Smart Meters and Wireless vs. Energy Intelligence: It’s Time to Stop Consulting Drs. Who Smoke

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Image courtesy Floris Freshman (This article does not provide medical advice and is offered for entertainment purposes only)

In his book The Cigarette Century Alan Brandt chronicles the denial of harm that prevailed, for decades, about smoking and health harm.

We are repeating history again with another industry-led wave of subterfuge and manipulation – by the wireless industry and its partners.

Can you see it yet?

Late Lessons From Early Warnings; CA Smart Meters

Over a decade ago, when I lived in CA for a short time, I experienced first-hand the installation of next-generation wireless “smart” meters.

The technology choice immediately harmed the health of a portion of the population.

I was one of the walking wounded.

One source of support was watching earnest, honest members of the public testifying at hearings before the California Public Utilities Commission regarding problems with the untested, unproven, unmonitored technology.

The comments, insights, and lived experience could have evolved our knowledge and science.  They didn’t.

One father’s comments haunted me.

His 10-year-old son was being released from the hospital with a metal plate in his head. The father did not want to be forced to receive a smart meter, which emits pulsed microwave radiation, while also polluting the home electrical wiring. See:

New Critical Problem with ‘Smart’ Meters

In California, many well-informed community political leaders initially spoke in opposition, and passed moratoriums.

In this 2010 video from the Ecological Options Network, “Fairfax Nixes ‘Smart Meters’ the City Council of Fairfax, CA voted July 7, 2010 to explore ways of blocking installation of so-called ‘smart meters’ by PG&E.  In this excerpt, Vice Mayor Larry Bragman and Mayor Lew Tremaine present the case for that decision.

These efforts in CA were the exception.

The implications of lack of response by society at large, including regulators and the industry, are harrowing.

Rather than learning from the CA smart meter debacle, over time, in most cases the politicized wireless landscape has become further corrupted. (For example, a number of horrific bills are under consideration in CA, and like smart meters, what happens in CA won’t stay in CA.)

Opting Out of the Opt Out Discussion

Early on, the question of smart meter safety became framed as a political battle for opt out policies, without necessary scrutiny of the entire smart grid and wireless paradigm.

At the same time, it became very clear very quickly that the FCC’s inanimate methods for ‘testing ‘and ‘proving’ the safety of the meters and other wireless applications actually had no foundation in biology, health, or real-world applications.

Against the backdrop of mainstream mass medicine, the meters revealed the deeper truth – that humans are not machines, and that individual variations as well as vulnerabilities were playing a part in how the damage manifested.

Presumptions of safety were and are baseless.

But policy makers paid no attention. Rather than heeding late lessons from early warnings, hubris and greed prevailed.

If the parties involved began with a lack of awareness, the historical record indicates that the dynamic quickly devolved into willful harm.

A decade later, the needle still has not moved in terms of a societal course correction regarding wireless, including smart meters. (RI and MA are currently involved in smart meter legislative proceedings.)

We are in deep weeds. We can change this.

Can’t see the forest, can’t see the trees

“Modern” consumer cultures have lost their connection, understanding, and grounding in the natural, integrated energy patterns that sustain life, also known as the “cosmic current”.

Shaman Jade Grigori, speaking of mid-summer, recently wrote, “As humans, we are hard-wired to the cycles of time’s passage. Our sleep is pinned to the night, our work to the day. Variations upon our allegiance to this simple cycle induce measurable stress and debilitation of health. Women’s cycles of fertility and menstrual cleansing are keyed to the monthly periodicity of the Moon. Even the human gestation of a child is reflected in the 260-day presence of Venus above the horizon, both as Morning Star and as Evening Star. Researchers at Harvard have shown that humans are naturally entrained to a 24.65-hour circadian rhythm (the natural solar day-night cycle on the planet Mars). Our bodies and psyches echo the rhythms of the Sun, Moon, and planets. We are indelibly wedded to the cosmos.”

Ancient cultures looked to the local sky.

The mass society is caged in the demarcation of time as a tool to coordinate and control the masses over long distances. This tunnel vision has no grounding in the abundant resources and energy potential of the localized cosmic current that sustains life, from sunrise to sunset, in harmony with the lunar months, and throughout the seasons.

Cell phones and smart watches devoid of energy intelligence now dominate the collective consciousness, which is unconscious.

Water Wisdom vs. Technocracy

For example, rather than watering according to biodynamic gardening principles, sustainability committees across the country have mandated wireless smart water meters and odd-even day watering schedules, devoid of recognition of beneficial hydrological cycles.

These are uninformed control narratives that have done nothing in terms of stewardship of nature or water.

Watering at inauspicious times leads to undesirable effects, for example as noted here:

Pests and mold are consequently treated with harmful chemicals, with unnecessary consumption of even more resources.

“Water in Plain Sight – Judith Schwartz from Chelsea Green Publishing”

Water scarcity is on everyone’s mind. Long taken for granted, water availability has become dependent on economics, politics, and people’s food and lifestyle choices. But as anxiety mounts—and even as a swath of California farmland has been left fallow, and extremist groups worldwide exploit the desperation of people losing livelihoods to desertification—many are finding new routes to water security with key implications for food access, economic resilience, and climate change.

