Body Cams for Teachers So They Don’t Teach Critical Race Theory?!

By B.N. Frank

Apparently some American Conservatives are supporting this idea.

From Wired:

The Absurd Proposal to Put Bodycams on Teachers Is … Feasible?

The idea to monitor educators so they don’t teach critical race theory seems ridiculous. But schools are already rife with invasive surveillance.

In the realm of international cybersecurity, “dual use” technologies are capable of both affirming and eroding human rights. Facial recognition may identify a missing child, or make anonymity impossible. Hacking may save lives by revealing key intel on a terrorist attack, or empower dictators to identify and imprison political dissidents.

The same is true for gadgets. Your smart speaker makes it easier to order pizza and listen to music, but also helps tech giants track you even more intimately and target you with more ads. Your phone’s GPS can both tell where you are and pass that data to advertisers and, sometimes, the federal government.

Tools can often be bought for one purpose, then, over time, used for another.

These subtle shifts are so common that when a conservative think tank in Nevada last month suggested mandating that teachers wear body cameras to ensure they don’t teach critical race theory, I thought it was ridiculous, offensive, and entirely feasible. Body cameras were intended to keep an eye on cops, but have also been used by police to misrepresent their encounters with the public.

Days later, “body cameras” trended on Twitter after Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson endorsed the idea. Anti-CRT teaching bills, which have already passed in states like Iowa, Texas, and my home state, Arkansas, continued to gain momentum. Now, I’m half expecting these bills to include funding for the devices because truly no idea is too absurd for the surveillance state.

The logic (to the extent that any logic has been applied) is that teachers are being compelled by far-left activists to teach students to resist patriotism and instead hate America because of the centuries-old sin of chattel slavery. Body cameras would allow parents to monitor whether their children are being indoctrinated. (There’s more support for this than you might think.)

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If some teachers eventually are required to wear body cams, will there be any consideration for how much electromagnetic radiation is being emitted from these devices?  Peer reviewed published research has shown that exposure to various sources of electromagnetic radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) is biologically harmful (see 1, 2. 3).  Sources of Electrosmog include Bluetooth, cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi, and 5G (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Of course, students with teachers wearing body cams might be affected by the increased radiation emissions too.  American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have been warning for many years already that children are more vulnerable to wireless exposure (see 1, 2).  In fact, some schools have already taken steps to reduce students’ and staff’s exposure by replacing WiFi with hard-wired internet connections.  So perhaps that should be considered as well.

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