by over 100 studies to be a proven health hazard.  Corporations like Merck that continue pushing harm, even if they have to buy legislators, are having an increasingly difficult time whitewashing their product.  The deadly Gardasil vaccine has now been made a front-and-center issue in the presidential debates, while a flood of key articles is being released this week in the alternative media exposing the deception.  Mainstream medicine is just one more bought-and-paid-for institution that is being peacefully overthrown.  Keep up the great work everyone!
  •  ACTION: OCCUPY!  It might be slightly premature to call it The Second American Revolution, but the groundwork certainly has been laid.  If the movement can resist being co-opted (and we believe it can), there could be a history-making transformation taking place.  The updates coming in from the main site of the protests, as well as those spreading outward to all major cities is one sign that a real grassroots revolution has begun.  A wide spectrum of political ideologies are finally converging around one central theme: the ruling tyranny must be resisted and overthrown.  This is the mentality that leads to true and lasting change, as it first takes place in the minds of liberty seekers.  Nonetheless, we would do well to learn from the lessons of the largely manufactured “Arab Spring” and remain cautious and skeptical about who is the appointed leader, or leaders, of this awakening in the coming days and weeks.  Currently, the OCCUPY movement is the leaderless resistance that it should be, insofar as each of us can be the leader that we seek.  A wonderful link directory has been established where you can find your nearest outlet.  The time is now: make your voice heard, whether it is taking part in the physical occupation, or sharing articles that inspire others.  Perhaps most importantly, if you have friends or family on the police force, speak to them as fellow human beings and encourage them to protect and serve those who need it most — not the corrupt ruling elite.  Lastly, there are encouraging reports coming in that military personnel are on the ground showing solidarity with protesters.  This is only logical, as they are one of the most abused classes.  Again, encourage your military friends and family to be on the side of true courage and freedom when humanity takes its stand against the dehumanizing forces of corporate control and police state tyranny. 
  • VICTORY: The system turns violent in “democratic” nations.  This may not seem like good news, but let us explain.  Visitors to our site continue to read our message of peace, love, and liberty — we will never waver from this.  Increasingly we are seeing peace in action across the globe being met with a violent response, even in supposedly democratic nations like the United States.  We empathize with those who undergo the pain and repression they encounter when merely trying to offer alternative solutions or voice their disapproval.  However, we must realize that whenever the system responds by shutting down websites, macing penned-in protesters, arresting people for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial, or any one of the ridiculous abuses that seem crafted from some dystopian police state novel, we are that much closer to a peaceful world.  The system of oppression must respond as it was designed to respond.  Therefore, the more it shows its true face, the nearer we are to eradicating its rule.  Stay peaceful, stay active, and never relent — we are clearly moving toward something far better.
  •  ACTION: Change your dreams.  We came across an excellent article this week that challenges what it means to be American.  We know this might raise some hackles, but if we can honestly think about how our nation was founded — and how far we have deviated from that original path — perhaps we can reevaluate what we truly stand for as individuals.  The article is titled Changing Our Illusion of the American Dream.  It makes the case for deciding to choose an alternative route to freedom when current routes have been closed down.  America was created by individuals, rebels, and entrepreneurs.  If you are of this mindset, then it might be worth exploring other countries that share your values and offer you the freedom you are entitled to.  Let us not forget that the founding fathers were expatriates; they decided that it was better to withdraw from the corrupt system of oppression that they were living under in England, set sail, and establish something new.  This path is not for everyone, but this article is very much worth reading and distributing as a topic for serious discussion, as the American government is inverting nearly all that the nation was built to stand for.  So, at least ask yourself, where do you choose to stand?
  • VICTORY: Maui Clean Sky Ordinance introduced, receiving support.  From The Intel Hub: I am currently on Maui working with a team in writing and implementing The Clean Sky Ordinance which is a county ordinance that will ban chemtrail/geoengineering programs above and around the county of Maui.  While we know that these programs have been in full-scale deployment for several years, The Clean Sky Ordinance is a preemptive act based on geoengineering plans and proposals to spray 10 to 20 million tons of toxic aluminum oxide and other particulates in the the atmosphere for the stated goal of cooling the planet.  We not only have public support, but also support from public officials including a council member who is sponsoring the ordinance. Please reply to this e-mail if interested in scheduling an interview. Thanks again for your support in exposing these crimes against nature and humanity.  This is a video that explains the birth of The Clean Sky Ordinance:
  •  ACTION: Support Independent News.  Clearly, an intense crackdown has begun on alternative news, and our recent problems are becoming more and more common.  We have learned a lot through our experience with the bureaucracy and impersonal nature inherent in big corporations, as well as the potential censorship.  We have received invaluable information from other leaders in alternative news about how to better protect ourselves in the future.  We endeavor to take their suggestions.  We in the alternative media need to separate ourselves and form new channels of freedom where we can rely upon the amazing cooperation within alternative media.  We already have seen Infowars re-launch Prison Planet TV in a major way, seeking primarily to be free of the YouTube censorship they have encountered.  Other alternative news sites have implemented redundant systems and beefed-up security to their platforms.  Another major development in alternative news this week is the launch by Mike Adams of  This is a Drudge Report-style site that is a wonderful repository of the best alternative news links from around the web.  We are honored to be featured so prominently there, and look forward to contributing even more now that we are back online.  In the meantime, please lend support to all of the great alternative news sites out there, especially the leaders in the field, as they offer invaluable protection from the lords of censorship attempting to usurp the free flow of information. 
  • VICTORY: Federal vaccine autism payments made to 83 families.  The government continues to officially deny the link between vaccines and autism, despite voluminous studies showing the connection.  Nonetheless, they have taken steps to compensate the victims of vaccines.  From Natural News: “The USA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a crafty federal program to relieve the vaccine industry from liability for extreme vaccine injuries. Most claims have been rejected. But enough claims have been awarded to indicate the government’s secret awareness of the link between a vaccine and autism while publicly denying it . . . Additionally, the feds are protecting the “no link of vaccines to autism” viewpoint held by all alphabet soup health agencies, vaccine industry heads, and pediatricians. But a recent study has revealed that 83 families with autistic children have been ‘quietly’ awarded for vaccine damage over the past two decades by the VICP.  NVIC awards are annual annuities to cover the child’s health expenses. So the possibility of losing the annuity by speaking out is real. An NVIC award is effectively hush money. Quietly awarded means you win but don’t tell. According to one parent who was awarded but has told, Sarah Bridges, PhD, proper semantics helped win her case. She didn’t use the word autism, though autism destroyed her child.  However, the recently published study by Pace Environmental Law Review reported that most of the 83 cases awarded did mention autistic behavior and even autism. One such case was awarded after an intelligent and healthy girl went totally autistic after receiving nine vaccinations in one day!”  This indicates that the vaccine infowar is being won. Naturally, the establishment is going to do all it can to re-direct the discussion, but the genie is out of the bottle. Please keep up the pressure and participate in Vaccine Information Week beginning October 1st.
  •  ACTION: Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  OK, perhaps it takes a little more than simply making the decision not to worry.  We typically provide action items that are focused on specific issues, personal stories of abuse, or legislation that threatens our freedom.  The theme of this edition of our Wednesday newsletter is personal transformation.  It is sometimes difficult to stay in a happy frame of mind when one has dedicated themselves to learning about the world and the corrupt nature of its leadership, as well as the horrible effects of war and violence that we witness on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, we came across an article that makes the bold assertion that there are 12 Things Happy People Do Differently.  The key word here is DO — action!  Happiness is something that takes awareness and participation; it is not a passive indifference to the world’s ills.  We urge you to read and share this article, as we believe it adds an essential balance to one’s thought processes as they encounter the issues of the day. 
  • VICTORY: Winning the vaccine Infowar.  Last week we announced that we would be supporting the initiative to bring vaccine information to the public through Vaccine Information Week beginning October 1.  This initiative is already having an incredible effect, as witnessed by a hack attempt to take down the website of campaign organizer Natural Society.  Too late for the hackers and establishment medicine: the information is already out, including a list of 100 studies which merely scratch the surface about the proven dangers of vaccination.  Mike Adams also published a devastating article this week featuring Merck vaccine scientist Maurice Hilleman admitting that vaccines were knowingly released with dangerous SV40, AIDS, and cancer viruses.  This is consistent with the latest information about Gardasil contamination with HPV rDNA.  Despite this onslaught of information that proves beyond any doubt that at the very least more information and testing should be required, California passed bill AB499, which will permit minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines like Gardasil without parental knowledge or parental consent.  This is the action of a desperate industry trying to legislate total control as the masses awaken to the dangerous scam that has been perpetrated.  Please share the above article links and contribute to the vaccine infowar.
  •  ACTION: Seeds hold the key to a GMO-free future.  As the worldwide battle rages on against GMO, both in agriculture and proper labeling, the source of it all is the seed itself.  An excellent article this week makes a case for the importance of going right to the source if one wishes to preserve the purity of what they eat.  This article first traces the history of how seeds lost their purity: “Dillon points to the 1980 Diamond v. Chakrabarty Supreme Court ruling as the beginning of the end of seed purity. In that case, the court ruled that ‘a live, human-made micro-organism is patentable,’ and by the mid-1990s, it was evident that this applied to plants too. Soon a handful of agrichemical companies including DuPont, Syngenta and Monsanto—which previously had showed no interest in seeds—owned more than 65 percent of the world’s proprietary seed.”  This altered the landscape to such an extent that we are now faced with a convoluted definition of seed purity overlapping into the organic realm through unwitting contamination.  Please read and distribute this key article which provides a thorough education of what we are up against, and the ways we can support the mission to bring back clean seed.
  • VICTORY: FOIA victory will shed light on warrantless tracking of cell phones.  From The Electronic Frontier Foundation: “The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday (pdf) that the government must turn over information from criminal prosecutions in which federal law enforcement agencies obtained cell-site location information without a warrant. The suit, filed as part of EFF’s FLAG Project and in conjunction with the ACLU, sought the release of the case numbers and case names in which the government had tracked the location of a person’s cell phone without obtaining a warrant.  The Court’s decision is the latest victory in the fight to stop the government from tracking citizens’ movements without a warrant. The D.C. court’s ruling follows on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to review United States v. Jones – a case challenging the constitutionality of law enforcement’s warrantless tracking of a suspect using a GPS device. The decision also follows the introduction of several bills in Congress that would require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before tracking someone’s location through their cell phone.”
  •  ACTION: Fight against the criminalization of vitamins and supplements.  The FDA seems to be poised to actually implement the draconian legislation that has been installed in much of Europe via the recommendations made by Codex Alimentarius.  Please view and distribute this special call to action by Dr. Mercola to learn about the steps that need to be taken in order to preserve our right to consume healthy products.  The FDA has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that it is not working in the best interest and protection of the American people, but rather is a regulatory body doing the bidding of the corporations that stand to benefit from their oppressive legislation.  Their actions must be resisted.  Please also read and distribute the fantastic series of articles by author Brandon Turbeville that chart the history of health tyranny embedded in Codex Alimentarius.  This is key information to understand how the super-structure of control has been organized.
  • VICTORY: Greeks returning to the land.  The situation in Greece is awful of course, but there is a clear indication that people are beginning to refute the corrupt system that has led to their economic demise.  One of the groups most ready to return to their agricultural roots are Greek pensioners.  This story is a must read, as it shows the resilience available to each of us in the face of hardship.  It also serves as a stark reminder that we must resist all draconian U.S. laws that seek to remove our food independence.  Please share this story widely; we are in the unique position of being many months, or perhaps as much as a year behind such a situation in America.  However, the writing is on the wall that severe austerity is indeed coming.
  •  ACTION: Do you have a survival gear checklist?  Whether it is the threat of terrorism, the likelihood of natural disasters, or just sound preparation for unpredictable events, it is wise to have your survival gear handy.  Gaye Levy (aka. Survivalwoman) has put together 15 items that are an excellent low-cost start to your preparation.  Please contact us at with your additional suggestions so that we can later release a full comprehensive guide to preparedness.  In the meantime, we would like to suggest an excellent compendium on the subject: Dare to Prepare!  You also can find many educational and survival items in our Activist Store, as well as our Health Store for maintaining your physical fitness.

