Fascinating Novel: “Much Ado About Corona”

By Neenah Payne

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story is by Canadian author John Manley.

Amazon Description

A Novel About Real Love and a Fake Pandemic

Summer 2020. The first lockdown has ended in the small Canadian town of Moosehead. Twenty-four-year-old Vincent McKnight emerges from three months of stay-at-home orders into a surreal new normal of multi-coloured face masks, acrid hand sanitizers, and germaphobic neighbours standing six feet apart.

The new normal becomes even stranger when Vince’s Indigenous grandfather sends him to buy a loaf of bread from the town’s new baker. Stefanie Müller speaks five languages, has beautiful blue eyes… and is a certified conspiracy theorist. She believes the pandemic is a hoax to justify totalitarian “public health” measures. But when the local cop pulls out his taser, Stefanie’s dystopian premonitions no longer seem so theoretical. And when the restrictions threaten Granddad’s life, Vince finds himself going face-to-mask with the emerging police state—forced to choose whether to follow senseless rules or to follow his pounding heart.

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story

Interview With John Manley

Amazon adds:

John C. A. Manley has been writing speculative fiction since he was nine years old. In 2001, he married, moved out of Toronto into a small town, and began work as a freelance ghostwriter and copywriter; while penning short stories and collecting rejection slips from publishers. In 2018, he began writing his first full-length novel, an urban fantasy set in Stratford, Ontario; but when the first lockdown began in 2020, he put down that project to pen a short dystopian story about where he saw these so-called “public health” measures going. That short story grew into the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona.  John is currently working on the sequel, Brave New Normal while living in Stratford Ontario with his wife Nicole and son Jonah.


John says his father was a priest until age 45 when he got married and had John when he was 50. His uncles were priests and John grew up Catholic. He got a very negative reaction when he read his thesis about reincarnation to the class because the Catholic Church rejected that idea centuries ago.

John’s wife went on kidney dialysis 12 years ago which costs about $60K/year in Canada and $300/year in the US. They had a very good experience with dialysis in Mexico where it’s much cheaper. That woke John up to the level of corruption in the medical system. He saw that doctors do nothing to help people get better and make a lot of money off people when they get sick. He learned that the medical system is withholding information about many simple and inexpensive treatments and lifestyle changes that could eliminate most of the health problems in the world.

John is not convinced that there are any viruses or contagious diseases because he believes in the Terrain Theory rather than the Germ Theory. John’s initial question about the COVID policies was whether the politicians are just stupid or are evil. However, when Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada announced the lockdown and everyone had to stay in their homes, John realized where it was headed — that it was tyranny. Although he’s an introvert, John rebelled! He refused to follow any of the lockdown restrictions. He didn’t change his lifestyle at all except that although he usually didn’t go to restaurants, he suddenly decided he would! He didn’t mask except in life-and-death medical situations. He put up with the shunning, shaming, and spitting. He says, “It was obvious from a scientific point of view that this was nonsense because there was no science.

The government told people they had to go along with the narrative or they would die, their grandmother would die, or everyone would die. So, John launched his website Much Ado About Corona. He started writing a short story and published an article per day showing that COVID was a hoax and there was no crisis — that politicians were causing the crisis. The treatments doctors were using were making the crisis worse. He thought his articles would help people realize that it was all a scam.

However, the amount of animosity he received was worse than when he had given his talk about reincarnation in grade 10 or 11! At the local level, he was getting death threats. His neighbors were asking, “What kind of selfish person are you? You’re killing people. People in Bangladesh are not getting medical supplies.” John couldn’t understand what Bangladesh had to do with kids playing in the park. The logic train had derailed. So, he realized people were scared — partly of the pandemic. However, he realized that it was more frightening for them to consider that the government could be lying.

John kept writing one article per day for about a year. About 2,000 people subscribed to his site, which surprised him since he wasn’t advertising. A lot of people wrote that his articles helped keep them sane, saying “I realized this was wrong. You are providing not only evidence but confirmation that I’m not going insane — just the rest of the world is.

John wrote two hours per day and it took him 1,100 hours to write the book. He had to do massive amounts of research on COVID, on the Objiwe (First Nations) culture, French Canadian culture, etc. The novel also deals with how the Canadian government abused the First Nations peoples in the residential schools and the Japanese Canadians in internment camps during World War II. He was trying to show the parallels with the growing abuses under COVID.

