THE WATER RABBI: Wally the Rabbit surely doesn’t want you to get electrocuted and drown. An intro to ESD (electric shock drowning )

By Floris R. Freshman

Scientist Barrie Trower has many videos online, and I’ve spoken to him over the phone from Arizona to England, as well as an exchange of letters. A born teacher, he assigned me to research mysterious drownings that could be attributed to electric shock drowning (ESD), also termed PARALYTIC RESPIRATORY LULL. This condition occurs when shock paralyzes the diaphragm, thus stopping it from breathing; and in that short lull, one dies from lack of oxygen, falls into the waterbody, and results in “drowning.” So, do wireless frequencies and fields electrify the water, since water is an electrical conductor, and living nature is made up of mostly water?

ESD itself is primarily an invisible electrical current flowing through metal, water (of which our bodies compromise about 85% water), or another conductor, paralyzes and/or burns the body with induced amperage that can be manmade or the result of a lightning storm, which can also be manmade.

This diagram I found online illustrates a form of electrical current being misplaced by faulty grounding. Other forms of ESD I have studied might have been related to dock lighting with loose or eroded wiring, faulty pool lights wiring, RF or LED bulbs introducing radio and microwaves (RF bulbs 2009 [pdf]), wireless digital utility metering grids that communicate with each other over vast distances, cell towers that send electromagnetic and microwave voltages through the air so that cellphones can function.

I have included various fatalities throughout this article that, in my opinion, might be the result of electric shock drowning. I have suffered through manmade electrocution several times since the advent of cell towers and the smart utility meters and the Wi-Fi (wireless fields). I’ve studied ESD possibilities, from Alabama, Phoenix, Tennessee and Arkansas.

What finally made me realize that I had gathered enough independent research to write this article are the many stories you will see linked, as well as a proliferation of tourists falling into canyons and sliding off rocks in State Parks.

The recent death of a young father and diver in the Phoenix, Arizona area was alone enough to force me to write this report. In case the links disappear, I have summarized each link for convenience and for communication ease.

Note: I was told the old buoys are still there, by the restaurant — most likely made of metal. The newer buoys might be made of fiberglass.

This past weekend, Rosen came to Lake Pleasant to dive around the old Waddell Dam. Other experienced scuba divers say the area takes skill. Under about 200 feet of water lay piles of rebar and concrete. Divers compare it to a shipwreck. Something happened, and Rosen never resurfaced. His body was recovered Tuesday night. Exactly what happened is still being investigated.

I phoned the Tucson Scuba Club and said that scientist Barrie Trower had me research ESD a few years ago. Actually, I have been there, and Lake Pleasant had four drownings I know of so far. I attribute this to the groundwater being electrocuted by the old hydroelectric plant on the lake; it has a dam, and an old submerged dam as well with metal rebar.  Lake Pleasant is a manmade lake created in 1927 and was formed by an undergrid of steel cables, highly conductive. I also did a search of the area; very scary, the old buoys are metal, not fiberglass. The last wire of the smart grid they throw into the ground which I believe can electrify the ground and get into the water which is an electrical conductor. The metal scuba tanks could be a conductor as well. If there are cell towers there, Wi-Fi, or smart meters, it could electrify any metal in any water at any time, like an electric eel. The antiquated hydroelectric plant there should be shut down.

June 2015 Damien Serrahn — the 16-year-old and his friends went Monday to Lake Pleasant to beat the heat. Damien went underwater and did not resurface after shouting and flailing his arms, according to Deputy Joaquin Enriquez, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Dive teams found his body late Monday night.

County Sheriff’s Department said 18-year-old Clayton Waggle of Prescott, Arizona passed away Saturday evening … the Peoria Fire Department said the teen was a non-swimmer who was not wearing a life jacket when he fell into the water. He said Waggle was attempting to cross the lake by walking across some buoys when he slipped and fell into the water…

And the low-head dams are called “drowning machines” here:

Data from the Arizona Department of Health Services reported that there were 100 deaths from accidental drownings and submersions in 2019.

March 2019 – Teenager dies after drowning incident at Lake Pleasant

March 2016

Lake Pleasant, Arizona had two ESD-reported deaths in 2020, yet numerous other drownings since then — at least 13 from 2022 until August 2023 — and other boat accidents involving lack of safety training. The family of victim 5 of 2022 started a petition to shut it down. Here:

Here’s a few photos of the 2022 victims:

Lake Lanier also has lost swimmers to ESD.