  • VICTORY: Alternative media driving the news.  The tipping point for alternative media seems to have been reached.  In the most high-profile story of the week, none other than Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, responded to the many reports from Infowars and Prison Planet that were posted at The Drudge Report.  Her assertion that the Big Sis Orwellian moniker is undeserved was quickly demolished by another Paul Joseph Watson article where he enumerates 10 irrefutable facts that expose the lies and clearly Orwellian nature of DHS and the TSA.  Freedom 1 – Tyranny 0.  The second major victory this week comes from Activist Post contributing writer and blogger Tony Cartalucci.  His blog Land Destroyer Report has been waging an info battle with the ruling party of Thailand.  His articles have been exposing their ties to globalist and Western interests in yet another march toward corporate control over a sovereign nation and the immoral act of staging revolutions.  The pressure has been too much, and the national paper of Thailand has responded with a fantastically weak counter that only exposes them even more as the bought-and-paid for minions of the global elite.  Freedom 2 – Tyranny 0.  Lastly, a blogger who claims she was raped by a TSA agent recounted the details of her intense groping in a blog post.  She has been summarily sued for divulging the agent’s name and her experience.  This suit will likely be thrown out, but we have to keep a close eye on this one.  All in all, not a bad last few days for freedom in an increasingly restrictive environment.  Keep blogging and send us your articles and videos for publication at
  •  ACTION: Spread 9/11 truth.  The 9/11 truth movement certainly has a wide range of theories that have caused some friction and conflicts within alternative media.  Ethan Jacobs has written a fantastic article 9/11: A Time For Truth that serves as a compendium of the main theories and the evidence to support them.  As 9/11 approaches and politicians grandstand about the “freedom” they have brought to America in the wake of such tragedy, this compendium of information is priceless to keep in mind.  It is also the perfect vehicle to introduce friends and family to the facts suggesting that one thing is for certain: the official narrative of what led up to 9/11, as well as the morning of 9/11 itself, is the biggest conspiracy theory of all.  As this week progresses, Remember Building 7 will be blitzing all forms of media with the most central of the disturbing inconsistencies.  How is it possible for a building that was not hit by a plane to fall into its own footprint at freefall speed without a controlled demolition that would have taken weeks to engineer in advance?  Once that question is asked, it is a catalyst toward examining the myriad other details available about the overall event.  Remember Building 7 is seeking financial support for their initiative, so please donate if you can.  If not, this article by Ethan Jacobs should be distributed widely.  Lastly, we need to raise our voices in strong condemnation of the exclusion of the first responders from the Ground Zero ceremony.  This is a travesty beyond words, and should only lead us to further question the integrity of those telling us about the events of that day. 
This week is bound to be filled with political grandstanding over 9/11.  To combat this, Remember Building 7 is offering an info blitz via every form of media available.  Please help by donating to their initiative.  If you cannot afford a donation right now, then please copy the article in the link above and distribute as widely as possible.  9/11 has changed the landscape of America.  It is one of THE central issues to the truth movement.  Be active, and stay strong!
  • VICTORY: Poison continues to be removed from water supply.   Pottstown is the latest community to successfully have the toxin fluoride removed from their drinking water.  This is an encouraging trend as Natural News reports:  We can only hope that the recent surge in American communities voting to end water fluoridation is an omen to the eventual end of this abominable and toxic practice across the entire country. A recent report in the The Mercury explains that officials in Pottstown, Penn., a northwest exurb of Philadelphia with over 21,000 residents, have decided to stop fluoridating the borough’s public water supply . . . The move will save Pottstown as much as $60,000 a year, which is roughly what it costs to import the liquid toxin from China, and lace it in the water supply. As a result, the borough’s water department workers will also no longer have to go through the intense handling procedures that are required when dealing with highly corrosive fluoride chemicals.  Pottstown’s decision came just one day after Spring Hill, Tenn., a suburb of Nashville, voted to remove fluoride from its water supply, which marks what appears to be the eventual decline of the chemical’s use across the US.
  •  ACTION: Last chance to buy gold and silver?  We do not like to issue dire warnings of collapse, although we report those warnings when necessary.  Many developments this week suggest that now might be the last chance to obtain affordable precious metals.  Many have come to the conclusion that $1,876 per ounce of gold is anything but affordable. Yet, these same statements were made just a short time ago at $1,000 per ounce. We encourage you to investigate the evidence for yourself that we might be entering a time of runaway hyperinflation and political maneuvering from China that could drive gold and silver into the stratosphere.  We would be negligent if we did not encourage our readers to protect themselves against economic collapse having read the many signposts along this road.  A leaked report from banking behemoth Goldman Sachs explicitly warned its largest investors to prepare for a global collapse scenario.  JP Morgan already has called for $2,500 gold by year’s end.  For a concise analysis of the China situation based on the latest cable from WikiLeaks, please read here.  Please also view the latest interview with Gerald Celente who has an impeccable record of trend forecasting.  Lastly, we believe that it is important to investigate all of the means of asset protection during these turbulent times.  If you do not have the funds for precious metals, please read our article with other suggestions about how to preserve your independence and self-sufficiency with collapse-proof investments.   

(#67)August 29-31

  • VICTORY: Courts rule on side of freedom.  It has been a rollercoaster ride as of late with both Federal and local governments going all out to grab more power and reduce the freedom of American citizens.  Despite the news today that an Illinois mechanic faces life in prison on fraudulent wiretapping charges for filming police, courts continue to throw out most of these cases.  Daily Tech reports: “The First Circuit Court of Appeals reached a crucial decision last Friday allowing the public to videotape police officers while they’re on the clock. The decision comes after a string of incidents where individuals have videotaped police officers and were arrested. Police officers across the United States believed citizens didn’t have the right to videotape them as they conducted official duties, but issues like police brutality put the issue up for debate.”  In another reversal of tyrannical rulings, the well-publicized story of Maryanne Godboldo who was SWAT teamed after she resisted a CPS kidnapping of her child after refusing to give prescription drugs has a happy ending.  Natural News reports that all charges have been dropped.  Please listen to the interview Mike Adams conducted with Maryanne about the incident.
  •  ACTION: Learn about alternative schooling.  It was reported this week that unschooling is gaining popularity.  This builds upon the rise of homeschooling, as traditional schools continue to fall far short of a nurturing environment for our children, and funds continue to be cut as the economy implodes.  Public schools especially are now more similar to prisons than they are models of sound education.  Please review our two key articles HERE and HERE on the topic and review with friends and family the many options available to protect your children from mental and physical control by the State.
  • VICTORY: Ban on recording police officers ruled unconstitutional.   Various states have been trying to curb citizens’ First and Fourth Amendment rights to film public servants on duty.  Some good news was reported by Universal Hub: “A Boston lawyer suing the city and police officers who arrested him for using his cell phone to record a drug arrest on the Common won a victory today when a federal appeals court said the officers could not claim ‘qualified immunity’ because they were performing their job when they arrested him under a state law that bars audio recordings without the consent of both parties.  In its ruling, which lets Simon Glik continue his lawsuit, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston said the way Glik was arrested and his phone seized under a state wiretapping law violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights.” 
  •  ACTION: Participate in the battle for your health.  There is a clear war being waged against consumer choice and access to alternative health products, as well as alternative treatments.  This war has been ongoing against cannabis, despite its well-documented role in alleviating a wide variety of ailments — including cancer.  California is going a step further by attempting to make it a felony for MD’s to treat cancer without chemotherapy and surgery.  Beyond this controversy, the control extends all the way to common vitamins and supplements, which the FDA is now looking to criminalize under the same guidelines as those established by the global initiative of Codex Alimentarius.  These moves against alternative health and medicine are all about trying to regain control over the increasing number of people who are opting out of mainstream medicine.  Stay up to date on new legislation and raise your voice in opposition to any call for reducing your health freedom.  Please educate others and create your own chorus of voices to help preserve the right to investigate the facts and make your own decisions without the intrusion of big government.

(#65)August 22-24

  • VICTORY: Big Brother is losing money — Activism is working.  From The Newspaper: “Australian photo enforcement firm reports US appetite for cameras has slowed down, with a $2.4 million drop in US revenue.  Opponents of red light cameras and speed cameras have had an impact on the bottom line of one of the world’s largest photo enforcement providers. Redflex Traffic Systems reported a “slowdown in the level of new contracts signed” that dragged the firm’s US traffic camera revenue down $2.4 million in the 2011 financial year. Redflex lost $1.5 million worth of US contracts this year.  Redflex is not alone. Competitor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) saw major setbacks in two of the country’s largest cities. Los Angeles, California canceled its contract and Houston, Texas is poised to end ticketing after residents voted last November to prohibit red light cameras.”  Keep up the great work!  This shows the effect that targeted activism at the local level can have on the global surveillance industry. 
  •  ACTION: Investigate HAARP.  The large earthquake that hit the Virginia area this week was the largest in decades.  This earthquake was felt across the entire eastern seaboard.  There were some anomalies which should force us to consider at least the possibility that this was not natural.  Firstly, the depth was initially reported at 0.1 miles, then changed to 3.7, and it was not in a high-risk earthquake area.  Beyond that, this fairly large earthquake has not registered a single aftershock.  Perhaps it was fully natural, but a cursory investigation reveals that earthquake weapons have indeed been developed.  Until there is full transparency about the capabilities, then “conspiracy theories” will abound.  Please do your own research beginning with the following search terms:  HAARP, weather weapons, weather wars, earthquake weapons, and weather manipulation.  You might be startled by what you discover. Lastly, for an earthquake tutorial and predictions, please see the excellent research of Michael Janitch (aka Dutchsinse) on YouTube.

(#64)August 18-21 

  • VICTORY: Granny can sue U.S. for calling her a terrorist.   From Courthouse News: “A Texas grandmother can push ahead with her emotional-distress complaint alleging that a Navy recruiter added her name to Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list, a federal judge ruled. In a pro se federal lawsuit filed in October 2010, Vivian Chisholm asked the Southern District of Texas to declare “that she is not a terrorist” and remove her name from Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list.”  This could be a precedent-setting case that will give justice to those who have been put on the million + terror watch list outside the court of law.
    Soldier loses appeal in Iraq war crimes case: Fortunately, the military is responding better than police in the United States to cases of horrible abuse and murder.  Tales of atrocities are abundant and hopefully this serves as a warning to others that there will be zero tolerance for human rights violations, as well as for so badly misrepresenting the U.S. military.   
  •  ACTION: Young man sues TSA for violations of his Constitutional rights.  From Natural News: “Aaron B. Tobey, a 21-year-old University of Cincinnati (UC) student from Charlottesville, Va., is one heroic young man that is unwilling to roll over and have his personal and constitutional rights violated by the illegal US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Recent reports indicate that following his illegal detainment at Richmond International Airport (RIA) back on December 30, 2010, Tobey is now pressing charges against both the federal government and RIA for violating his protected rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution.”  This type of action must be taken on a mass scale if we are to ever again be allowed to travel unmolested.  Furthermore, with the rollout of the TSA-style VIPR teams on public transportation, as well as major events, if the TSA is not put in its place now, their police state tactics will spread to every part of America.

(#63)August 15-17

  • VICTORY: The political veil is lifting.  Some of our readers are convinced that the mere act of voting is a complete waste of time.  While we sympathize with this viewpoint, we see the rise of Ron Paul as very good news.  It was blatantly revealed this week that Ron Paul is being censored from the corporate media record.  The problem for the establishment is that his message is resonating so loudly across the political spectrum, that the coverup looks cartoonish.  So much so, that outlets like Politico had to backpeddle for initially stating the first and third place winners in the Iowa straw poll.  This blatant move to ignore a top contender that many polls have revealed would beat Obama outright has exposed the level of connection between the media and politicians.  This is the essence of what we as activists wish to do: force tyranny out into the open by pressing it to do so.  The fact that Ron Paul is being ignored and demonized is a massive endorsement that he is for real. But, ultimately, this election has nothing to do with Ron Paul; it has to do with the message that Americans are fed up with the controlled left and right, the lack of true choice given by a bought-and-paid for media, and fed up with a system that caters to corruption.  Win or lose in this election cycle, freedom is on the rise.
  • ACTION: Learn about false flag terror.  This is something that still remains tin-foil-hat conspiracy for many people.  However, a look at the historical record reveals indisputable proof that governments — including our own — have used staged events to justify wars, a police state at home, as well as continued government spending in times of severe economic crisis.  The 21 books suggested by Rick Gedeon this week are an excellent place to start your investigation, or recommend to your more open-minded friends and family.  The comment section in that article is equally as valuable, as there are many reader-recommended books that increase the scope of education.  Historically speaking, all of the elements exist at this moment for a major false flag event in the run-up to the 2012 election. President Obama recently stated a specific threat, just as DHS released a new video framing the possible culprits.  Whether staged or real, “Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” – James Thurber.

(#62)August 11-14

  • VICTORY: “Kids for Cash” judge sentenced.   Pennsylvania judge, Mark Ciavarella Jr., was sentenced on Thursday to 28 years in prison for taking $1m in bribes from the builder of two juvenile detention centers in a case that became known as “kids-for-cash”. The Pennsylvania supreme court overturned about 4,000 convictions issued by Ciavarella between 2003 and 2008, saying he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles, including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. (Source)
  • ACTION: Visit and Support The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association.  A potentially landmark case has been initiated by farmers against Monsanto for the GMO contamination of their crops, as well as for creating a seed monopoly that has reduced farmers’ autonomy in growing crops of their choice.  OSGTA states: “It is now virtually impossible for a U.S. farmer to grow crops of their choosing (corn, soybeans, canola, etc.) and remain GMO-free because of the numerous biological and human means by which seeds can spread. Given the difficulties in minimizing GM contamination farmers must make numerous decisions about which steps are worthwhile for them and which steps are not. They are not able to make these decisions based on their own and their customers‘ interests, but must instead make these decisions with the threat of litigation from a giant corporation looming over their head,” Spiegel writes in the amici brief. “The constant threat of a patent infringement suit by Monsanto creates significant, unquantifiable costs for Plaintiff farmers and similarly situated farmers.” The plaintiffs can do everything possible to maintain non-contaminated seeds, and will very likely still become contaminated, and be placed under the threat of a lawsuit. As Monsanto’s domination of the seed industry grows, and the winds continue to disperse pollen from their GMO laced crops, the likelihood of contamination and lawsuits only increases.”  Please visit OSGTA and lend your support to this key initiative being undertaken to regain farm freedom.