John said that a lot of this scandemic wouldn’t have a chance if people had more integrity or stability. It’s really about a battle within our own selves. The fact that so many people buckled so easily and just rolled over and said, “Okay, I’ll go along with this is the more disturbing fact — not that the government did it because that’s what you expect power-hungry people to do. They’re just going to take as much as they can. The disturbing thing is that the people were willing to not only go along with it — but some of them were asking for more.”

The interviewer points out that 100 years ago our ancestors would never have put up with any of this. John explains that many adults have not grown up because Western men no longer have the traditional rite of passage that indigenous cultures have. He says, “So much of our culture has diminished.”

The interviewer asks, “What’s our route out of this mess?” John says that everyone has to examine their own nature. He points out that he likes what Jordan Peterson said about “Clean your own room first before you try to fix the world.” John said, “So, just on a personal level, the more people develop their own moral courage — whether it’s to be able to go into a store without a mask or whether it’s just confronting a co-worker who maybe is being deceptive with you, or doing what you really want to do with your life. It’s part of what motivated me to write the novel. I thought we were all going to be in a concentration camp”.

So, he decided that he would like to fulfill his dream in life before that happened — or at least die trying. He says, “So, a lot of times, it’s dealing with the internal stuff. This couldn’t happen if a lot of people were doing what they wanted to do with their life — a lot of people have jobs they hate! Maybe they should team up with a few friends or start a business on their own. That could make a big difference”.

John said that some people who are aware of the plans of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum got the shot — and even multiple shots — to keep their jobs. Some of them are very sick now. He said, “Quit your job! It’s not worth it! There’s got to be something better than playing Russian roulette to keep your job.” He knows one man with very technical skills who refused to get the jab. He was fired but four months later, the job demanded that he return because the business was falling apart without him!

What’s Going To Happen Next?

John said he thinks a lot of people who were most accepting of the official COVID narrative are going to die from the shots. So, essentially what’s happening is that the gullible population is being culled — which is a bizarre thing! John says, “At some level, I almost feel like it’s nature trying to weed out the weaker of the species.”

The interviewer said he agrees and thinks that globalists were expecting or hoping for 100% compliance — and therefore the culling would have been across the board equally. He says, “However, this is the classic backfire and they’ve killed more of their own than ‘the enemy’.”

John said he writes his first drafts standing up and writes in shorthand with pencil on paper on the wall rather than sitting down with a pen or at a computer. He finds that his brain works better when he writes this way. John explains that there are a lot of theories about why that is — just the motion with the hand activates so much of the brain versus the simpler medium of the keyboard.

While the keyboard allows him to write faster, when he writes sitting at a desk, he hunches a little and starts to get back problems. When he’s writing on the wall, his spine is erect and he doesn’t get any back pain. John points out that standing also results in more blood flow to the brain. He said that Hemingway also wrote on the wall and that standing to write was extremely common into the 1900s. In Charles Dickens’ novels, lawyers and clerks all had standing desks.

John said his novel was published by his company Blazing Pine Cone. John’s site is https://blazingpinecone.com/.

John says on his site:

My ancestry dates back to the first European settlers in sixteenth-century Canada, carrying a blend of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and French genes (with a little First Nation from my great grandmother). I was raised Catholic, disliked school, and have been writing speculative fiction since I was nine years old.

Graduating a year early from high school, I moved to a Hindu monastery in the mountains of Southern California where I studied Eastern philosophy, practised yoga meditation, and was almost eaten alive by a mountain lion. Three years later, I moved to Italy where I trained as a fine artist at an academy in Florence. Two years later, I found himself back in Canada where I struggled as a portrait artist in downtown Toronto.

In 2001, I married, moved out of the big city into a small town, and began work as a freelance ghostwriter and copywriter while penning short stories and collecting rejection slips from publishers. In 2018, I began writing my first full-length novel, an urban fantasy set in Stratford, Ontario; but when the first lockdown began in 2020, I put down that project to pen a short dystopian story about where I saw these so-called “public health” measures going. That short story grew into the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona. I’m currently working on the sequel, Brave New Normal, while living (and protesting) in Stratford Ontario, with my wife Nicole, and son Jonah.

