Bill C-63: “Like something out of a science-fiction horror fantasy”

By John C. A. Manley

Justin Trudeau is trying to pass Bill C-63 into law — which would make it illegal to “express hate on the internet.”

First, let’s look up the word “hate” in the Oxford Dictionary to keep us somewhat rooted in reality:

“Hate: intense or passionate dislike”

So the Liberals are trying to make it illegal to express an intense dislike for somebody or something.

It gets even more fantastically fascist:

“The proposals contained in Bill C-63 are so bizarre and outrageous that most would dismiss them outright,” says host Bob Metz, in last week’s episode of Just Right. “Like something out of a science-fiction horror fantasy, the bill allows the government to convict, fine, and imprison ‘for life’ people who have not committed any speech offence, but who may do so in the future.”

Yes, you could go to jail if there are reasonable grounds to suspect you might leave a comment after a YouTube video about how much you dislike something (such as this Orwellian law) or somebody (such as our Orwellian prime minister).

“Hate is obviously a human emotion,” says Ezra Levant in the same episode of Just Right. “We all know that. Sometimes we feel love, sometimes we feel hate, sometimes we feel contempt, sometimes we feel respect. That’s a normal, human personality. And you could no more ban hate than you could pass the ‘Love Each Other Act’… You cannot eradicate hate from the human heart. The essence of this Bill C-63 is it turns that feeling into a crime. It’s not even a thought crime… It’s a feelings crime.”

I guess we are all going to jail.

By coincidence, in my forthcoming novella, All the Humans Are Sleeping, expressions of sadness, rather than hate, are made not only illegal, but impossible (inside a virtual reality environment where most of the human race is living full-time).

Here’s a sample:


Peter stared down the long corridor. It seemed to go on forever. Countless doors, countless possibilities.

None of them interested him.

He let Tony’s card fall to the floor.

And then he fell too.

First on his knees. Then his head came down, temples between his kneecaps, hands over his head. Inside he was screaming, but this metaverse avatar, it was as if it wasn’t capable. It wouldn’t even let him groan.

A minute passed, in the protective ball, before he felt something tickle his hand. Looking up, he saw a white rabbit staring at him with almond-shaped eyes. It spoke with the same Australian accent which had greeted Peter upon arriving in the metaverse:

“The expression of sorrow is not permitted in the metaverse.”

Peter tried to close his eyes and shut out the impossibly fuzzy smile crossing the rabbit’s chubby face. But his eyelids wouldn’t close.

“Rabbits never cry,” said the rabbit. “And neither should men.”

Peter reached out and put his hands around the rabbit’s soft neck and squeezed as hard as he could. While the metaverse forbade tears, it clearly condoned violence.


Don’t worry. No rabbits were actually hurt in that scene. It was all digital.

But the rabbit’s murder alludes to another point made by Ezra Levant: when verbal or written expressions of dislike are stifled then hatred is bound to express itself, without warning, in acts of violence.

All the Humans Are Sleeping is still in the “beta reader” stage, so it won’t be ready for you to read for a while yet. But for an even more far-fetched “science-fiction horror fantasy” story, you can listen to Just Right’s exposé about how Bill C-63 “is the perfect weapon of violence for those consumed with irrational hatreds that they do not wish to have exposed” available at:

John C. A. Manley is the author of Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story, the forthcoming All The Humans Are Sleeping and other works of speculative fiction. You get free chapters from his novels by subscribing to his Blazing Pine Cone email newsletter at

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