(#61)August 8-10

  • VICTORY: DNA collection ruled unconstitutional.  This is a great victory for all who continue to speak up against the creation of a DNA database.   Wired reports: “A California appeals court is striking down a voter-approved measure requiring every adult arrested on a felony charge to submit a DNA sample.  The 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco said Proposition 69 amounted to unconstitutional, warrantless searches of arrestees. More than 1.6 million samples have been taken following the law’s 2009 implementation.”
  • ACTION: Teach your children about finances.  As the effects from a debt-saturated culture begin to be felt, we should use this stark reality as a lesson that we can provide to future generations.  One of the very best tools to learn the history of finance written in an exciting way is G. Edward Griffin’s seminal book, The Creature From Jekyll Island.  If you cannot afford the book, then please read our chapter summaries, which will be issued weekly over the coming months.  This is the first step in understanding how centralized banks have used money as debt in order to erode the productive middle class and collectivize society.  An excellent article was just released today by Simon Black that further makes the case that we must educate children about why the banking system is actually punishing the “savers” in society by devaluing the currency that has been saved.  A new approach is required where we teach children what real productivity means and how to live a life of self-sufficiency and true independence.  Please share Simon Black’s article, as well as Eric Blair’s article about collapse-proof investments, and the tip to study G. Edward Griffin’s book, so that we can learn and remember this chapter in history before it is forgotten like so many others have been.
  • VICTORY: Linking is not copyright infringement.   Amid the wave of increasing Internet control is the seemingly ludicrous assertion that merely linking to potentially copyright infringing material is itself copyright infringement.  DHS has already seized websites based on this loose interpretation.  However, common sense seems to have prevailed in Spain at least, which sets an important precedent in Europe.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports:  “Although this ruling is not directly binding outside Spain it is important because it comes from the influential Barcelona Court of Appeals and clarifies the previous inconsistent Spanish rulings. Given the fundamental importance of linking to the World Wide Web, we are heartened to see that the Barcelona Appeals Court and the court of first instance understand Internet architecture and the important policy issues this case raises. We hope other European courts will take a similarly thoughtful approach to these issues going forward.”
  • ACTION: Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk:  From Natural News: “In conjunction with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the creators of the Farmageddon movie (, Natural News is spearheading an online social media revolt against the FDA’s insidious assaults on raw milk and raw dairy farms.  The FDA, in particular, is now waging all-out war against farmers and raw dairy producers, spending millions of dollars on secret investigations, armed raids and the prosecution of “criminals” (raw dairy farmers).  Please join in the online social media outrage against the government terrorists who are destroying our food, destroying our freedoms and declaring war on farmers and food sellers! Tweet the following hash mark terms: #rawesome and #farmageddon as you link to the stories, interviews, videos and other elements of this campaign.”

(#59)August 1-3

  • VICTORY: Lawsuit victory in taser death.  As the incidence of taser abuse and death continues to rise, a  North Carolina jury has awarded $10 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against Taser International, Inc., which was filed by the family of a teen who died after being shocked with a Taser stun gun. While this lawsuit was directed toward the manufacturer and not the police, it still sends a strong warning that the use of tasers must be restricted to only the greatest threats and not as a first response.
  • ACTION: Tell government to ban nano-particles in food and pesticides.  From Food Freedom: Nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, posing a significant threat to human DNA and that of other life forms. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency allow nanoparticles in pesticides and in the food supply, with no regulation whatsoever.  Tell the federal government to ban these particles under the precautionary principle until they are proven safe: CLICK HERE for more information. 

August 1 – Tell Gov to ban Nanoparticles in food and pesticides:

Nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, posing a significant threat to human DNA and that of other life forms. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency allow nanoparticles in pesticides and in the food supply, with no regulation whatsoever.  Tell the federal government to ban these particles under the precautionary principle until they are proven safe CLICK HERE

  • VICTORY: The Minority Rules.   It can sometimes seem an overwhelming  task to wake people up to the difficulties we face.  We typically come across cynicism and apathy rather than enthusiasm, passion, and open-mindedness.   Some draw the conclusion that the critical mass for societal change will never be reached — so why bother?  However, scientists have been able to verify what history shows us:  a small minority can generate a “tipping point” which eventually becomes a wave of ideological change that can move the trends of society.  We clearly have been caught in a faulty ideology until now; one look around at the world we inhabit is evidence of that.  We sincerely believe that a tipping point of revolutionary change is here; one where peace, justice, and individual respect will supplant war, corruption, and collectivism.  This is a crucial time to bring positive energy to the arena of ideas and to realize that real change begins with ourselves as individuals first.  A better world is definitely possible.
  • ACTION: Genetic Modification.  Mad science is attempting to take over the code of all life on this planet. They are doing this with very little oversight and, in some cases, a disturbing amount of support from the legal system.  There has been zero public dialogue about health or ethical concerns, as we now learn that studies in cloning, genetic alteration, and human-animal hybrids have been ongoing without our knowledge.  This sounds like science fiction only because they have kept this secret from public inquiry.  This issue is THE central issue facing our species as we now can determine how we interact with nature.  Please inform everyone you know to become active in demanding that science be transparent and accountable in its studies and intentions.  
  • VICTORY: Pushback Against FDA is Growing.  Food freedom is on the rise worldwide as the activism against Monsanto and GMO hits fever pitch, while local communities in the U.S. are making a stand to protect their citizens from a federal-corporate takeover.  From Tenth Amendment Center:   A county assembly in Washington State has just passed a food freedom ordinance which would punish federal agents with up to ten years in prison and $20,000 fines.  On July 20th, the Stevens County Assembly finalized the ordinance. They are now in the process of collecting signatures from the residents of Stevens County – urging them to to claim his/her natural right to grow, produce, purchase, and consume the foods of their choice.  Beyond that, the passed ordinance would make it unlawful for agents of either the State or Federal government to execute laws that interfere with the ordinance.  Already four towns in Maine have passed similar measures, and others around the country have indicated they’re looking at the same. 
  • ACTION (2): Block forced DNA collection.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation is urging the court of appeals to block this unconstitutional move against the 4th amendment:  “The widespread data collection mandated by this unconstitutional law was upheld by a three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit. If the law is not struck down by the en banc court, it could open the door to other expansions of warrantless DNA collection.”  Please help distribute this information about this assault on basic liberty.

    Demand online rightsFrom the ACLU: “Today, the House Judiciary Committee is voting whether to approve legislation that would create a sweeping new provision requiring Internet companies (email, cloud, social networking, and more) to collect and retain hundreds of millions of records about the identity of online users. The bill, HR 1981, the “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011,” – if only it were that narrow! – is a direct assault on the privacy of Internet users and overlooks some key fixes that could actually help to address the very real problem of child exploitation.”  Please look into this terrible legislation and demand your dotRights.

  • VICTORY: Stevens County, Washington passes food freedom ordinance.  A strongly worded ordinance was issued by Stevens County that perfectly sums up the innate freedoms that need to be protected.  Food is in fact representative of all freedom, as it is continually used as a means of controlling populations.  From the Stevens County Assembly (PDF HERE): 

    BE IT ORDAINED BY STEVENS COUNTY: That the people of the State of Washington, domiciled on Stevens county, have unalienable and fundamental rights and among those rights are the rights to choose the local foods they produce; process or prepare; sell, purchase, or distribute; preserve and store for extended periods of time; and consume, for food or drink, for people or other life forms.

  • ACTION: Reject Internet Spying; Oppose the Data Retention Bill: From Electronic Frontier Foundation:  The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering H.R. 1981, a bill that would order all of our online service providers to keep new logs about our online activities, logs to help the government identify the web sites we visit and the content we post online. This sweeping new “mandatory data retention” proposal treats every Internet user like a potential criminal and represents a clear and present danger to the online free speech and privacy rights of millions of innocent Americans. Tell your Representative to oppose this dangerous bill, before this week’s critical vote.  CLICK HERE to Oppose this Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering H.R. 1981, a bill that would order all of our online service providers to keep new logs about our online activities, logs to help the government identify the web sites we visit and the content we post online. This sweeping new “mandatory data retention” proposal treats every Internet user like a potential criminal and represents a clear and present danger to the online free speech and privacy rights of millions of innocent Americans.  Tell your Representative to oppose this dangerous bill, before this week’s critical vote.  CLICK HERE to Oppose this Bill

July 23rd – People’s State of the Union Address 2011:
1 pm – 10 pm, Capitol Hill, D.C.  July 23, we will come together on Capitol Hill in peaceful protest and enact direct democracy. You’ll be able to find us by looking for the group of people with their index fingers extended, a symbol of unity. A couple of us organizing the event will give speeches, along with some other people who have volunteered to give speeches. We encourage you to prepare your own speeches and bring them with you, so your voice can heard. Your opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s. News reporters are also welcome!  Facebook Event Page

(#55)July 18-20

  • VICTORY: No Felony Charge For Woman Who Groped TSA Agent.  Yukari Mihamae will likely be charged with a misdemeanor after asserting that she felt panicked and threatened being surrounded by TSA agents, as well as being groped repeatedly.  Mihamae is five feet tall and has now become a semi-hero after dishing out some of the TSA’s own treatment.  We do not condone her behavior, but this case hopefully illustrates just how serious the battle against the TSA really is.  Before we celebrate too early, though, we need to remember the Julie Bass garden fiasco from last week.  The TSA might have a plan to bring more serious charges after the hype has blown over.  However, even the TSA is probably not so stupid as to register a felony abuse for the very treatment that they give to people on a daily basis.
  • ACTION: Contact Editors at The New York Times.  The deranged philosophy of eugenics is apparently held by NYT contributor, David Brooks, as he suggests that if more people died, then perhaps the economy could be saved.  Michael Rivero from What Really Happened urges people to voice their outrage: 

    PLEASE take a moment to send a very angry email to the editors of the New York Times expressing your utter disgust that the NY Times thinks old people should kill themselves to get the government that stole their Social Security off the hook.

  • VICTORY: Julie Bass garden fiasco and more, thanks to activists. This story has admittedly fallen victim to convoluted legalities and local politics.  We initially hailed the good news that the would-be tyrants buckled under pressure from public activism and that charges were dropped against Julie Bass for growing vegetables.  Now,  new charges have been leveled against Julie Bass not related to the vegetable garden, but to an unlicensed dog.  However,  Lois Rain reports that contrary to initial news statements, even the charges for the garden have NOT been completely dropped.  Regardless, this horrendous injustice would never have been exposed without massive public outcry.  Great job to everyone who used the tools of the system against the system — Facebook, petitions, blogs, and tens of thousands of phone calls — to stand up for independence.  And a hat tip to those in the alternative media who spread this story.   Likewise, in another story this week, activists have been overpowering the EPA in demanding that fluoride be removed from the water supply.  The EPA seems to have capitulated . . . to an extent; they have admitted that fluoride is a dangerous toxin.  Bob Tuskin reports:  The EPA recently released a proposal to ‘phase out fluoride pesticide’ which is an ‘insecticide and fumigant used on stored grain, such as wheat and oats; dried fruit; coffee and cocoa beans; and other foods’.  If EPA’s plan becomes final, many food uses of this fluoride-based pesticide would stop within 90 days.  Although this is a major breakthrough, the EPA has not yet announced any plans for the removal of this dangerous poison from our water supply.”  Clearly there is still much work to be done, but to those cynics who say that any effort is a waste of time against a power so pervasive, let these examples show what is possible when people decide to actually take action and DO SOMETHING.
  • ACTION: Boycott Scotts Miracle-Gro.  From Mike Adams at Natural News:  “Thanks to a recent admission by the USDA that it does not have the regulatory framework to even regulate GMOs, the world of biotech is set to unleash a tidal wave of genetically modified seeds upon the United States. This is the upshot of Scotts Miracle-Gro challenging the USDA over its GMO grass seeds, to which the USDA threw in the towel and essentially announced it can’t technically regulate many GMOs at all.  Welcome to the new world order of GMO self regulation, where the companies that produce the GMO seeds now get to regulate their own behavior!  Join NaturalNews in boycotting Scotts products beginning today. We will maintain this boycott until Scotts announces it will no longer pursue GMO seeds. Remember: GMO Kentucky bluegrass will cross-pollinate with other grasses in the wild, leading to widespread GMO contamination of lawns across our nation!  Send complaints to Scotts about their pursuit of GMOs. Click here to send Scotts an email.  Then call them by phone at 888-270-3714 (during normal business hours). When you call, let them know you are strongly opposed to their pursuit of GMO Kentucky bluegrass and that you will stop buying all Scotts Miracle-Gro products from here forward unless Scotts announces it will back away from GMOs.”