We’re In a Culture War

Richard Nichols, the interviewer, reads from John’s book a passage pointing out the role of the writer in waking people up. He explains that ultimately we are in a culture war. John agreed that this is not so much an information war as it is a culture war. John says that one of the greatest novels ever written was Life of Pi by Canadian author Yann Martell.

Amazon Description

After the sinking of a cargo ship, a solitary lifeboat remains bobbing on the wild blue Pacific. The only survivors from the wreck are a sixteen-year-old boy named Pi, a hyena, a wounded zebra, an orangutan—and a 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger. Soon the tiger has dispatched all but Pi Patel, whose fear, knowledge, and cunning allow him to coexist with the tiger, Richard Parker, for 227 days while lost at sea.

When they finally reach the coast of Mexico, Richard Parker flees to the jungle, never to be seen again. The Japanese authorities who interrogate Pi refuse to believe his story and press him to tell them “the truth.” After hours of coercion, Pi tells a second story, a story much less fantastical, much more conventional—but is it more true?” “A story to make you believe in the soul-sustaining power of fiction.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Life Of Pi

John says that Life of Pi is one of the best-selling books of all time.

It Takes Courage To Write About COVID Now

John points out that To Kill A Mockingbird is another of his favorites. It discusses Black oppression in the 1920s. However, it was written in the 1960s when it was much safer to write a book like that. He said it was difficult to write about COVID during the COVID era and he was nervous about the reaction it was going to get when the book was released.

Nichols points out that what John did was remarkable and very brave because these issues need to be tackled head on. John says that authors in the thriller industry are pretending that COVID doesn’t exist. The interviewer said that we have the classic James Bond situation staring us in the face, but you wouldn’t know it at all if you read their work. He says it’s an enemy that’s easy to knock down because they don’t have much substance.

John points out that what they are doing is silly once you expose it. He explains that his novel has scenes that are very violent, scary, sad, and depressing at times — but there’s an underlying humor. The interviewer explains that humor is a very powerful weapon — laughing at the villains.

John said he had about 40,000 words left over after he completed Much Ado About Corona. Now, he has about 150,000 words drafted for the next novel which is called Brave New Normal. When he originally wrote the story, there were only four characters: Vincent, Stephanie, Yamamoto, and Father Lacombe who has a much bigger part in the later novel. He said it’s possible that this will be a trilogy with the third book called The Two Gentlemen of Corona.

John says that the sequel is more dystopian. He thinks the world could get darker, but it’s also possible that the globalists have exposed themselves and they’re killing off too many of their followers. John said we might see a collapse of large parts of civilization — and see everyone moving to Mexico, and maybe that would be a good thing if all the sane people go to one place and start a new civilization! Nichols is already in Mexico.

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story makes a great gift for Christmas or for 2023!

Author John C. A. Manley – Much Ado About Corona EP 180

Author John C. A. Manley talks to Peter and Kathleen about his book Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story. It’s a book with a rich cast of colourful characters, set in the background of the social turmoil caused by the harsh lockdown policies adopted by many levels of government and organizations.


00:46 Reactions to the book Much Ado About Corona
09:30 How the book got written
11:00 Escaping from the clutches of the cult
14:00 To Florence, Italy
15:22 The sequel
17:00 The characters in the book
20:44 Research and the dark moon
22:10 Collapse of society
25:30 Why the lies?
27:40 Where to buy the book
29:20 John’s newsletter

John explains that before writing the novel, his primary career was ghostwriting for allopathic and alternative doctors. So, he was already well-versed in interpreting medical situations. John says the novel helped awaken some people who had accepted the official COVID narrative without question — and that is one of the goals of the book. John was skeptical when his mother who lives in a retirement home bought 20 copies which she distributed to the staff. However, all of them loved the book! People who had questioned the COVID narrative find the book a therapeutic and healing confirmation.

John points out that he thinks society was already collapsing before the COVID tyranny. He thinks the globalists were scared that they were losing control. They had already bankrupted most countries and people were waking up and able to share information. For example, although John self-published the book, anyone anywhere in the world can now buy it from any bookstore.

John said the situation was so frustrating because it was obvious that government officials were lying every time they opened their mouths about COVID. He believes they got away with it because they had coordinated it so well that the whole world was lying at the same time.

