How The MSM Killed Journalism

By Maryam Henein

Tune in on Thursday, Mar 21 at noon PST/ 3 EST as I join documentary filmmaker, actor & activist Matt Weinglass on his show “The Homeless Left” a LIVE weekly podcast with a non-tribal approach to news.

TUNE IN HERE: How MSM Killed Journalism with Maryam Henein, NATO bombing of Yugoslavia 25 years later | THL Ep 38 (

The Homeless Left

Matt Weinglass is the producer of the award-winning feature documentary, Tupamaro: Urban Guerrillas (2019) shot in Venezuela about a vigilante biker gang who police the streets of Caracas, executive produced by the late great Hollywood legend Ed Asner. Matt has written, produced, directed, and acted in several films & TV series including the upcoming animated series Crash: The Animated Series (2024), about a superhero who stops kids from distracted driving.

Plus, he’s also produced numerous television segments, documentary pieces, and sketch comedy shorts for ARTE, TRT, CurrentTV, SEUI, ACLU, and LA36. He is the founder and director of Sherwood Players Productions, a community-based production company based in Los Angeles that provides classes, workshops, and an International film festival SPIFF, which celebrates accomplished and up-and-coming filmmakers all over the world.

Matt is currently in pre-production on the feature films Confessions of a Union Buster and In-Security and in production on the documentary feature Idio, an investigation into big pharma corruption, media propaganda, and the military-industrial complex.


I lived in Los Angeles, where Matt currently resides, for 23 years. I left Montreal at age 24 after graduating from Concordia University’s Journalism Department. I had fallen in love and decided to move to be with him. I thought the valley was Los Angeles and when I found out it wasn’t, I moved out of Northridge and never got on the 118 freeway again.

I used to be in the mainstream. I worked at channel 4/MSNBC station in Burbank, above Jay Leno. I’d see Hope and Beau of Days of Our Lives at the commissary. I fantasized about working for DateLine. After I quit producing the daily news for the Internet, I freelanced. I wrote for all the top rags from Penthouse to The Hollywood Reporter. I got into documentary producing and worked as a professional research for projects including Walmart and The Sierra Club Chronicles for the Sierra Club. After then slowly after I began covering vaccine dangers and controversial topics, and the world went woke, I was ousted.

Roseanne Barr today. You tomorrow, I told a friend in 2018. And when the Rona Regime was launched I was ostracized and cancelled. I did consider myself a liberal or a Democrat until I began calling them Demon Rats in 2018. I was terribly turned off by the hate and TDS.

In 2019, I met Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies and was introduced to the world of Conservatives and Republicans. I found refuge with the Right. Until I realized I wasn’t fully embraced there either.

Today I’ve read Tavistock (check out this book) and I realize it’s ALL political theatre. Now I know about the Not-So-Obvious Establishment.

So any chance to bridge the gap and the divide, I’ll take it! There are more homeless left than we realize.

I hope you will check out our live interview tomorrow as we discuss the death of journalism, identity politics, COVID-19, and George Floyd.

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