RFK Jr.’s New Book: A Letter to Liberals

By Neenah Payne

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the author of the November 2021 book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. At 450 pages, it is encyclopedic in its coverage. Yet, it ends with a QR code to allow people access to updates! The book has a 4.8 rating on Amazon with over 23,000 reviews.

With over a million copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author, the book is #1 on AMAZON, and a NEW YORK TIMESWALL STREET JOURNALUSA TODAY and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY NATIONAL BESTSELLER. Fauci’s role has been profoundly criticized in several books, films, and videos. Yet, perhaps none has so thoroughly taken Fauci to task as Kennedy’s book.

Kennedy, born January 17, 1954, is an American environmental lawyer. He is the author of numerous books, including How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy and The Riverkeepers. Kennedy wrote or edited 10 books, including two New York Times bestsellers. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, among other publications.

Kennedy helped found the non-profit environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance in 1999 and has served as the president of its board. From 1986 until 2017, Kennedy was a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a non-profit environmental organization. From 1984 until 2017, he was a board member and attorney for Hudson Riverkeeper. Kennedy co-hosted Ring of Fire, a nationally-syndicated radio program.

Earlier in his legal career, Kennedy served as assistant district attorney in New York City. For over 30 years, Kennedy was an adjunct professor of environmental law at Pace University School of Law. Until August 2017, he held the post as supervising attorney and co-director of Pace Law School’s Environmental Litigation Clinic which he founded in 1987. Kennedy’s work on environmental law led him to be considered for the position of Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008.

Since 2005, Kennedy has promoted the link between vaccines and autism and is founder and chairman of Children’s Health Defense. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy has been a leading critic of the COVID policies in the United States

In RFK, JR. DISCUSSES THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI, Del Bigtree, interviewed Kennedy. This provides insight into how disastrous Fauci’s role was for America’s health for decades.

Kennedy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy who served as Attorney General during the presidency of his brother John Kennedy from 1961 until November 22, 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy’s father ran for the presidency in 1968 but was assassinated before the party’s nominating convention.  RFK Jr.’s uncle Ted Kennedy was an American lawyer and politician who served as a United States senator from Massachusetts for from 1962 until his death in 2009.  He ran a campaign for the presidential nomination in 1980.

Documentary: The Real Anthony Fauci

Jeff Hays on “The Real Anthony Fauci” Movie 

The Real Anthony Fauci (therealanthonyfaucimovie.com)

A Letter to Liberals

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on COVID Orthodoxy, Fauci’s Legacy, and War in Ukraine

Megyn Kelly is joined by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., author of “A Letter to Liberals,” to discuss COVID pandemic orthodoxy, the need for discussion and debate, the elimination of freedoms due to the COVID pandemic,

Dr. Fauci demanding blind faith in authority, the important issue of whether the COVID vaccines prevent transmission, myocarditis risk from COVID and from vaccines, rise in “unexplained” deaths in a post-COVID vaccine world, the truth about how many lives COVID vaccines saved and lost, the lack of important data needed to understand the rise in deaths post-COVID,

what Fauci said about vaccines that could have an adverse effect before the COVID vaccines were available, the absurdity of the new booster which was only tested on eight mice and no humans, Pfizer’s involvement in the Trump administration, Alex Berenson and tech censorship, RFK’s disbanded “vaccine safety” commission, Scott Gottlieb and our supposed medical elite, American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations, problems with the VAERS system, personal backlash from family and friends, his views of Donald Trump then and now, Herschel Walker and our politics today, the war in Ukraine, American imperialism, RFK’s personal connection to the war as his son Conor was fighting in the country, and more.

A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals

Amazon Description

A leading Democrat challenges his party to return to liberal values and evidence-based science.

Democrats were the party of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and faith in scientific and liberal empiricism. They once took pride in understanding how to read science critically, exercising healthy skepticism toward notoriously corrupt entities like the drug companies that brought us the opioid crisis, and were outraged by the phenomenon of “agency capture” and the pervasive control of private interests over Congress, the media, and the scientific journals.

During the COVID pandemic, these attitudes have taken a back seat to blind faith in government mandates and countermeasures driven by pharmaceutical companies and captive federal agencies, promoted by corporate media, and cynically exploiting the fears of the American people.

