FBI Tip of the Iceberg

By Karen Stewart

As of late 2022, multiple FBI whistleblowers have gone to congressional representatives like Jim Jordan and Charles Grassley to report that not only is the FBI purging Conservatives and Christians from their ranks, but that the FBI Field Office in DC has ordered field offices all over the nation to put real crime on the back burner and get busy fabricating charges against rank-and-file American Conservatives. By calling specific groups “terrorist threats” or “white supremacists”, the Biden administration can take more and more draconian measures against people they perceive as impediments  to their plans to declare the American people themselves to be enemies of THEIR totalitarian state, and advance a falsified premise upon which to suppress, do away with and nullify yet more freedoms until we all have none.

This frame-the-citizenry program is actually the culmination of a very successful scam that the DHS, through the FBI, has been running for more than 20 years – ever since the inception of FBI Fusion Centers after 9/11.  They were touted as the remedy to the “intelligence failures” that led to 9/11.  They were places where local authorities and federal representatives of various agencies supposedly could go to “fuse” information to detect and prevent future terrorist attacks like 9/11. There are now about 80 across the USA. (Might we expect one on each street corner eventually?) Yet in 20+ years how many terrorists have they identified, much less how many attacks have they thwarted? Exactly zero. News articles have even called them “pools of ineptitude” and remarked on how Fusion Centers continuously decline Congress’s requests for accountability for all the billions of dollars spent by them. How are we in a situation where part of the government defies accountability to who oversees their funding? If they have not found or stopped one attack in over 20 years, then what are they doing?

Are FBI Fusion Centers the proverbial Trojan Horse for a take-down from within? There is a new committee forming in Congress to look into “the weaponization of the federal government” against the American people. Its nicknamed the Church Committee 2.0, referring to the congressional investigation in the 1970s that was meant to reign in unconstitutional (criminal) activity by the CIA against innocent Americans. This new committee claims it has been spurred on by recent brazen FBI abuses of power – yet it is really only the tip of the iceberg and nothing new. The audacity and egregious disrespect the FBI actually has for the Constitution AND the American people themselves, has been on a collision course for exposure for a very long time.  They have, however, successfully hidden their depraved, covert war against thousands of innocent Americans for 20-plus years through the fraud Fusion Centers.

How have they managed to do this? Unfounded trust in them is a key factor as well as fictitious oversight. They have improperly claimed “National Security concerns” to secretly accuse, list, and target thousands upon thousands of Americans they know to be innocent. Then they blow off congressional oversight and then blow off FOIAs by the legalistic sleight of hand of having these Fusion Centers “privately owned”. And it is not just that they are dishonesty bloating the watchlist to get bigger budgets and more power, though that certainly is a driving factor. And they are not “just” illegally surveilling the victims. They are destroying lives and actually killing people while making money off of doing it and by blaming the victims. Innocent people. This is human trafficking on a very sophisticated and reprobate level like never seen before.

Since the PAA and NDAA trample the Constitution, and no one has had the sense to rescind them based on a total lack of terrorist activity in 20 years — meaning that the US is not actually in a state of emergency for that reason anymore — then, using these unconstitutional acts’ criteria, an innocent person can be declared a threat and surveilled… for life. The secretly targeted individual’s constitutional, civil, and human rights can be nullified by SECRET fabricated lies. Legally telling this perverse wing of law enforcement to “put up or shut up”, as laid out by the Constitution, is not allowed. No challenges allowed by the victim, who is not even notified or allowed confirmation of being accused of a crime or even “acting suspiciously”. No, the person is blind-sided and the last to know. Everything is secret. Secret accusation, secret crime, secret accuser, secret evidence, etc. No one on this list has EVER been charged, much less brought to trial. That is because the FBI Fusion Centers know they are lying and defrauding the government and the taxpayers. They cannot afford to be exposed in a court of law. They make their fortunes by endless surveilling until the victim’s death, and you can argue, a Fusion Center victim’s death is never “natural” causes.

