The Pyramid of Power

By Charles Burris

One of the most informative and tremendously helpful online documentary mega-resources on a widespread variety of crucial subject areas/topics relating to power elite analysis is The Pyramid of Power.

It should be one of the starting educational/investigatory focal points for members of the community. It contains superb content similar to, Robert Barnes’ “Hush Hush” series at, The Corbett Report, Whitney Webb, and America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert.

The Pyramid of Power is a brand-new 17-part documentary series focused on answering the question: Who rules the world?

Journalist Derrick Broze examines the institutions and individuals who attempt to manipulate our world for their own benefit.

Examples of Subject Areas: Big Education, Establishment Media, Big Tech, The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence Complex, Big Wireless, The Oilgarchy, Big Pharma And The Medical Cartel, Food As A Weapon, The Prison-Industrial Complex, The Foundations And The Non-Profit Industrial Complex, The Banking Cartel & The Future Of Money, The Crimes Of The Intelligence Community, The Technocratic State, and The False Flag Deception.

Brought to you by The Conscious Resistance Network.


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