A Letter to Liberals is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, challenge to “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to once cherished precepts.

Kennedy invites readers to look at the data in order to answer questions such as:

  • Did COVID vaccines really save millions and end the pandemic?
  • Why were the lowest COVID death rates in countries and states that relied on therapeutic drugs, and in countries with the lowest vaccination rates?
  • Did vaccines prevent infection or transmission as officials promised?
  • Why do COVID vaccines appear to show “negative efficacy”—making the vaccinated more susceptible to COVID.
  • Why does the most reliable data suggest that COVID vaccines do not lower the risk of death and hospitalization.
  • Should government technocrats be partnering with media and social media titans to censor and suppress the questioning of government policies?
  • And why have so many liberals abandoned fundamental Constitutional principles in their headlong rush to embrace pandemic policies pushed by captured bureaucrats, feckless politicians, a compromised news media, and Big Pharma?

In his November 2021 book The Real Anthony Fauci, which sold over 1,000,000 copies, Kennedy made predictions that have matured from “conspiracy theories” to proven facts.

Among these:

  • Masks Are Ineffective and Dangerous
  • Social Distancing Was Not Science-Based
  • School Closures Were Not Science-Based
  • Lockdowns Were Counterproductive
  • Vaccinating Children Causes More Harm and Death Than It Averts
  • Officials Wrongly Used PCR Tests to Justify the Countermeasures
  • COVID-19 May Have Come from Wuhan Lab
  • Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccine Immunity

Kennedy throws down the gauntlet for the kind of vigorous scientific debate that liberals have long stood for and strives to ensure that unbiased honesty and well-researched thought is brought to bear on one of the most important and still unfolding chapters in human history.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Dr. Fauci, CDC & Big Pharma Collusion 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – a lawyer and controversial icon of the anti-vaccine movement – joins Ask Dr. Drew LIVE with Dr. Kelly Victory to discuss RFK’s allegations of collusion between Dr. Fauci, the CDC, big tech, and big pharma, from his documentary The Real Anthony Fauci.

The film is based on the bestselling book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. …

Most recently, Kennedy received recognition for his role on the trial team in the landmark victories against Monsanto in 2018, and against DuPont in 2019 in the contamination case that inspired the movie Dark Waters (2019). Among Kennedy’s published books is the New York Times bestseller Crimes Against Nature (2005)….

Kennedy is a graduate of Harvard University. He studied at the London School of Economics and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Following graduation, he attended Pace University School of Law, which awarded him a master’s degree in environmental law. He served on the Pace Law School faculty from 1986 to 2018 and cofounded and supervised Pace’s Environmental Litigation Clinic.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 1): The Pandemic ‘Coup D’état’

Half a century ago, President Eisenhower warned of the rise of the military-industrial complex and a scientific-technological elite. “The final blow in this coup d’état against democracy…was COVID-19,” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

We got rid of our Bill of Rights…The government began censoring speech…closed all the churches for a year…They got rid of freedom of assembly…They went after property rights, the Fifth Amendment. They shut down 3.3 million businesses with no due process, no just compensation…They then went after jury trials, the Seventh Amendment. They made it so that…no matter how negligent or reckless [pharmaceutical companies] behave, you can’t sue them.”

 RFK Jr.’s Speech At Hillsdale College

Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Thank you. I’m very, very happy to be here. I’m really happy to be here. Although I’ve never been here before, it feels like almost like a homecoming because of the incredible role that this institution played during COVID-19 when it was the only college left in the country that really stood up for freedom.

And when this college was established in 1844, abolitionists were despised by the vast majority, 90% of the people in our country hated them and thought they were crazy and that they were unrealistic. And it wasn’t really until three years into the Civil War that it flipped and that the President came out and freed the slaves. And he couldn’t do it because just the public antipathy for abolitionism.

So really, this institution has an extraordinary history, and it’s been very, very faithful to the values upon which it was established, which is love of freedom, no matter what public opinion, no matter what the public cost, no matter who pressures you to stop, but to stand up for it. And it’s really a testimony to something special and the investment that has been made here, not in building a pile, teaching students to build a pile for themselves like most colleges and whoever dies with the most stuff wins, but instead building character and demonstrating character. And thank you.

