Will Shocking Discovery End COVID Coup Now?

By Neenah Payne

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German attorney who has been collaborating with an international network of lawyers for over a year to interview more than 100 experts from every field of science about COVID. They plan to sue the people behind the COVID Plandemic in a Nuremberg Trial 2.0. They claim to have conclusive evidence that the COVID “health” policies are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. In the video below, they discuss the “smoking gun” that can remove all immunity from liability from drug companies and others involved with the COVID “vaccines”.


January 5th, 2022

“Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg shares with the Corona Investigative Committee the latest game-changing findings by researcher Craig Paardekooper (Kingston University, London). The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data shows vaccine batches are sequentially marked by varying toxicity. This has now been statistically graphed out and proves that the COVID vaccine manufacturers worked in a coordinated fashion with the intent to purposely kill and maim. Reiner Fuellmich points out, once “intent” has been proven, there is no immunity or liability protection for anyone involved in these crimes against humanity.”

Nuremberg 2.0 Trial For COVID Plandemic Perpetrators

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is also an attorney. He and an international network of lawyers claim to have conclusive evidence the PCR tests are 100% fraudulent, government officials are massively bribed or blackmailed to collaborate, and the media is used to deceive the world about COVID “health” policies.

Dr. Fuellmich explains that “pandemic” used to mean a “worldwide disease with many severe illnesses and many deaths.” The WHO changed the definition of “pandemic” to a “worldwide disease event” without the need for severe illnesses and many deaths. So, now the WHO can declare any flu a “pandemic”.  Fuellmich says, “The Berlin Corona Committee already has extremely incriminating evidence that this Corona plandemic never had anything to do with health.”

Dr. Fuellmich points out that the goals of the COVID “health” policies are, in his estimation, to:

  1. Destroy regional economies to make populations dependent on global supply chain
  2. Shift the world’s wealth from the bottom to the globalists
  3. Install a world government under the UN which is now under the World Economic Forum
  4. Hide the economic collapse and replace cash with a digital currency from a central world bank
  5. Track each person digitally and introduce a “social credit score” for total control
  6. Reduce the world’s population (genocide)
  7. Use AI to replace human beings in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  8. Introduce transhumanism

Dr. Fuellmich says the people in charge of the COVID “health” policies are megalomaniacs, psychopaths, and sociopaths who must be stopped. Legal actions have been initiated in the US, South Africa, India, France, and Canada to hold those responsible for this plandemic accountable under both civil and criminal law. The assets which have been taken away from the world’s populations by the global corporations for decades must be returned.

Listen to the message of this international top trial lawyer.

How Bad Is Your Batch?

How bad is my batch?

By Steve Kirsch

“Are some batches really bad? How big is a batch?

Could it just be some bad vials in a batch? Could it just be reporting bias?

I haven’t written about this because some people who I rely on for advice believe that there are too many unknowns to make a determination as to whether increased adverse event reports are due to a bad ‘batch’ or a bad ‘vial’ or something else.

The unknowns include:

  1. Is it a bad “batch” or some bad vials?
  2. were certain sites just reporting more reliably so any vials sent there would appear more dangerous?
  3. how many vials are in a particular lot?
  4. where did all the vials of a given lot go?
  5. could there have been a problem in transit?
  6. could there have been a problem with storage?
  7. if a vial is not kept at the proper temperature, could it become dangerous?
  8. what exactly are in these vials and why can’t we analyze them?

The inability for anyone to analyze these vials as well as the lack of transparency about each batch

makes finding the answer to these questions very difficult.

I wonder if this is deliberate? Nah, couldn’t be!”

VAERS Data Shows Puerto Rico Was Hit Hardest: Claim



Understanding The New World Order


January 5th, 2022

“It is the end of December 2021 and we are in an economic and social transition period of historical dimensions. For almost two years now, almost all countries in the world — regardless of whether they are dictatorships or parliamentary democracies — have by and large been following the same agenda.

This global synchronization shows that there is a force that has more power than any of the currently around 200 governments on our planet. This force has a name: it is the digital-financial complex. At its head are the five largest IT companies in the world on the digital side: Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta, formerly Facebook, and on the financial side the largest asset managers, BlackRock and Vanguard. But how exactly could this complex become so powerful and how does it manage to assert its interests around the globe at the same time?

Let’s start with the first question. For centuries, power rested on a single base, money. Whoever had money had power and whoever had a lot of money had a lot of power. That still applies, but no longer exclusively. Since the use of computers and the triumphant advance of the Internet as part of the 3rd industrial revolution, there has been a second base of power, namely data. Whoever has data has power and whoever has large amounts of data has a lot of power.

However, anyone who, like IT companies, organizes the data flows of entire industries and also those of governments in the context of digitization, gets an additional insight into their innermost being– and can thus make them dependent and in this way also submissive. It is precisely this process that has resulted in the large IT corporations being far above all other companies and governments in the world. Whether armaments, food, pharmaceuticals, energy or media — all these industries and all state institutions, including the secret services, are now on the drip from the digital corporations, which have also built up their own global media power with social networks.

