Book Review: “God, School, 9/11 and JFK”

By Janet Phelan

Bruce de Torres has written a quietly remarkable book. De Torres began writing God, School, 9/11 and JFK several decades back, when his personal experiences as an actor and as a sentient human began to impact his understanding of the world. What began as an exploration of consciousness morphed into a greater realization of the impact of false narratives and the manipulation of consciousness on the world stage.

The book begins by taking on our conception of God, as taught by the churches.  Bruce de Torres asserts that “Seventy percent of Americans identify as Christian. Ninety percent of us go through public school. Christianity and school teach us to obey, not to choose our thoughts. Obeying, we let our institutions trample our rights and kill people all over the world.”

Asserting that everything, even thoughts, have energy and intentionality, he goes on to say that “Habits, such as obeying, are invisible. They must be looked for, to be seen. They are strong, from years of practice. They attack when they feel threatened. They have the intention to exist.”

He goes on to deconstruct our idea of the Christian God as generally understood in the Western world, writing that:

“When we see that the official stories about God, school, 9/11, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are lies that cause harm, we stop obeying liars and protect ourselves from them.”

And in this sentence he lays out his thesis — we have been lied to from day one. While I may not personally agree with every point in his argument, the concept he is putting forth about our living in a false construct is compelling and requires consideration. Quoting Thomas Paine, de Torres writes:

“Thomas Paine was right when he wrote in The Age of Reason, ‘It has been the scheme of the Christian Church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of Governments to hold man in ignorance of his rights. The systems of the
one are as false as those of the other, and are calculated for mutual support.’”

If God is love, says de Torres, then the entire Judeo-Christian narrative is false, from the expulsion from the Garden of Eden to the agony on the cross. Think about it. Are these examples evidence of love or of something else entirely?

His chapter on school deconstructs the experience of twelve years of state sponsored captivity as he writes:

“By treating children like prisoners, strapping twenty pounds of books on their backs, marching them down narrow halls of mind and body, tormenting them with homework and the pressure to get good grades, keeping them from the society in which they must one day function, and messing with their heads by telling them this is the greatest country in the world, implying there is something wrong with them if they do not love their treatment, school crushes them into obedience, makes them useful to exploiters and controllers, and kills their love and need for freedom.”

When he was first putting down his thoughts on this issue, de Torres confined himself to a discussion of consciousness. The events of the 21st century, beginning with 9/11, compelled him to pick up again his yet unpublished book and to begin to look at the events taking place on the political stage as constituting further falsehoods having their roots in the primary staging events, which would be what we are taught about religion and how school shapes us into obedient and numbed out drones.

The concept that the twin institutions governing our political and our spiritual lives may have induced us to accept further false narratives is explored in his chapters on US history, the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and Covid-19.

Fundamental to this book are the parallel precepts that lies will enslave us and that the truth shall set us free. As the world reels from the impact of another questionable construct — that a virus with less than a 1% case fatality rate requires the destruction of livelihoods and the removal of nearly all civil rights, not to mention mandating a heavy dose of obedience to unsound requirements — the issues raised in this book are both critical  and imperative.

God, School, 9/11 and JFK is published by Trine Day and is available on Amazon.

Janet Phelan has been on the trail of the biological weapons agenda since the new millennium. Her book on the pandemic, At the Breaking Point of History: How Decades of US Duplicity Enabled the Pandemic, will be published in 2021 by Trine Day. Her articles on this issue have appeared in Activist Post, New Eastern Outlook, Infowars and elsewhere. Educated at Grinnell College, UC Berkeley and the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism, Janet “jumped ship” and since 2004 has been writing exclusively for independent media. Her articles previously appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Oui Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, the Long Beach Press Telegram, the Santa Monica Daily Press and other publications. She is the author of the groundbreaking expose, EXILE and two books of poetry. She resides abroad. You may follow Janet on Parler here @JanetPhelan. To support her work, please go to JanetPhelan

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