How COVID Shots Pose National Security Issues

By Neenah Payne

U.S. Army surgeon in tears: Top brass ordered silence on vaccine injuries 3/23/22

I am watching people get absolutely destroyed’

An Army flight surgeon testified in federal court that she was ordered by high-level command not to discuss the controversy over Department of Defense data indicating a massive spike in serious injuries and illnesses among military personnel when the vaccines were rolled out in 2021.

Dr. Theresa Long was testifying March 10 in the case of a Navy SEAL commander who refused to receive a COVID shot. She told Judge Steven Merryday of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida in Tampa that she was observing cases of the demyelination of the central nervous system in military personnel.

As WND reported, three Department of Defense whistleblowers have presented evidence from the Defense Military Epidemiological Database (DMED) that show a nearly 1,000% increase overall in diseases and injuries in 2021 compared to the previous five years.

Long, a senior flight surgeon at the U.S. Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, Alabama, testified along with two other military flight surgeons, Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, and Col. (Ret.) Stewart Tankersley.

Colonel Theresa Long Discusses National Security Concerns

Whistleblower Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long Speaks Out (see link for video) 11/2/21

In a meeting today set up by Senator Ron Johnson, Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long had this to report:

Over a month ago Lieutenant Colonel Long submitted a sworn affidavit in court warning the military of what was happening to army personnel.

“Numerous Soldiers and DOD civilians have told me of how they were sick, bed-ridden, debilitated, and unable to work for days to weeks after vaccination. I have also recently reviewed three flight crew members’ medical records, all of which presented with both significant and aggressive systemic health issues.

Today, I received word of one fatality and two ICU cases on Fort Hood; the deceased was an Army pilot who could have been flying at the time. All three pulmonary embolism events happened within 48 hours of their vaccination… The subject matter of this Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and its devastating effects on members of the military compel me to conclude and conduct accordingly as follows…”.

“That this Court should grant an immediate injunction to stop the further harm to all military personnel to protect the health and safety of our active duty, reservists, and National Guard troops.”

U.S. Army surgeon in tears: Top brass ordered silence on vaccine injuries 3/23/22

Attorney Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel, representing the Navy commander, followed up, asking Long why the data is relevant to the case. “I have so many soldiers being destroyed by this vaccine. Not a single member of my senior command has discussed my concerns with me,” she said amid tears. “I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by talking about it,” Long said. She added that she is willing to lose her career “because I am watching people get absolutely destroyed.”

She said she regularly has been contacted by military personnel who have been injured by the shots, and most are pilots, who “have to meet one of the highest fitness standards.” Amid the pressure to get vaccinated, Long described an atmosphere of low morale in which there have been at least two suicides.

‘Suppression of scientific dialogue’

The flight surgeon Chambers testified that he was ordered to make sure troops received the shots and was told that religious exemptions would be denied. He said that up to 80% of military personnel have contracted COVID-19 despite having had two shots. However, he said, among the unvaccinated, the infection rate was 15%. Chambers said he has had to delay his plan to retire in 2023 because he developed demyelination of his central nervous system after being vaccinated.

Tankersley, a recently retired flight surgeon, said he has witnessed during the pandemic an unprecedented “suppression of scientific dialogue.” He said the shots are neither safe nor effective, explaining the delivery mechanism of the mRNA vaccines bypasses the natural immune system and creates inflammation that can inhibit the body’s innate immunity. Tankersly said he has treated more than 200 COVID patients with no fatalities using treatments such as ivermectin. Meanwhile, the Defense Department insists that the only way to combat COVID is to force vaccination and get rid of personnel who won’t comply.


This EVIL is NOW in Light – Take them all down now we fight back!
Whistleblower: Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long MD
Alaska Medical Freedom Symposium AM Session 09/17/22 Palmer, AK

Staver said in a statement that he is “honored to serve the brave men and women of the military.” “I am dismayed by the abuse and propaganda forced upon them from the White House and the Department of Defense,” he said. “The truth will prevail, and freedom will win.”

This Evil Is Now In The Light

Colonel Long showed Slide 16 from an October 2020 FDA presentation which warned that the COVID shots would cause multiple serious health problems and death.

FDA Slide 16 & Table 2: Everything Being Reported to VAERS

These vaccine adverse event outcomes are being reported to VAERS in unprecedented numbers.

Colonel Long requested and received from the CDC the number and type of adverse vaccine events experienced by service members. There were 9,953 reports on service members – 10% of which were deadly, debilitating, or required hospitalization. There were 119 deaths after vaccination of service members in one year while there were only 93 deaths for all branches of the DOD for the COVID infection in two years.

Colonel Long pointed out that agencies Americans trusted to monitor the safety of the experimental COVID shots admitted to having given false information on COVID vaccine safety  monitoring. They were sound asleep at the wheel while whistleblower doctors across the country who dared to raise concerns were demonized, censored, silenced, reprimanded, and retaliated against.