Water does not perish, nor does it require millions of years to form as do fossil fuels. However water is always on the move and we must learn to work with its natural movement. In this timely, important book, Judith D. Schwartz presents a refreshing perspective on water that transcends zero-sum thinking. By allying with the water cycle, we can revive lush, productive landscapes, like the river in rural Zimbabwe that now flows miles further than it has in living memory thanks to restorative grazing; the fruit-filled food forest in Tucson, Arizona, grown by harvesting urban wastewater; or the mini-oasis in West Texas nourished by dew. Animated by stories from around the globe, Water In Plain Sight is an inspiring reminder that fixing the future of our drying planet involves understanding what makes natural systems thrive.”-

It’s not just the cycles of water that can be reclaimed; current generations are challenged with reclaiming, re-sanctifying, and protecting the energetic patterns that sustain all of life.

Regardless of the trajectory of technocratic societies, individuals do not need to function under artificial parameters that ignore the cosmic current. We can reclaim heaven.

Time is energy.

Several thought leaders recently offered illuminating works around topics of wireless technologies.

Health – Dr. Leland Stillman Video

In this 34-minute must watch video, Dr. Leland Stillman explains the history of the wireless movement and the fact that the human body metabolizes light energy, and not “food as fuel.“

He also explains the deleterious impact of artificial frequencies on the blood-brain barrier,

From this perspective of recognizing the energetic light body, it becomes clear that science can begin looking, immediately, at how wireless exposures alter the distribution of chi within the meridian pathways.

Each organ system manifests a high and low tide, with implications for auspicious and inauspicious times for various activates, including healing interventions, The synthesis between the outer environment and the individual energy field, which is the essential foundation for health, is being hijacked by electromagnetic pollution.

Meridians Move Energy

From the perspective of recognizing damage to the blood brain barrier, the entire scope of dramatic increases in neurological impairments, from autism to allergies to Alzheimer’s, can begin to be addressed through safer technology choices.

Meridians are the alchemizers between the inner and outer electromagnetic environment.

The current paradigm claims that bones only move via muscular contraction. This is an outdated, incomplete, inaccurate assumption that may have its foundation in reliance on studying anatomy via autopsies.

Meridians can activate contraction.

By tightening the pericardium sac surrounding the heart and the 26 bones of the skull, the meridians can act to protect the most important electromagnetic organs from harm – the brain and the heart.

In an inhospitable environment with chronic cumulative juxtaposed exposures, the protective mechanism is not able to reset to homeostasis. The brain becomes compressed, overheated, and dehydrated when the flow of cerebral spinal fluid is blocked, and the brain fails to detoxify when the functioning of the newly discovered glymphatic system is impaired.

If this contraction mechanism of the meridians were evaluated in reference to just one disease endpoint, the development of Alzheimer’s plaque in the brain, it might change the course of medical history.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the Spleen meridian archetype functions like the sheepherders and their dogs who can detect the threat of an incoming lightning storm, or the dowsers who can locate wells. Humans vary in their sensory capacities, including hearing and smell.

In an electromagnetically polluted environment, these guardians of the galaxy who sense frequencies are the sentinels, warning humanity of imminent danger.

The mass consumer culture, operating from a state of energy illiteracy, does not possess an awareness of the “hot-head” compressed brain phenomenon, unlike the yogis who used techniques such as alternate nostril breathing to cultivate brain balance and health in direct relationship with the cosmic current.

If the bones of the skull are not rhythmically expanding and contracting with the breath, self-sovereignty is compromised.

Those reporting harm are correctly recognizing the impairment of balancing potentials that were codified by many ancient cultures.

We should have the right to transcendent health, across the lifespan, free from assault, sourced from the sun and its direct relationship to the Heart.

Environment – Kate Singer on Substack

Another form of energy blindness pertains to the lack of recognition of the planetary impact of what is referred to as the “wireless ecosystem.”

Those concerned about the environment or climate and who have not factored wireless into their assessment of pollution and environmental injustice are missing the boat. Katie’s substack is a remarkable brain trust and a must for cultivating integrity in sustainability efforts,

For examples,

Policies for More Ecologically-Sound Tech adapted from a May 23, 2023 presentation at Canadians for Safe Technology

Mapping Our Technosphere May 2023 Newsletter from Katie Singer

Sea Birds’ Last Refuges – Cellular Phone Task Force, Arthur Firstenberg

The Cellular Phone Task Force is one organization chronicling “citizen science” reports of the effects on Radio Frequency Radiation on nature, for example, this research on the birds of Texel Island.


See also 5G/EMG/RF How to Kill a Wetland—the 2023 Spring Migration on Samos, Greece

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost was written by John Milton in 1667. “The character of Satan displays great hubris. His excessive pride makes him feel he can take over the control of Heaven, and because of this, he falls from grace and must inhabit Hell.”

Technocrats in bed with the military have had their run at controlling sustainability narratives, and thereby creating hell on earth.

It is not possible to be a light to the world, or to spread light, without revering light energy as the source of life. To honor that light, we must confront illusions about wireless tech.

We can begin by deliberately removing our own consciousness from the blinded acceptance of wireless safety. See: “Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: Implications for 5G” (2022) highlighted the fact that the current exposure limits to RFR established by ICNIRP and the FCC in the late 1990s and then reaffirmed in 2020 are deficient as they ignore important health effects data published over the past 25 years, as well as health risks to sensitive and susceptible subgroups, such as children, and to the environment.

World EHS Day Massachusetts 2023

This is how we move mountains….we start truly counting the carnage, and allow the data to inform the decision to stop building the mountaintop towers, including in residential areas. Now. The body count is rising.

Be on the right side of the unfolding paradigm shift. Time is energy.

Source: SafeTechInternational

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