Independent Sound Expert Says Mystery Noise Torturing Residents Likely a “nearby internet booster hub”

By B.N. Frank

High-speed internet can be achieved more safely and securely with hardwired internet connections rather than via harmful wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation sources, including 5G.  Of course some people are more affected than others by wireless and other sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

From BBC:

The Hum: Villagers say they’re ‘tortured’ by mystery noise

By Alex Moss

At first glance, Holmfield looks like a quiet village. But for some residents, their lives are being made a misery by a mysterious rumbling noise in their homes. Not everyone can hear it and investigations have failed to find the source. The BBC went to investigate what locals call the Holmfield Hum.

“I love my home but some days I absolutely detest being in it. It feels like there’s no happy space here any more.”

Yvonne Conner hears the hum. Aside from the odd weekend when she has had to “escape”, it has been the background sound in her Victorian stone terrace since 2019.

For her, the hum is a constant droning sound, like the whirring of a washing machine or an idling diesel engine. Not everyone in Holmfield experiences it, but for those that do, its impact has been severe, even costing Yvonne her health and job.

As we chat in the high-ceiling kitchen at the back of the house, Yvonne says the hum is whirring away, like it does most days and nights. I concentrate on trying to pick it up, but can’t hear anything.

She explains: “As much as I can hear it I can feel it on my eardrums. It resonates and feels like a pressure against them. That’s pretty much what it’s like all the time.”

Unlike high-pitched noises, low-frequency sounds like the hum – which range in frequency from about 10Hz to 200Hz – can’t be masked and are capable of penetrating through blockers such as ear plugs and headphones. On a night when the streets and houses are silent, the noise is amplified.

“One particular night I woke about 5.30am with a start. ‘For God’s sake’, I thought, I could hear it through my pillow. The only thing I could do was to put my headphones on, play music, lie on my back and hope somehow, I could just forget it was there.

“But it’s impossible and it feels like this never-ending cycle of torture.”

Yvonne is not the only one affected. In 2020, many others in and around the West Yorkshire village signed a petition prompting an investigation by Calderdale Council.

Holmfield sits at the bottom of a valley – homes dotted around a fairly large expanse of industrial and commercial premises. Villagers have previously said they believed local industrial units were to blame for the noise.

Zoe Millar has also endured years of disrupted sleep: “It leaves you feeling worn out because it’s worse on a night so trying to sleep is hard. We have considered moving but why should we when it’s something that’s not our fault?”

Initially, the authority said it had pinpointed three possible sources, although never specified which ones. But at the end of their investigation, officers concluded they had not been able to find the cause.

The phenomenon of difficult-to-trace, low-frequency hums is not unique to Holmfield. Similar irritating noises bother people elsewhere across the country.

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