The Big Tech Exodus Has Begun — Join Us! (Updated)

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UPDATE: Here’s another reminder of where to find ALL of our articles as Big Tech censorship continues on the major channels. Please keep in mind that these platforms are seeing unprecedented surges of interest, so they may be glitchy as things scale up. Big Tech can’t seem to understand that when you ban free speech, the speakers don’t just fall off the face of the planet. We’ll be elsewhere. Be sure to also join our community at Telegram. SoMee’s roadmap for 2021 has been released and is new to this update, see “Community AMA” video below. In the past couple of days, they have disabled their old blockchain with a goal to transfer to the new one in 4-6 weeks. UPDATE: SoMee has announced that their new app will be available in stores by February 21st, check out the tweet with video in the SoMee section below.


It’s been a long time coming and we still have a long way to go, but we can now confidently say that an era of new media has begun.


Over the last several years, we have clearly seen the writing on the wall that Big Tech would start getting far more aggressive about how it polices content. Not satisfied with merely fact checking and adding notices, entire channels have been deleted for wrongthink.

Readers might have noticed, however, that while we continue to highlight the injustices seen across social media, we do not advocate for government intervention. Instead, we always have promoted the building of entirely new systems. Nevertheless, most people do not understand how laborious and costly such an undertaking really is – especially now that Big Tech systems are so firmly entrenched in the daily lives of most people. However, due to millions of readers across independent media being told they have no access to the information they desire, we are now witnessing a dramatic increase in the breadth of alternative offerings as well as much higher quality.

Below, for example, is a group of our most respected independent journalists who recently threw a Goodbye YouTube Party (originally hosted on YouTube, LOL!!!). You’ll notice that there are no tears shed for their collective deplatforming, but rather an agreement that this is an exciting new beginning.

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Goodbye YouTube indeed – look at this recent Tweet from rival BitChute:

These alt video platforms all should be rising exponentially, especially in the wake of YouTube recently stating their commitment to ramp up their bans on election and COVID opinions even further.

There are many new blockchain social networks, but we would like to highlight where Activist Post participates most frequently so that our readers have a clearer understanding of how to migrate over to these new platforms TODAY. You also will find ALL of our content at these sites.

SoMee ( – (UPDATE: SoMee will be offering a new token in the coming months, please read their updated information HERE.) This platform might prove to be the true Facebook killer. It’s a project that is still in Beta so it can be a bit glitchy at times, but has framed an incredible system to “gamify” audience participation. With a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, readers can earn SoMee tokens (ONG) for posting, upvoting and eventually commenting on their favorite content. An ad-share marketplace is also currently being designed. Additionally, SoMee has made a commitment to free speech without arbitrary censorship based on politics – only the most obviously egregious violations will result in removal and bans. SoMee currently has 80,000 users with very little marketing of the project. In our estimation, their slow rollout is indicative of a careful and long-lasting approach. Activist Post contributor Aaron Kesel is involved with SoMee as business development director. Perhaps most refreshing of all is how positive and supportive the community is with a broad range of cultures taking part. A tutorial is posted below. Once you sign up, you can send us a friend request at and we’ll give you some valuable upvotes when you create content. You can also follow SoMee’s mission to bring transparency to their development here.

And here is the latest 1/30/2021 AMA from SoMee discussing their roadmap, marketing plans and new partnerships:

SoMee update 2/11:

NEW – Ruqqus ( – This is a Reddit alternative that we recently joined. As longtime readers might know, we have been shadowbanned at Reddit for years after one of our posts went to the top of World News and appeared next to CNN and the BBC. Can’t have that! We’re thrilled to see what appears to be Reddit done right, with some added personality. You join “guilds” such as Preppers, Cryptocurrency, Privacy, etc. Same basic interface; but, according to the site (which is open source – see GitHub for full details), they have corrected the authoritarianism of Reddit moderators.

A moderator has the power to “kick” a user-submitted post from their community (guild) but never delete it off the platform entirely. Kicked posts end up in a catch-all guild called +general. Content that violates the site-wide policy is removed by the core team.

Moderators, called guild masters, can only moderate a maximum of 10 guilds.

Get started and follow us HERE

1. Create an account

Sign up in seconds, no email required. With a Ruqqus account, you can vote and comment on posts as well as join guilds.

2. Join some guilds

After signing up, we recommend you join some guilds. Your home feed will be populated by content from guilds you’ve joined.

3. Create a post

On Ruqqus, you can share links or text posts.

Flote ( – This platform has been heavily promoted by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media, as well as Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network. Flote also has a built-in crypto wallet where Bitcoin donations can be sent and received by users. Flote is fast, simple, super clean and also offers video hosting. Please visit us at: Here is an introduction to this censorship-resistant site which is currently seeing a massive influx of new users judging by the uptick in our personal followers:

Minds ( – This is one of the longer-running alternative platforms where we’ve been participating. Here, too, you can find a built-in wallet for crypto tokenization and transfer. Please visit us: Here is an interview with co-founder Bill Ottman giving an overview of their mission for decentralized social media based on privacy and transparency, as well as some of the key features.

Parler ( – (UPDATE: It appears that Parler is back.) This platform is becoming the de facto Twitter of the “right” and absolutely exploded in the wake of a heavily contested election. While it is indeed popular with the establishment political right, there is a growing diversity of voices there including AP contributor Spiro Skouras, Sharyl Attkisson, and many other respected independent voices. Follow us here:

Gab ( Gab, along with Parler, might be the most maligned of the alternative platforms by establishment media. To be sure, there is a contingent on Gab that is completely the antithesis of what we promote here at Activist Post. However, it is still a place where free speech reigns and we have to accept what comes with adhering to those principles. Gab endures despite everything that has been thrown at it and continues to gain new subscribers as censorship intensifies. You can find us here.

MeWe ( This is a new one for us, but not for many others. We finally set up our profile after being prodded by our good friends at The Free Thought Project. MeWe – along with Parler – is among the top 3 most downloaded apps right now as the Big Tech Exodus accelerates. Follow us here:

Update 1/25/2021: Is MeWe now censoring certain political views? It appears so in this article.

Here’s an excellent overview of MeWe, including strategies to build your own MeWe presence from our friend Jack Spirko:


Lastly, censorship is not only online. Recently, PayPal deleted our account after 10 years in good standing without explanation. Their only stated reason was “potential risk.” They also froze our funds for 180 days. The impact was significant, so we do appreciate support at Patreon where you can follow us for as little as $1 per month HERE. We also accept crypto support here:

Please choose at least one of these platforms today and accompany us on this journey to build something great!

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