Three Officers Guilty On All Counts: Fair or Folly? Was George Floyd’s Death A Live Exercise Now Deconstructed?

By Maryam Henein

Tou Thou Attorney Robert Paule: People do get injured at these trainings, don’t they?

MPD Medical Response Coordinator Nicole Mackenzie: They do [because it’s very realistic training].

While ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of doing too much (read: excessive force) in the death of George Floyd, the three other officers involved – Tou Thao, Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane – were found guilty of not doing enough.

On Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2022, after a second day of deliberations, an all-white federal jury pooled state-wide convicted all three of “willfully” depriving George Floyd of his constitutional rights under the “Color of the Law.” It was concluded that the trio “should have known” George Floyd needed help, after hearing him say “I can’t breathe” 27 times. Ultimately, they failed to uphold their “duty to intervene” during the restraint outside the Cup Foods grocery store.

Thao and Keung were charged with Count 2 – failing to intervene, and all three – with Count 3 – depriving Floyd’s rights to provide medical aid.

After covering this five-week federal trial and investing more than 1000 hours investigating the death of George Floyd, I’ve concluded this event wasn’t a horrific racist murder but a multi-layered psyop in disguise to serve a leftist communist agenda.

In my upcoming book “George Floyd || A Multi-Layered Psyop Examined,” I investigate the holes in the narrative and how the media co-opted this event to usher in a Color Revolution. But here, I explore how George Floyd’s death also sermingly served as a live exercise drill – gone wrong, or very right, depending on whom you ask – in order to permanently reform law enforcement throughout the nation.

“We hope that the ignorance and indifference towards human life proven by these officers will properly be erased from our nation’s police departments, so no different household has to experience a loss like this,” Benjamin Crump, touted civil rights lawyer, emailed to NewsOne.

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What is being erased is the truth.

The courtroom was transformed into a postmortem deconstruction session, where the actions of the police officers – two of them rookies – along with procedures and training manuals, were scrutinized on a granular level.

Even the MSM noted it was as though the Minneapolis police procedures and training were under trial too.

“Basically this is a rewriting of what the police are required to do,” Reporter Esme Murphy stated on Feb. 24 on CBS News. “We are going to see a reaction in the way policing is done on the streets as a result of this trial. This is a ‘transformative moment.’”

In the future, thanks to this ‘landmark’ verdict, your actions will be reviewed via videos. Everything will be recorded without the consideration that cameras can deceive your eyes.

“Talk about being ruled by the mob politics, Thomas Lane’s attorney Earl Gray stated during the trial … Very dangerous now to be a cop. Very dangerous.”

Guilty On All Counts: Fair or Folly?

Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

Tou Thao:

Count 2: failure to intervene: Guilty

Count 3: Failure to provide medical care: Guilty

Alexander Kueng:

Count 2: Failure to intervene: Guilty

Count 3: Failure to provide medical care: Guilty

Thomas Lane:

Count 3: Guilty

Juror 30 crying as she says it.

At least two of the female jurors began to noticeably wipe tears as they uttered their verdict out loud in the courtroom.

Were they crying because they know they’re ruining these men’s lives?

Of course, we won’t know the names of the jurors until 2032, as decided by the 84-year-old Reagan-appointed District Judge Paul A. Magnuson.

The ex-officers could technically get life in prison, although unlikely given that Derek Chauvin – the “the main actor” (as CBS News Minnesota put it) – got 22 years.

Anyone who deliberated over this case with any reasonability or watched the footage of what happened in chronological order, starting at 8:08 pm before Darnella Frazier arrived on the scene would think these three officers willfully (specific intent) harmed George Floyd.

Maybe Derek was activated as part of a hit, but that will be left for the book.

The rookie cops that were deferring to their Field Training Officer may only get a decade shaven off of their life. Imagine what you would do on your fourth day on the job with confusing training, and a 6’6” man acting “squirrelly,” resisting arrest, and seemingly on drugs?

Thao didn’t do enough.

Former officer Tou Thao said his rike was “crowd control.” He was managing the rowdy bystanders, who the prosecution would go as far as to say “did more than the actual officers.”

Meanwhile, Kueng, who checked for a radial pulse and alerted Chauvin when there wasn’t one detected, was also found guilty of not intervening. And finally, Thomas Lane was also charged with depriving George of medical care. He was the one who upped the EMS Code 2 to EMS Code 3, which is when lights and sirens get turned on, and the ambulance has permission to blow through traffic stops to get to the scene as quickly as possible Lane also asked Derek twice whether George should be rolled over, and literally was the first to do chest pumps on the man.

It was established in court that, according to the American Heart Association, for every minute someone doesn’t get CPR, their chance of survival goes down by 10 percent. Paramedics did not begin CPR for three minutes after they arrived on the scene. They blamed the unruly crowd for their “load and go” procedure. Additionally, oxygen wasn’t actually hooked up when they initially did the bagging. It wasn’t until the firefighter got in the ambulance truck that it was hooked up correctly.

“There’s no real hurry there,” Earl Gray observed.

CPR should have been performed immediately. If so, according to experts, Floyd would have survived.

Hennepin Healthcare blamed the unruly crowd for their ‘load and go’ procedure. And yet during different parts of the trial, they said the bystanders were more helpful than the cops.

Additionally, oxygen wasn’t actually hooked up when they initially did the bagging. It wasn’t until the firefighter got in the ambulance that it was hooked up correctly.

Should the Hennepin Healthcare paramedics on the scene like Derek Smith also be charged?

Training Procedures Examined Ad Nauseum || DRILL IN PROCESS?

Over the course of the trial, it became obvious that the 500-page police manual is rife with inconsistencies.

With this verdict, the Ministry of Truth vaporizes facts, erases details, and as CBS alluded, rewrites the rules on policing.

But how about any glaring contrarieties that can also be referred to as a mixed message?

The manual, for instance, instructs officers not to defy their superior. There is an unofficial blue-line code that supersedes procedures.

No Surprise Here.

Gary Robert Nelson, a senior officer, described the academy’s training period as a “paramilitary experience” that indoctrinates. Nelson who began with the Minneapolis Police Department in June 1995, was with the MPD for 25 years and retired in the summer of 2020 after the George Floyd incident. Recruits, he testified, are required to stop what they’re doing, stand against the wall and greet a more senior officer by “sir” or “ma’am.”

In this case, the Field Training Officer was 19-year veteran Derek Chauvin. This is who they deferred to.

And yet, as Judge Magnuson stated, they violated the Constitution when they failed to intervene.


Lt. Zimmerman “threw on a coat and tie” that night, after getting a call from the commander to go to 38th and Chicago, that a person was in the hospital. He arrived a quarter after midnight to what was now a crime scene where the “police had been called on the police.”

Strange that Zimmerman, literally the most senior officer in the MPD, has no knowledge of a policy “that officers have to stand up when other officers are not.”

Steve James, a use of force expert used in the Potter trial, also said on behalf of the defense that he was aware of the duty to intervene but did not know it was policy.

Well, regardless, now it was.

To Be Continued.

Part 2: Excited Delirium — Is It Really A Thing?

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