The Abstract episode 33 “Chemtrails = DEATH”

By Peter A. Kirby

Highly credible evidence shows that what is constantly sprayed from jumbo jet aircraft is devastating us and our environment. From the last two installments of The Abstract we have learned that we are being sprayed with coal fly ash. Now the question becomes: What does that do? The answer to that question is already well established: Chemtrails cause DEATH. For the full story of chemtrails and geoengineering, please buy and read the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.

We already know what coal fly ash does to humans and the environment. This has been well established long ago. Before the widespread use of electrostatic precipitators which purify the emissions from hydrocarbon-fired power plants, the smoke that rises from burning coal simply billowed out into the free atmosphere. At the time, extensive environmental studies were conducted in order to gauge the impact of these effluents. The findings were not good. Billowing clouds of coal fly ash were found to cause: lung cancer, neurodegenerative disease, chronic inflammation, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease.

Bringing these findings to light and putting them into the context of today’s geoengineering operations is, once again, our friend Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD. In a series of peer-reviewed, published journal articles, Dr. Herndon and his colleague Dr. Mark Whiteside, MD (a sitting director of Monroe County, Florida’s Department of Health) have updated and expanded upon this voluminous body of historical scientific work.

Forget about coal fly ash for a moment though. Simply breathing in any kind of particulate matter is very bad for humans. This is not a matter of debate. Common sense and many studies show this. Inhalation of fine particulate matter is associated with: Alzheimer’s disease, risk for stroke, risk for cardiovascular disease, lung inflammation and diabetes, reduced renal (kidney) function in older males, morbidity and premature mortality, decreased male fertility, low birth weight, onset of asthma, and increased hospital admissions.

Due to its extreme toxicity, coal fly ash is much worse. Herndon and Whiteside write, “CFA [coal fly ash] contains a variety of potentially carcinogenic substances including aluminosilicates, an iron oxide-containing magnetic fraction, several toxic trace elements, nanoparticles, and alpha-particle-emitting radionuclides. Silica, arsenic, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium are found in CFA and all have been associated with increased lung cancer risk.”

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data has confirmed a recent, concurrent rise in neurological diseases.

CDC rates of Alzheimer’s disease

CDC rates of Parkinson’s disease

Biospheric implications

In June of 2019 Herndon and Whiteside published a paper titled “Role of Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash in the Global Plankton Imbalance: Case of Florida’s Toxic Algae Crisis.” In this paper, the authors provide evidence for the assertion that the coal fly ash sprayed by the megaton into our biosphere is causing, among other things, an overabundance of harmful plankton blooms which, in turn, has more harmful effects.

A little further up the food chain we find insects. Herndon and Whiteside have been working in this area as well. In August of 2018 their paper titled “Previously Unacknowledged Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bee and Insect Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering” was published. In this paper, the authors substantiate a multitude of harmful, observed effects upon insects from chemtrail spray. We can stop wondering why bee populations are being decimated and we have seen a concurrent, precipitous drop in overall global insect populations as well. The authors write:

“The primary components of CFA [coal fly ash], silicon, aluminum, and iron, consisting in part of magnetite (Fe3O4), all have important potential toxicities to insects. Many of the trace elements in CFA are injurious to insects; several of them (e.g., arsenic, mercury, and cadmium) are used as insecticides. Toxic particulates and heavy metals in CFA contaminate air, water, and soil and thus impact the entire biosphere. Components of CFA, including aluminum extractable in a chemically-mobile form, have been shown to adversely affect insects in terrestrial, aquatic, and aerial environments. Both the primary and trace elements in CFA have been found on, in, and around insects and the plants they feed on in polluted regions around the world. Magnetite from CFA may potentially disrupt insect magnetoreception. Chlorine and certain other constituents of aerosolized CFA potentially destroy atmospheric ozone thus exposing insects to elevated mutagenicity and lethal levels of UV-B and UV-C solar radiation.”

Further up the food chain we find birds. Drs. Herndon and Whiteside published a paper in November of 2018 titled “Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash: A Previously Unrecognized Primary Factor in the Catastrophic Global Demise of Bird Populations and Species.” In this paper, the authors find that coal fly ash is causing unprecedented bird die-offs. The authors write, “Bird populations and species world-wide are experiencing die-offs on an unprecedented scale.” A little later, the authors continue, “Aerosolized CFA [coal fly ash], a particularly toxic form of air pollution, contains multiple metals and elements well-known to adversely affect all portions of the avian life cycle, in aerial, terrestrial, and marine environments. Studies from around the globe reveal systemic contamination of birds by these elements.” The authors conclude that, “Coal fly ash, including its use in ongoing atmospheric geoengineering operations, is a major factor in global bird die-off. The accelerating decline of birds parallels the catastrophic decline of insects, due in part to the same type of aerial pollution.”

Doctors Herndon and Whiteside have also looked at the biological impacts of chemtrails upon bat populations. In January of 2020 they published a paper titled “Unacknowledged Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bat Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering.” In this paper, the authors find that bat populations worldwide are suffering a precipitous decline. The authors write:

“Bats are excellent mammalian bioindicators of environmental contaminants and it is known that their tissue contains high levels of metals and persistent organic pollutants. From a review of the literature, we show that the pollutant element ratios in bat tissue and bat guano are consistent with an origin in CFA-type air pollution. These findings suggest that CFA [coal fly ash], including its use in covert climate engineering operations, is an unacknowledged factor in the morbidity and mortality of bats. Bats, therefore, are an important ‘canary in the coal mine’ pointing to the urgency of halting covert climate engineering and greatly reducing ultrafine particulate air pollution.”