John points out that there’s been a lot of death as a result of the COVID policies. However, people who had the self-respect, self-confidence, and humanity to question the COVID policies are now uniting in a way that never would have happened before. So, John’s prediction is that while the situation is going to get a lot nastier, it will be a lot nicer on the other end.

People may be congregating in certain places or countries. John said that, for example, he wouldn’t be surprised if Alberta breaks off from Canada. If so, he might move there from Ontario! Peter pointed out that Alberta may combine with parts of the USA. John said the US may break up too.

Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom

The videos and book below are by Sherri Mitchell.

Sherri Mitchell – Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change

Sherri Mitchell was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maine, and received her Juris Doctorate and a certificate in Indigenous People’s Law and Policy from the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law. In 2015, she received the Spirit of Maine Award, for commitment and excellence in the field of International Human Rights.  In 2016, Sherri’s portrait was added to the esteemed portrait series, Americans Who Tell the Truth, by artist Robert Shetterly. And, she is the recipient of the 2017 Hands of Hope award from the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine. Sherri is also the cohost of the radio program Love (and revolution) Radio, which focuses on real-life stories of heart-based activism and revolutionary spiritual change.

Sacred Wisdom: Sherri Mitchell

Sherri Mitchell, indigenous leader & author of “Sacred Instructions”, shares indigenous wisdom on how to create an economy built on core values of reciprocity and kindness.

What if Indigenous Wisdom Could Save the World?

Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change

Amazon Description

A “profound and inspiring” collection of ancient indigenous wisdom for “anyone wanting the healing of self, society, and of our shared planet” (Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma). A Penobscot Indian draws on the experiences and wisdom of the First Nations to address environmental justice, water protection, generational trauma, and more.

Drawing from ancestral knowledge, as well as her experience as an attorney and activist, Sherri Mitchell addresses some of the most crucial issues of our day—including indigenous land rights, environmental justice, and our collective human survival. Sharing the gifts she has received from the elders of her tribe, the Penobscot Nation, she asks us to look deeply into the illusions we have labeled as truth and which separate us from our higher mind and from one another.

Sacred Instructions explains how our traditional stories set the framework for our belief systems and urges us to decolonize our language and our stories. It reveals how the removal of women from our stories has impacted our thinking and disrupted the natural balance within our communities. For all those who seek to create change, this book lays out an ancient world view and set of cultural values that provide a way of life that is balanced and humane, that can heal Mother Earth, and that will preserve our communities for future generations.

The Language of Spirituality

The Language of Spirituality : “the first time in the post-colonial era where indigenous ways of knowing and leading edge science meet on truly equal footing” — Tiokasin Ghosthorse

The DVD The Language of Spirituality documents the discovery by physicists and linguists that the verb-intensive Native American languages better convey concepts of quantum physics and consciousness than noun-heavy Western languages. The DVD can be purchased or streamed. Since language influences how we see the world and understand reality, Native American languages provide a more accurate view of the universe.

The Language of Spirituality

In his book Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea, Carter Phipps shows that the West is now beginning to understand the key role of language for individuals and cultures — and the importance of the concept of process, movement, being, life.

​Phipps says:

In discipline after discipline, statis is losing the battle to movement, process, change, and contingency….These are insights that go to the core of what it means to be human…..We are moving too. In fact, some might say that we are movement itself. In so many ways, this fundamental insight is emerging everywhere.

Phipps cites Henri Bergson:

Life in general is mobility itself….we treat each of them as a thing rather than a process, forgetting that the very permanence of their form is only the outline of a movement.

​Phipps states that Alfred North Whitehead “…called our failure to recognize this movement, our tendency to turn flow into fixity ‘the fallacy of misplaced concreteness'”. Phipps adds that German philosopher Jurgen Habermas, “argues that both psychological development and cultural development are ultimately based on linguistic structures and it has since be convincingly demonstrated by Piaget, Kohlberg, Kegan, and others that if a development logic exists in the maturation of the individual ego, then there is every reason to suspect that social evolution would exhibit a similar trajectory.”

However, as the DVD The Language of Spirituality shows, the noun-heavy Western languages make it difficult to convey this essential understanding of fluidity and motion that is inherent in verb-intensive Native American languages. This indicates the importance of ensuring the survival of these languages and cultures. With their sophisticated understanding of reality, they have much to teach the West.

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