US Establishment Recycling “WMD” Iraq War Propaganda For Iran

By Robert Inlakesh

As the United States seems to be nearing re-entry into the Iran Nuclear Deal, the corporate media are whipping out every piece of war propaganda in order to drive a wedge between the Biden Administration and the Iranian government.

This Monday, in a piece so outrageous that it verges on the comical, Fox News published a piece which directly claim’s Iran has been seeking technology to develop “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as of last year.

The article, written by Benjamin Weinthal, using widely over-inflating reports which carry no evidence to back them up, added the finishing touch to the current mainstream media vernacular about Iran, bringing us from 2021 back to 2003. “WMDs” they are now crying, in a blatant attempt to side with Washington’s neoconservative tank and place pressure on the Biden administration to scrap the idea of peace with Iran and to maintain its brutal sanctions regime.

But it does not end there, Iran is also now meddling in the Scottish elections, or at least the “experts”, quoted by The Telegraph, are “almost certain” of it. The source for this claim, a neoconservative think tank named the ‘Henry Jackson Society’ again presents no tangible evidence to support their claims, but any chance to mix Iran into something that British conservatives oppose – a possible Scottish Independence referendum – they’ll take. If history is any indication, when a think tank, talking about a topic they are clearly biased on, says that they are “pretty sure” or “almost certain” about something, that typically means that they are either flat out lying and/or have zero evidence to corroborate their theory.

If the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) wins the national elections on May 6, it is likely that the country will head to a second independence referendum, which could facilitate the breakup of the United Kingdom. But despite independence being a genuine demand of many Scots, a vote which could steal away land on which Britain’s ever developing nuclear weapons stockpile sits, seems to be too good a story for the corporate media not to accuse the “evil Iranian regime” of manufacturing as part of a conspiracy to take down the UK.

These above-noted anti-Iran claims, which have zero evidence to back them up, are just the tip of the iceberg. For the sake of this piece, as a book could be written analyzing the claims made against Iran, let’s look at a few more in order to demonstrate how blatantly similar the propaganda is to that which was used to manufacture consent for the invasion of Iraq.

Last year, former US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, claimed that “the new home base of al-Qaeda, is the Islamic Republic of Iran”, which was again unsubstantiated and all based upon hearsay. It has also been repeatedly claimed, by both US and Israeli politicians, that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and/or that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

So to begin with, there is no proof at all of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, a civilian nuclear program yes (which all nations on earth are legally allowed to operate), and as far as all the evidence proves, a peaceful one. No reputable organisation will be able to make the claim that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. As for Iran’s links to al-Qaeda, aside from being outright laughable, as the terrorist organisation is quite literally at war with Iran and the Islamic Republic and is its number one enemy, all the information presented as evidence by the US to prove this claim, amounts to likes of a YouTube video claiming that soon Tupac will return from Cuba. As for the claims of Iran’s alleged meddling in the Scottish election, the “evidence” is that a neoconservative think tank believes that fake news is being spread on social media in order to convince people to vote for a certain political party.

Now let’s take a moment to analyze this all, putting the claims in their proper context. We know that war-hawk neoconservatives have a vested interest in demonizing Iran and lying about what Iran is doing, due to it seeking war and further tensions; and we all should be able to remember the crucially deceptive role the US media played in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, pushing that Saddam Hussein had “WMDs”, “Links to al-Qaeda” and posed an imminent threat to the West. All of these claims were proven completely false and many media outlets even had to apologize for their regurgitation of such lies. In fact, some journalists still hold their heads in shame to have participated in spreading these lies. Yet now it seems as if they have completely forgotten all of that, or never cared to begin with.

Let’s be very clear, the narrative mainstream media is pushing about Iran is exactly what they themselves would name “conspiracy theory” in a different context – baseless claims with no supporting evidence, rooted in personal interests. They love to call others out for alleged “conspiracy theories”, yet they produce some of the most ridiculously fact-free claims, that even the average 12-year-old could see right though. The only difference between the untrue theories about Elvis being alive and the mainstream media’s unfounded claims of Russiagate, WMDs, Douma gas attack etc., is that the corporate press theories are harmful and lead to wars, sanctions and personal suffering.

Source: The Last American Vagabond

Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

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