SARS-CoV-2; the Contentious Bioweapon

By Julie Beal

Over the years, we’ve all been trained to believe that a bioweapon is a deadly pathogen, engineered to spread like wildfire and wipe out millions. We’ve been fed endless stories about dangerous viruses causing dreadful diseases; there’s been a stream of news about outbreaks of various kinds, warnings about terrorists creating something on a computer, and a movie industry peddling the idea of contagion.

These narratives have helped sustain the ronascam by fuelling the fear of covidians, but they’ve made anti-covidians dismiss the bioweapon theory because there’s been no evidence of a deadly pandemic.

The logic seems to be that if there’s no pandemic, there can’t be a bioweapon, and there’s probably no such thing as SARS-CoV-2. But what if mild disease was always the plan? What if it was designed to take out people who were already knocking on death’s door? Isn’t that just what the Reset needs?

The official narrative is that most people have no symptoms and it’s mainly the old and/or sick who are dying; so if this is just partly true, what we have going on is a kind of part-mild/part-fake pandemic! There had to be a virus to begin the ronascam and to sustain it for so long, because scientists would have had nothing to study otherwise! This virus spreads well but is rarely lethal, so they’re running a psy-op campaign to maintain the fear.

The no-virus theory might be another psy-op because it’s been very effective so far.

A new kind of bioweapon

If you wanted to kill a lot of people, it’d be easier to put something in the water supply, or add it to food or medicine rather than releasing a deadly pathogen that could get out of control. So far, the vax seem more like bioweapons than any virus, when you consider how many people have suffered because of them, but they could either be a different kind of bioweapon, or the deaths and injuries could be ‘collateral damage’.

SARS-CoV-2 is a far more subtle bioweapon that’s managed to create long-lasting, widespread, social and economic effects. A political weapon like this is …. less obvious to people who would normally raise the alarm, mainly because they’re on the lookout for the classic kind of lethal contagion, like the stuff you see in movies, but also because the effects of the weapon are so wide-ranging, and so complicated. There’s so much to talk about and it’s all very contentious.

But at the end of the day, all bioweapons are designed with a political goal in mind, and SARS-CoV-2 has allowed the technocrats to orchestrate the Reset.

Why it had to be contentious

It’s as if Bill Gates predicted the rona as a bioweapon when he gave a speech in 2017 and floated the idea of a “contentious” type of flu. He said:

“…the next epidemic has a good chance of originating on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus, or a contentious, contagious and deadly strain of the flu.

Well now, the only way this kind of flu could ever be contentious (or debatable) would be if people couldn’t agree on just how contagious it was, or how deadly it was.

The elusive disease they call covid seems like a slightly contagious and vaguely deadly form of flu. And it’s very contentious indeed. From masks and lockdowns to police brutality, the existence of viruses and what’s in the vaccines, there’s always something to rage about because we all know this is crazy, there is no pandemic, and it’s all being done for the Reset.

For the technocrats, the only way to launch the Reset was with a very subtle bioweapon that plays upon this concept of a contentious form of flu. It’s given us a lot to talk about, and it’s created an awful lot of confusion. The new disease had to be mostly mild for the ronascam to work. The last thing they needed was rampant disease, because if people were dropping like flies, it’d only be the sick ones who’d be quarantined and the whole thing might have been dealt with in a rational way, partly because you’d be able to tell who was ill and who wasn’t. We’d have all joined in and it would have been quickly resolved. Instead, the technocrats needed to stage a mild/fake pandemic where anyone could be seen as a threat, even when they’re not ill; only then would people agree that everyone needs a health pass, so they’re assured of who is ‘safe’ to hang out with. The whole thing relies on fear of the invisible, for now and ever more.

The disease created by this bioweapon had to be:

  • vaguely defined
  • mostly asymptomatic
  • similar to other illnesses
  • vax-able (with a pre-planned solution)
  • long-lasting or endemic
  • zoonotic (said to come from animals)
  • targeted to remove key demographics (the sick and the old)
  • anticipated with alarm for many years, so it’s easily hyped

Covid ticks all the boxes.