    You may also mail them a letter by sending it to:
    Scotts Help Center
    14111 Scottslawn Rd.
    Marysville, OH 43041

  • VICTORY: First round victory to prevent an American king. From David Swanson, author of War is a Lie: “What’s the point?”  “We never win!”  “Why bother trying?”  This time we won.  This is the point.  Congressman Buck McKeon and Senator John McCain proposed to give Obama and all future presidents dramatically expanded powers to launch wars.  They wanted to do so as part of the same “Defense Authorization Act” in which the House was restricting Obama’s warmaking in Libya.  Activist groups like RootsAction pushed back.  A great deal of support was generated for an amendment to strip the offending language out in the House, but the amendment failed.  RootsAction, and other organizations, demanded that the Senate remove it:

    At the same time, the House rejected amendments that would have limited or ended U.S. warfare in Afghanistan, and rejected an amendment that would have stripped Section 1034 from the bill.  That section is perhaps the most fundamental change to the structure of our federal government that has ever appeared likely to pass through Congress, as it would effectively give the power to make war to all future presidents.  We must demand that the Senate remove Section 1034.

    The Senate is now proposing a bill that does not include that section.  Remain ever vigilant, but if you can use a pat on the back then give yourself one now.  You just helped stop the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen in Congress, at least in a very long time.  In what will come as a shock to the Tea Party, McKeon and McCain planned to crown President Barack Obama King of America.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Despite this encouraging news, a compelling report about growing executive power was just put together by Paul Joseph Watson, which clearly shows that many hurdles remain.  Please read this, as well as our own report on U.S. dictatorship that stresses the importance of staying alert and active.

  • ACTION (2): Help Save Nick’s Organic Farm.  From Mike Adams at Natural News:  Nick’s Organic Farm is the only farm in Montgomery County, Md., that produces organic seeds, and it is strategically located in a uniquely protected area far away from genetically-modified (GM) crops and other contamination factors. But the county’s education board recently voted to turn this special farm into a private soccer field complex.  Supporters of Nick’s Organic Farm have set up a website to help save it from being destroyed. There, you will find a petition, information about contacting Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, and a place to sign up to help volunteer with the campaign.  The Cornucopia Institute (CI) has also posted a job opening for a local field organizer to help organize activities, coordinate volunteers, and develop strategies to win the fight against Montgomery County and save Nick’s Organic Farm. You can learn more about that job opportunity HERE.

    Free Cele Castillo Campaign Underway.  On July 20th, 2011 it will 2 years since the unconstitutional confinement of Celerino (Cele) Castillo III.  Cele was convicted on Federal Gun charges for “illegally” selling a gun to a Federal informant.  This was NOT a crime in Texas then, or ever since.  To read more about Cele’s case go here.  Cele is a Bronze Star winning Vietnam veteran, and most famously a DEA “Iran / Contra” Whistle Blower. Since his retirement he has had numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews in order to expose what he knows about the CIA and DEA collaboration with drug traffickers and murderers in Central America. His TV appearance include “Current Affair” (1994); a one-hour documentary aired in 1994 by the Australian Broadcasting Company exposing Oliver North’s drug trafficking activities; ABC’s “Prime Time Live” on December 27, 1995 (on the US protection of criminal military officers in Guatemala) and Date-Line (NBC) June 13, 1997. Find out more about Cele’s life, his past public speaking appearances, and to support this worthy cause at FREECELECASTILLO.COM

(#52)June 27-July 4th 

  • VICTORY: Nuclear Propaganda Exposed. E-mails obtained under FOIA reveal a coordinated propaganda campaign by the British government to downplay the effects of the Fukushima meltdown.  “Internal emails seen by the Guardian show how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with the multinational companies EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse to try to ensure the accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK,” reports Rob Edwards.  “We need to ensure the anti-nuclear chaps and chapesses do not gain ground on this. We need to occupy the territory and hold it. We really need to show the safety of nuclear,” wrote one official at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).  The good news is that this type of duplicity has the power to break through even the most naive minds and show just how ruthless and non-empathetic political and corporate leadership really is.  This evidence goes hand in hand with how governments the world over — including Japan’s own — have tried to dismiss the danger the planet and its inhabitants face just to keep their agenda and bottom lines growing.  The worse they behave, the faster the global awakening will arrive.
  • ACTION: Speak out in the face of controversy.  From comments we have received, there seems to be nothing more controversial than the role of Israel on the world’s stage.  We are committed to pointing out abuses wherever they occur — and by whoever is responsible.  There were two especially horrific cases of abuse this week that simply cannot be defended, save personal agenda or intellectual dishonesty.  The first is a video showing Israeli soldiers firing tear gas into a crowd of children.  The second case is that of the U.S. captain of the Audacity of Hope flotilla which tried to set sail from Greece in order to peacefully lend support to those suffering in Gaza.  Everyone aboard the ship signed a statement of non-violence, yet have been treated with nothing but violence.  Captain John Klusmer is now being held in conditions even worse than Bradley Manning, yet hardly a voice is being raised outside of alternative media and select international press.  His treatment is a crime under international law.  The ban on Gaza aid ships setting sail from Greece should be condemned, as well as the pressure being asserted by Israel, which is obvious by statements from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who credited Israel’s “diplomatic efforts” for the delays and setbacks that have kept the vessels grounded.  “I welcome all the efforts that have been made to stop the flotilla.”  A tacit admission of stopping peace and rescue.  The United States Embassy in Athens has been unavailable for comment, leaving a U.S. citizen to rot in a foreign jail.  Please spread the word.

(#51)June 20-26 

  • VICTORY: Appeals court ruling sheds light on mortgage scandal. 
    From “The ubiquitous Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS), nominal holder of millions of mortgages, does not have the right to foreclose on a mortgage in default or assign that right to anyone else if it does not hold the underlying promissory note, the Appellate Division, Second Department, ruled Friday. ‘This Court is mindful of the impact that this decision may have on the mortgage industry in New York, and perhaps the nation,’ Justice John M. Leventhal wrote for a unanimous panel in Bank of New York v. Silverberg, 17464/08. ‘Nonetheless, the law must not yield to expediency and the convenience of lending institutions. Proper procedures must be followed to ensure the reliability of the chain of ownership, to secure the dependable transfer of property, and to assure the enforcement of the rules that govern real property.’ The opinion noted that MERS is involved in about 60 percent of the mortgages originated in the United States.”  This is a complex issue, and one that impacts untold millions.  There is an excellent discussion at the end of the article which contains the ruling itself, as well as important information detailing the difference between who holds your mortgage and who holds your note.  Also, please click on our affiliate banner to the right if you would like to learn more about how to stop foreclosure on your home.
  • ACTION: Help to end the war on drugs.  No matter your position on drug use itself, the Drug War is provably insane and has only led higher incarceration rates and an expanded police state; both of which only benefit corporate interests, not society.  One of the first steps toward reducing the violence — much of it facilitated by the very people charged to fight it — is to legalize marijuana.  From NORML: “On June 23rd, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 was introduced into the House of Representatives. Now the chairman of its assigned committee, the House Committee on the Judiciary, is stating he will not allow the bill to come up for a hearing. NORML’s audience reached out to Rep. Smith only to have all their comments deleted and being blocked from his Facebook page. So we decided to start calling…”  Time to pick up the phone; please watch this video for more information. Now is the time to keep up the pressure as the debate has entered the mainstream and all indications show that the 4 decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end under the weight of evidence and common sense.
  • VICTORY: Fluoride removed from water in Fairbanks, AK. 
    From Natural News: “Several years ago, the Fairbanks City Council created a Fluoride Task Force” to investigate the issues surrounding  fluoridation, and devise recommendations for whether or not to continue fluoridating the water supply. Composed of experts in chemistry, geochemistry, microbiology, medicine, and dentistry, the group eventually came to the conclusion that artificial water fluoridation puts the health of the population at risk, and should be stopped.  You can read the full Fluoride Task Force report, which is full of credible, scientific evidence against the use of fluoride in water supplies, HERE. Based on the recommendations of the group, Fairbanks Mayor Jerry Cleworth introduced Ordinance 5849, which outlaws the addition of fluoride to the city’s water supply system. After more than an hour of public testimony and deliberation at a recent hearing, which was mostly against the use of fluoride, the Fairbanks City Council voted 5-1 to end water fluoridation beginning on July 1, 2011.”
  • ACTION: Help watch the watchers.  There has been a tremendous escalation in police brutality and lack of accountability for misconduct over recent years.  The police officer who executed Oscar Grant has been released after serving just 11 months; police are arresting people for feeding the homeless; fining children’s lemonade stands, and worse.  Gary Franchi from Restore the Republic put out a special report this week with that is a call for people to get more involved documenting police activities.  Previous attempts by police to have photojournalism considered a crime so far have failed.  We need to be bold, document the evidence of their misconduct and peacefully — but forcefully — shame them while doing so.  This video is a perfect guide for how to conduct yourself while confronting police.  More information and tactics for combating police brutality can be found at  Now is the time to stand up to the police state; it only gets worse from here if we don’t.
  • VICTORY: Freedom Rising.  Last week’s newsletter was titled “Freedom Rising” and there are many examples of that this week the world over.  In Switzerland, the story of the week centers on the formerly denied existence of The Bilderberg Group.  Exposure has reached a new level, as Swiss activists successfully influenced their top politicians to demand that security forces back off harassment of peaceful activities.  Three members of their parliament then officially denounced the Bilderbergers for their secretive and illegal activities, as well as for allowing the attendance of war criminals.  In Greece, a popular uprising has stepped up their demands to be freed from the debt slavery of the IMF.  There are now reportedly upwards of 250,000 gathering in a sustained march against their controllers.  In Canada, a brash young Senate page carried a sign saying “Stop Harper” as she walked right onto the floor of the Senate, also stating, “Harper’s agenda is disastrous for this country and for my generation.”  She was fired — now, that’s courage.  In America, activists continue to force the government to act like the tyranny that it is.  The bureaucratic hell of the United States has become so stifling that even feeding the homeless has become illegal.  This is all ultimately great news, however, as the reaction to freedom rising is an ever-increasing backlash against it.  Historically speaking, this is especially fantastic, as it heralds the imminent implosion of empire. 
  • ACTION: Stop child kidnapping by “protective services.”  This is an area that we have not explored enough, but we have posted a few articles in the past about the abuses of Child Protective Services in the United States.  An article sent to us today highlights an even worse situation in the UK, including forced adoptions and gagging orders against parents for speaking about it.  This is a must-read article, and one that needs to be distributed even if you don’t live there.  As the laws and regulations of the world are increasing toward becoming more standardized, this is a situation that will quickly spiral out of control if not taken action against.  Control over children by the State has no place in a free, democratic society.  Please start by signing the petition available here.
As elite controllers gather in St. Moritz, Switzerland to plot another round of their global agenda, radio show host Alex Jones has called for activists to descend on the conference area at the Suvretta House Hotel this Saturday at noon.  Click the link above for full details.
  • VICTORY: Activist resistance goes viral.  Activists made great headway this week, as the tide rises against the wall of State control.  Activists peacefully stormed the Texas capitol to demand resistance to Federal threats to accept the TSA or risk a no-fly zone being imposed over the state.  The story went viral and seems to have encouraged other states to also take action.  The TSA is now under incredible pressure, as their budget has been slashed, the grope ban is back on the table, and they are showing signs of backing down completely.   In another viral story this week, the police brutality endured by Adam Kokesh last week drew nearly 1 million visitors to the YouTube video and inspired hundreds to show up to peacefully demonstrate at the Jefferson Memorial.  The crowd was dispersed, but they once again forced tyranny to show itself and stressed the system by forcing a much larger group of enforcers to deal with the protest.  And in a final story that is bound to go viral in the coming days, homeowners took action and successfully shut down a local Bank of America branch for fraudulently foreclosing on a home without a mortgage. 
  • ACTION: Investigate geoengineering.  Well-regarded researcher, G. Edward Griffin, of Creature From Jekyll Island fame has called this week for activists to help provide additional evidence of the geoengineering of our planet through a suspected aerosol spraying program.  Griffin has outlined a strategy for providing incontrovertible evidence of a program that is introducing toxic chemicals to our atmosphere.  The health effects of barium, aluminum, and strontium found in soil and blood samples are becoming well documented, but more is needed.  For a primer about this key issue, please view the amazing documentary What In The World Are They Spraying?  Then CLICK HERE to learn about how you take action and join investigators worldwide in the quest to expose what is believed to be a deadly program.
The recent video of Adam Kokesh and others being brutalized by police at the memorial to one of history’s greatest champions of free speech, Thomas Jefferson, is going viral with over 300,000 views in just a couple of days.  Kokesh has issued an invitation to bring your dancing shoes this Saturday in another statement of civil ‘danceobedience.’
  • VICTORY: Activist victory in St. Paul.  From Death and Taxes: In 2008, just before the Republican National Convention, the home of Sarah Coffey, Erin Stalnaker and Kris Hermes–all activists–was raided by the FBI and St. Paul Police.  The police arrived at the home without a warrant and the three activists denied the task-force entry, which was well within their rights. The police then sought and received a warrant from a judge.  The motivation?  A box said to contain weapons, but which actually housed (dramatic pause) vegan literature.  They decided to settle with the authorities for $50,000 and then donate the money to the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and the Institute for Anarchist Studies.  And some funds will also help set up a national defense fund for political activists.  The plaintiffs’ attorneys are also donating a portion of their fees to the Impact Fund, which, according to its website, provides “funds for impact litigation in the areas of civil rights, environmental justice, and poverty law.” The settlement won’t stop government meddling in political protest and activist circles, but at least it brings a degree of awareness.
  • ACTION: Declare your own independence.  As our two feature stories above illustrate, we are past the time when the founding documents of a constitutional republic are guaranteed to protect us in a court of law.   Nearly the entire world is now under the control of a mafia structure that rules by force and coercion, rather than a voluntary free market of ideas and innovation.  We report on these abuses to a large degree, not to be negative, but to illustrate that we must declare our own independence from this tyranny.  We have been too complacent in believing that “the system” will protect us, or even make us wealthy and free.  The great news is that there is an underlying current of resistance that is taking the shape of a return to true productivity and self-direction, as evidenced by the food freedom movement, acts of civil disobedience that clearly show the tyranny we live under, as well as an increasing number of people who are silently withdrawing their support for the mechanisms of control.  So, declare your own independence immediately — no time remains for hope and change — we have to make it happen.  We are fortunate to be living in an incredible time where each of us can personally contribute to restoring freedom in the world.  Don’t miss the opportunity.
  • VICTORY: Banksters starting to pay.  Matt Taibbi has been giving voice to an increasing number of people who are admitting that our banking industry is run by criminals.  In his latest article Taibbi takes down Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs.  This takedown has led to a 10% stock price decline, which amounts to an $8 billion loss in market cap.  This is in addition to losses already suffered as the world awakens to the criminal banking elite who are openly looting the planet.  While the establishment will probably call Taibbi a financial terrorist, similar to Max Keiser calling for the purchase of silver to crash JPMorgan, the game is nearly up.  The Spanish are rising in protest to bankster/government collusion, which is bound to spread to the rest of Europe . . . and perhaps even the United States.  Spread the good news to your friends and family who might still be unaware.  Join the looted middle classes of the world and help hasten the end of financial slavery.
  • ACTION (2): Join Oath Keepers in protesting death of marine by the guns of SWAT.  On May 5, 2011, a young 26-year-old Marine veteran who had survived two tours in Iraq, and father of two, Jose Guereña, was killed in a SWAT raid in Tucson, Arizona SEE ARTICLE FOR DETAILS.  Lend your support to protest against this atrocity in Tucson, Arizona on May 30, 2011.  March and rally from 9am to 3pm, followed by formal indoor meeting with speeches and additional memorial ceremonies into evening.  Further details to be posted at

