Justin Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act

By Neenah Payne

Canadian Freedom Convoy Wins on Mandates For Truckers! shows that after two weeks of refusing to negotiate with the massive truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa or to meet with the Conservative opposition party in Parliament, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suddenly agreed on February 14 to end the mandates for truckers — reportedly starting March 1.  That left unaddressed the truckers’ expanded demand to end the COVID mandates for all Canadians.

However, later in the day, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act which has never been done before. The February 14 video Trudeau Waiting To Invoke Emergency Act points out that Trudeau had promised that once Canada got to 70% with the COVID shots, the mandates would end. However, Canada is now at 90% and Trudeau is invoking the Emergencies Act which this video sees as a declaration of civil war.  Trudeau has taken this extreme step after refusing to meet with the truckers. He also refused repeated appeals by the Conservative opposition party in Canada to discuss the situation. They called his policies “divisive”. Invoking the Emergencies Act certainly escalates the situation dramatically.

In the video Hannity: Truckers versus tyranny, Sean Hannity contrasts Trudeau’s and Biden’s embrace of the often violent BLM protests with his condemnation of the peaceful truckers protest. Hannity said Trudeau was threatening truckers with a fine of $100,000 each, seizure of their trucks and licenses, and one-year in prison.

The February 9 video Ottawa Police Posturing to take Children from Protesters shows that Ottawa police were threatening to take truckers’ kids!

Why Is Trudeau Being So Inflexible on COVID Mandates?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act in response to blockades, occupation of Ottawa

“This is the first time the Emergencies Act has been used in Canada. The legislation can be used to grant the federal government special powers during a national crisis.” Trudeau said the Emergencies Act will be used “to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies on all levels across the country”. Trudeau said, “The police will be given more tools”. To do what?

However, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says Trudeau overstepped his authority. It looks like Trudeau may be breaking the law by invoking the Emergencies Act. He is looking increasingly desperate and tyrannical in the face of citizens who simply want their freedoms back.

Invoking the Emergencies Act to deal with protests ‘a hamfisted approach’: Bergen

Interim Conservative Leader Candace Bergen responds to the use of the Emergencies Act, saying the party is ‘very concerned’ by the move.
Quebec MP slams Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act to act against freedom protests

Tammy Bruce: Trudeau needs to admit this

The video below explains that after he left office, Trudeau was slated for a high international post — like Secretary General of the UN. However, opportunities on that level are no longer open to him because he has shown he does have the “gravitas” for such a position. It points out that Trudeau is finished because he is now an international laughing stock.

BREAKING UP WITH TRUDEAU international Left and Right Agree: PM is a disaster!

Why was Trudeau being so inflexible on the truckers’ requests to lift the COVID mandates when five Canadian provinces have announced they will drop all the COVID mandates for everyone — as have several other countries? Trudeau seems to saying Canadians have no right to petition their government for redress even after two years of severe grievances. The truckers have made an unprecedented appeal for mercy — and Trudeau seems be saying he will show none. Why is that?

Trudeau is acting more as a dictator than an official responding to the people who elected him. He is coming down hard now in support of “law and order” — even if it tears the nation apart. However, as Hannity pointed out in his video, last year Trudeau supported the Black Lives Matter protests that included arson and murder. He also openly endorsed the massive protests last year by farmers in India.

Trudeau said in November 2021,

Let me remind you, Canada will always be there to defend the rights of peaceful protesters. We believe in the process of dialogue. We’ve reached out through multiple means to the Indian authorities to highlight our concerns. This is a moment for all of us to pull together”.

Trudeau seems to be ignoring that his policies toward the truckers don’t have the support of the military or the police. Corporal Bulford, Prime Minister Trudeau’s head of personal security resigned on February 3. Military Tells Ottawa to Find Someone Else to Evict the Truckers.  Ottawa Police Quitting, Taking Leave Over Handling of the Protest – Freedom Convoy 2022

Hackers strike Canada’s Freedom Convoy fundraising website

Is Trudeau Loyal To Canada or To Globalists’ Agenda?

The video below includes a tweet from Trudeau in 2020 supporting truckers.

Why Trudeau can’t cave to Truckers: Terrell

Does Trudeau have to enforce the COVID mandates although 90% of Canadians have gotten the shots? Is that because the “vaccine passports” are not about health but are a stepping stone to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset? Does Trudeau owe his allegiance to Schwab and the globalist agenda rather than to Canada? Perhaps the fact that Trudeau is one of Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” answers that question.

World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed

Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset and the 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum is proposing to use the economic crisis caused by the lockdown to roll out The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution which sounds like The Fourth Reich for which no one voted. This is the real meaning of the “new normal” we have been told we will have to accept because of COVID-19. See Archbishop Warns Trump About The Great Reset.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order explains how Klaus Schwab of The World Economic Forum is attempting to impose a globalist agenda now. The video points out:

“For months we have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and time again things will never be the same and we must accept the new normal. Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and have officially launched their solution to this crisis. The proposed solution is the Great Reset. In this report, we examine what exactly is the great reset and who is involved. We also explore what the Great Reset means for humanity as we face unprecedented times.”