But what makes up this “surveilling”? Bugging the individual’s home, phone, car, hacking their internet, their computer? Intercepting their mail? Intercepting their packages? Putting secret cameras in the environment facing their home? Yes, but much more. Once a contract is taken out on a target, Fusion Centers send out operatives to viciously defame the target and enlist neighbors, coworkers, professional contacts (doctors, lawyers, accountants, bank employees, blue collar services such as plumbers, electricians, even employees of frequented businesses) to not only “report on them” but also to actively harass, sabotage, give bad service to or refuse service, i.e., to make the targeted person’s life difficult at every level, every day. Restaurants have even been known to make food so inedible as to discourage further business from the “town pariah” or even poison the target. This blind cooperation is accomplished through the well-oiled baseless defamation campaign, Gestapo-style intimidation, and bribery by FBI Fusion Center operatives under color of law. Yes, your tax dollars are used in this pyramid scheme of abuse. And the amount given to civilian “snitches” (thugs, vigilantes,  miscreants and even convicted criminals – their secret, and thereby unconstitutional standing army) is so obscenely high as to make most ignore any twangs of moral reservations they might have in regard to committing crimes at the behest of “their government”.

In addition, Military Industrial Complex (MIC) contractors and certain rogue military can “access” these secretly dehumanized, now-expendable non-people for non-consensual weapons testing for years or until their deaths. War-grade gases, poisons and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are often used on them 24/7 by neighborhood operatives, either trained by Fusion Centers or who “host” Fusion Center operatives or MIC contractors. You can imagine that to detect these weapons requires very expensive, high-tech equipment and highly trained experts – impossible for a target to afford, much less find anyone in this torture matrix to actually help them.  And certainly regular law enforcement is not capable or at all willing.

Often an experienced professional neighborhood lead is moved into the area to coordinate the attacks once in play. Then if the target leaves, or after the target perishes, the coordinator is moved to lead another attack campaign elsewhere. There would appear to be a national network of what victims call “perp houses” to facilitate changing attackers every so often for efficiency and plausible deniability. One such home was found to be listed as rental property owned by the DoD, though no DoD facility or entity was even within 100 miles of the lone rental house in a neighborhood of single family owned/mortgaged homes.

The weapons mentioned above are not exclusive, FBI Fusion Centers also take contracts from or “partner with” biotech entities that want non-consensual subjects to use for lucrative experiments using invasive medical chips, invasive nanotech, self-assembling biotech, transhumanist biotech, Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), etc. This entails getting help from corrupted medical personnel or simply knocking out the target and “operating on/injecting them” in the middle of the night in their own homes.  (No known lock and key can stop such intrusions.) Many are “tagged” (chipped) for V2K, aka the Frey Affect aka Microwave Hearing, and also known by the DoD as the “Voice of God Weapon”.  This subjects the person to voices emitted to their brain through pulsed microwave sounds absorbed by the process of bone conduction (used by many earphone brands). They can be random sounds (or visual projections) or can be recorded harassment chatter or live harassment chatter to add salt to the abuse wound and see what affect the incessant verbal abuse has on wearing down resistance and making the victim compliant and less than human by giving up free will “to the masters’” relentless invasion of their minds.

Make no mistake, this program was being Beta tested for roll out to ALL of humanity by inbred, criminal, narcissistic, sociopathic, billionaire and tech-savvy, self-proclaimed elites and human predators with god complexes — and the wealth, influence, and tech know-how to do it.  And we are at its precipice right now.

Bold, decisive, immediate, and no-holds-barred actions are needed NOW by so-called  leadership (who have been painfully slow to awake to this danger and to find courage to address it) in order to wrest our fate from the hands of these monsters before it is absolutely too late to save civilization and humanity. There is no more time to waste, no leeway left. It truly is “Do or Die”- rebirth our nation or bury it.

Karen M. Stewart
Intelligence Analyst, ret.
National Security Agency

Image: SHTFplan

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