    Stop Federal Tyranny.  There are too many crimes against the Constitution this week to even list, but one of the most outrageous that signifies the level of total control is the story of a family who wanted to started raising and selling bunnies as part of a lesson to teach their teenage son about responsibility and hard work.  What did this lesson in entrepreneurship and independent living earn them?  A $4 million dollar fine by the USDA.  This story must be read to be believed. Enough is enough.  These federal agencies are much more a part of the problem than any solution.  Distribute this article to everyone you know, then contact these tyrants and tell them what you think: 

4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
(301) 734-4978
May 19th — FBI and LA County Sheriff Raid Veteran Chicano Activist Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes is a long-time Chicano activist and active member of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.  On May 17th at 5:00 a.m. a SWAT team with automatic weapons smashed in his front door while he slept.  They proceeded to ransack his house, take his computer, cell phones, and hundreds of documents.  He was arrested on a firearm charge and released on bail.  His court appearance is set for June 16, 2011.  This demands deeper looking into.  Based on the circumstances it is hard to believe that this kind of force and confiscation of personal items was justified.  Likely, it is part of a wider crackdown and intimidation of all activism, which has its roots in COINTELPRO, and has lately returned in force.  Please call US Attorney General Eric Holder (202) 353-1555 to demand a full explanation of this apparent attack on civil rights activism.  If you are able, you may join the LA Committee Against FBI Repression on May 24th, 2011 at 7 PM to hear firsthand about the attack and discuss the FBI repression targeting political activists and movements.  The program will take place at F Square Printing, 519 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.  More information can be found at the site linked above.
  • VICTORY: TSA battle in Texas.  A new bill sponsored by Rep. David Simpson has passed the House that aims to restore dignity to air travel.   If the bill clears the Senate, it will make it a criminal offense to touch travelers inappropriately.  This is the first step on a long road toward defeating a federal initiative that only wishes to expand.  Credit needs to be given to David Simpson for trying to set an important precedent of state resistance to federal tyranny.
  • ACTION (2): Defend John Kurtz.  The John Kurtz story is yet another attempt at criminalizing photojournalism and street activism.  If this precedent is set, there will be no one to oversee and document cases of police misconduct.  Police are paid by the public, and the public has every right to document their behavior.  John Kurtz is looking at a 6-year prison sentence for exercising his Constitutional rights.  Please distribute this video and request that news outlets cover this story.

    Help defeat Internet censorship 2.0.  From Demand Progress:  We knew that members of Congress and their business allies were gearing up to pass a revised Internet Blacklist Bill — which more than 325,000 Demand Progress members helped block last winter — but we never expected it to be this atrocious.  Last year’s bill has been renamed the “PROTECT IP” Act and it is far worse than its predecessor.  Senators Leahy and Hatch pretended to weigh free speech concerns as they revised the bill.  Instead, the new legislation would institute a China-like censorship regime in the United States, whereby the Department of Justice could force search engines, browsers, and service providers to block users’ access to websites, and scrub the American Internet clean of any trace of their existence.  Furthermore, it wouldn’t just be the Attorney General who could add sites to the blacklist, but the new bill would allow any copyright holder to get sites blacklisted — sure to result in an explosion of dubious and confused orders.

    PETITION TO CONGRESS:  The PROTECT IP Act demonstrates an astounding lack of respect for Internet freedom and free speech rights.  I urge you to oppose it.

  • VICTORY: Hoax exposed in record time.  As a key indication of the power of a free market of ideas, the bin Laden assassination spectacle was exposed in alternative media as a hoax from all angles in less than 48 hours.  Cable news, on the other hand, relied upon short memories, visceral reactions and statements from government sources as evidence.  The Internet has become a quick archive to chronicle the factual lies, distortions, and propaganda, which has led to a speedy dismantling of the official story — so much so, that their story continues to change as we write this.  We hope that each one of our original and contributed articles helped to further this search for truth.   We are also grateful to the many independent researchers who have announced their criticism of this spectacle as quickly as possible.  We now must be vigilant in calling out the politicizing of this staged event, so that we don’t go farther down the road to tyranny.  The establishment media is already echoing calls for more torture, more police state tactics, and more military intervention as some sort of path toward creating a peaceful and just world.  The bin Laden death announcement made no sense; the solutions that the government is offering make no sense; and celebrating death, torture, and violence makes no sense.  Happily, this message to end the cycle of violence and restore justice and morality is more widespread than ever.
  • ACTION: Consumer rights.  A host of stories this week have focused on the near total disregard for what informed consumers are requesting for their health.  Agencies like the FDA, USDA, and EPA are ignoring consumer protest, and even their own shareholders, in order to further the corporate agenda of total control over the natural health industry.  Whether it is vitamins and supplements, GM crops, GMO frankenfoods, fluoridated water, or the air we breathe, we now know the propaganda we are being fed.   What is worse is that the natural remedies to combat this diseased system are being criminalized and confiscated on a global scale.  We must continue to raise awareness to our friends and family so that a critical mass of resistance can be reached and enough people choose to opt out through boycott of contaminated products and their contaminated corporate pushers.  Please read and distribute the articles linked here — every person you can awaken will awaken many more.
  • VICTORY: Fighting TSA Tyranny.  Ongoing backlash against the TSA has reached a new level.  The recent sexual molestation of former Miss America, Susie Castillo, has brought yet another example to light of just how deranged and depraved “enhanced pat-downs” of innocent people really are.  Make no mistake: this treatment is what one would expect of a full-blown tyranny where the State believes it has a right to the minds and bodies of its citizens.  This week, legislation was introduced by Texas state rep. David Simpson which would make it a felony to grope someone’s genitals without probable cause.  On one level it is sad that it is not obvious that it is a crime to molest innocent people, but at least the outrage and pushback are evident.  We salute Rep. Simpson for helping to make a point that one’s rights and dignity do not end upon entering our airports.
  • ACTION: Resist Health Tyranny.  Health freedom is officially over in Britain.  An EU directive came into effect yesterday which eliminates the freedom to choose cheaper, safer, and more effective herbal remedies.  This is bureaucracy at its absolute worst, as natural health practitioners will be forced out of the market by having to pay the outrageously large licensing fees.  All of this is happening now as more people are choosing alternative medicine in the face of increasing evidence for their efficacy as well as a failing mainstream medical/pharmaceutical system.  Although it seems like capitulation that some of the most popular remedies such as St. John’s Wort and Echinacea were saved, this is nothing more than the strategy of incrementalism that takes place when sweeping change is introduced by setting a precedent.  As Brandon Turbeville and others have warned, regulatory commissions such as Codex Alimentarius have a global plan to submit populations to their health tyranny.  We must break this corporate/government stranglehold now through boycott and peaceful civil disobedience before their full plan goes into effect. 
  • VICTORY: Competing currencies gain strength — how to start your own.  As dollar collapse accelerates, inflation rises, and solutions are being proposed by globalist elites with a horrendous track record of “managing” populations, an increasing number of people have awakened to the need to break free of the entire controlled system.  An excellent how-to article was published this week that reviews examples of competing currencies such as “Ithaca HOURs” and BitCoin, while offering a simple three-step guide to develop your own trusted system.  Good old-fashioned bartering and support of local producers is a perfect way to immunize yourself against the manufactured turmoil. 
  • ACTION: Don’t forget the BP disaster in The Gulf.  One year after BP virtually wiped out the Gulf — and a few other mega disasters since — most people seem to have forgotten about the ongoing impact.  A Mother Jones article states it bluntly: 10 Reasons to Still be Pissed Off About The BP Disaster.  Reason number one?  BP is still around and is slated to drill in the region again.  This is a key article to distribute as part of the ongoing wake-up call to our precarious environmental situation. 
  • VICTORY: U.S. considers joining the civilized world.  The United States is the last industrialized country to still use chimpanzees for lab experiments.  A new bill proposes to finally end the cruel treatment. “Scientists worldwide have halted chimpanzee experiments, because these intelligent creatures suffer immensely and are poor models for researching human diseases,” said Elizabeth Kucinich, director of government affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 
  • ACTION: Be prepared for radiation exposure.  It’s a sad fact that most media has decided to become complicit in downplaying the serious global threat of the Fukushima disaster.   Dr. Mark Sircus has been one of the few sounding the alarm as loudly as possible.  Please read and distribute his latest article which gives sound advice on how to prepare for the eventuality of exposure, including the 19 superfoods that are essential.  We have learned from the health effects of events such as 9/11 and The Gulf Oil Spill that governments and their corporate cronies will do their level best to keep people in the dark about major threats to our health.  This is an ongoing situation that demands our full attention.  Dr. Sircus states emphatically: “I will probably mention in almost every article I write these days about the need to start taking strong dosages of iodine as one’s first line of defense . . . you will need to keep your thyroid topped off constantly with iodine for the duration of this nuclear disaster—which could be the rest of our lives.” He recommends Nascent Iodine for those who are sensitive to iodine or who have pre-existing thyroid conditions. 

