Birds Are Dying and Going Blind in D.C. Area – No Cause Determined Yet

By B.N. Frank

Last year it was reported that throughout the U.S., birds were dropping out of the sky.  There could be a variety of reasons responsible for this including exposure to increasing sources of electromagnetic radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) which includes both 5G and 4G (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Regardless of the sources, it’s unsettling and tragic that more birds are being affected in the D.C. region.

From The Washington Post:

Birds are going blind in the Washington region, and wildlife experts don’t know why

In the video, the young grackle takes a few wobbly steps along a sidewalk, pauses and then wobbles some more.

The bird’s eyes appear completely closed.

When Alexandra Dimsdale found the stumbling creature on the ground outside her D.C. home on Saturday morning, she wasn’t sure whether it was a crow or some other type of black bird. All she knew for certain was that it needed help.

She took the video right after she called local animal control officials for advice and right before she covered her hands in plastic grocery bags, scooped the bird into an empty diaper box and took it to City Wildlife, a rehabilitation center in Northwest D.C.

There, she learned that the bird was a fledgling grackle and that it probably had some sort of neurological illness that had left it blind.

“We can’t do anything for it, but we can put it out of its misery,” Dimsdale said a staff member told her.

What that staff member said next left her concerned for more than that young grackle: They had seen other birds with the same symptoms.

Dimsdale had started that day stepping outside her home and ended up walking into a mystery. Wildlife experts say that an unusual number of blind birds have been found dead or dying in the Washington region lately, and they don’t know why.

A fox, a mysterious death and the hidden wild side of Washington

On Tuesday, the animal control team at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington released a public service announcement about the increase in calls they have received since May 18 about sick and injured young birds. Most of the calls have involved grackles and blue jays.

“Eye issues were reported in what otherwise looked like healthy juvenile birds, causing blindness and the birds to land and stay on the ground,” the announcement says. “Animal Control is now seeing additional species of birds affected. Other agencies and localities across the region and state are reporting similar issues at this time.”

The announcement says that the Arlington team is working with a biologist from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources to coordinate testing of some of the dead birds. It also asked that people who find any on their property to dispose of them promptly, while taking precautions to avoid direct contact, and report ones that are discovered on public property.

“We are deeply saddened by the recent issue in our beloved and treasured migratory bird population,” Jennifer Toussaint, the chief of animal control, told me when I asked her about the issue. “We are hopeful to have more information soon and promise to keep the public up to date on what we become aware of.”


Online, some people had theorized that residents who were spraying cicadas with pesticides may be causing the problem.

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Coincidentally, “mystery illnesses” affecting humans are also being investigated in the D.C. area.

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Image: Pixabay

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