Colonel Long asks, “But what about the Department of Defense?” Surely they would be diligent and vigilant in monitoring signals of harm from this drug. Yet, she reports that senior military officials are ignoring this “self-inflicted castration of our national defense”.

She explains that evidence shows that sars-COV-2 was a gain-of-function bioweapon and the COVID shots are bio-weapons that Americans were tricked or forced into accepting. She asks:

“Which of our enemies would not want to get a handful of key people in authority to mandate the injection of our entire fighting force with a drug that could compromise the short- and long-term health of our force and thereby disable our national defense? [applause].

Time has now proven that not only does this experimental drug not protect individuals against infection or prevent transmission, but it also poses an unacceptable level of risk and harm to patients. So why do senior military leaders committed to the health and readiness of our military continue to implement policies that will purge hundreds of thousands of servicemembers out of the armed forces for refusing to consent to being injected with an ineffective and dangerous drug?

Is it possible that the 97 million dollars a day the pharmaceutical companies are making is compromising our military? Under the guise of medical readiness, top leaders demanded execution of unlawful orders for service members to get vaccinated with a fully-FDA-approved vaccine – all the while knowing that not a single vial of the FDA-approved vaccine existed in the United States.

So, the law was subverted by convincing commanders that the EUA and fully-FDA-approved products were interchangeable – interchangeable! Tell that to my 24-year-old pilot with permanent cardiac heart damage who has no legal recourse for financial restitution from the same pharmaceutical companies making record-breaking profits off the product that destroyed his future.

The concept of interchangeability was a fraud perpetrated on service members. Are DOD policies protecting service members or are they only serving to protect the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies which the DOD has partnered with to ensure Big Pharm had a large enough captive patient population necessary to obtain their EUA and FDA vaccine approval?

There is a level of product safety that only comes when mega corporations like pharmaceutical companies can be held financially and legally accountable for the harm their products cause.

Covid Shots Threaten Aviation Safety

On December 15, 2021, US Freedom Flyers, Dr. [Peter] Chambers, and myself, along with 10 other experts sent a letter to the FAA and all major air carriers advising them that according to the FAA’s own “Do Not Issue” policy, a Flight Certificate cannot be issued to any pilot that has taken a drug that has not been FDA-approved for at least 12 months. Since there is no FDA-approved vaccine available in the United States, every pilot who received a vaccine is flying in violation of FAA policies. The FAA failed to safeguard aviation safety through adherence to and compliance with their own air medical policies.

Bruce McGray is a federal FAA investigator with ties to aviation in Alaska. With over 12 years of flying for Alaska Air Guard and Wien Airlines, recently investigated the FAA’s deviation from their own medical certification requirements. On July 18, 2022, he submitted the findings of his investigation to the FAA in which he concluded that the COVID vaccine complications present a real and imminent risk for aviation safety.

Dr. Chambers and I have worked on safety screening protocols to help ensure aviation safety through screening pilots for deadly post-vaccination complications like myocarditis. We have worked with US Freedom Flyer president Josh Yoder to provide a voice and unwavering support to vaccine-injured pilots and air crew by demanding that airlines do not compromise airline safety by implementing politically-motivated mandates.

Doctors, politicians, employers, military leaders, scientists, fellow Americans – if you have been on the wrong side of this, take the courageous action. Humble yourselves, hit it with a repentant heart and stop terrorizing your fellow Americans. Stop allowing fear to drive your actions and only move forward as a unified people. To those of you who have perpetrated this global crime against humanity, I say to you, “Whoa!” Whoa to you workers of iniquity for all you have done in darkness is and will be brought to light. [applause]

Americans – Will you sleep soundly in your beds warmed by the sounds of your republic burning around you? Will you bend your knee to tyranny today and offer up the arms of your children to evil tomorrow? Let our children never say we were cowards in the face of evil. Seek wisdom. Pursue truth and put your trust in the  Lord. HOLD THE LINE!

Lt. Col. Theresa Long Silenced by U.S. Army After Grounding Pilots Experiencing Adverse Reactions to Covid ‘Vaccines’ 11/2/21

Not only is the U.S. military forcing servicemembers to get jabbed, they’re also silencing doctors who note adverse reactions.

House Committee takes initial stab at protecting, reenlisting troops booted over COVID jab 6/21/23

The House Armed Services Committee approves amendments to minimize penalties and reinstate troops who refused the COVID-19 vaccine, providing a fair option for service members who were wrongly separated.

FDA ‘castigated’ for ‘misleading’ COVID-vaccine labels 7/5/23

A new report accuses the FDA of misleading the public by refusing to label potentially severe side effects and failure to disclose that mRNA COVID vaccines cannot stop transmission of the virus, citing higher incidence of vaccine-associated heart deaths and serious heart diseases in younger individuals.