(#40)April 4-10

  • VICTORY: Victory at hand in NC, and medical marijuana gains traction.  Natural News has been following a law which targeted people who would merely “practice medicine without a license.”  As stated at Natural news, “this would have technically criminalized huge numbers of holistic health practitioners who are actually denied any sort of license to practice medicine by the state.”  A new amendment to this outrageous restriction on health freedom “would limit the Class I felony charge only to those who falsely (fraudulently) pretend to have a medical license while actually having no such license.”  Please view the amendment text.  Secondly, following overwhelming evidence that there has been a mainstream medical cover-up of the benefits of cannabis, it seems that medical marijuana rules have now been finalized in Arizona and Washington D.C., while medical marijuana dispensaries are being considered in Vermont.   
  • ACTION: Support Free Speech in Health Science.  The above issues stem from allowing more freedom of information in health.  Time and again, once the benefits of natural substances are allowed to enter the system of free scientific inquiry, their benefits are revealed.  According to Craig Smith at The Alliance For Natural Health, there is hope: “The Free Speech about Science (FSAS) Act, HR 1364, would change FDA regulations so that legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific studies can be referenced without changing the food’s regulatory category to an unapproved drug. This will protect access to scientific information, and will protect your right to know about the healthy benefits of food and food supplements. The bill amends the appropriate sections of current law to allow the flow of legitimate scientific and educational information while still giving FDA and FTC the right to take action against misleading information and against false and unsubstantiated claims.”  Send your message to Congress now
  • VICTORY: Cannabis Cover-up Exposed.  Firstly, this is not about promoting drug use.  The evidence is now overwhelming that there has been a mainstream medical cover-up of the benefits of cannabis to treat a wide range of therapeutic benefits.   A Natural News article posted today discusses the politics vs. science that has dominated the research and release of truthful information.  The article highlights the recent change that was made to the website of The National Cancer Institute which “for the first time listed cannabis as a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).” The site clearly is contrary to the position of the federal government when it states, “The potential benefits of medicinal Cannabis for people living with cancer include antiemetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal Cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct antitumor effect.”  The victory is a tentative one, but the time seems to be approaching when the weight of evidence will trump the federal cover-up which seeks to criminalize a beneficial substance so that profits can continue to be made in the massive joke known as The War on Drugs.
  • ACTION: Stop Big Ag Animal Abuse.  As we revealed in last week’s article titled Big Ag Lobbies to Make It Illegal to Secretly Film Animal Abuse, there is a move afoot keep animal cruelty away from the light of the camera flash.  This week a key article written by Lois Rain goes into depth about the Farm Photos bill.  The original bill has been modified, and has been taken by some as a sign of victory.  However, a closer look reveals that there is still a need for resistance.  A petition will be made available soon in our Activist Solutions section, please check this page in the coming days.  In the meantime, please learn about this bill and distribute these two important articles to everyone you know.  
  • VICTORY: 9/11 Truth Continues to Flourish.  An article by Center For 9/11 Justice states the following: “A Top Secret Military Specialist, who was injured in the Pentagon explosion on September 11, 2001 and who sued Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Air Force General Richard Myers for conspiracy, terrorism, constitutional violations, and for personal injuries, will have her case heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit (Connecticut) on April 5.”  Even if the cover-up continues by burying this case, the truth is having a stubborn way of rising.  Add to this the latest call by the families of 9/11 victims to air another ad featuring Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the pressure is really mounting. 
  • ACTION: Sign The Petition to Stop Genetically Modified Apples.  Despite the Millions Against Monsanto initiative which rallied for consumer choice, the USDA is currently considering approval of a genetically engineered “non-browning” apple. The US apple industry is rightly concerned. If unlabeled genetically engineered apples enter the US market, consumers, both domestic and international, could reject US apples altogether in favor of apples from countries where they are still produced using traditional breeding methods.  This must be resisted.  Polls continue to show that over 90% want GM food labeled.  Add your voice and please SIGN THE PETITION HERE.
March 27th — Stop the Orlando Police State: A reader submitted the story of a WFTV photographer who confronted secret police detective, Gruler (badge 13935).  Gruler was pulled over for reckless driving by an Orange County Sherrifs Deputy.  Gruler assaulted the photographer and arrested him on a dubious charge of “interfering with an investigation.”  Call OPD Internal affairs at 407-246-2352 and issue a complaint against this abuse of power.  Know your rights!
The rally for the right to know begins today in DC.  Find the city nearest you and get involved to combat the food dictatorship sponsored by Monsanto.  This corporation is responsible for a wide variety of attacks on food freedom.  The catalog of atrocities is well documented in the full-length movie The World According to Monsanto which you can view for free.   
  • VICTORY: Internet becomes preferred news source.  According to the Project For Excellence in Journalism, traditional news sources all lost audience in the previous year, leading to Internet news surpassing traditional sources for the first time.   The report concludes that this is part of the technological revolution, which certainly has merit, but the wider revolution is that people are seeing through the propaganda of mainstream sources and are choosing alternative media with their digital devices.  Why?  Because as the economy obviously collapses, mainstream media parrots Timothy Geithner’s optimism.  Offensive war against Libya breaks out and Obama becomes a cautious warrior president.  Radioactive winds blow and the mainstream media issues a stand-down on taking Potassium Iodide.  The gig is up: the Internet is the platform for those who care about a free market of ideas . . . which is precisely why it is coming under attack by tyrannical governments the world over — including the United States.  
  • ACTION: Fight to preserve Internet freedom.  Copyright infringement has become the  justification for Internet censorship, which already has led to arrests.  An outstanding series of articles written by practicing lawyer, David Makarewicz, outlines the Obama administration’s stated goal to make it a felony for even streaming or linking to infringing materials.   As Demand Progress states: “This is another shocking overreach by DHS and ICE — a steamship-era department that’s proving once again that it doesn’t understand the Internet. We need to push back — and fast — before they try to lock up more Americans.”
    PETITION TO JANET NAPOLITANO, DIRECTOR OF HOMELAND SECURITY, AND JOHN MORTON, DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT:  There’s nothing wrong or illegal about posting a link to a website.  This is another shocking overreach by ICE:  You need to drop the charges against Brian McCarthy right away.

    SIGN THE PETITION HERE: we’ll deliver the petition to DHS and ICE later this month.  