Lake Cherokee, 2 boys electrocuted:

Is the rumor true of military electrical panels being hidden under lakes?

Maybe these 2 docs are real after all!!

**See Human Experimentation 1-4, and 1:

Carmen Johnson’s family started a group site, but seems to include mostly faulty dock lights and related marina transformers and faulty pool lights.

and more victims of ESD:

Wouldn’t it be nifty if all lakes only had non-motorized crafts? Or no more downed powerlines from a storm? And no artificial lights like RF, fluorescent, LED = laser, or HID metal halide lamps? If sonar wasn’t used as a way to do biological harm?

In 1999 the US Coast Guard stationed in Japan asked not to force them to use RF bulbs under bridges because the Radio Frequencies of these bulbs interfered with emergency radio equipment. After 10 years, it was deemed okay to put a tiny warning label on the back of the RF bulb package.

June 8, 2009 Alert 02-09 Washington, DC Compact Fluorescent Lights This Safety Alert serves to inform the maritime industry that energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) or lighting, sometimes known as radio frequency (RF) lighting devices may interfere with certain communications equipment. CFLs employ a RF lighting device to excite a gas inside a bulb in order to produce light. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognized the need for and adopted rules to control the harmful interference to radio communications services from these devices. During the rulemaking process the Coast Guard provided comments and recommended an advisory label for CFLs / RF lighting devices warning users about potential interference to communication services and particularly with respect to devices capable of producing emissions in the 0.45-30 MHz band. As a result, the FCC required manufacturers of CFLs to provide an advisory statement, either on the product packaging or with other user documentation, similar to the following: “This product may cause interference to radio communications and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30 MHz.” The Coast Guard has learned that CFLs have been installed on the navigation bridges of vessels and in other places capable of causing radio communications interference. Marine inspectors, vessel owners and operators should be aware of this potential safety hazard and take proper action as needed. Below are examples of some compact fluorescent lights with different shapes and sizes. This safety alert is provided for informational purposes only and does not relieve any domestic or international safety, operational or material requirement. Developed by the Office of Domestic Vessel Activities (CG-5431), United States Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, DC. ******* Office of Investigations and Analysis: To subscribe:

LED bulbs should state “contains Gallium Arsenide” on the package.

Smart Meters

Arkansas smart water meter disaster referenced by Josh Hart of

Attached are photos of defects in the new battery-operated smart water meters. Already there’s lawsuits on flooding, overbilling and a murder charge determined by surveillance of water usage.

Dec. 8, 2016 — A friend alerted me to the new “Taser-like” water meters being deployed as electrocution and surveillance of enemies. The utility guy said I just need to request the old safe meter back so I did. The water meter had been placed on my water pipeline in a “pre-Taser” mode, not fully calibrated yet — only to see a rip in the sealer upon removal. Then I find out that they cost a lot of money to make, and there’s a tiny battery inside the circuit board to run the digital number display, and after the battery wears out, they throw the whole unit away. This mini-computer inside the meter is supposed to give utility and whomever else – hackers and robbers – a report on what time you use your water, how much, how long, if it’s doing dishes or a flush, bidet, hose etc. to watch and record your every drip. The rip in the plastic would allow moisture to get into the board and possibly electrocute you slowly through the metal in the water pipeline, as well as using water as an electrical conductor. In my opinion, these were designed to tear upon insertion. I then received an email from the police department that all water meters will be electronic within three years. The meter on the top left is the same as the meter on the bottom right, and is the old, safe mechanical meter that probably costs pennies in comparison, and has no electronic parts and only gives total water usage. I have found no codes, laws or easements allowing an electronic-transmitting meter on your waterline.

