World Ocean Day – New Threat from Deep-Sea Mining

By The World Foundation for Natural Science

Dear friend of Mother Earth,

The seas and oceans of this Earth make her a unique, blue planet–a very special jewel in the universe. The sea gifts life. It provides food for millions of people and offers a home to countless creatures. In other words, this largest ecosystem on our planet is vital and irreplaceable!

However, man has been treating the oceans lovelessly and exploitatively for decades. Pollution from plastic, radioactive waste, chemicals and so on has reached terrifying proportions. And now, with “Smart Ocean” and, above all, the planned deep-sea mining, further threats are being added.

For World Ocean Day (June 8th), we have put together a new film on this highly topical subject that each and everyone needs to know about. If you want to know why the industry wants to penetrate the deep sea in the first place and what thereby happens to living marine life, you should watch our film. As you will see, you as a consumer have a direct influence on whether or not these technologies are pushed forward and the oceans are put under even greater pressure.

As a special service, we also provide the film commentary as a written text for you to read along here. We encourage you to share the film and text with your fellow human beings. Because mankind simply cannot afford to cause irreparable damage to the beautiful and essential ecosystem of the oceans.

We thank you for your support!

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