  • VICTORY: Town in Maine declares food sovereignty.  A truly local initiative has been undertaken in Sedgwick, Maine where residents voted unanimously at a town hall meeting to pass an ordinance that reinforces its citizens’ God-given rights to “produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing,” which includes even state- and federally-restricted foods like raw milk.  This ordinance turns the table on the State, as it declares it a crime for either state or federal government to infringe upon their self-determination.  Other towns appear ready to pick up the baton from Sedgwick, Maine.  Is yours?   
  • ACTION: Help those in need.  The disaster in Japan is unprecedented in modern history.  If you feel compelled to help, Mike Adams of Natural News has made some recommendations for trustworthy sources working at the local level in rescue and rebuilding operations.  This tragedy is also a reminder of how many people around the world are in dire need of assistance, including those in America.  Regardless of where you decide to donate your time and/or money, the act of giving is an important aspect of community building that we should not forget. 
  • VICTORY: States are moving toward a real currency.  Utah is the latest state to begin discussing alternatives to the fiat dollar by returning to gold and silver coins.  If we are ever to reform our monetary system and see the end of criminal banks, more states will need to adopt similar measures.   The monetary revolution begins with competing currencies. 
  • ACTION: Stock up on food. Now that oil has solidly breached the $100 per barrel mark, signs of food inflation are becoming even more obvious.  The domino effect of revolutions across the globe will only cause a further rise in the price of oil.  Food could very well be the best investment that you can make immediately.  We have a wide variety of affiliates who offer everything from seed banks to MRE’s.  Now is the time to take action to be certain that you are as self-sufficient as possible.   
  • VICTORY: Americans are beginning to say: Enough!  Regardless of what one thinks of unions in general,  the protests in Wisconsin mark an awakening to the austerity measures that have come to America.   For an excellent analysis of how class warfare is used as a divide-and-conquer strategy to turn us against one another, instead of focusing on corrupt international bankers, please see this week’s report by Charlie McGrath.  We must come together to defend ourselves against the open looting by international banks who would like to bring about an engineered economic collapse of America. 
  • ACTION: Support anti-establishment Kentucky candidate, Phil Moffett. It has become increasingly evident that what we have come to know as the typical Democrat and Republican are but two wings of the same vulture.  Phil Moffett represents a refreshing new breed of politician who focuses on the common-ground issues of true liberty and prosperity.  Please read and distribute this excellent article by Eric Blair that details Moffett’s background and mission.
  • VICTORY: “Fair Use” Still Applies.  One of the key strengths of the alternative media is the willingness to cooperate and share information.  Cross-posting of articles — often in full — is generally encouraged with a link back to the source.  Among the many Internet crackdowns, ranging from Google’s algorithm to weaken the search engine rankings of news aggregating websites, to a host of new cybersecurity initiatives that could bring wiretapping to the Internet, there is one company who clearly has made it their mission to lead the charge of copyright infringement.  Righthaven has most notably gone after Matt Drudge, but in late 2010 they lost their first judgment on fair-use grounds.  They are appealing the verdict, but this is a positive precedent that has been set. 
  • ACTION: Keep Jobs in America. The following comes from Gary Franchi’s excellent patriot social network Restore The Republic: SUPPORT – H.R.29 – To withdrawal the US from NAFTA. NAFTA has cost Americans 766,000 jobs and lays the foundation for the North American Union . . . the blueprint to destroy national sovereignty and enrich the global corporations. It’s time to withdraw from NAFTA. Take Action with other Patriot Responders, FAX Washington now! For more information about challenging the conventional wisdom on free trade, please read author Ian Fletcher’s informative article.
  • VICTORY: Local EPA Meets With Chemtrail Activists.  Activist, Bob Tuskin, from The Intel Hub News Network took the lead at a sit-down meeting with local EPA officials in Alachua County, FL to explain the mounting of evidence for Geo-engineering — also known as chemtrails.  According to Zen Gardner, the meeting began with a viewing of the seminal film What In The World Are They Spraying?  After viewing portions of the film and speaking with Tuskin, officials concluded that more scientific data should be sought.  The local head of the EPA even went as far as saying that they should access a “massive database” of information collected countrywide regarding pollution levels due to acid rain over the past 30 years.  We need to see if they fulfill their stated goals, but this is an extremely positive first sign of cooperation, showing just how important it is for people to become active at the local level in order to set an example, and a precedent, that can become a nationwide movement.   
  • ACTION: Get Prepared.  Several of our articles this week deal with food production, self-sufficiency, and the importance of supporting your local community.  Beyond all other issues, these are perhaps the most important, as all forms of economic and police state control eventually lead to food control and the reduction of independence by discouraging local cooperation.   We are very fortunate to have as a sponsor one of the leaders in providing the necessary items for health and survival.  We strongly encourage you to visit LPC Survival now to see their wide range of cost-effective water purification systems, survival gear, seed banks, store-able food, and more.
  • VICTORY: Ex-Presidents under pressure for war crimes.  We at Activist Post believe that bogus wars and the use of torture by intelligence agencies, like so many other political issues, are systemic problems that go far beyond the presidency.  However, it is an encouraging sign to see George W. Bush put under intense pressure for not only authorizing the torture and killing of innocents, but being completely unrepentant for doing so.  The highest position in the land must be held accountable for what has ultimately led to horrific abuse and mass death, as well as the denigration of America’s reputation throughout the world.  This has sparked one of the nation’s legendary trial attorneys, Vincent Bugliosi, to make it his personal mission to bring George W. Bush to justice.  This week, Ron Paul added the name of George Bush, Sr. to the campaign to hold both he and Bush, Jr. accountable for war crimes.   Bush, Jr. is already under international pressure by activists who have disrupted his travel plans as well as the countries themselves who have threatened to arrest him.  We must realize that even presidents cannot be above the law, lest we devolve into a thoroughly lawless nation.  As Kurt Nimmo said so well in conclusion to his recent article about these men: “Bush and his son are (yet) considered by the establishment and millions of Americans to be esteemed elder statesmen, not war criminals.”  The good news is that this seems to be about to change.
  • ACTION: Boycott Wal-Mart.  Independent research of 50 Wal-Mart store openings has come to a startling conclusion now realized by local communities: Wal-Mart actually creates poverty, instead of alleviating it.  It has been the default argument of many who are willing to overlook Wal-Mart’s vast range of abuses by asserting that it is an essential resource for poor families who need cheap goods to survive.  However, even this has now been dispelled.  Please read this key article and distribute to those who doubt Wal-Mart’s role in cheapening America through its deceptive practices.  When we say “Boycott Wal-Mart” this does not necessarily mean going to your closest store with signs and fliers, or even calling management — they have proven that they simply don’t care.  A true boycott is committing never to buy another item from them.  For those who feel that there truly are no options outside of a big box store to conveniently get their goods cheaply, please stay tuned this week, as we will show you five ways to survive on a shoestring budget without having to support a corrupt mega corporation that actually thrives on poverty in America and throughout the world.   To get a head start please visit your local farmers market or organic food producer.  You would be amazed at how many there are within your zip code.  CHECK HERE NOW
  • VICTORY: The Global Awakening — Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the grandmasters over what he called The Grand Chessboard of geo-politics, issued a statement to his Globalist friends not too long ago which illustrated that never before in history have so many people been awake to injustices in the world.  The good news is that not only are people awake; they are now taking action.  We have addressed this paradigm shift in our own articles, and Andrew Gavin Marshall has written this week that a global revolution may in fact have started.  While it is never god news when lives have to be lost simply for expressing one’s right ot basic freedoms, this is the nature of tyranny’s response to free humanity’s demands.  The examples of resistance set in Tunisia and Egypt seems to have ignited the flame of liberty in a region that has struggled with dictatorship and governmental abuse.  There is now unrest in Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Albania, which adds voice to the European countries who have made demands from the corrupt global banks.  We can only wish them well and hope that the situation can be resolved peaceably. 
  • ACTION: Wake Up America — There are encouraging signs that America is waking up.  The V Resistance Campaign from Infowars that we covered in last week’s newsletter has led to flyers at the White House, in Mexico, and beyond.  The pace must now increase to match the quickening taking place by the control grid.  The very spirit of America is one of resistance to tyranny and, yet, we have allowed ourselves to become complacent and accepting of the increasing control over our lives due to the smallest threat, manufactured or real.   compared to the current demands for peace and freedom being waged in other parts of the  world by people with far less, and against tyrannies far more entrenched, we should be embarrassed to behave like the frightened children we have become.   The business model of the “security state” in American is the same as any business model: it is based on growth.  The security apparatus will not stop until we say when.  We have a real change to avoid the type of physical confrontations that we are seeing throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.  But we must regain our spirit of liberty and strength in the face of adversity.  To police and military: you have an obligation to work for, and work with, the American people.  Please become inspired by those in other countries who have dropped their weapons and offered assistance to the people they are sworn to serve; that is the true demonstration of strength and courage. 
  • VICTORY: TSA defeated in court — A key ruling has exonerated a man who refused to show ID and was arrested while filming a TSA checkpoint at an Albuquerque airport.  This is a big victory, which at the very least puts the TSA on notice that it cannot simply steamroll the public into accepting their unconstitutional regulations.  These videos show the actual footage used in the trial and the follow-up announcement of victory. 
  • ACTION: The “V” Resistance is underway — Despite the above good news, the Department of Homeland Security continues to rollout the TSA-style police state across America.  Enough is enough.  There is no sense living in a virtual prison in order to be free.  Total safety cannot be guaranteed by the government, and the tactics being used are actually crating a threat not only to our Constitutional Republic, but a physical threat to all who walk the streets of America and beyond.  Guilty until proven innocent has no place in a free society, despite the latest threat, real or imagined.  The “V” Resistance does not take its name from the movie, but rather takes its inspiration from the resistance against the Nazis by the French and others; a symbol of victory through solidarity, as well as a symbol of peace.  Sadly, it is no longer an overstatement to invoke that memory.  While there is still time to restore freedom peaceably, we must use all of the tools of freedom available.  Alex Jones has initiated an important campaign where ordinary people can be empowered during these extraordinary times.  Indeed: You are the resistance against the DHS occupation of America.
Oppose HR 67 to extend expiring provisions of the Patriot Act.  This freedom-smashing legislation does not make us safer and, in fact, threatens us on a daily basis as police and military are working together, emboldened by their power to operate at will on American soil.  FAX Washington now.
  • VICTORY: Silver Bullet? — This week Zero Hedge reported an announcement by the U.S. Mint that there has been an unprecedented buying spree of physical silver.  While no direct connection has been made, this buying spree is coincidental to Max Keiser’s campaign to crash JPMorgan through physical silver purchases.  JPMorgan is in a paper short position, and stands to fall mightily if this trend continues.   Please click the banner below to learn more about how you can participate in this potentially history-making moment.
  • ACTION: Use your “tools of freedom.” — A terrific article by Ethan Jacobs this week recalls the victories that were enabled by the spirit of freedom exemplified by people like Martin Luther King, Jr.  We would do well to shrug off the temptations of apathy and defeatism and recall the power that brought about demonstrable change.  Jacobs sets forth principles to defeat the New World Order and the tools that have worked in the past to defeat all forms of tyranny.  Please do not miss this key article and distribute it to your friends and family, then set out to lead a life of courage, love, and persistence as an example for others to follow. 
  • VICTORY (2): Foreclosure ruling — The banks have lost a key foreclosure ruling in Massachusetts, as reported by Reuters.  Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp failed to show that they owned the mortgages on two homes that they seized, which could delay foreclosure proceedings across the nation.  This ruling will put severe pressure where it belongs: on criminal banks that used “robo signers” and poor documentation to victimize countless homeowners.  There is still a long fight ahead, but this was a good round one.  Fluoride removal —  The government has capitulated on water fluoridation.  for the first time in 50 years, they have agreed to lower the limit in drinking water.  Naturally, they are not going to acknowledge the pressure from fluoride researchers and activists who have exposed the wide range of health issues that go beyond merely “spots on some kids’ teeth,” but this is a positive first step.  It was also announced in Calgary, Canada that there is now full support for complete fluoride removal from tap water. 
  • ACTION: Condemn Violence — The horrible shooting that has occurred in Arizona is unlocking anger across the spectrum.  Many in the media have seized it as an opportunity to salt political wounds, as well as to crate new ones.  For those of us on the side of truth and human liberty, we mustn’t allow ourselves to fall prey to more divide and conquer techniques.  Whether it is unmanned drones bombing wedding parties in the Middle East; Israeli bombardment of Palestine; the range of horrors in dictatorships throughout the world; or the acts of lone deranged people, we need to maintain composure and condemn all violence as a completely non-productive distraction to the goals of our individual and collective evolution.
  • VICTORY: Resisting Imperialism in defense of basic human rights — An excellent article titled Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall makes the important observation that both in Iraq and Palestine, mass oppression, torture, and illegal military actions may have taken their toll on individual innocent lives, but it has served only to strengthen the resolve of those populations. additionally, these two grand examples have served to inspire civil society leaders “representing every religion, nationality, and ideology.” this is a trend which is sure to continue into the new year
  • ACTION: Strengthen your resolve — New Year’s resolutions abound; and as one article pointed out, these resolutions “barely last longer than a week.”  Well, that might be true for the difficult vice-driven changes such as quitting smoking, drinking, or gambling, but the resolve to promote liberty is much stronger than that.  This week we offered our 10 suggestions for non-violent rebellion, and we received many more from our readers.  Be courageous in your dedication to whatever principles feel right for you; this coming year will demand even more from all of us as we seek to bring more information to light from those who derive their power from operating in the dark.  Defiance breeds victory.
  • VICTORY: Vermont says NO to S. 510 — After a sneak attack by both houses of Congress, Vermont has responded by declaring its food sovereignty and making a commitment to food freedom.  This assertion of states rights is the correct course of action to combat the out-of-control Federal government.  Please visit Vermont Commons to learn about how they are developing and implementing this initiative; then urge your state to do the same.
  • ACTION: Poisoned drinking water — It was revealed this week that you have an 89% chance that your drinking water  is giving you cancer right now.  The known carcinogen, hexavalent chromium, was found in 31 of 35 cities where testing was conducted.  This is the same compound made famous by Erin Brockovich where the entire town of Hinkley, CA was poisoned from industrial waste leaking into the water supply — cancer rates skyrocketed.  Naturally, EPA officials are trying to downplay the findings; do not let them get away with it.  Have an independent water test done of your drinking supply and demand that your municipality take action to remove this deadly agent.  In the meantime, learn about hexavalent chromium and how you can filter it from your water.  And, as always, educate others about this widespread health danger.  
A public law dating from 1997 uses the legalese of contract law to provide for the testing of human populations.  Join the Official Facebook Page, become informed and let’s work to get this law repealed.
  • VICTORY: No Snooping — An article at Raw Story highlights a recent ruling by a Federal Appeals Court that finally defines Internet communications to be of equal protection as phone calls and regular mail under the Fourth Amendment.  If upheld by The Supreme Court, law enforcement must obtain warrants, rather than the lower standard of court orders.  The X factor here, of course, is the cyber war, which more and more looks to be invoking National Security to allow all manner of intrusions.  However, at least this ruling still acknowledges the protections afforded by The Constitution. 
  • ACTION: Homeland Security takeover of the private sector — A caller from NY on the Alex Jones show confirmed that unions are issuing biometric ID cards and drug tests under the programs TWIC and SWAC directly administered by DHS.  By their own admission this is for “threat assessment” and “the large-scale collaborative effort among public and private authorities.”  This is an exceedingly dangerous initiative that authorizes background checks and data integration.  First we had “no-fly” lists; now we will have “no-work” lists.  This is the same blueprint that has been used throughout history to usher in open tyranny.  Please read this key article and distribute to everyone you know.  Only by collaborative mass resistance can we stop the wider implementation of this criminalization of our basic functions and freedoms in America.    
  • VICTORY: DNA database revealed in Austin, Texas — A class action lawsuit has been filed by parents who have found out about secret blood samples taken from their babies without their consent.   It is thought that up to 38,000 samples were taken and sold to pharmaceutical companies and/or the Armed Forces for genetic research since at least 2002.  What used to be viewed as crazy conspiracy theory now heralds an awakening that will spur further investigation into a national Pentagon initiative that has been going on for decades. 
  • ACTION: Boycott Wal-Mart and any company that cooperates with Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” campaign — The issue here is not that individuals shouldn’t help one another stay safe and secure; the issue is that a private company has “become the first retailer to form a partnership with Homeland Security” in basically deputizing its own managers.  This sets up a dangerous snitch culture that legitimizes the historically condemned Stasi secret police of East Germany.  We cannot go down this road.  Homeland Security has chosen Wal-Mart as a testing ground fro a much larger rollout of government messaging.  Call Wal-Mart at 1-800-925-6278 and tell them that you will not shop there; you will encourage others not to shop there; and, most importantly, tell them that they (the person you speak to) are personally responsible for destroying America and that they will be judged by history just the same as the Stasi secret police.   
Wal-Mart has officially announced their contribution toward creating a full-blown Fascist America.   1984-style telescreens are now announcing to Wal-Mart shoppers how they can assist Homeland Security.  What is worse is that they are directing shoppers to contact store management with any concerns.  This over-reach must be resisted, or DHS is going to use the Wal-Mart testing ground to gain acceptance from the average American that this is completely normal.  This is not normal, and Wal-Mart must be told that you will not shop there (if you still do after all of their other abuses). You can contact Wal-Mart here to voice your outrage.
  • VICTORY: S. 510 in trouble, but not dead yet — According to Roll Call, a forced lame-duck session has resulted in Democrats violating the Constitution.  However, this is akin to winning a game by technicality.  The game is not truly won until this legislation is completely thrown out.  The good news is that it gives activists more time to distribute information about just how horrendous this bill is.  We have received media inquiries, as have many others in the alternative media, asking us to cite specific areas of this bill that is The Patriot Act For Food.  Once the majority of people understand that this bill attacks the foundation of independence and freedom we will have won this battle, regardless of the final vote.  We encourage you to read our articles covering S. 510, as well as the articles that appear on the Food Freedom website; Rady Ananda has been tireless in exposing this nightmare legislation. 
  • ACTION: Personal story from Dick Thompson, evicted for “living simply” — As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  There can be no better example of this than what is happening  to an elderly man living on 38 acres of inherited family property and now threatened with eviction by bureaucrats because he is not conforming to the always-changing “codes.”  Rady Ananda’s article is a must read for more information about this story and how you can help.  We all must do what we can, but it is the citizens of Madison County, IN who must revolt against this travesty of justice.  The Madison County “Justice” Center can be reached at 765-649-7341; Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels, can be contacted at 1-317-232-4567.
Every call counts.  This is complete food tyranny.  Take action by calling 202-224-3121 to stop the Patriot Act For Food.  See this special message by Mike Adams.
  • VICTORY: Bisphenol-A banned in Europe — A ban on toxic BPA will be imposed in Europe next year.  This certainly is a victory to celebrate, especially as the chemical lobby got its way in the U.S.  It is a clear sign of how far money goes in the U.S. political system when a known toxic substance continues to be approved for babies.  Nonetheless, the steps taken in Europe will wake up an increasing number of people, and sufficient pressure should eventually see a ban imposed in the U.S. as well.
  • ACTION: Battle for a free Internet continues — It is our belief that this is perhaps the single most important issue out there.  As we said last week, this is the endgame of governmental control, and is another line in the sand that we must mobilize against.  The seizure has already begun with at least 76 sites taken off-line by the U.S. government.  This legislation has very little to do with copyright infringement, and everything to do with giving the federal government the power to order ISPs at home and abroad to shut down any website that violates their interpretation of this bill, and even to bring the FBI to your intranet.  It is another example of a bureaucratic, totalitarian state seeking to criminalize whomever it wishes.  We need to get very active, very fast and flood the Capitol Hill switchboard with our calls:  202-224-3121.
The American Traveler Dignity Act H.R. 6416 has been introduced by Ron Paul. This will stop the TSA in its tracks and restore dignity to air travel.  Do not let the TSA take over our Constitution.  They have openly stated that they will not stop with airports, but will take their tyranny to the streets of America.  Take action now at Patriot Response.
  • VICTORY: The revolt against the TSA expands — The The abuse by TSA agents is still the biggest story this week, as a continued disregard for public outrage culminated in big lies by Big Sis.   It is clear that the TSA is completely out of control, despite a small retreat on National Opt-Out Day as scanners were largely shut down.  We simply cannot let this story go, as it is evident that Homeland Security has every intention of rolling out scanners and biometric surveillance into nearly every facet of our lives. 
  • ACTION: Battle for a free Internet — This is the endgame of governmental control, and is another line in the sand that we must mobilize against.  As part of the lame duck session, COICA sailed through by a 19-0 vote with a final vote to make it law within 60 days.  This legislation has very little to do with copyright infringement, and everything to do with giving the federal government the power to order ISPs at home and abroad to shut down any website that violates their interpretation of this bill, and even to bring the FBI to your intranet.  It is another example of a bureaucratic, totalitarian state seeking to criminalize whomever it wishes.  We need to back the lone voice of Sen. Wyden from Oregon and blacklist the blacklist.  Flood Capitol Hill with your calls:  202-224-3121.

