New York Mayor Goes To War Against Meat And Dairy As Climate Agenda Escalates

By Tyler Durden

The war on food is one of the more subversive elements of the “Net Zero” climate agenda. While most mainstream discussion focuses on carbon taxation or a shift to electric vehicles, there is a legitimate public threat underway in the form of agricultural restrictions by government (specifically on nitrogen and methane emissions) and the targeted removal of animal-based protein in regular Western diets.

It’s no secret, the green totalitarians hate meat.  At least, they hate meat for the general populace.  The reasons why are uncertain, though it’s certainly not because cow farts cause global warming.  There is zero evidence of any causation relationship between animal farming and rising global temperatures.  In fact, there is zero evidence of any causation relationship between carbon, methane or nitrogen emissions and rising global temps.

The issue is obscured by the methods used to calculate livestock’s impact: The UN’s climate report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, claims livestock alone are responsible for 18% of GHG emissions, but the figure calculates emissions along the entire supply chain, from land use to processing and refrigeration in supermarkets.

Meanwhile, transportation figures – which are regularly reported as 28% of all GHG emissions – only factor in direct emissions from exhaust fumes, ignoring processes associated with manufacturing machinery, or moving people and produce.  The UN is deliberately overstating the scale of livestock emissions, not to mention there’s no proof of climate impact.

So why the obsession with meat and dairy?

There are multiple studies which suggest that veganism can lead to reduced cognitive function and lower intelligence, especially when such diets are forced onto children.  The human brain requires several nutrients that simply cannot be found in plants.  In most cases, vegans are required to take regular supplements to offset these missing elements that the brain needs.  Maybe the establishment’s goal in the future is to keep the average person as stupid as possible? Or perhaps they want to keep the population dependent on vital supplements that are manufactured?

One can only speculate on the true motives at this point.  However, the spread of the anti-meat ideology within governments is not a theory, it is a fact.  New York Mayor Eric Adams is the latest official among many to announce his fealty to the climate crusade by joining efforts to cut animal-based carbon emissions by 2030 (exactly in line with the UN’s Agenda 2030 program).

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Reading from a speech he obviously barely understood, Adams stumbles over his words as he declares that “food is the third biggest source of city emissions” involved in climate change.  He then slurs his sentences as he asserts “We already know that a plant-powered diet is better for your physical and mental health…and I am living proof of that…”

Much like the ongoing effort by Democrats to remove natural gas-based appliances while claiming that “no one is going to take your gas stove,” the war on meat is also presented as nothing more than a “lifestyle suggestion” which is then retooled as a health crisis as well as a climate crisis.  The intent is to eventually ban meat completely, or make it so expensive through carbon taxation and regulation that only the wealthy can afford to eat it.  The goal of a meatless world is openly admitted by the UN.

What will you be allowed to eat instead?  If veggies don’t get you excited the establishment elites at the World Economic Forum suggest protein harvested from insects to satiate the appetite of the masses along with soy-formed meat substitutes.  They are no doubt laughing about this behind closed doors over a glass of red wine and a nice medium-rare steak.

Incrementalism is the name of the game and often long-term nationwide controls are achieved through the tip-toe of localized policies.  The litmus test for future authoritarianism is invariably found in the actions of far-left city and state governments that use their citizens as guinea pigs to see what trespasses people are willing to tolerate.

Source: ZeroHedge

Image: Pixabay

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