Plants have been decimated under this New Manhattan Project too. Doctors Herndon, Whiteside and other co-authors have been doing work in this area as well. In a series of published, peer-reviewed journal articles, they have found that a combination of factors, all caused by the spraying of coal fly ash, are causing mass die-offs of global vegetation. They found that trees, in particular, are weakened by increased UV radiation, desiccation, and toxicity – all caused by chemtrails. Once a tree is weakened by this trifecta, it becomes susceptible to insect infestations, fungal infections, and other biotic factors such as bacteria and viruses. The result of all this is dry, dead and dying vegetation. An abundance of dry, dead and dying vegetation makes forest fires occur more often and burn more furiously. Herndon et al conclude that this is most probably why we have seen such tremendously large forest fires lately.

For all of what Drs. Herndon and Whiteside have to offer here, please buy and read their book Chemtrails are not Contrails: The Face of Evil.

Silver Iodide

The conventional cloud seeding industry has set the precedent. They’ve been spraying us with a toxic substance since just after the end of WWII. They’ve been routinely spraying us with silver iodide. Although today’s Weather Modification Association claims it is completely safe, they have a conflict of interest and they do not have enough data to sufficiently back up their claims.

A popular silver iodide material safety data sheet describes silver iodide as, “Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, [and] of inhalation.” Unbelievably, the authors of this data sheet write that much of the toxicology information is NOT AVAILABLE. They’ve been spraying us with this stuff since 1947 and the toxicology information is not available?! Equally as unbelievable, to date, no publicly available, long-term studies of silver iodide’s ecological impacts have been done.

It is widely suggested that exposure to silver iodide causes argyria – characterized by a blue-grey discoloration of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. Does that sound healthy?

Another MSDS produced by Fisher Scientific reads, ”Chronic ingestion of iodides during pregnancy has resulted in fetal death, severe goiter, and cretinoid appearance of the newborn. Prolonged exposure to iodides may produce iodism in sensitive individuals. Symptoms could include skin rash, running nose and headache.”

Despite this information, the historical weather modification literature notes a lack of data. A 1966 National Science Foundation report stated, “The present state of knowledge places uncomfortable limits on the prediction of the biological consequences of modifying the weather.” A 1969 Bureau of Reclamation report noted, “There has so far not been a single biological field study completed and reported in the literature specifically designed to identify any aspect of the ecological effects of weather modification.” While a 1972 study conducted by the Council on Environmental Quality stated, “Projects may have significant adverse environmental effects, ranging from immediate hazards to life and property to long-term alterations in land use patterns and threats to ecological systems.”

Weather modifiers have exhibited a pattern of dismissing the potentially harmful effects of substances used in weather modification activities. In 1967 weather modifier Archie Kahan, writing for the Bureau of Reclamation, dismissed concerns about the use of silver iodide as he conflated the biological impacts of silver iodide with its efficacy as a nucleant and any possible hazardous weather that might arise from its use. This has been a common tactic used to avoid answering the most obvious question.

The vast majority of research done in this area does not even concern itself with Human health impacts or biospheric contamination. Rather, it focuses on the ancillary issue of how plants and animals may be affected by either more or less rainfall. The work that is publicly available is mostly cursory. In the vast majority of cases where the subject is even so much as broached, the literature quickly follows with assurances that there are probably no adverse effects and that further study is not necessary.

Thankfully, some research indicating silver iodide’s negative biological impacts has surfaced. It is not good news, but we need to hear it. Evidence suggests that it is exceptionally bad for organisms further down the food chain. The aforementioned 1969 Bureau of Reclamation report also noted:

“Silver compounds are much more toxic to fish than to terrestrial vertebrates. Some of the higher concentrations of Ag recorded in precipitation from seeded storms are comparable to the lowest concentrations lethal to fish in the short run. In one set of experiments, sticklebacks were able to withstand no more than 0.003 ppm Ag in water at 15-18° C. The fish survived one week at 0.004 ppm, four days at 0.01 ppm, and but one day at 0.1 ppm.”

This 1969 report also found silver to be, “…highly toxic to microorganisms….” The report continues:

“Many investigators have placed Ag at or near the top of the list among heavy metals in toxicity to fungi, slime molds, and bacteria. Water containing 0.015 ppm Ag from contact with specially prepared metal has exhibited bacteriocidal activity. 0.006 ppm Ag has killed E. coli in 2 to 24 hours, depending on numbers of bacteria. Bacteriocidal activity in this context usually implies death of 9.99% or so of the cells present.”

Killing fungi, E. coli, and slime molds may sound like a good thing. But in the context of our complex and interdependent biosphere, it is not. Our overall ecosystem needs slime molds and the like. These things are vital links in the food chain.

The bottom line is that there is compelling evidence showing that silver iodide has seriously negative biological impacts. We cannot know for sure that spraying this stuff is safe if no reputable, public, long-term studies have been done, but they have been going ahead and doing it anyway – just like today’s geoengineers.

Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author, and activist. Please buy his books Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project and The Fall of San Francisco available now exclusively at Amazon. Also please join his email list at his website

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