Citizenship Reform – What Must Be Done to Preserve Liberty & Civilization

Op-Ed by Krishna Chandrasekaran

This post serves as a general explanation of how citizenship qualification should work in order to create and maintain liberty and civilization. While this post is mostly directed towards how specifically United States (U.S.) citizenship should be reformed, the principles and arguments apply to all other nations too, as do the principles of liberty and fundamental rights. Furthermore, this post is also an addition, correction, and clarification to the citizenship aspect touched upon in a prior post on the Liberty Forecast Blog.

First of all, birthright citizenship, which is the law in the U.S, must be abolished. This is because birthright citizenship doesn’t compel people to learn about and commit to upholding the fundamental rights of all others. As Joel Skousen, to whom I’m obligated to give tremendous credit, explains here, citizenship should be by qualification and contract with certain included obligations to remain a citizen. Like current U.S. law, Skousen’s proposed requirements include requirements such as language proficiency, for example. However, what’s missing in current law and what needs to be added is the requirement to sign the Citizen Compact and covenant not to act or promote the undermining of these fundamental rights, as defined and explained in the earlier link, also here for extra reference.

In the case of children, individuals under the age of 18, children born to duly qualified US citizens can live as citizens under their parent’s umbrella, until the age of 18, and then they must qualify on their own, by abiding by the requirements detailed in the above paragraph.

Under current citizenship law, far too many people are given citizenship and the right to vote without any commitment to protect the fundamental rights of others. Because of this, not only does the public elect corrupt officials who fail to protect fundamental rights, the job description of EVERY elected official, but elected officials have no deterrence from voting for laws that violate fundamental rights, of which there are an abundance in today’s times, because of poorly thought out and far too easy citizenship qualification requirements.

Essentially, citizenship needs to be earned rather than entitled, especially at birth.

When people have to earn something, like citizenship, they tend to value what they earn far more than when it is given. By requiring people to earn citizenship by signing the citizenship compact, people will have a much higher probability to respect the fundamental rights of everyone under every circumstance, given the immense penalties for violating their signature and agreement to the citizenship compact.

The forecast of this post is that these citizenship requirements will never come to pass, because the people are too ethically and morally corrupt, along with too uncaring, to bring about these reforms.

This will indeed function as a major driver bringing liberty and Western civilization (and by extension, all global civilization) towards its ultimate demise.

Now let’s focus on whether non-citizens should be allowed to own property in the United States. The answer is no. This is because those who don’t sign a citizenship compact or make any true commitment to respect the fundamental rights of others endanger the fundamental rights of others, and thereby the continuity of civilization. As such, property owners within the U.S. who make no such commitment pose a national security threat to the nation. The easy solution to enable foreigners who wish to own property within the country is to renounce their citizenship to other nations, sign the citizenship compact, fulfill the other proposed citizenship requirements, thereby become a citizen, and thereby earn the right(not the guarantee) to own property within the country.

This system of citizenship qualification automatically disqualifies a socialist or communist who attempts to legislate away a fundamental right (such as taking money from everyone to give to the “poor’). Currently, the U.S. doesn’t have such a system, so the U.S. allows non citizens, such as nefarious Chinese actors colluding with the Chinese Communist Party which seeks to destroy Western civilization, to own property, which should not be allowed for legitimate and true national security reasons.

With all the above explained, if you are a resident (someone who doesn’t wish or can’t qualify for citizenship) and are otherwise a legal entrant into the country, you can rent property, but not own titled property, as an incentive to sign onto and become citizens and agree to the citizenship compact which, as explained above, contains the list of fundamental rights of all other citizens, which you would agree to uphold.

As for legal immigration, the U.S., and frankly all other nations as well, must have a system that allows a citizen to bring in other good people (who can pass a criminal background check) as a sponsor, but the sponsoring citizen must become liable for the immigrant’s maintenance, housing, and conduct until the immigrant becomes a citizen. If the immigrant commit a crime, the sponsoring citizen can lose his/her citizenship as a result, which would be both an effective deterrent from bringing in foreigners with any inclination to violate the fundamental rights of others as well as a very big incentive to only invite people that will quickly integrate into and become an asset to the country.

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog

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