DC Asks Shoppers to Start Rationing Food: Is This Just the Beginning?

By Jeff Thompson

It’s begun.

We’ve kept our fingers on the pulse of supply chain issues for years now here at The Organic Prepper. Just last week we wrote about all of the impending supply chain issues which were plaguing America. Shortly after that piece was published we saw further edicts be given which banned particular Canadian truckers from coming across the border.

Say goodbye to your maple syrup.

And lo and behold, after massive inflation games, after tampering with the free market, after the deliberate creation of supply chain issues, now we have Washington DC running short on food. What’s the solution to these food shortages?

Why, telling people to not buy as much, of course.

That’s exactly what DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management is now asking residents to do, as they face a problem with keeping their grocery store shelves stocked. Self-imposed rationing is the solution.

You have to love the notion that “there is no need to buy more than you normally would.” There’s just a nationwide supply chain issue, right? It surely won’t make it so that you won’t be able to buy what you need? And is there not a taint of “the government will take care of you here” as well? Aren’t these the same people who are deliberately causing these problems?

This is becoming all too common.

Bare grocery stores are becoming more and more common throughout America at the moment. Keep tabs on your own supermarket. What have you seen over the past few months? What have you found is difficult to find at the moment? There are very few who could likely say their grocery store shelves remain the same as always.

There’s a reason that Americans throughout the country are posting pictures online of barren stores, food items spaced out to give the illusion of stocked shelves, and posters of food being where soup should be.

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Farmers are being paid to not produce, are being ordered to dump their product to rot on the side of the road, meat is being regulated out of existence, people are being banned from trucking food into the country, and food processing plants are coercing people out of their jobs (and then facing inexplicable labor shortages).

America seems to now be facing a food shortage.

What did you expect?

But what comes next?

I don’t think it’s too far of an assumption to think that this is only going to spread. Like it or not, what happens in the cities trickles down into the rest of the country. The cities are the fulcrum. Critical race theory, removal of statues, the notion that the world’s last bastion of freedom is a terrible place – all of this started in the cities – and has now found its way through small-town Americana.

Policies spread, and as those who believe these ideas flee the mess they’ve created, do you really think they’ll abandon all of their convictions as they go? Or will they take their politics with them?

Food shortages will be no different.

(All the more reason to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on getting your food preps in order.)

This is all the more reason that you need to begin prepping your food storage now rather than later. Because what do we see throughout history? What happens when a nation begins to have a hard time finding food? Just ask folks in Greece and Venezuela.

For starters, you’ll begin to see rationing.

I believe this rationing will likely be store-induced first. Consider stores that sell ammunition. Many of them have rationing policies in place for how many boxes you can buy. Has it always been this way?

Consider the toilet paper scare of 2020. Stores throughout America had self-imposed rationing restrictions on how many packages of this 2020s’ currency one could purchase. As things continue to get worse, though – and as Americans become dulled to the idea of rationing by store policies – the government will step in.

In World War 2, Americans were issued ration cards for a wide variety of goods. Gasoline, sugar, flour – all of them became government controlled. No ration card, no product. It’s very easy to see how this could become the logical consequence of all this.

Sugar ration card.

After all, DC is already taking the first steps. And a society that is becoming more and more cashless makes rationing even easier.

You’ll see the demonizing of “hoarders.”

America has been assaulted with propaganda of late “othering” large segments of society. And it’s been working. We’ve witnessed in the past where preppers were vilified, and you’ll only continue to see more of this kind of nonsensical talk in the future as well.

Those who keep a ready supply of food in their pantry – as humanity has done throughout all of history (recent times being the exception) – will now be deemed “selfish” and looked down upon by society. How this will play out ever since 2020 caused prepping to become mainstream is yet to be determined.

Will Americans play along with this? I think enough will to make a (negative) difference.


We already have “legalized” theft on the books. (Unsurprisingly, it’s an Executive Order.) There are those who believe that an emergency makes stealing OK, and should such an emergency be declared (perhaps due to “misinformation“?), there will be people in uniforms who show up at your door to take what you have worked and paid for. Allegedly, this will be “to give to the collective.”

As Animal Farm (and all of totalitarian history details), some animals are more equal than others, and what was stolen from you will largely go to those in power. You will live in squalor as those in political office use their German shepherds to ensure they (and their dogs) live in luxury.


Russian children in 1921 after the Soviets took control.

Josef Stalin in 1921.

Keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve already witnessed government confiscation here in America before. And history can easily repeat. Keep your eyes peeled, America. Watch what is happening around you.

One person prepping within a community is the easy target when these types of policies become enforced. But imagine if that one person has influenced their entire neighborhood to get more prepared.

Get involved in local politics. Ensure the communists in your midst no longer have their seats. Do not let them have the power to release the dogs on your family.

Much depends upon it.

Have you seen rationing?

Have you seen rationing in your local stores? Is it enforced or suggested? Do you expect this to worsen? How are you preparing for this possibility? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Organic Prepper

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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