Cell Tower Masts

My research indicates that only 10% of the towers (aka masts) are actually used for wireless telecommunications, which raises a serious question about what the other 90% is designed to do. Given what we know about how global leaders view the general population, it’s probably not designed to promote well-being. So, there’s smart electric-metering devices that use power to run on, so it’s an un-coded appliance that’s designed to microwave, electrocute and record you. Wi-Fi alone could send power through the conductive water. It doesn’t take much. It’s not only lakes, but pools as well, and even spas:


Pools in paradise valley:



And Florida video:

Here these two boys die (first one, then the other, buried side by side) from touching a metal railing climbing back on their boat on Lake Cherokee in Tennessee. I believe there may have been a downed powerline:

2021 2 year-old-girl dies in pool

In conclusion:

Many electrocutions are caused by downed powerlines, plugged-in appliances falling into water, can occur when standing in a puddle while using an outlet, Wi-Fi in public places ricocheting power, whether microwaves or dirty electricity, on anything metal — as when I felt shocked drinking from a water fountain in high Wi-Fi places, and the cross-taze from people’s wireless devices on metal chairs.

There are also unregulated experiments in nefarious schemes. For example, I was knocked down in my backyard by a DEW camouflaged with tiny mirrors drone on May 10, 2016, I felt nauseous and couldn’t stand up, and I wriggled on my belly like a snake, into my back garage door and managed to push the door closed as the beam was still persistently targeting me. I read in the paper next day a jogger was found dead nearby. There were six dead birds in the street. I phoned Barrie in England he had warned me about cell towers emitting music and voices, He said this attack on me was most likely a drone, but cell towers may be used for this as well.

People with pacemakers should avoid electromagnetic radiation, and people with metal implants, crowns, etc. Let’s go back to 1995 tech when everything was corded, hardwired, and save cellphones for emergencies only. Imagine a war-free world with no chemtrails, no cell towers, no directed-energy weapons, no smart meters, no driverless vehicles, no fraud, no fluoride (see pdf from Gerard Judd), no Wi-Fi, no Lidar. You’ll live longer. God and Goddess Bless. Till the next article.

Adding more research on recalls and problems with gas-powered pool heaters, there are error codes on some of them: [wiki] e.g.

“E05 / ERR05: …error code relates to ignition or flame failure. Can be caused by issues with the gas supply, a blocked gas valve, or a faulty ignition control. Call in professional support to help identify the problem.”

So it seems these can have defects or recalls, plumbing and gaslines can be blocked or clogged, worn units can be unsafe, and might be the cause of many pool fatalities. Other than the forced toxic chlorine gas used in most, pouring some sea salt is best instead, like ocean water. So, ESD may not be the cause of these tragedies.

Additional Resources and References:

Scientist Barrie Trower on EMFs/RFs – (electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies) speaks in a short video, and his journal papers and contact info are there, too. One of a multitude of videos from Open your Mind Radio:

Barrie’s favorite paper is his “Wi-Fi: a Thalidomide in the Making – Who Cares?”, and his short video on how artificial electrical waves can sterilize people into infertility.

Here’s a great article by Doug Wood on the 1968 law that wireless industrialists are not obeying and his petition to put warning labels on these dangerous devices so people can gain disclosures excerpted below:

According to ART, Congress in 1968 passed Public Law 90-602, which declared “the public health and safety must be protected from the dangers of electronic product radiation” and prescribed in 21 USC 360ii Program of Control certain activities that the FDA is required to carry out to mitigate and address.”

Dr. Alexander Wunsch, photo biologist, Dr. Mercola interview link:

Wikipedia, Scientist Barrie Trower, Curtis Bennett –, Jerry Flynn, Laser classes chart (ANSI, IEC, FDA), Author Elana Freeland, Dr. Andrew Marino, Warren Woodward, Joe Esposito, Donna Bohannon, Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Harald Kautz, Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt, Professor Olle Johanssen, Mark Steele, Alli Larkin, EMF Linda Berk, Patricia Burke, Jeanice Barcelo, Deb Tavares…, Senator Patrick Colbeck, Representative Derby of Oklahoma, Josh Del Sol, Joshua Hart, Donald Berry, Marine Insurance, Jerry Day, Canadian Association of Optometrists, Jerry Day, and many others.

Bio: Florie grew up in New York on the Seagate Beach. She graduated the High School of Performing Arts ’72 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Arts State U of NY ’76. She studied Voice with Lou Rodgers, Dance with Justin Ross and Piano with Les Horan. She also studied Spanish, Computer Art and Fine Art and draws caricatures and cartoons. Her book, “Uncle Hershel Overmine Shoulder” is published by Inkwell Books LLC. She currently resides in Arizona.

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