Memorial Day 2025: Back To The Future

By Patrick Wood

In 2025, just 4 short years from now, America will stumble across yet another Memorial Day weekend and reflect on wars fought, soldiers and civilians killed and the nature of freedoms that were preserved or lost.

I predict that by 2025 there will be near-universal awareness that the latest world war was fought and lost and that it was the war to end all other wars. This is a war that is being fought right now, albeit it started several years ago. The world is reeling but doesn’t have a clue that it has been sucker-punched by a contrived virus pandemic that caused the Great Panic of 2020.

The global economy has been crippled and is slouching toward the most massive season of deflationary wealth destruction the world has ever seen. Scientific dictatorship is in control of virtually all substantive political activity.

Follow the science, said the self-declared high priests of science. Those who have blindly followed their pseudo-science have been captured by the Scientific Dictatorship that has been carefully constructed over a 45 year period. Prisoners of war.

If this writer is alive in 2025, and people are bemoaning their miserable state, I am going to tell them that they were clearly warned and had every opportunity to fight back, but did not.

On December 18, 2015, my warning and declaration of War on Technocracy could not have been more succinct. In that declaration I wrote,

Can you feel the suffocation of oppression closing in? Do you see the disintegration of our American economic and political system, our culture and even the outright attacks on our Judeo-Christian values? Do you hear the cry of the middle class as it sinks into oblivion?

What’s happening is not just bad luck, unfortunate circumstances, isolated events, stupidity or common corruption.

The fact is, America is being methodically and purposely conquered by an unseen enemy. Our shields are down. Our people are asleep. Our weapons are almost non-existent. The war has been waged in stealth, so the enemy has not yet been identified… until now!

What is Technocracy? It is Scientific Dictatorship in the making. It wants to control and micro-manage every facet of our lives, to destroy our wealth and private property, to give us a future that we did not choose and do not want.

Be warned: Technocracy is the same nefarious ideology that enabled Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. Nazi Germany used advanced technology to enslave and kill millions of its own citizens. This hasn’t happened here yet, but this is the direction we are headed.

Designed in the 1930s by prominent scientists and engineers, Technocracy is a replacement economic system for Capitalism and Free Enterprise. It was adopted by the elite Trilateral Commission in 1973 as its “New International Economic Order”. Today it is expressed as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, Climate Change, Green Economy, Total Surveillance Society, Smart Grid, Common Core Education Standards and more. These are not isolated issues, but rather are all part of a single strategy to transform the entire global economic system.

Technocracy seeks control over all means of production and consumption. It will tell us where to live, what kind of education we can have, where we work, what we eat, what kind of car we drive, where we travel. It demands obedience and spies with impunity on every private activity to make sure we comply.

If we don’t stop Technocracy, we are headed straight toward a Scientific Dictatorship that will push us and the rest of the world back into the Dark Ages of feudalism.

You should certainly understand that I did not start this war. It was already raging in 2015, but hardly anyone else saw or understood it. Most who heard about it scoffed at the notion.

The awareness started to change in 2020 with other writers, journalists and activists picking up a working knowledge of the true enemies of humanity and calling it by its historically correct name, Technocracy. They are discovering the means and weapons of war and the damage it is causing. They are peeling back the layers of whitewashed propaganda to see the people behind the curtain.

By 2025, as I said above, there will be near-universal awareness of Technocracy as Technocrats continue to drop event-bombs like the one that started the Great Panic of 2020. The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset will have been accomplished and the Technocrat oligarchs will be “building back better” on top of the ashes of Free Market Economics and Capitalism.

Ah, Scientific Dictatorship. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

Aldous Huxley penned Brave New World in 1932, the same year that Technocracy was created at Columbia University. Brave New World was the fictional and futuristic example of where Technocracy was headed.  Just 26 years later In 1958, Huxley wrote a lesser-known book titled Brave New World Revisited and concluded:

Under a scientific dictator education will really work — with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown. [emphasis added]

Americans know how to deal with Communism and Fascism, and have done so in global wars of the 20th century. There is no escaping from a “thoroughly scientific dictatorship.”

Is this the future you want?

If not, I already wrote about the solution at the end of the above declaration:

National politicians will not save us. Congress will not save us. Committees will not save us. That leaves We The People to take matters into our own hands to act now!

We (at Coherent Publishing and Technocracy.News) are committed to blitzing the nation through radio, meetings and activist training, enabling citizens everywhere to rise up, challenge and reject Technocracy and the technocrats who are implementing it, but we cannot do it alone. Without operatives in every state, county, town and community, there will be no success. Without leadership at all levels, there will be no success. That’s right, you must get involved: be a leader or a follower, but don’t just sit back and do nothing!

The choice is yours. I suggest that we call the resistance “THE GREAT REJECT”.

Source: Technocracy News & Trends

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