November 16th: Stop S. 510, The Food Safety Modernization Act
This broad regulatory bill gives extensive power to the FDA over the entire food supply chain.  Take action now at Patriot Response.

  • VICTORY: The revolt against the TSA is underway– The TSA thought that they could intimidate the public with “enhanced patdowns” that are literally pornographic.  The security state has gone wild, but the more desperate the attempts, the more that people’s innate humanity stands up to say “NO MORE!”  DHS is beginning to capitulate regarding under-twelves and pilots, but its not enough: we need to finish this fight with a major demonstration of our power.  A National Opt-Out Day is scheduled for November 24th.  While it is a shame to restrict our own right to travel, we must peacefully resist this takeover, because their plan is to rollout this system into malls, schools, and random checkpoints throughout the nation.  This is a line in the sand and if we keep up the pressure our victory is at hand.  
  • ACTION: Stop Biometrics — This goes hand-in-hand with out imminent victory listed above.  Biometrics is the endgame of the security-surveillance state.  This creeping totalitarian state can implement its permanence by automating what is, to this point, a very personal endeavor.  History shows that all empires spend themselves out of existence, but with the exponential increase of computing power — and the exponential reduction in cost of that power — a completely automated tyranny is a real threat.  Biometrics are the first sign.  Please contact us with your ideas about how to stop this level of enslavement. 

November 13th: Revolt Against The TSA
The DHS has basically said that they don’t care about the concerns of doctors who have stated that the radiation from X-ray backscatter machines is dangerous; they don’t care about public outrage over molestation (children included) taking place by TSA thugs; and they don’t care about the airline or tourism industries.  Time to increase the peaceful revolt if words are not enough.  There will be a National Opt-Out Day on November 24th, which will put a serious dent in the travel season.  It is a shame that we have to restrict our own right to travel, but it must be done or this violation of our rights will only increase.

November 8th: Say “NO” to Monsanto’s Dirty Money

The Organic Consumer’s Association has released a petition against legislators accepting money from Monsanto lobbyists.  From OCA: “Monsanto is a major force in the political arena.  Each year Monsanto contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to elected officials through its Political Action Committee and spends millions of dollars each year lobbying legislators and regulators.  Follow this link to see if your Congressperson accepted contributions from Monsanto during the 2010 political cycle.  ACCESS THE PETITION HERE.

Show up en masse, invited or not.  RSVP’s were sent out with no time to respond, according to coastal residents. Info:  November 8, 2010 at the Pensacola Civic Center, 201 East Gregory St., Pensacola, FL. Start time is 11:30 a.m

  • VICTORY: Genetic code control nearly abolished — Mike Adams reported this week on a key “friend of the court” briefing issued by the U.S. Justice Department.  This is an important indication that the biotech industry’s control over 20% of the genetic code of the human race is near an end. 
  • ACTION: Collapse Preparation — World renown trend forecaster, Gerald Celente has said: one must be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually for what is likely to occur over the next several years.  After the the latest round of Fed stimulus, things simply cannot get better.  Please prepare for the near certainty of runaway inflation.  Two great sources for education and preparedness are the new full length film put out by the National Inflation Association: End of Liberty, and the book by Holly Deyo: Dare to Prepare.  

November 5th: UPDATE to Microsoft issue.  Seems to be resolving now, although there appears to be a local block on specific users, as opposed to the whole site.  We expect the problem to be fully resolved later today.
That’s us.  And it certainly was strange timing shortly after posting this article.
The U.S. Navy has completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS for the Northwest Training Range Complex.  A Rule of Decision, allowing the Navy to go forward with warfare testing in the NWTRC will be issued, due to a Court Order, on October 25, 2010.  Once  NOAA issues permit for the Navy to “Take” marine mammals this year, 30 days later, the Navy can begin its 5-year Warfare Testing in northern California, Orgeon, Washington, and Idaho.  The definition of “take” is defined under the MMPA as “harass, hunt, capture, kill, or collect, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture kill or collect.”  It is defined by the ESA in a similar way.
Contact your Elected Representatives at this toll free number: (1866) 220-0044.  Request U.S. Congressional Hearings in order to protect public health, marine mammals, fish, birds, biologically sensitive coastal and ocean areas, the fishing and tourism industries, and our marine reserves and National Marine Sanctuaries.
For more information contact Rosalind Peterson:

November 2: H.R. 4646 — This legislation seeks to impose a 1% tax on all banking transactions.  We believe that people have been fleeced enough.  Even if enacted, we highly doubt that this will result in a “Debt Free America,” which is the bill’s title. If you disagree with this bill please Fax Washington.

October 23-30

  • VICTORY: Scanners and Backscatter Devices Under Pressure — Victory is at hand in the effort to defeat the initiatives of Michael Chertoff and the TSA.  Important action has been taken by state reps such as Phil Hart who was recently interviewed with G. Edward Griffin to assert state jurisdiction over this Federal program, which has yet to be approved by Congress.  Privacy and health issues have combined to awaken the public to send these machines to the waste bin where they belong.
  • ACTION: Geo-Engineering — With the release of G. Edward Griffin’s and Michael Murphy’s new film What in the World Are They Spraying? the proof is undeniable that toxins are being put into the atmosphere that are already having a dramatic effect on people and nature.  This is an issue that affects everyone.  Please view the film, become informed, and educate others as to the solutions being offered.

  • VICTORY: Consumers win over consumer “protection” agencies — There was a major legal victory, as reported by Alternet: “After 2 years of wrangling in the courts, a federal court has ruled that Ohio’s ban on the labeling of dairy-products as hormone free is unconstitutional.”  This sets a much-needed precedent for correct product labeling and advertising.
  • ACTION: Taking on the TSA — Mike Adams from Natural News discusses his encounter with a naked body scanner.  Privacy issues and negative health effects should both be a major concern for travelers.  Learn how to opt-out.

  • VICTORY: A great week for alternative media — In our first few months of existence, we have just surpassed 1 million page views.  Thanks to all of our visitors, and especially to those who interact with our site by leaving great comments beneath each article.  Additionally, the InfoWars Moneybomb was a success, and our friends at The Intel Hub are expanding their operations to include The Intel Hub Radio.  Thanks to all for answering the call to action.
  • ACTION: Fraudclosure — The magnitude of the banking fraud that has taken place, and the thuggish tactics employed to literally steal the homes from the American people is just now being revealed.  Everyone needs to stand up to these thieves and learn about how to get involved and protect yourself from the criminality of our banking institutions.
New Website Helps Address Banks 

Where’s the note? Did the big banks lose your mortgage? You can find out by visting a new website. This site offers help to compose letters to all major banking institutions. It’s one step that everyone can take to keep the pressure on the banking system to come clean.

October 1-8

  • VICTORY: Alternative media is having an effect — The mainstream media is suffering in every poll that has been taken.  One can do their own research about the direction of the media on the Internet by visiting sites such as Alexa which will show 3-month, 1-month, 7-day, as well as daily trends.  Invariably, alternative sites are trending upward, while mainstream outlets are spiraling the drain.  This has the system terrified.  The Elite put the mainstream media in their pocket long ago as an essential tool to collectivize people through propaganda.  It is no longer working; people are beginning to look around and see an over-medicated, over-fed, and over-regimented society that is completely inconsistent with freedom.  Due to this awakening, steps have been taken to quickly put Humanity back in the box.  Which leads us to our action item for the week.
  • ACTION: Support the Alternative Media — The Internet is under assault.  This bastion of First Amendment free speech and self-direction is a place where a vast spectrum of ideas can be submitted to compete and debate for the truth.  This free market of ideas is not easily categorized — something that undermines the very delineated arguments of the mainstream media.  It is evident through the links on this site who we support for the great work they are doing.  Yet, there are countless more; please continue to support new sites and blogs as well as the established leaders of alternative media so that we can keep the momentum of truth growing to where even an Internet shutdown will not erase our mission.  Liberty, Love, and Peace Will Prevail!  

September 23-30

  • VICTORY: Constitutional right confirmed — Charges were dismissed  against Anthony Graber for videotaping a police officer during his arrest.  Graber was facing 16 years in jail under a perverse distortion of the wiretapping law.  The judge in this case, Emory A. Pitt, Jr. correctly ruled that the law is intended to protect the privacy of citizens, not police who are conducting their public service to society.  Pitt issued a written rebuke to the state in forceful language for which he should be commended: “Those of us who are public officials and are entrusted with the power of the state are ultimately accountable to the public.  When we exercise that power in public fora, we should not expect our actions to be shielded from public observation. ‘Sed quis custodiet ipsos stodes’ (‘Who watches the watchmen?).”
  • ACTION: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act — A flurry of articles, including our own, have been written over the past few days to alert people, globally, to this horrendous bill, S. 3804, which is being rushed to vote immediately, after only being introduced last week.  This is a bipartisan bill which aims to target “the worst offenders” of online piracy.  Sounds good, except the language is vague and it presents a guilty-until-proven innocent framework that will allow for government blacklists.  Think about the “no-fly” list and you will have some idea of what is bound to happen.  A small group of government officials will demand that private companies block the offending domains — worldwide — leaving those caught in the net with the burden of proof, plus the cost of defense.  It is yet another example of government overreach that needs to be opposed.  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to stop S. 3804, and keep America from resembling China or Iran on the Internet. 
Sign Petition
  • VICTORY: The Rise of the Activist — There were some encouraging stories this week showing that people are waking up and becoming active — globally.  From bloggers in Russia, to an uprising against the return of a surveillance state in Germany, to lawsuits pending against G-20 security thugs accused of brutality and harassment.  One no longer needs to join a particular “movement.”  The movement is freedom, and every thinking human being can play a role.  Let us continue this demonstration of resistance to worldwide creeping tyranny.  We cannot afford to be apathetic any longer.
  • ACTION: GMO Battle — The food industry controls the regulatory agencies. This is leading to the ultimate abuse of freedom:  The FDA does not want us to know what we consume.  Big agribusiness knows that people are waking up, and they are using their totalitarian control to impose regulations that dictate food production and distribution.  To make matters worse, they are cracking down on family farms, and even hobby farms.  Food control is an outrage, and has been marked across the world as one of the lines in the sand.  There has been an outcry, but it needs to get a whole lot louder. 
September 8-15

  • VICTORY: Brave Judges — Although there have been some terrible rulings by courts this week, there have been a couple of victories as well.  The first is that Maryland Judge, Roger Titus, has ruled that military contractors can be sued for their improper disposal of toxic waste, which has sickened many soldiers.  The second key ruling  is that $1.5 million has been awarded to the Poling family for the vaccine damage done to their daughter, Hannah.  That does nothing to correct the damage, but with over 5,000 pending cases of vaccine-related injuries, it at least begins to pressure the medical establishment to pull toxic vaccines from the market.  It is sometimes difficult to stay positive when we see an increase in examples of courts ruling against basic human rights and freedom, but let us give credit where it is due and encourage the judicial system to live up to their oath to serve justice and protect the public they serve. 
  • ACTION: The Rename Game — Corporations are increasingly coming under fire from a more educated consumer who realizes that a healthy sounding name does not always mean a healthy product.  The response of many producers has not been to eliminate the problem, but rather to repackage it in the hopes that they can dupe the consumer again.  We have seen toxic Aspartame renamed as AminoSweet; now, we have the producers of dangerous high-fructose corn syrup renaming it to the more natural sounding “corn sugar.”  This has to stop.  We need to continue keeping up to date on what these companies are doing to skirt consumer safety.   Please become informed, share the information with everyone you know and — above all — remember that you can vote with your wallet.

  • VICTORY: Food freedom is on the way — A line in the sand is being established worldwide between local communities and tyrannical governments with their corporate supporters who wish to control what we ingest.  There are many hurdles ahead, as mega-agribusiness will not relinquish control easily.  However, the mass resistance to GM foods, exposing the chemical compounds they push on us to replace organic natural ingredients, and the innate knowledge that goes beyond calling oneself an “activist” is waking people up en masse.  Nothing can be more basic than a person’s right to eat and drink healthy ingredients free from manufactured management that has been proven time and again to be poisoning us.  This is a key pillar of freedom that is strengthening by the day.  
  • ACTION: Public Water Supply — What used to be the realm of conspiracy theory is now turning into a well-documented global health issue.  The U.S. public water supply in particular has long been found to be loaded with pharmaceuticals; fluoride is being exposed for the poison that it is; and even gender-bending chemicals have been found, which affect wildlife and humans alike.  Without a supply of non-contaminated water, how can we thrive as a species?  None of this is necessary.  Please get your local water supply tested by an independent company, and demand that your local government address any negative results that you find.

Read the Activist Post Interview

About:  The Dirty Cajuns are a group of people extremely concerned about the affects of the BP Oil Spill. They are engaging their community by providing information and documentation of what is happening to their home – as fishermen, wildlife experts, just as people who care – through the form of words, videos, sounds, and photos.

Dirty Cajuns e-mail:
Training classes:  call 1-866-448-5816 or e-mail  More information can be found here.

Video:  The following video is a good example of their activism.  However, most important is their mission to talk to people involved and find out first hand what is really going on in the Gulf.

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