Customers Not Impressed with 5G Service. Telecoms Pushing It Because 4G Networks Are “Swamped and Overloaded”

By B.N. Frank

5G hasn’t been consistently reliable or faster where it has been deployed (see 1, 2, 3).  Of course that’s not the only reason why it’s not popular.  A petition to boycott 5G phones has been endorsed by doctors, scientists, and telecom whistleblowers.  The majority of scientists worldwide oppose deployment.  Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums due to health, safety, environmental and economic risks.  Unpopular indeed!

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5G is a Fizzle with Customers

The cellular companies have made an unprecedented push to get customers interested in 5G. Back in November, I recorded a college football game which enabled me to go back and count the twelve (12) 5G commercials during the game. Advertising during sports events is relatively expensive, so these ads were not purchased at bargain-basement prices. The amount of money being spent to advertise 5G must be gigantic.

It looks like all of that advertising is not having the impact that the cellular companies want. JD Powers conducted a series of large surveys near the end of 2020 and found that the public was less than enamored by 5G, even after all of the advertising. In good news for the cellular carrier, the advertising has created awareness of 5G and 92% of those surveyed had heard of 5G. However, only 26% believe that 5G is faster than existing 4G cellphone broadband. The response that cellular carriers will find troubling is that only 5% of those surveyed would pay more to get 5G. Only 4% are willing to switch cellular providers to get 5G.

The only companies that are making money on 5G are the cellphone manufacturers. Throughout the fall all of the big cellphone companies put a big push on having 5G in the phone. However, that advertising might not be having the desired impact and I’ve noticed that recent cellphone ads focus on the cameras in the newer phones instead of 5G.

None of this is particularly surprising because the web is full of stories about how 5G speeds are disappointing. Numerous reporters have compared 4G and 5G coverage in the same locations and often found that 5G is slower than 4G.

But there is a more fundamental question that the cellular companies have never addressed with customers. Why do customers need faster cellphone data speeds?

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Safer and more secure high-speed internet can be achieved with a wired internet connection (see 1, 2, 3) – not 5G, 4G (see 1, 2) or WiFi (see 1, 2).  Big Telecom may continue to fund and promote unwanted deployment (see 1, 2).  Of course, just because they offer it doesn’t guarantee that customers will buy it.  In fact, some Americans have accused unwanted 5G installation as a form of “environmental racism.” Adding insult to injury, Americans have already paid to have safer high-speed internet via fiber optics (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Even major tech proponents have called out the advertised speed of 5G…

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