Remembering Graeme MacQueen

By The Corbett Report

Esteemed scholar, researcher, author and 9/11 Truth and Justice advocate Dr. Graeme MacQueen passed away on April 25th.

Today, James pays tribute to Dr. MacQueen’s life and legacy with a remembrance of his groundbreaking work and the testimonies of his friends, colleagues and loved ones.


Ted Walter on Graeme MacQueen
Time Reference: 00:01


Barrie Zwicker on Graeme MacQueen
Time Reference: 00:49


Kathleen Mackay on Graeme MacQueen
Time Reference: 01:57


Graeme MacQueen (1948 – 2023) [message from widow]
Time Reference: 04:38


Fall 2001: The Message, The Terrorists – Graeme MacQueen at the 9/11 Revisited conference
Time Reference: 06:44


9/11: The Next Step – Graeme MacQueen on GRTV
Time Reference: 07:28


Episode 426 – Who Controls the News Controls the World
Time Reference: 22:54


The Triumph of the Official Narrative: How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11
Time Reference: 23:04


Episode 430 – The Media Are the Terrorists
Time Reference: 23:23


September 11: The Pentagon’s B-Movie
Time Reference: 23:27


A False Flag Reading List – Questions For Corbett #093
Time Reference: 23:50


The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy by Graeme Macqueen
Time Reference: 23:58


Interview 944 – Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception
Time Reference: 24:06


The Pentagon’s B-movie: Looking closely at the September 11 attacks [online book]
Time Reference: 25:47


“A Guiding Light for 9/11 Truth.” A Tribute to Graeme MacQueen [Global Research Newshour]
Time Reference: 28:12


Dave Ratcliffe on Graeme MacQueen
Time Reference: 29:26


Remembering Graeme MacQueen [Kevin Ryan]
Time Reference: 40:03


James Corbett on Graeme MacQueen
Time Reference: 42:25


9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement [4/4]
Time Reference: 50:04

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Source: The Corbett Report

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