Somebody last night asked me about how I got into the “anti-vax racket,” and which I’m not anti-vaccine, although I’m kind of the poster child for the anti-vax movement, but I’ve been an environmental attorney for now 40 years. Up until 2005, that’s all I did. And then that year I ran a group called Hudson River Keeper, which I represented for 40 years commercial fishermen on the Hudson and recreational fishermen, suing polluters who were destroying their livelihoods, their property values, their communities. And they had a business model. We have the oldest commercial fishery in the country on the Hudson.
The people I represented for 40 years many of them came from families that have been fishing the river continuously since Dutch Colonial times, its traditional gear fishery. They used the same fishing methods that were taught by the Algonquin Indians, original Dutch settlers from New Amsterdam, and then passed down through the generations.

And they had a business model that worked for three centuries. And then they were put out of business by polluters who had political clout and who were able to manipulate government agencies, capture and manipulate government agencies, in order to escape the discipline of the free market and force the public to pay their production costs. And they had turned the Hudson Valley into kind of a not free market capitalism, but corporate crony capitalism and this corporate kleptocracy, which really is about socialism for the rich, and a very savage and brutal and merciless brand of capitalism for the poor.

And they saw this happening, and I fought for them for 40 years, but in 2000, but we were successful. I brought over 300 successful lawsuits on the Hudson. By the year 2000, we had forced polluters to spend three and a half billion dollars remediating the river. The river, when I started working there, caught fire. It turned colors, depending on what color they were painting the trucks at the GM plant in Tarrytown. It was dead water, zero dissolved oxygen for 20 miles north of the city, 20 miles south.

Today, it is an international model for ecosystem protection. It’s the richest waterway in the North Atlantic. It produces more pounds of fish acre, more biomass per gallon than any other waterway in the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator. It’s the last major river system left in Atlantic that still has strong spawning stocks of all of its historical species of migratory fish. And the miraculous resurrection of the Hudson inspired river keepers on waterways all over the world. We became the biggest water protection group in the world. We have 350 water keepers. Each one has a patrol boat. They each patrol a local waterway and they litigate against polluters. And we’re a law enforcement organization. We have great environmental laws, but because of agency capture, they’re almost never enforced. But we’re allowed to enforce them under a provision called the Citizen Supervision.

In 2003, the National Academy of Sciences published a report that showed that every freshwater fish in North America, 10 year study, was contaminated with dangerous levels of mercury. And so the water keepers, who represent fishermen were particularly, this seemed to us like we were living in a science fiction nightmare. Where my children, the children of every other American, could now no longer engage in the seminal primal activity of American youth, which is to go fishing in the local waterway and then come home and safely eat the fish. And those companies had privatized the public commons, a resource that is owned by the public, to make profits for themselves. They had privatized. We no longer owned the fish. The companies who are doing that polluter, which is coal burning power plants and cement kilns primarily.

So in 2005, we started suing them. A lot of people were suing coal plants, but we were suing them, the water keepers were suing them, on mercury. And I had 40 suits going by 2005. And I was traveling all around the country talking to crowds like this about mercury. And at almost every speech I gave, these groups of women, and they were different at every place, would come and sit in the front row. They’d show up early. And then when I finished, they’d wait and they’d ask to talk to me. And as it turns out, they were all of them were the mothers of intellectually disabled children. And they all believed that the vaccines had caused their child’s injury, particularly mercury vaccines.

And they would say to me, in a very respectful, but also kind of vaguely scolding way, “If you’re really interested in mercury exposures to children, you need to look at vaccines.” I didn’t want to do it. I had spent a lot of my life working on the issues of intellectual disabilities. It was part of the DNA of my family. My Aunt Eunice, who was also my godmother, started Special Olympics.

I had been working in Special Olympics, it was then called Camp Shriver, since I was eight years old, every weekend as a hugger, as a coach. I spent 200 hours as a teenager in high school working in Wassaic Home for the Retarded. My family, my uncle was chair of the health committee for 50 years. My family wrote a lot of the legislation that gave rights and changed the entire relationship with individuals with intellectual disabilities, the most vulnerable population in the country. But I didn’t want to do that for my life. I wanted to work on fisheries, on water pollution, on energy.

