Homesteading and Intentional Community Summit Nov. 6th: How to Buy Land, Build Community, and Resist Tyranny

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John Bush and Live Free Academy, in partnership with the Central Texas Freedom Cell Network, are hosting a FREE Summit on Nov. 6th all about finding and buying quality land for homesteading, building a thriving intentional community with like-minded freedom lovers, and opting out of the technocratic control grid.

It’s called the Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit.

This summit is FREE to attend virtually by anyone in the world.

It will feature experts in the areas of homesteading, community building, farming, real estate, law, off-grid technology, community governance, food production, and more.

They will share proven strategies for peacefully resisting technocracy and tyranny of all forms through homesteading, cooperation with neighbors, and building intentional communities.

During the summit you’ll discover:

  • Why smart cities are so dangerous and why you need to exit big cities immediately…
  • How to use “regenerative agriculture” to liberate yourself from centralized food production systems…
  • How to acquire land and housing cheaply for homesteading and community building…
  • What to look for in a reliable and resilient homestead…
  • How to get along with others in a community and share resources, especially when you don’t know them well…
  • How to connect with neighbors in your area to build community where you live right now…

And a whole lot more.


You’ll get the opportunity to meet and connect with other participants (and the expert presenters) from the summit to work together to purchase land, form networks, and build YOUR OWN community.

Click Here to Join the FREE Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit Today

Check Out Some of the Speakers at the Exit and Build Summit include:

Marjory Wildcraft – founder of The Grow Network

While living in Red Rock, Texas, Marjory helped establish a freedom-oriented neighborhood – a kind of spontaneous intentional community. She’s going to teach you how to do the same – start an intentional community with the neighbors you already have.

Jack Spirko – host of The Survival Podcast

Jack will be sitting down with John Bush for an informal interview during which he will answer your burning questions related to the latest mega-trends in homesteading, off-grid technology, permaculture, and more.

Cynthia Tina – the co-director of The Foundation for Intentional Community

Cynthia will introduce us to some of the hundreds of communities she has visited worldwide — ecovillages, cohousing, coliving, permaculture centers, housing cooperatives, and more. You’ll walk away with useful resources, practical advice, and the inspiration to get out there and start or join the right intentional community for you.

Kristine Schmidt – owner of Schmidt Ranches and Realty in Texas

Kristine will dig deep into her vast knowledge of finding excellent land and property to show you how to select ideal ranch properties, successfully relocate your family and belongings (using a proven process), the VA requirements you must have, various loan options, ways to fund new construction, and how to buy land with others.

Joel Salatin – owner and founder of Polyface Farms

[This is an exclusive talk ONLY available to special Summit Ticket Holders (more details available at checkout)]

In this 90-minute deep-dive presentation, Joel will share his knowledge about starting a homestead WITHOUT buying land…or with buying as little land as possible, and how to reinvest the money you don’t use into the infrastructure to get the most bang for your buck.

He’ll also share his unique methods for collaboration and compensation. You’ll learn why salaries and wages are NOT the best way to pay others for a hard day’s work, and hear a better way that Joel has used for years on his farm to supercharge the productivity of everyone involved.

Plus over half a dozen more speakers…

So the question is…

Do you want to “own nothing and be happy”…Or own land and be free?

The “powers-that-shouldn’t-be” want to own everything around you and we guarantee NO ONE will be happy in the world they envision.

With ownership comes control and power.

Without ownership comes dependency and subservience.

You have to CHOOSE freedom.

And build it.

The simple fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already made the right choice…

Now it’s time to ACT on that decision.

Create liberty from the soil up with others who desire to be free with you.

This is the path to true freedom and liberation.

Not just from technocrats who wish to turn you into a modern-day serf…

But from the perils of a broken economic system, corrupt government, hazardous food, decaying culture, and more.

Homesteading and community development allow you to survive collapses, recessions, and depressions…

To withstand government mandates and regulations…

To feed yourself wholesome, organic, nutrient-dense food…

To build a culture of self-reliance, moral values, and voluntary cooperation…

And to build a literal foundation of sustainable freedom for future generations.

A free future begins today…

And starts with YOU.

So what will it be?

Will you choose to “own nothing” and live in miserable servitude…

Or own land and live in harmony with nature, your fellow free human beings, and the principles of liberty?

If you choose to own land…

Join The FREE Exit And Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit Today

The Summit goes live Nov. 6th.

Hope to see you there!

Join the Exit and Build Summit


John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns and operates Brave Botanicals which offers high quality kratom and CBD. In 2014, he founded the Freedom Cell Network which currently has over 26,000 people working together through small groups to secure their sovereignty. John recently launched his second business Live Free Academy which aims to help people find more freedom in their lives. He is also the host of the Live Free Now Show.

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