Rose/Icke 7: David Icke Explains The Trap

By Neenah Payne

Brian Rose, founder of London Real, began interviewing the legendary British author David Icke in 2020 with Rose/Icke1, a show that went viral.  Since then, each of his six subsequent interviews with Icke has been much anticipated. Rose/Icke 7 was held on August 22. Icke has written dozens of books in the last 30+ years. His latest book The Trap: What it is. How it works. And how we escape its illusions will be published on September 1 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Amazon Description:

“David Icke has been writing books for decades warning that current events were coming. He has faced ridicule and abuse for saying that the end of human freedom was being planned, how, and by whom. David Icke’s The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998, has been called the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of the conspiracy movement for the way it exposed how the pieces fit and the nature of the force behind human control. The Trap is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of illusory reality and opens the door to freedom in its greatest sense. Read this book and the ‘world’ will never look the same again. The veil of illusion shall be swept aside and the amazing truth this has kept from us shall set you free.”

Rose/Icke 7: The Trap

In the must-see interview linked below, Icke explains why censorship and suppression of any ideas that challenge official narratives is so pervasive now. He also explains the COVID agenda, disruptions in the supply chain, destruction of food supply, war in the Ukraine, the role of China, global warming, plans for universal income, and so much more. Icke points out that so many people are waking up. Icke explains that the goal is for a tiny few to intimately control the lives of everyone in the planet. He says that the social credit system in China is the role model. The COVID agenda moved the world closer to that goal.

However, Icke points out that many more people are waking up now and refusing to blindly follow authority without question or critical thinking. People are taking their power back.

ROSE/ICKE 7 The Trap – What It Is, How It Works, And How We Escape Its Illusions (FreedomPlatformTV video)

“Today’s guest, oftentimes controversially, has become something of a regular on London Real and the Digital Freedom Platform, not least because he’s one of the most fascinating men I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with, but also because above all else I steadfastly believe that everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

David Icke, according to most references, is a ‘conspiracy theorist’, although this feels a little too vague and dismissive. He has, in fact, dedicated the last 30 years of his life to investigating, researching, questioning and documenting “who and what is really controlling the world”. And I would argue despite his outspoken nature, he is most certainly misunderstood, at least by those who fail to listen.

David’s early life couldn’t be much further away from where he finds himself today. As a talented young sportsman, he signed for Coventry City football club in 1967 as a Goalkeeper. He went on to play for Oxford United, Northampton Town and Hereford United until, at the tender age of 21 found his burgeoning career cut short by arthritis, something that would affect him for many years to come.

From here, he pursued a career in journalism and worked his way up the corporate ladder, blazing a trail into the spotlight as a presenter with the BBC. He dabbled in mainstream politics, as a spokesman for the Green Party, but his life would change forever in 1991 when David experienced what can only be described as a spiritual awakening. The media pounced and criticism, contempt and ridicule soon followed.

His life would be changed irrevocably from that moment forth. Since that time, David has authored over 20 books and spoken in over 25 countries. He has an enormous global following, and his tours take in cities from as far afield as New Zealand and Los Angeles to London and New York and anywhere in between.

His research into prominent political figures, influential family bloodlines, global events, and most recently the covid pandemic has seen him on the receiving end of widespread criticism and ridicule from the mainstream media – a situation he now knows only too well. In truth, his consistent messaging, incredibly accurate predictions and promotion of peace and unity have resonated with a huge community of people from all corners of the globe who have grown tired of the government lies, cover-ups, censorship and manipulation that have become an increasing presence in our everyday lives.

David is an extremely intelligent and caring individual. He promotes positivity as a response to many of the challenges we face in modern society. And, as those who have been to one of his renowned sold-out arena tours, where he speaks for up to ten hours a day can attest, he is incredibly good company and extremely engaging.

In his latest book The Trap, David goes deeper down the rabbit hole than ever before to explore and expose what he calls the anti-human agenda that is being orchestrated by a force beyond our reasonable perception that has been manipulating and controlling world events, in what he describes as a virtual reality computer game. Of course, amidst such claims, David brings some fascinating insights into the nature of humanity, the history of the planet and the social mechanisms at work therein.

‘We are living in amazing times, when the manipulation of humanity through the ages which has gone on in the peripheral vision, in the shadows, it’s now come into the public arena where we can see it, and now we can bloody deal with it, and we will!’ David wants all of us to stand up and think for ourselves. To stop taking life for granted, and start questioning who we are and why we’re here? Some may not agree with his message, but, for many, he offers a chink of light in an otherwise dark world.”