Over-hyped outbreaks paved the way for the ronascam

As chronicled by Jon Rappoport and James Corbett, the series of outbreaks since the first SARS virus have all turned out to be over-blown hype. It all started with SARS, as described so well by Jim West in 2003:

Viral demons are fair game for the media. Dramatic realities merge with scenes from class B sci-fi movies, as doctors and nurses scream through hospital wards, airports are closed and police round up infected carriers. In China, such dreadful acts are all too real. In addition to the proposed human executions, millions of cats, dogs, farm animals and wildlife may be slaughtered to stop the deadly viral plague. Precedent is found in Britain’s Mad Cow and Hoof and Mouth epidemics, and supposed viral epidemics in Malaysia and Taiwan during 1997-1998. In this scenario, medical workers come to the rescue like soldiers, heroically primed to save lives with deadly force.

The pharmaceutical companies, of course, are playing a leading role. Roche, ‘the global leader in the $22-billion-a-year clinical-diagnostics market’ is developing a test that should be able to ‘flag SARS in the first days of an infection, possibly even when the virus isn’t causing symptoms.’ This will allow officials ‘to identify superspreaders (patients whose SARS infections are highly transmissible) before they become superspreaders,’ says a Roche executive. As all diagnostic tests generate false positives, anyone suffering from a fever and a cough risks being branded as a modern Typhoid Mary should he or she submit to such a procedure.'”

Only around 800 people were said to die as a result of SARS, but the research that followed was phenomenally vast. No one thought much of it, or any of the other outbreaks, but then the swine flu fiasco happened and people realised they couldn’t trust the WHO or lipid-nanoparticle vaccines or Tamiflu. Nonetheless, each outbreak furthered the development of genetic vaccines and the idea that animals spread dangerous viruses. This narrative was strengthened during the Decade of Vaccines (2010-2020) because of outbreaks of MERS, Zika, Ebola and bird flu, all of which were said to have spread to humans from another species, and as a result of these outbreaks, large-scale experiments were conducted with genetic vaccines and PCR tests.

Each outbreak, every simulation, and an awful lot of funding allowed laws to be passed and narratives to be built, all of which meant scientists were primed and ready for the rona. Big Pharma was ready to be re-birthed as a biotech monster so they teamed up with the technocrats to link vaccines to digital ID and digital cash.

The questions we should be asking

If the rona was created in a lab, there’s no point saying ‘viruses don’t exist’ because it’s focused on the natural cause of disease. The no-virus theory ignores the fact that viruses are big business – they are products that are made in a lab and they’re proven to cause disease, so the questions we should be asking are these:

  • Is it possible to create a thing like SARS-CoV-2?
  • Can lab-made versions of SARS-CoV-2 affect animals?
  • Is it possible to transmit these lab-made viruses from one person to another?
  • Was the rona was designed to target the old and the sick?

The answer to all these questions appears to be yes, based on the scientific evidence available, which is all the more reason to rethink the ‘no-virus’ theory. So if it’s something you’ve come to believe in, ask what evidence supports it. Are you sure you’ve gone down the right rabbit-hole? The no-virus theory is unable to explain how to achieve isolation, it shows a misunderstanding of how genetic sequencing works, it makes false claims about cytopathic effects in cell cultures, and it falsely claims there were no control experiments, no tests done on animals, and no evidence of the rona whatsoever. Nonetheless, the theory has permeated the ‘anti-covidian scene’ and the danger of this is that it could be playing directly into the hands of the technocrats, for at least two reasons: 1) it prevents people prying into their coronavirus experiments and vaccines, and 2) it could lead to wider censorship because it could be used to claim that alt media is full of disinformation and must be controlled.

It’s a theory that refutes many things with a flick of the wrist – the effect of our microbiomes, the theory that hygiene and antibiotics reduced infection rather than vaccines, and the possibility of antibody dependent enhancement. It takes attention away from the technocrats and says geneticists are lying, virologists are imagining everything, and disease has nothing to do with microbes, so there’s no point listening to anything the experts say.

To address these issues, the next lot of articles will examine:

  • the results of autopsies for SARS and the rona, as well as symptoms, co-morbidities, use of ventilators, etc.
  • the meaning of the word ‘virus’
  • the difference between HIV and the rona, in terms of isolation
  • a description of how the rona was isolated and purified and how control experiments were performed
  • how PCR relates to the isolation of viruses from people who test positive for the rona
  • why it’s wrong to use RT-PCR to accuse someone of infection, and why the results are sometimes reliable

Rather than being based on one big pack of lies, the ronascam is made possible by changing definitions and laws, priming everyone to expect a pandemic, creating false case/fatality ratios and the psychology that fuelled “pseudo-outbreaks”. It took a lot of planning and it hinged upon having several MERS vaccines prepared in advance, along with making the NIH’s spike design commercially available. It’s just that nobody seems to know about them.

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