And so I was dodging these ladies. And then one of them came to my house, found my house on Cape Cod, in the summer of 2005. She was a psychologist from Minnesota named Sarah Bridges. She had a son who got severe autism from a mercury vaccine. He had gotten a $20 million award from the vaccine court, which recognized his autism came from the vaccine, there was no controversy, and she didn’t want it to happen to other children. And she showed up at my house and she took out of the trunk of her car a stack of studies about 18 inches deep. She put it on my front stoop and she knocked on the door. And when I came to the door, she pointed to the pile and she said, “I’m not leaving here until you read those.”

And I’m accustomed to reading science. I wanted to be a scientist when I was a kid. And the kind of law that I practice involves a lot of science. So almost every suit that I brought has involved some kind of scientific controversy. And I would not be very good at my job if I didn’t enjoy reading science and if I could not read it critically. And so I sat down, and I didn’t read the studies, but I read the abstracts. And I got about six inches down on that pile and I was just dumbstruck by this huge delta between what the public health agencies were saying the science said, and what the actual peer-reviewed published science was saying.

And I started after that doing what I always did when I didn’t understand something. Because of my name and my family’s relationships with these agencies, I could always get the head of an agency on a phone very quickly. And I started calling them and asking questions. I got Francis Collins from NIH and Kathleen Stratton and Marie McCormick from Institute of Medicine.

And they told me something weird. I asked them about science, and I realized they were completely not conversant with it. They were just parroting this phrase, “safe and effective.” They hadn’t read any of the actual science. And when I asked them about details, they said, “You have to talk to Paul Offit.” Well, Paul Offit is a vaccine developer who’s a partner of Merck’s.

And I had been working with EPA for many years, about probably 20% of my lawsuits were against EPA, which is a captive agency, captive by the oil and chemical and pesticide industries. And EPA, if I call a science guy or a regulator there, they’re going to have some self-respect and they’re going to try to answer my question. They’re not going to direct me to a coal industry lobbyist.

So this was bizarre. And then when I talked to Paul Offit, I caught him in a lie, which I’m not going to go into. I’d love to go into it but I need to conserve my time here, so take my word for it. But he knew I caught him in a lie.

I knew. And there was that moment where we were like, “You are just a liar.” And so then I realized, “Okay, these guys either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re lying about it deliberately.” And then I realized these agencies were completely captured, but an agency captured on the steroids. FDA gets more than 50% of its budget from the pharmaceutical companies. CDC has a $12 billion budget and 5 billion of that, so almost half, goes to buying vaccines from these companies and then distribute them.

So if you work at CDC, you do not get promotions by finding problems with vaccines. You get promoted by increasing uptake. And the NIH is just an incubator for pharmaceutical products. So it develops the vaccines, hands them over to the industry, hands them over to the universities, which then get NIH money, $200, $300 million, to do phase one and phase two trials.

Then, if those are successful, which they always are because they make them successful, they then call in the pharmaceutical company to do a phase three. And then they all divide up the royalty, the patent merchant rights, and then Tony Fauci is the head of NIH, walks it through the regulatory process at FDA and CDC where he’s picked the members of the panels who are all taking money from him. And they know their product is next in line and their job is to rubber stamp this product and recommend it to children.

So, I saw this process and how it worked and it was regulatory capture on steroids. And then NIH gets the money. I got de-platformed for saying, “NIH owns half the Moderna vaccine”. They said, “That’s vaccine misinformation.” Well, guess what? On Thursday this week, Moderna made a $400 million payment to NIH for its share of the royalties to date. So, all of my conspiracy theories have about a three month shelf life before they become reality!”


Kennedy’s Key Role

In his books, film, and interviews, Kennedy provides a much-needed review of the COVID era and raises key questions. He discusses the “regulatory capture” of the NIH, CDC, and FDA by Big Pharma and the violation of the Constitution. He highlights the loss of our First Amendment rights — Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Religion. He explains that the US Founding understood Freedom of Speech as the bedrock of all other rights. They saw Freedom of the Press as the Fourth Estate to hold the other three branches of government accountable. Kennedy says we must find ways to free the regulatory agency and to restore our rights.

Kennedy reminds us that President Roosevelt told us, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” He points out, “We were “The Land of the Free” because we were “The Home of the Brave“. However, when we allow hysteria to drive public policy, we rush to surrender our constitutional rights in a obsession with safety.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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