What’s the Deal with Dying on Stage Suddenly!!! Amirite?

By CJ Byner

With all the mis and dis information online it can be hard to distinguish the truth between fact and fiction. That’s where CJ Byner comes in to Check da facts! 

Legendary funnyman Rob Schneider was booed and yanked off stage during a recent gig for a hospital fundraiser in Regina, Canada.

The former cast member of SNL was invited to the celebratory gala, but the event quickly turned sideways when Schneider, an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 vaccines and woke ideology, made jokes that didn’t align with the Hospitals of Regina Foundation’s DIE mandate.

Somebody better prescribe these folx a transitioned sense of humor!

My insider hosers in the Great White North dish that the journeyman comedian made truth gags about the insane trans agenda and the equally bizarre COVID-19 vaccines before organizers pulled the plug.

My guess is that Rob didn’t know doctors have the power to MAID your ass up in Communist Canada. Hopefully he made it home safe.

Schneider, who has become an anti-woke folk hero over his based tweets and comedy, has seen a major resurgence in popularity since his initial international fame with the Deuce Bigelow franchise.

Although the quipster had vowed to avoid Canada after they celebrated a literal Nazi in Parliament—as reported by GWU! last fall—I for one am glad he made an exception and hope he continues knocking some sense into those Hoser Sheeple soon.

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Crossdressing Guard Grooms Kids

Talk about swinging both ways before you cross the street. A crossdressing crossing guard (WTF—ed) in Pennsylvania was arrested after he/she/they was found smoking weed and vaping with middle school students.

The 26-year-old has been accused of selling drugs to students, as well as having private text chats with the tweens.

“It’s not uncommon for groomers to find jobs where they’re around children,” explains our pride critic and resident Wokespert Glenda Mannors.

Although nobody has come forward to say whether there was more going on than some wacky tobacky it should be assumed, insists Mannors.

“While marijuana may not seem like a big deal to some folks in the community, I think we can all agree that crossing guards should not be providing narcotics—even if it is ‘just’ marijuana—to our kids,” Darby Borough Chief Joseph Gabe said.

Are you worried that your child is being indoctrinated by the pride agenda? Check our grooming guide to see the six signs you need to look out for.

And now a Public Service Announcement about TDS

Leave it up to Hollywood celebrities to educate the world about the dangers of society. A new PSA chock full of a who’s who of Hollyweird, including Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, have come together to educate the world about the growing epidemic of food shortages, poverty, the cost of living, housing crisis, hyperinflation, and job insecurity.

Just kidding!!! They did a PSA about the dangers of a Trump presidency. Because, of course, all the things mentioned above were caused by the current sitting president Barack Obama Joe “Hussein” Biden.

Isn’t it magical? All our enchanting contractually obliged Disney celebs have gathered to share a message of the importance of voting …. against Donald Trump.

Although Robert DeNiro was unavailable due to his commitment to standing outside Trump Tower screaming, there were lots of other names, most of whom you’ve likely never heard of before, including one woman who is basically crying the entire time she’s in the political melodrama. Do I smell an Oscar!

Remember, when in doubt, always Check da Facts! Catch ya in the funny pages!!!

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