Three Writers Weigh In On Official Report on Diplomat Microwave Injuries, and Censorship of 5G Discussion Continues

By Patricia Burke

Three different writers published articles this week addressing the December  2020, “Consensus Study Report: An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies, Standing Committee to Advise the Department of State on Unexplained Health Effects on U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies, of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2020)” [1]

First, writing from Norway, Einar Flydal offers “Havana syndrome: The report on the irradiation of American diplomats is an acceptance of the criticism of 5 G, which, among other things, has come through appeals and recommendations from professionals throughout the world.” Included in his analysis are interview questions with 96-year-old Prof. Karl Hecht regarding the microwaving of the Moscow Embassy during the Cold War.

“What does this summary tell us?

This is the question that Einar Flydal naturally asks. When researchers trusted by the US leading research council are charged with an impartial assessment and when these researchers come to the same conclusion as those researchers who strongly criticize US radiation protection administration, FCC and FDA, their standardization body IEEE as well as ICNIRP, WHO’s handling and therefore also our own radiation protection, it becomes an acceptance of the criticism of 5G, which has, among other things, been made via appeals and recommendations from professionals throughout the world. (2)

Karl Hecht and “microwave war”

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht (*) witnessed the “microwave war” between the US and the USSR when the Soviet Union irradiated the US embassy in Moscow for a total of 17 years – with doses well below the US limit values. The following is what Karl Hecht answered Einar Flydal to his inquiry:

In the years 1962-1979 there was a building of interception of other countries’ embassies within each country. It was a war of interception between the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union (USSR). The US had its Moscow Embassy in Tshajkovskygade, and had a 1000 watts high frequency transmitter.

A high frequency transmitter with continuous vibrant waves was placed on the side of the Soviets and a field force of 10 000 µW / m2 aimed at the US Embassy. The exposure limit values in the US were 100 000 000 µW / m2 and 000 100 µW / m2 in the USSR.

In 1976, 120 people at the US Embassy were told via Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel that health damage caused by radiation from a Soviet radio transmitter may have occurred.

Dr. Johnson, US Embassy doctor, found the following symptoms in a wide range of US Embassy employees:

  • mental stress
  • sleep disorders
  • inflammation of internal organs (b. ex. ulcer)
  • potency disorders in men

First Dr. Johnson diagnosis “hypochondria” but corrected it later. Dr. Johnson then investigated approximately 20 Western embassies in Moscow, but found no pattern on these symptoms.

Additional medical finds at the US Embassy in Moscow staff after they returned to the US: Approximately 40% had leukocytosis (elevated white blood cells, signs of inflammation and the like).

What endings can we make of this?

Electromagnetic radiation even with very weak field strength is an imperceptible, yet both mentally and biologically very strong stress factor, which over a long time has very severe health harmful effects.

The Moscow signal clarifies what humanity has in store from the radiation of the 5G system.

EMF field strength was 10 µW / m2 continuously around the clock. It’s modest compared to what the telecommunications industry and ignorant politicians are now proposing to put the population through.

* Dr. Karl Hecht professor emeritus in experimental and clinical pathological physiology at Humboldt University of Berlin. As a doctor and researcher, he has warned strongly about the effect of 5 G radiation. Hecht is 96 years old and he impresses with his thorough knowledge of the risk of non ionizing radiation. He led the Pathological Institute of the Berlin Charité and the Institute of Stress Research Berlin. He was a member of many committees in Germany and the former Soviet Union, among other things. member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was an expert for radar soldiers in their processes and author of the investigation for the Federal Office of Telecommunications (1997) on the Russian research results. This study showed full potential for damage to non ionizing radiation. Prof. Hecht presented the results of this study, which at that time was not allowed to be published following a decision of the Federal Office, in 2001 in environmental-medical communities.

See more here, where his studies can also be downloaded:…/artikel/detail&newsid=1590

Read his article here:

In the United States, Children’s Health Defense researcher Pam Long wrote,Report on ‘Havana Syndrome’ Prompts Call for More Research Into Health Impact of 5G”  Last month’s report on the illnesses of 50 American diplomats in Cuba and China stopped short of blaming microwave weapons. But some experts say the technology is the only plausible cause, and that the investigation could hold lessons about the safety of 5G.’

Her hyperlinked article provides an overview of the embassy injuries, an in-depth explanation of the Frey Effect, or microwave hearing, and a look at the weaponizing of microwave technology, concluding,  “The lack of transparency around the recent attack on U.S. diplomats with a weaponized form of this technology, combined with the fact that hundreds of medical doctors have requested a moratorium on 5G RF technology until the negative health effects are properly studied and evaluated, should give the general public reason to reevaluate the unsubstantiated safety claims of 5G.”

Read her article here:

Finally, Patricia Burke wrote, “Embassy Diplomat Injuries Most Likely Microwave Weapons; Goodbye To “Thermal – Only” Claims For Non-Ionizing Harm” for Natural Blaze. She notes that intelligence reports are implying that “the Russians are to blame” for the injuries documented in embassy personnel.

“Because injured diplomats were not reporting symptoms of burn or thermal injury, but did exhibit brain injury, the “thermal-only theory” ruling international wireless telecommunications safety decisions, including assumptions about next generation 5G, must be reassessed.  Civilians worldwide are reporting harm associated with increasing juxtapositions of cumulative, chronic, and ubiquitous wireless exposures. Intelligence reports and the mainstream media imply that the Russians are to blame for the embassy attacks.  If so, why are the U.S. and other countries not urgently investigating reported harm to civilians?” Patricia has become increasingly concerned with the weaponized use of misleading hyperlinks in the mainstream press, and, like Einar Flydal, provides footnotes.

Read the article here:

Coinciding with articles about “the Havana Syndrome” the Washington Spectator published a major exposé by investigative journalist Barbara Koeppel on industry influence into the science and policy of 5G and wireless radiation. The Environmental Health Trust notes,

Koeppel’s 7,000-word report features numerous US and international scientists and experts discussing corporate power’s influence on scientific discourse and reveals stunning ties between global telecommunications companies and federal agencies. Koeppel’s investigation follows the money. She details industry ties between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, (ICNIRP), The New York Times, the American Cancer Society, and scientists professing that 5G is safe. Koeppel presents the research of EHT president Devra Davis PhD, MPH and Om Gandhi Sc.D., Electrical Engineering, on children’s unique vulnerability to wireless radiation. She also cites the investigation by EHT into the CDC’s website pages on wearables and non-ionizing radiation, which found that several pages were drafted in consultation with an industry-tied consultant.”

Koeppel’s investigation, which includes The New York Times, highlights how and why concerns like those voiced by the three Havana writers are not being reported by the mainstream media.

Karen Churchill, writing from the UK for Stop 5G International, chronicled her experience of being censored, not by one of the large social media companies, but by a popular on-line Liberal Democrat political forum, mirroring concerns in the U.S. and elsewhere that the differing political parties, as well as environmental groups, have not been ready, willing, or able to address the implications of increasing radio frequency exposures, including 5G.

Clearly, from this flurry of reporting, one can see there is massive media and political pressure to prevent considering health risks in discussions and rulings of 5G. Due to the exponential increase in radiation that 5G will bring about, it is imperative that factual information be disseminated widely, and not be censored. The question arises, how can we break through this level of cognitive dissonance to make way for long overdue, open-minded and informed discussion and actions?



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