Equinox Conservation: EMF/RF/5G/Wireless Choices that Harm or Harmonize?

by Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International Image courtesy Floris Freshman

There are two moments each year when the sunrise and sunset are twelve hours apart, when the Sun lies directly above the Earth’s equator, and neither the North or South pole point toward the Sun. Equinoxes have long been associated with contemplating the balance between polarities, including yin and yang, darkness and light, right and wrong. Equinoxes and solstices were pivotal to human societies when the sky served as the clock and calendar and cultures were aligned with Natural Law and the Cosmic Current. The equinox occurs on March 19, 2024. Juxtaposed with the equinoxthis blog is part of an on-going discussion about the need to heal the growing divide between telecommunications technology and nature and health.

When my children were young, parents began driving their children to and from the school bus stop. It started only during inclement weather, but then the habit became the norm.  Cars often sat with the engines running (although many towns have since passed anti-idling laws) with older children and parents often on their cell phones.

The change in behavior unfolded insidiously and most likely was unintentional.

But from a health perspective, families who followed the crowd adopted dysfunctional behaviors with quantifiable negative impacts on air quality. They would have benefitted more from walking together, interaction, and access to the sun and nature, rather than the unexamined comfort and convenience.

Humans slipped in their inborn capacities and intelligence. They made unwise choices, mostly unaware or in denial.

Course Corrections in Consciousness

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