Dr. Paul’s Fight For Medical Freedom

By Neenah Payne

The government and mainstream media say the COVID “vaccine” is necessary, safe, and effective. However, that narrative ignores the fact that the CDC stats show COVID is not a big threat to most people. In addition, there are four potentially effective inexpensive early treatments for COVID that are reported to have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients. That seems to indicate that the shots not necessary. The growing recommendations for “booster” shots would seem to show the COVID injections are not very effective.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the government’s own database, shows there are more injuries and deaths from the COVID shots than all other vaccines combined over the last 20 years. Yet, a Harvard study showed VAERS captures just 1-10% of the adverse events — in part because it is voluntary, time-consuming, and many doctors are not aware of it. In addition, some hospitals are discouraging reporting adverse events to the COVID shots on VAERS to avoid being accused of creating “vaccine hesitancy”.

Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, was an Emmy Award-winning producer of “The Doctors” TV show. He left TV to produce the 2016 documentary Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe which went viral! It documents the disclosure of a CDC whistleblower about the connection between the MMR vaccine and the explosion of autism. The film confirms the findings of British MD Andrew Wakefield (video).

Vaccine Mandates Grow

Episode 5 of the “COVID Revealed” docuseries interviewed Barbara Loe Fisher, President and Cofounder of the National Vaccination Information Center. Fisher’s son became very ill after receiving the DTP vaccine in the 1980s. Where was the information that could have helped her know about the huge risks from vaccines? There were no resources or places to get information or help.

Fisher created the National Vaccination Information Center to defend the ethics of Informed Consent. Fisher has been following how vaccines are rolled out to the marketplace and predicted years ago the current circumstances we’re in now. She shares what she believes lies ahead…forced vaccinations without the ability to say no unless we stop it. She just didn’t think it would be this soon.

CDC Coverup of Vaccine Injuries

Episode 6 of “COVID Revealed” includes an interview with Dr. Brian Hooker whose son Steve was injured by the MMR vaccine in May 1999 at age 15 months. Steve lost eyesight, the ability to talk, and developed very severe GI problems. By 18 months, he was diagnosed with autism. Steve’s pediatrician refused to submit a report to VAERS. His son is 23 now. He is nonverbal, has GI issues, and requires care.

Yet, the CDC maintains there’s no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. So, Hooker submitted FOIA requests to discover information the CDC was hiding. He found that the CDC had manipulated data to hide the connection between the use of thimerosal in the MMR vaccine and autism. He is still sending FOIA request to the CDC and has received about a quarter million pages of documents.

Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower featured in Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe by Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, exposed the CDC’s coverup of the link between the MMR vaccine and autism — particularly  in African-American boys. The film went viral. The CDC destroyed federal records to hide the mayhem the vaccine causes. Thompson felt guilty about his role in the cover-up and started guiding Dr. Hooker’s search by suggesting that he request certain information that would reveal the CDC coverup.

Over a period of 8-9 months, Dr. Hooker recorded over 40 phone conversations with Thompson and exchanged hundreds of emails with him where he admitted that he and others at the CDC had committed fraud by changing the data to hide the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. Thompson revealed that his supervisors at the CDC were requiring the destruction of federal records that showed that the timing of the MMR vaccine was linked particularly to the high rate of autism in Black boys. Thompson was never compensated by the vaccine compensation fund.

Interviews with Dr. Paul Thomas

Dr. Paul Thomas (affectionately known as “Dr. Paul”) received his MD from Dartmouth Medical School and completed his pediatric residency at the University of California, San Diego. He launched a landmark study comparing the health of vaccinated kids to that of unvaccinated kids. The study shows conclusively that unvaccinated kids are far healthier in every way as shown by the charts in the first video below.

Dr. Paul Thomas on the suspension of his license 5 days after his “vaxxed vs. unvaxxed” study (video)

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study – Interview with Spiro Skouras (video)

Recently, a landmark study was conducted by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas. The study compared vaccinated children and unvaccinated children and was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on November 22, 2020 after being peer reviewed.

Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License (video)

Oregon Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, MD has come under fire by the Oregon Medical Board for providing informed consent to his patients. After publishing a study using the data from his more than 13,000 patients, the Oregon Medical Board, in an attempt to silence the highly-controversial study results, suspended his license.

