U.S. Gov’t Concerned about “Deepfake” Technology Being Used to “spread disinformation and commit crimes”

By B.N. Frank

A 2019 study revealed that 82% of Americans believed Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology is more hurtful than helpful.  In addition to A.I. replacing jobs (see 1, 2, 3), it’s being used for creepy, dangerous, and/or unethical applications (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) including “deepfake” videos.  The U.S. government seems worried about the impact of “deepfakes” as well.

From CBS 60 Minutes:

Synthetic Media: How deepfakes could soon change our world

Synthetic media, better known as deepfakes, could be a goldmine for filmmakers. But the technology has already terrorized women who have had their faces inserted into pornography. And it could potentially disrupt society.

You may never have heard the term “synthetic media”— more commonly known as “deepfakes”— but our military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies certainly have. They are hyper-realistic video and audio recordings that use artificial intelligence and “deep” learning to create “fake” content or “deepfakes.” The U.S. government has grown increasingly concerned about their potential to be used to spread disinformation and commit crimes. That’s because the creators of deepfakes have the power to make people say or do anything, at least on our screens. Most Americans have no idea how far the technology has come in just the last four years or the danger, disruption and opportunities that come with it.

Deepfake Tom Cruise: You know I do all my own stunts, obviously. I also do my own music.

This is not Tom Cruise. It’s one of a series of hyper-realistic deepfakes of the movie star that began appearing on the video-sharing app TikTok earlier this year.

Deepfake Tom Cruise: Hey, what’s up TikTok? 

For days people wondered if they were real, and if not, who had created them.

Deepfake Tom Cruise: It’s important.  

Finally, a modest, 32-year-old Belgian visual effects artist named Chris Umé, stepped forward to claim credit.

Read entire video transcript at 60 Minutes Here

A.I. applications continue to embarrass those who continue to use this technology:

In fact, there is even an A.I. “Hall of Shame.  Nevertheless, earlier this summer, President Biden committed to incorporating more A.I. in the U.S. 

Activist Post reports regularly about A.I., deepfakes, and other unsafe technology.  For more information, visit our archives.

Image: CBS

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