The Real Reasons the U.S. Government Fights Wars in The Middle East

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To be clear, wars in the Middle East primarily mean those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, in addition to proxy wars such as those fought in Syria by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS), combatants who receive funding and weapons from the U.S. Government, forcibly funded by U.S. taxpayers. Additionally, all these wars are not officially or properly declared in the U.S. Congress, and are therefore unconstitutional. Furthermore, the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, and most of Western Europe like France and Spain, also fight in these wars, but to a much smaller degree than the U.S. does. In order of importance, here are the real reasons why the U.S. Government fights all the wars it does in the Middle East, which the mainstream media and academia in general, fail to teach and explain to the public:

1 – To purposefully build the U.S. reputation as the Bully of the World. Building this reputation provokes and gives an excuse for China and Russia to eventually launch a nuclear and EMP strike on the U.S., justifying the strike by trying to thwart the Bully of the World. This may seem counterintuitive as many would rightfully ask, why would the U.S. want this reputation, and therefore, for the Russians and Chinese to strike American soil one day? It is to trigger the false-flag attack that the U.S. needs in order to fully engage in World War 3, and then force all U.S. citizens, and eventually everybody on planet Earth, into a totalitarian One World Government controlled by the U.S. – this is the endgame for the U.S. government’s ultimate agenda for all of humanity. China and Russia also share this same agenda and endgame – more on this later.

2 – Related to point 1., all these wars also purposefully waste precious U.S. military resources. By doing so, the U.S. attempts to fool the Chinese and Russians into thinking that the U.S. is militarily foolish to the point where the Russians and Chinese, both of which are not engaging in purposefully wasteful wars and are instead building up their military capacities and assets, eventually feel confident that they can defeat the U.S., as the Russians and Chinese also want One World Government, but they want to be the ones controlling the One World Government, not the U.S.

3 – On the domestic angle, the U.S. uses these foolish and wasteful wars to illegitimately impose the war on terror, which is actually a major scam. By creating falsehoods of bogeymen like Saddam Hussein and claiming that he has thousands of weapons of mass destruction, when in reality he didn’t, that he intends to use against U.S. citizens, the U.S. government uses that lie, that propaganda, to gain more power and then justify violating both the U.S. Constitution and the liberties of U.S. citizens. The biggest example is the 9/11 attacks, one of the biggest lies in history; by lying that Osama Bin Laden and other Middle Eastern terrorists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. Government has effectively fooled the majority of U.S. citizens into accepting blatantly unconstitutional, and therefore illegitimate, programs and departments such as, to name only some examples, the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, gargantuan spying and surveillance by the National Security Administration(NSA), the National Defense Authorization Act, and even Joe Biden’s domestic terrorism campaign against essentially anyone opposing, or even voicing dissent with, his agenda.

4 – To acquire precious resources. Oil is probably the most precious and well-known one, given the vast supply in the Middle East, and given how critical oil is to the livelihood of U.S. citizens. Other major resources are opium and lithium. Especially in Afghanistan, the huge opium supply is critical for the production of heroin and other drugs for the precious, lucrative, and the not too well-known or discussed drug trade run by the Central Intelligence Agency. Afghanistan also has large amounts of lithium, which is a precious element in the production of batteries and other important electronics, such as cell phones.

5 – To create a flow of refugees from these Middle Eastern nations into the U.S., and other Western nations like the United Kingdom, Canada, France, etc. This helps dilute conservative voting power in the U.S., as well as creates a large number of extra voters for the Democratic Party, and similar parties in other Western nations, that very blatantly facilitate more and more socialism, government control over all individuals, and the decline of liberty in Western nations. Of course, NOT ALL refugees vote Democrat, and by extension, for more socialism and less liberty, as some don’t even vote at all, but the vast majority do. The U.S. government, and other Western nations, wouldn’t gladly take in these refugees if they were to mostly vote libertarian.

Of course, the biggest corporate media outlets, also known as the mainstream media(MSM), will constantly spit out the propaganda, and many times outright lies, of how the U.S. fights these wars to thwart foreign terrorists. In addition to failing to tell you the above, the MSM also fails to mention how the U.S. purposefully creates and props up those terrorists, like it did in the cases of both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, in order to create excuses to fight these wars – this is especially effective because the vast majority of people believe and fall for the lies and deceptions told to them by the MSM, and every government is fully aware of that, and takes full advantage of it. These foreign combatants don’t steal money from U.S. citizens and euphemistically call the theft taxation – no, only the Internal Revenue Service, which is a domestic agency, does. Foreign combatants don’t have a gigantic and inescapable electronic surveillance system, which violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – but the NSA does and uses it almost 24/7. The reality is, the U.S. government itself terrorizes and oppresses its own citizens, and the foreign combatants that the U.S. government and MSM call terrorists aren’t the real terrorists to U.S. citizens, especially considering Middle Eastern combatants don’t have the means to terrorize U.S. citizens from so far away – Middle Eastern combatants only terrorize those they can physically reach, which are predominantly Middle Eastern habitants.

Despite the failure of the MSM, the U.S. government, and most educational institutions in the United States, as well of their counterparts in Canada and Western Europe, there is no reason left to no longer know the truth behind all these Middle Eastern wars. Remember this every time you hear the MSM talk for hours across several days, seemingly non-stop, about these wars, such as what the MSM is doing at the time of this writing regarding the withdrawal from the war in Afghanistan. This post is guidance not just for today’s generation of humanity, but for posterity as well, who might very well wonder why today’s generation failed to see through the deceptive propaganda put out to them by the MSM and the U.S. government.

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog

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