Great Reset: Globalist-controlled New Zealand to Introduce “Climate Tax” on Cattle and Sheep

By Amy Mek

The World Economic Forum and other globalist international organizations’ goal is to engineer a ‘great reset’ – a world government based on climate hysteria and social control.

Environmentalists and unelected self-anointed global elitists have concocted a new scheme to seize control of the agricultural industry and people’s food choices. Globalist-controlled New Zealand‘s new proposal plans to force livestock farmers to pay a climate tax for their cattle and sheep, which supposedly produce too much methane and CO2.

The ranchers in New Zealand keep about 10 million cattle and as many as 26 million sheep. While the sheep are used in particular for the consumption and production of wool, the cows are used not only for the production of meat and meat products but also for the production of dairy.

Since cattle and sheep are also considered producers of so-calledclimate gases” (CO2, but above all methane), the New Zealand government now wants to impose a climate tax on these animals. According to the BBC, New Zealand’s Climate Change Minister James Shaw said:

“There is no question that we need to cut the amount of methane we are putting into the atmosphere, and an effective emissions pricing system for agriculture will play a key part in how we achieve that,” New Zealand’s climate change minister James Shaw said.”

According to the report, the proposed law means that farmers will have to pay for the gas emissions from their livestock from 2025. In addition, this plan also provides incentives for farmers to reduce emissions through feed additives while planting trees on farms could be used to offset emissions. An extremely bureaucratic process that causes high costs for the cattle breeders and additional work.

The money from the new climate tax will be invested in research, development, and advisory services for farmers, according to the country’s environment ministry. In the end, this will make beef and lamb, as well as dairy products and wool from New Zealand, even more expensive, but without leading to effective and long-term measures that support the government’s so-called climate protection plans.

It is only a matter of time before other left-wing countries adopt and implement such ideas, especially in Europe. With corresponding consequences for food prices, of course. There have already been proposals to levy a climate tax on meat to reduce consumption (and thus production). There have already been demands that for every ton of CO2 released into the atmosphere during the production of milk and meat, a climate tax of 60 euros should be levied. This would reduce meat consumption by 15 percent.

War on Meat

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and other Globalist international organizations’ goal is to engineer a ‘Great Reset’ – a world government based on climate hysteria and social control. In the “new and improved” post-pandemic world, citizens will no longer eat meat but “laboratory-created fake meat,” “artificial food,” “bugs”, and you can wash it down with “sewage.”

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has repeatedly praised bug-eating for the planet’s sake. Bugs “are rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, and can be farmed at scale with minimal footprint,” they claim.

The WEF has also boasted that cows will no longer be allowed to burp or urinate outside. They want cows to start receiving Bovaer, a feed additive from Dutch company Royal DSM NV. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of Bovaer per day will cut methane burps by a third for a dairy cow, claims the WEF. That should make agriculture climate-friendly but also economically dependent.

Source: RAIR Foundation via Truth Unmuted

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