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Growing Attempts To Censor Free Speech

The United Nations Will Be the “Tip of the Spear” Against “Conspiracy Theorists” on the Internet  tells us that not only do folks in our own country want to tell us what we can say and what opinions we can hold. Now the United Nations wants to join in silencing unpopular views.

By Jeremiah Johnson

The UN has formally declared that we should all take action to marginalize anyone they denounce as “conspiracy theorists” to maintain “information integrity.” What are your thoughts on the UN deeming what is true and what is not? What about their attack on so-called “conspiracy theorists?”

“Within the past several years, the globalists have increased their attacks on any venue championing freedom of speech. The prime target is the Internet because of its outlets of conservative, independent news. One action at the forefront of their activities is the denunciation of what is derisively labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and their “theories.” The UN is acting as the “tip of the spear” in this attack, one that is far from spontaneous.

Here’s an article you need to read on the subject.

An excellent article on this subject came out on 8/3/22, entitled “UN Declares War on ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories,” and you can find it here.

The article covers worldwide individual events ranging from complete censorship to promotion (indirect control) of “debunking” strategies on social media sites. Here’s a piece of the article for you:

“The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds, and the State of Israel must not be linked to any “alleged conspiracies.” [The UN has] teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission, and the World Jewish Congress to launch the campaign dubbed #ThinkBeforeSharing: Stop the spread of conspiracy theories. The UN wants you to know that events are NOT “secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent,” and if you encounter anybody who thinks the global elite are conspiring to consolidate power and dictate global events, you must take action.”

Most people automatically defer to recognizable figureheads and symbols of authority.

The complex mechanism of what is labeled as “society” already has had its mechanisms completely hijacked. A “conspiracy theorist,” basically defined, is any person who exposes the establishments as liars and criminals. All independent media is labeled as “crackpot” or “crazy” and is presented against the backdrop of the establishment: the media, the politicians, and the “friendly” corporations and CEOs.

The UN denounces people who expose oligarchs. They vilify the independent news media.

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Another piece for you to read is entitled “COUNTERING DISINFORMATION: A guide to promoting information integrity.”

You can access it here. Here’s what they boast:

“The guide includes the first-ever global database of organizations and initiatives working to counter disinformation that includes more than 270 entries from more than 80 countries.”

Read it. The site leaves no stone unturned, and it presents a view of what we are up against. One more item: they present an “interesting” paragraph at the bottom of their section, “Welcome to the Countering Disinformation Guide.” The paragraph is infuriating. Here it is:

This Guide is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.”

In other words, an “arm” of the United States has given their “generous support” in creating this “Countering Disinformation” guide.

Plato’s book, The Republic, formed the basis for all of it. Here’s a quote by him:

“If anyone at all is to have the privilege of lying, the rulers of the State should be those persons; for they, in their dealings either with enemies or their own citizenry, are allowed to lie, for the good of the public.”

It’s far more than just a crackdown on conspiracy theorists.

Read full article at The Organic Prepper

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Three Steps to Break Mass Psychosis and Totalitarianism

“Why Do People Willingly Sacrifice Their Freedom?” by Dr. Joseph Mercola was deleted due to political pressure. It provided a comprehensive explanation of the reasons much of the world has complied with the insanity of the COVID “health” policies which are destroying our freedoms, health, economy, and educational system for a virus that poses little threat.  His article linked to the video below.


Dr. Mercola’s article pointed out:

“There are three groups of people: those who become spellbound and actually believe that the wrong answer is the right one; those who know the answer is wrong, but dare not tell the truth so they agree with what they know to be false; and those who know the answer is wrong and say so.

Typically, only 30% of people in a totalitarian society are actually under the hypnotic spell of mass formation. It seems greater, but they’re actually in a minority. However, there’s typically another 40% that simply go along with the program, even though they’re unconvinced. They don’t want to stick out by going against the prevailing current. The remaining 30% are not hypnotized and want to wake the others up.

A key strategy to break mass formation and prevent totalitarianism is for dissenters to join together as one large group, thereby giving fence-sitters who are not yet fully hypnotized an alternative to going along with the totalitarians. The so-called Ash experiments clearly demonstrated that very few people, only 25%, are willing to go against the crowd, no matter how absurd and obviously wrong the crowd’s opinion is. Two-thirds of people are willing to go along with ‘idiocracy.'”

Icke says it is the 20% who obey authority without thought or question and the 60% who comply out of fear that have caused all tyranny in the history of the world. They lack self-respect because they don’t understand how powerful they are. He says it is the 20% who refuse to comply who have ever stopped tyranny. He says, “Just say ‘No!’”

The Psychology of Totalitarianism


MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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