Dr. Paul’s Extended Campaign

Dr. Paul is accepting donations for his new campaign at Dr. Paul’s Fight for Medical Freedom.

Dr. Paul Thomas, pediatrician, father of 9, author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan and host of the show Against The Wind (ATW) at doctorsandscience.com is leading the charge for medical freedom and informed consent. With 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, he is perhaps the most loved pediatrician on the planet.

After Dr. Thomas published the largest real world, peer reviewed study that showed data over time that children receiving fewer vaccines were healthier than those following the CDC vaccine schedule, the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) took his license without filing charges. This suspension resulted in Dr. Paul loosing not only his license, but all health plan contracts, hospital privileges, board certifications and his ability to practice medicine and make a living for the last year. His two-week trial with the OMB, scheduled for January 2022, is estimated to cost over $250,000 in legal fees and fines just to get through the trial which will undoubtedly require appeals that can take years.

Dr. Paul may be down but he’s not out. He started his show (ATW) and is traveling around the country speaking to audiences of hundreds of thousands about his research and the other research that shows children receiving fewer vaccines are incredibly healthy compared to fully vaccinated children in the CDC schedule. As a pro-informed consent, pro-science MD, he is a voice of reason in the ocean of misinformation that floods media today.

“The time has come to take our health and that of our children into our own hands. Gone are the days when you could blindly follow your doctor’s recommendations or count on your health plan or some public health or government agency to put your interests first. We owe it to ourselves and our children to remain constantly educated and informed so that we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our families.” Dr. Paul.

Help Dr. Paul fight for our children by supporting his fundraising campaign. “I will stay in this fight as long as I have the funds to do so” is Dr. Paul’s commitment. Filled with love and faith, he is fearless and he is ready to expose the corruption and put an end to the tyranny the medical boards have been pouring on physicians across the country.

Join this freedom movement and let us send a loud message to medical boards that we no longer tolerate the abuse and bullying of our ethical doctors who honor informed consent.”

Dr. Paul’s study: “Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccinations” was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in November of 2020

Remarkably, zero of the 561 unvaccinated patients in the study had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) compared to 5.3% of the (partially and fully) vaccinated. The implications of these results for the net public health effects of whole population vaccination and with respect for informed consent on human health are compelling. Our results give agency to calls for research conducted by individuals who are independent of any funding sources related to the vaccine industry.

While the low rates of developmental disorders prevented sufficiently powered hypothesis testing, it is notable that the overall rate of autism spectrum disorder (0.361%) in the cohort is one-fifth that of the US national rate (1.851%). The practice-wide rate of ADHD was roughly half of the national rate. The data indicate that unvaccinated children in the practice are not unhealthier than the vaccinated and indeed the overall results may indicate that the unvaccinated pediatric patients in this practice are healthier overall than the vaccinated.

Figure 2. Distribution of vaccination across the patient cohort.

The visual impact of the cumulative office visit plots is striking; more so than other plots, the time element (day of life) provides an index by which to compare the accumulation of human pain and suffering from potential vaccine side effects (Figure 5). These results are worth studying closely and noticing the variation among the cumulative office visits per condition and the stark differences between the rates of billed office visits in the most and unvaccinated patients born into the practice.

Figure 5.  Cumulative office visits in the vaccinated (orange) vs. unvaccinated (blue) patients born into the practice: the clarity of the age-specific differences in the health fates of individuals who are vaccinated (2763) compared to the 561 unvaccinated in patients born into the practice over ten years is most strikingly clear in this comparison of the cumulative numbers of diagnoses in the two patient groups. The number of office visits for the unvaccinated is adjusted by a sample size multiplier factor (4.9) to the expected value as if the number of unvaccinated in the study was the same as the number of vaccinated.

Dr. Paul’s Fight for Medical Freedom

When Del Bigtree interviewed Dr. Thomas on The Highwire on December 2, Dr. Paul’s campaign had received just 3% of its goal. Now, it is past 60% with many encouraging comments. Donations have ranged from $10 to $5,000.

Forced vaccination is now a threat for adults as well as children. With COVID, adults are being mandated to get the shots or lose access to their jobs, stores, travel, etc., Dr. Paul is fighting to protect the health and freedom of everyone.

Dr. Paul is very close to achieving his goal now.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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