The Freedom Cell Network is a Gateway to Unbanking, Unschooling, Permaculture, and Defeating the Great Reset

By Derrick Broze

The following is a preview of “Leveraging the Freedom Cell Network for Homeschooling, Unbanking, and Permaculture”, a chapter from the 2nd edition of How To Opt-Out of the Technocratic State. Derrick Broze is the author of How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State and co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network.

I have been involved in promoting and experimenting with the concept of Freedom Cells since 2016. I first learned of the concept from fellow Texas activist John Bush in 2015. It was John’s original conception, what he called the Central Texas Mutual Aid Society, that excited me to spread this message. Taking inspiration from his vision, I began to produce videos about the various ways Freedom Cells could be applied. I also started organizing a Freedom Cell in Houston, Texas. I gave speeches on the topic at events all over the United States, as well as Mexico and Costa Rica.

I first put the concept of Freedom Cells into writing in my book, Manifesto of the Free Humans, in 2017. Slowly but steadily, the Freedom Cells concept permeated the minds of activists around the world. We launched an early website in 2016, and a second version in late 2019. Overall, the Freedom Cell Network as a movement was blossoming and helping redirect some of the restless energy of the freedom movement into a focus on solutions.

In 2019, I began reflecting on the impending dangers posed by facial recognition, social credit scores, and allpervasive digital cameras, and asking what solutions might be available to avoid, or at least survive, this dystopian nightmare. I decided to write OptOut in an attempt to share the Agorist philosophy and Freedom Cells strategy with a broader audience. The first version of the book launched in late January 2020.

I immediately began speaking publicly at conferences and festivals promoting the work. When I first learned about COVID-19, I did not initially suspect that what was taking place was related to the Technocratic agenda I had just finished writing about. However, within weeks, I realized what was unfolding and recognized that this book was warning people about something taking place right before their eyes. Needless to say, the ideas within the book resonated with people from all walks of life.

So, while the Freedom Cell Network was thriving before 2020, it was not until COVID-1984 that the movement and website saw an exponential increase in interest and participation. Our website went from around 1,500 members scattered around the world prior to March 2020, to over 34,000 people using the site post-COVID-1984. Also, in the spring of 2020, the messaging app Telegram saw a rapid increase in users, including members of the freedom movement who had been banned from other social media platforms. The Freedom Cell Network was a part of this growth.

We started the Freedom Cell Network Directory on Telegram, a listing of the hundreds of cells around the world that we had become aware of. The movement has become extremely active in parts of Mexico, with more than 15 Freedom Cells around that country since 2020, and in Texas, where the movement began in 2015. Other active regions include parts of Australia, India, Canada, Portugal, Germany, and Philadelphia in the US. I consider The Freedom Cell Network to be a broad term for people practicing the concept via the FC website, Telegram, and other online platforms, as well as those who practice it strictly in person without using these digital tools. Altogether, we estimate that there are more than 40,000 people associated to some extent with the movement and concept.

Not only has the concept of Freedom Cells grown, but the counter-economy itself has also seen an increase in participation from the masses. As I will outline in the coming chapters, Konkin’s theories about the masses seeking to avoid tyranny — and choosing to bend or break the law as part of this effort— proved to be correct. We saw this plainly with the growth of the black and gray markets for fake “vaccine passports” and COVID-19 PCR tests.

In late 2020, The Freedom Cell Network launched our first event, The Greater Reset Activation, a five-day, solutions-oriented event meant to offer a directalternative to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Whereas the WEF and the technocrats focused on central planning, we focused on decentralization and grassroots organizing. We called the event an “Activation” because it was specifically organized with the goal of motivating, inspiring, and activating those attending and watching online to take concrete steps in their lives to Exit and Build. The response to the Activation has been overwhelmingly positive, and we will continue to organize it annually for as long as it is needed.

Finally, in September and October 2021, I traveled the United States for 60 days, hosting 30 events, where I shared the message contained within this book. I also did a speaking tour in Mexico in March and April 2022.

I share all of the above to say this: I have spent the last seven years working on Freedom Cells. In that time, I traveled the United States, gave talks internationally, and collaborated with activists all around the world. In these last two years particularly, I have heard from Freedom Cell members far and wide, detailing their wins and losses, their struggles and their accomplishments. The following tips are sourced from my own experience, as well as that of various members of the Freedom Cell Network. Please use them, adapting them as necessary to your local situation.

Lessons Learned: Five Focus Areas

In speaking with members of the FCN, I found several key areas where people were having success. These include:

Helping people feel less alone (providing a sense of community)
Withdrawing their children from public schools and homeschooling (protecting and educating future generations)
Pulling their money out of the banks (protecting finances)
Starting to grow their own food (protecting food/staying alive)
Opting-out of Big Tech and digital tech altogether (protecting privacy
and sovereignty)

I believe each of these areas provides insight into the ways in which the Technocratic State seeks to gain ground. Specifically, each area corresponds with a specific attack vector, which the Technocratic State will attempt to take advantage of. For example, the Predator Class would love to have a population that is:

isolated and depressed
indoctrinated through public education”
dependent on the coming Central Bank Digital Currencies
dependent on Big Agriculture and factory farms
mindlessly consuming digital technology that mines them for data and monitors their every move

Thus, if Freedom Cell members are having success in these areas, they are likely to fare better than those who are not prepared. It would also be wise for new Freedom Cells to focus on these key areas first. Let’s take a moment to elaborate on each topic and outline specific steps that can be taken.

Read the rest of this essay in the 2nd Edition of How To Opt-Out of the Technocratic State.

Source: The Conscious Resistance Network

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