The financial industry, on the other hand, which is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities, has promoted this process from the start and is now involved in all leading IT groups through its most powerful representatives — the large asset management companies. Since it is also dependent on them at the same time, both are merged in this way into a kind of community of interests.

BlackRock and Microsoft provide a particularly vivid example of this: BlackRock uploaded its data analysis system Aladdin, by far the most important database in global finance, to Microsoft’s Azure cloud in April 2020, so it is now dependent on Microsoft for data. Microsoft, in turn, is a public company and therefore dependent on its largest shareholders, and these are none other than Vanguard and BlackRock, with Vanguard also being the largest shareholder in BlackRock.

So much for the emergence of the new world power. But how exactly does the digital-financial complex enforce its interests? Which mechanisms and which channels does it use? The most important strategic role is played by the central banks, which officially gave up their independence at the latest in the world financial crisis of 2007/08.

Since then, Blackrock has been advising the two largest central banks in the world, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the American Federal Reserve. Blackrock has a decisive say when it comes to distributing the huge sums of newly-created money in the financial sector… read more here: https://bit.ly/3exavaC.”

Wolff ends by saying:

“By far, the politically most important foundation is likely to be the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum under the direction of the German professor Klaus Schwab. The WEF has not only gathered a network of the rich and powerful for half a century, it has also trained the international political and corporate elite since the early 1990’s. On the political side, these include Angela Merkel, Nikolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron…. On the corporate side, among others, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, and Jack Ma. So, it’s no wonder that the man who founded the WEF and brought all these people together even wrote the script for the current world crisis with his work COVID-19: The Great Reset.

The concept of the ‘Deep State’ by which one understands the entirety of powerful non-democratically-legitimized organizations that pull the strings in the background within a country is thus a thing of the past. The digital-financial complex has given us a new global power that has long since incorporated the Deep State of all nations on Earth and which now exercises much more influence than any individual Deep State could ever have been able to do.

And yet the digital-financial complex is facing an insoluble problem in our time. Its rise is accompanied  by a process of concentration of money and power in fewer and fewer hands which forces it to act more and more authoritative and dictatorial. Therefore, as we have just experienced in the past two years, every further step inevitably brings it into ever-sharper contradiction to the mass of the population. That is exactly what will ultimately be its undoing.

The time is ripe for a democratic system of money and governance.”

The Great Reset: The COVID “New Normal”

Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset and the 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum is proposing to use the economic crisis caused by the lockdown to roll out The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution which sounds like The Fourth Reich for which no one voted. This is the real meaning of the “new normal” we have been told we will have to accept because of COVID-19. See Archbishop Warns Trump About The Great Reset.

The New Normal Documentary investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution — what the 1% has to gain and the rest of the world could lose. The documentary shows that during the Nuremberg Trials after WWII, the claim that they were “just following orders” did not protect Nazis who had committed crimes against humanity. Those who have “just followed” COVID policies may meet a similar fate now.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order explains how Schwab is attempting to impose a globalist agenda now. The video points out:

“For months we have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and time again things will never be the same and we must accept the new normal. Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and have officially launched their solution to this crisis. The proposed solution is the Great Reset. In this report, we examine what exactly is the great reset and who is involved. We also explore what the Great Reset means for humanity as we face unprecedented times.”

The World Economic Forum site includes the graphic below which shows how extensively the unelected forum plans to take over the world and change every aspect of our lives now.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? further explains the momentous changes that are being suddenly imposed on humanity.

How Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street Run The World

The video below shows how families with generations of inherited wealth control the world. They are founders of the banking system, every industry, the United Nations, and many institutions.


The families’ non-profit organizations (aka foundations) connect the business community with politics and the media — allowing major conflicts of interest. The non-profits rely on donations and don’t have to publish the donors.  They can invest their money anywhere and don’t have to pay taxes on profits as long as those profits are re-invested in other projects in which they are involved. Non-profits can move hundreds of billions of dollars from invisible investors — ideal for laundering large sums of money.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, and the Clinton Foundation connect all the industries in the world. The Gates Foundation has a close partnership with the world’s 16 largest pharmaceutical companies. Vanguard and BlackRock own most shares in these companies. Microsoft which is owned by BlackRock, Vanguard, and until recently, Berkshire Hathaway. The Gates Foundation is the largest shareholder after BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street in Berkshire Hathaway where Gates was on the board.

Two companies have a total monopoly over all industries in the world. We don’t hear about this from the corporate media because about 90% of the media is owned by nine media conglomerates. Vanguard owns the top news companies which control newspapers, TV, films, etc. News media do not produce their content. They use information and images from news agencies such as Reuters, the Dutch ANP, and the French AFP. Reuters is owned by the Canadian Thomson family.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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