World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed on February 7 quoted Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood:

It was no coincidence that 1992 was chosen as the year to start the Global Leaders of Tomorrow program. This was the same year that Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development were unleashed on the world. The new agenda for the world required a new kind of leader and Schwab’s program was pivotal.”

The article shows that many leaders owe their allegiance to the globalist agenda rather than to their nations.

“In 1992, Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum launched a program initially called Global Leaders of Tomorrow. In 2004, this program was turned into the Forum for Young Global Leaders (which I cover in my book The Global Coup D’Etat) –  a 5-year program of indoctrination into WEFs principles and goals. The aim was – and is – to find suitable future leaders for the emerging global society. The program since its inception has included politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, performers and other cultural influencers who have excelled in their fields but have not yet turned 40 years of age (originally 43 in order to include Angela Merkel). It has since grown into an extensive global network of dedicated leaders with enormous resources and influence, all working to implement the technocratic plans of the World Economic Forum in their respective nations and fields. The network creates a force for worldwide influence through the combination of the individual skills and resources of its members.

Through its Young Global Leaders program, the World Economic Forum has been instrumental in shaping a world order that undermines all democratic principles. For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity.

‘I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now…’ (Klaus Schwab)

As Klaus Schwab says in the introductory quote, it has become very successful. Already in the first year, 1992, a number of highly influential candidates were elected. Among 200 selected were global profiles such as Angela MerkelTony BlairNicolas SarkozyBill GatesBonoRichard Branson (Virgin), Jorma Ollila (Shell Oil), and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission 2004–2014).”

For more information, see Young Global Leaders. The Community section has 96 pages of over 1,000 participants in the program from all around the world. Participants are not loyal to their nations because they have been trained to support Klaus Schwab’s globalist vision of The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum. One of the participants is Peter Buttigieg who ran for the US presidency in 2020. Leana Wen has been a public advocate of the COVID “health” policies. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has suppressed information even by America’s Frontline Doctors if it contradicts the COVID agenda.

Trudeau’s Double Flip Flop on February 14

On February 14, Trudeau took two steps that radically reversed his position on the truckers.

  1. First, after two weeks of refusing to negotiate with the truckers or members of Parliament, Trudeau suddenly dropped the COVID mandates for truckers.
  2. Trudeau suddenly took the unprecedented, radical step of invoking the Emergencies Act — which may be illegal.

Why embrace the truckers with one hand and threaten them with the other? Was Trudeau forced to finally concede to their demands because the truckers Freedom Convoy has become that powerful and their requests just made sense?

However, was Trudeau then afraid he looked weak in having to finally drop the COVID mandates for truckers? Was he concerned that they will refuse to leave Ottawa until he drops the mandates for all Canadians as they have also demanded? Is he under orders from Klaus Schwab to crack down to enforce the COVID mandates for Canadians so they can be used to implement The Great Reset?

Was Trudeau’s unprecedented resort to the Emergencies Act an attempt to look tough and strong?

If so, Trudeau is not leading his nation. He is trying to save face? Is he also serving the interests of the globalists at the expense of  Canadians?

The Global COVID Coup D’Etat

Global Coup d’État: Mapping the Corporate Takeover of Global Governance


“In this interview, Spiro is joined by Patrick Wood who is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. Spiro and Patrick Wood discuss what is technocracy, who are the technocrats and what is their agenda. The two also analyze how the social engineers have positioned themselves to capitalize upon this manufactured crisis to implement their technocratic agenda.”


“Joining me today is Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report, here to discuss the global financial coup d’état that is taking place right in front of our eyes under the guise of fighting a global pandemic, and how this is the execution of a long-sought agenda to have unfettered top-down control your life; what you buy, what you read, what you watch, what you support, even what you think.”


Laurence D. Fink, Founder, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock founded in 1988 with seven partners. Under his control, the firm has grown to be the global leader in investment and technology solutions. It has progressively moved to becoming the Monopoly that Free Markets in reality represent, and at the same time disabling the possibility for a much needed Fair Market system. A Fair Market that would represent all of it’s investors and establish a more equitable and stable economy…..

BlackRock is an American multinational investment management corporation with the largest money-management services in the world. Globally controlling a sum of $6.5 to $7 trillion in total assets, and another $20 trillion of other world assets. In total about $27 trillion.

BlackRock runs several large fixed-income funds that own high-yield corporate bonds, and excerices enormous power over the global financial system.

A cause for alarm has been made by activists and economic watchdogs alike, as they have lobbied and advocated for trying to get BlackRock and other firm like them designated as a Systemically Important Financial Institution (or SIFI), which would subject them to the highest legal standards for safety and transparency. The question of: how big and useful a company can become before its size poses a threat, is certainly the most important question they are still asking, and we should ask as well.


“Reiner Fuellmich is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Since
July 10, 2020, this Committee has been listening to a large number of international scientists’ and experts’ testimony to find answers to questions about the corona crisis. Accordingly he’s renamed it the “Corona Scandal” and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages. The corona fraud scandal has unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. Crimes against humanity were first defined in connection with the Nuremberg trials after World War II.”

The Rippling Awakening

“Every one of these Nations is controlled by the Central Banking System. They are not having it. Massive demonstrations for Freedom everywhere, but mainstream media nowhere to be seen.”

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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