CDC caught altering COVID shot death certificates 7/7/23

A new report reveals that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been concealing references to COVID-19 vaccines on death certificates in Minnesota, indicating data fraud and suppression of information about vaccine side effects.

RFK Jr. drops vaccine truth bombs on Fox News, hitting Fauci hard 7/11/23

Anthony Fauci, a former federal health official advising Joe Biden on COVID-19, now in a lucrative teaching job, ’caused a lot of injury” during that pandemic, according to Democrat presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says some damage to nation from COVID was ‘knowingly.’

Kennedy said of Fauci, “I think he caused a lot of injury. I think that he particularly by withholding early treatment from Americans we racked up the highest death count in the world. We only have 4.2% of the globe’s population but we had 16% of the COVID deaths in this country and that was from bad policy.” He pointed out that nations that allowed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine “had 1/200th of our death rate.”

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is the 2021 book by RFK, Jr. At 450 pages, it is encyclopedic in its coverage. Yet, it ends with a QR-Code to allow people access to updates! The book has a 4.8 rating on Amazon with 23,713 reviews. Without much advertising and banned in several places, the book sold a million copies in the first year.

Despite Mass Censorship, RFK Jr.’s Book On Fauci’s Corruption Is #1 Best Seller On Amazon, NY Times, Wall St. Journal points out:

For anyone who doubts that the Covid-19 crisis is an intelligence-run operation controlled by spooks working with medical technocrats like Anthony Fauci, billionaires such as Bill Gates, the military, media, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum, etc., a close reading of this book – with its 2,194 references – will disabuse one of that illusion.

The book is a best seller on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon.

COVID Policies: Attack on America and Humanity

COVID Polices: Biggest Crime Against Humanity Since WWII shows how destructive the COVID policies have been. A foreign enemy could not have done more harm to America and Americans than the “health agencies” (HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA), and the Coronavirus Task Force supported by the corporate media, US presidents, and Big Tech did in 2020 and continuing now.

Yet, none of the destructive COVID polices were necessary because:

  1. The CDC stats showed in early 2020 that COVID posed little threat to anyone (see image below).
  2. Several inexpensive effective outpatient treatments were known in early 2020 including HCQ/zinc, ivermectin, budesonide, vitamin c, and vitamin D.
  3. The Emergency Use Authorizations for the COVID shots were illegal because several effective treatments were known in early 2020.
  4. Slide 16 in the October 2020 FDA slideshow warned that the COVID shots would cause multiple serious illnesses and deaths.

The COVID “health” policies have harmed America and Americans in multiple ways, including:

  1. Violated our First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion.
  2. Violated the Nuremberg Code which protects people from being forced to take experimental drugs.
  3. Closed millions of businesses without due process or just compensation.
  4. Destroyed our economy and the middle class while making many new billionaires and enriching existing ones.
  5. Blocked graduation ceremonies, weddings, funerals, holiday gatherings, beach outings, playground activities, etc.
  6. Closed schools and later forced kids to wear masks, social distance, and get COVID shots.
  7. Undermined reading and math scores.
  8. Undermined our health by denying Americans access to inexpensive proven, FDA-approved drugs for early outpatient treatment.
  9. Killed many Americans by forcing hospitalized patients (even those who didn’t have COVID) to take the expensive drug Remdesivir which was withdrawn from an Ebola trial because it killed so many people. See Documentary: How Hospitals Are Making A Killing.
  10. Killed and injured millions of Americans by forcing them to take rushed, poorly-tested, unnecessary, illegal COVID shots. Ed Dowd: COVID Shots Are Causing Youth Democide explains that former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Edward Dowd said. “The millennial age group 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall. It’s the worst ever excess mortality, I think, in history. There were 61,000 excess millennial deaths. Basically, millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021.” (National Archives state 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the 10-year Vietnam War). “This generation just experienced a Vietnam Wa
  11. Undermined our military and our national defense – leaving America vulnerable to attack.
  12. Undermined our airline safety exposing millions of Americans to threats of crashes.
  13. Continue to Ignore and suppress warnings from top scientists and doctors including The Great Barrington Declaration which now has over 937,000 signatures including over 47,000 medical practitioners, and over 16,000 medical and public health scientists.
  14. Continue to ignore massive serious injuries and deaths caused by the COVID shots even as the government’s own VAERS database shows that the COVID shots have caused more serious illnesses and deaths than all other vaccines combined in 30 years.
  15. Continue to recommend and require the shots for students, pregnant women, and babies as young as six months old who have zero risk of COVID.

The fact that Event 201 foreshadowed many of these policies in October 2019 shows an orchestrated agenda. The Greatest History Never Told explains how long-planned this global coup was. We have indeed been at war with “an invisible enemy” – but it wasn’t COVID. It’s time for the perpetrators to be brought to justice now.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

Top image: Clark County Today

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